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Classic 80s: 1983 Honda CB 1100F

For riders of a certain age, the CB1100F represents a significant moment in time. The last serious Honda sport bike to utilize air cooling, the CB1100F was part standard, part sport bike, and part sport touring machine. And while today each of those segments represents a different motorcycle, the CB1100F was the jack-of-all-trades bike to get them all done. It won AMA races. It beat Honda sales records. It did it all. And today, despite the fact that these were mass produced in a "stamp out as many as you can make while people are buyin' 'em" sort of way, 34 years later it is hard to find one that looks presentable, let alone in riding condition.

1983 Honda CB1100F Survivor for sale on eBay

The CB1100F owes it's roots to the CB900F. It's easy to tell them apart thanks to the bikini fairing on the bigger bike. But somehow the CB1100F was more than the mere sum of its parts - it was more than minor bodywork tweaks and a punch up above the liter mark. The CB1100F could hold its own against the big bikes of the day, yet had the requisite Honda quality of that time; here was a big sport bike that was reliable enough to commute on, comfortable enough to take for a weekend, and potent enough for Saturday morning rides in the canyons. This is a bike that stood out because it did everything well enough.

From the seller:
This is a reluctant sale of my 1983 Honda CB 1100F. A stunning collectable motorcycle that is going up in value. Most of the ones I have noticed have been modified or neglected. This has been garage kept all of it's life. I am the second owner. Title is clear in my name.

Color is a Maui Red and Pearl white. Carbs were recently done by Jack Wagner of Old School Carbs in San Jose, Ca. (Jay Leno uses hid service). He also rejetted with a Stage 1 Dynojet kit. The Tank is an OEM new tank I acquired that was still in the box. All the rest of the paint is excellent as well. New Avon Road Rider tires. The stock (junk) OEM starter clutch drive has been replace with a better unit. NEW Works performance shocks. The Black Chrome is in excellent condition throughout. This stock "Race Bred" version of the CB1100F was inspired by the likes of Superbike road racers like Freddie Spencer and Mike Baldwin. Think Laguna Seca, Seattle International Raceway, Sears Point, Willows!! How many summers do we have left?

16 valve smooth engine with 108 horse power. Fastest super bike in it's day and still surprises a few of the newer modern sport bikes. Over $2000 in receipts to make it turn key. Come with tool kit. Manual. Original Brochure. I have not seen a better version of the red and white CB1100F

When it comes to the massive production numbers of UJMs, there is relatively little value in collecting unless you can find a near-pristine example. Otherwise the cost to restore a ratty example back to new (or near new) condition can easily eclipse the value of the bike. Still, the prices for iconic machines from the 1980s are rising. The pretty CB1100F will continue to appreciate over time, but expect lower appreciation over a longer period of time than you would with a more popular and/or more rare model.

The seller has this listed in auction format with a Buy It Now. The opening ask for the auction is $4,900 with reserve in place. It is likely that the opening number will scare off many potential bidders. The BIN for this bike is a lofty $6,900. That is big money for a not very rare model, although as we have noted the condition does aide in the rarity consideration. Still, it is nice to see a preserved piece of history - especially when the model in question highlighted Honda's dominance of the period. Much would change in the following year, but for 1983 the Honda CB1100F was a key bike. Check it out here - and then be sure and jump back to the comments and share your thoughts on this beautiful F model. Did you have one? Good Luck!



  • As a price barometer, this blue/white ’83 CB1100F has only a few hours to go with no takers on the $5,200 BIN.


  • that has to be the cleanest example I have ever seen.

  • The blue one has the wrong chrome exhaust. Black chrome on the red one unobtainium. So the price difference is understandable. Given it sold this morning for BIN at least one buyer sees the value in NOS tank, sport kit footrests and dead clean engine with proper maintenance. This bike was well bought as in a few years will be 5 figures. Just wished I had acted sooner.

  • Nice UJM, but definitely not a sportbike.

    • At the time. These were the sport bikes. FJ GS AND GPZ too.

  • I’m hard to impress and this one had my jaw open. Brings back memories of doing pre delivery inspections and wrenching on these in the early 80’s. Great bikes. These were most definitely sport bikes of the day. 1983 saw the introduction of the 750 Interceptor which, in my opinion, was the bike that started the yearly progression in technology over the next 10-12 years that was the golden era of sport bikes.


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