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Yamaha December 25, 2009 posted by

1989 Yamaha OW 01 750 FZRR

Yes, I had to obtain special permission from the Boss man to post a non US listing, but since I know he is a sucker for OW 01's I knew it wouldn't be a problem. This one has 6,998 on the clock, which I think is necessary for a 20 year old bike. Much like the other Super bikes I've posted recently, I think it is important to ride them every now and then to keep everything lubricated and working properly. It also allows the new owner to have less guilt when he/she takes it out for a spin. Garage Queen bikes are good, but what fun are they?

The late 80's/early 90's Homologation Super Bikes are my absolute favorite. I know, I know I have a lot of favorites, but this era is the pinnacle for me.

Some information:

YAMAHA FZR750R OW01 SUPER BIKE first registered April 1989. Completely original bike in near perfect condition. Very hard to find like this and probably the best one we have been able to offer. Low mileage with only 6988 miles covered. These bikes are amongst the greatest bikes of all time and a collector's dream. Frame type # 3FV - 300kph speedo. Road use only, not tracked. UK registered with log book V5 and MOT.


The paintwork is excellent.The frame is exactly as it left the factory - not polished and the fork lowers are again spotless. This bike has the twin Ohlins remotes and the aluminum top shock mount. The exhaust end can is perfect with no marks The bike stops, steers and rides beautifully and there are no strange noises . The motor pulls sweetly from low revs and idles evenly. Yes, it is expensive, but the best always are.

It is being offered in US dollars for $14,392, if my conversion is correct, or 8,995 pounds. As the seller states "it is expensive, but the best always are." It looks to be all original with the exception of the tires and chain/sprocket. We posted a few RC's recently, one with original everything and the other with replacement tires and chain/sprockets. The difference in bids really amazed me; the all original fetched bids up to 28g's and the other stalled around 20g's.

At $14,392.00 usd this is an absolute steal!

I would like to thank Jeff, one of our avid fans, for setting me straight on the valuation of these bikes.

These are super rare and this one looks like it would make a fine addition to any Homologation Collection.



Cagiva December 24, 2009 posted by

MidAmerica Auctions, Inc. January 7-9 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is an odd post as it isn't about a specific bike in the sale but there will be some very interesting ones available (to name just a few):

  • 1967 Aermacchi CRTT
  • 1971 Benelli 250 Cafe Racer
  • 2000 Cagiva Mito
  • 1978 Ducati Super Sport
  • 1958 Gilera 125 Race
  • And much, much more.

It's worth looking at the current consignment list to see if there is something in there for you--there is everything from vintage road racers and flat trackers to Harley's.  Remember, it's not too late, you can always phone in a bid.  See the bid list here. See the MidAmerica Auctions, Inc. website here.


Yamaha December 22, 2009 posted by

1990 Yamaha TZ250 Reverse Cylinder on ebay

Is there anything that looks faster sitting still than a TZ250? I actually stumbled across this bike while looking for the RZ350 and thought to myself "This one deserves a spot as well."

Auction info:

1990 Yamaha TZ250A original Yamaha USA import. Bike is in very good condition comes with a few spares see pics. The engine case numbers match the frame number. There are no dents in the frame all parts in good condition. Bike comes with a Ohlins rear shock and the original rear shock. TZ250A are getting very hard to find these days. If you are looking for one of these bikes don't miss your chance. This bike is listed on our website for sale so I reserve the right to end the auction at any time. Will ship worldwide buyers pays for crate and all other costs.

If you take into consideration, that this bike has been exposed to a race environment it's entire life the condition of it is simply amazing! All numbers match, the frame doesn't have any dents and the swingarm looks clean as well. It looks like it's ready to go racing. However, it has a $7,600.00 bid and looks like it will sell. So if your serious about vintage TZ's this one might be for you.


Yamaha December 21, 2009 posted by

1989 Yamaha RZ350 LC Canadian model on ebay

This might be the cleanest 20 year old bike on ebay!

There are more pictures available on the aution site, but I didn't feel the need to bring them over because this scooter is absolutely spotless. I'm OC when it comes to keeping my rides clean and polished, but I'm pretty sure this owner has me beat hands down.

Owner says:

Rare 1989 Yamaha RZ350 LC Canadian model located in California. This is a 2 owner bike that is super clean and original. The only non original parts are the tires and new battery. Bike has 11,197 km = 6718 miles. I have had this bike for a while and never ride it so it's time to sell it. Bike runs but the carbs will need to be cleaned from sitting for about one year. The fork seals should also be changed. This is one of the cleanest RZ350 LC around I don't think there are to may left in this condition. There are no cracks in the fairings, no dents, no road rash.... I don't think the bike has ever been down. Worldwide shipping is no problem email for details. USA shipping is also no problem. This bike is listed on our website for sale so if it sells there I reserve the right to end the auction at anytime. Check out my other auctions for more rare bikes and parts our check us out on the web. Bike is sold as is no returns so ask questions before you bid.

A few things that caught my eye when I first looked at this bike.
1. How it still shines.
2. The rake on the front forks! Looks like a mini-chopper and I can't help but wonder how it handles.
3. The slightly odd colors

I expect this RZ will impress our most discerning two stroke fans. Jump over to ebay and give it a look. The owner has posted several very large pictures for any would be buyers to drool over.

Once again, we have to thank Jim for pushing this fine RZ our way. Good looking out Jim!



Yamaha December 20, 2009 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 $8,000 on ebay w/ no reserve.

This one doesn't appear to be a perfect, unmolested example, but it's not bad to be 24 years old. The owner has performed some upgrades/modifications to it that may or may not bother you. I've posted several pictures of this one for your review, but there are plenty more over at the auction site. My favorite picture is #9 on this page. Take a look at the Jim Lomas exhaust....that is one tasty add on. Now as for the others you'll have to be the judge.

Words from the owner:

I bought this bike in 2007, it was not complete. I've since finished it and have been riding it throughout the year.

The bike is in great shape for being 24 years old. It has 18028 KM or 11202.08 miles, from new.

The engine has never been apart. When I first bought it one of the first things I did was to check the bores they are still bright and the factory cross-hatch is still visible, I put a scope through the exhaust port.

The bike is not stock however. Some of the parts that are different from stock are the Jim Lomas exhaust from, Mikuni TM28 flatside carbs, K&N filters, RK red o-ring 520 chain, Sprocket Specialist 44 tooth sprocket, R-1 engine sprocket, ZX-6R electric fuel pump, Ohlins rear shock, Wilson Performance throttle junction and cables.

I'm not sure why the owner wouldn't source a stock fuel pump, but I'm sure there was a good reason.

I do have video of the bike if anyone is interested. I will try to upload it. The video is from 12-19-2009 at about 1030AM.

The things that are in the pictures to disclose are:

The master cylinder cover is a little corroded (from the brake fluid)

The left front turn signal hole has a small crack (from trying to squeeze around the bike and forcing my self past the turn signal)

The right lower cowling has been subjected to gas on the edge (the paint is peeling a little, common with these bikes and the overflow tubes)

If there are any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me. The bike is currently in Danbury, CT. If anyone is within driving distance I will show the bike.

I always appreciate it when an owner is upfront and willing to disclose everything about the bike and back it up with a video or private showing. At $8,000 it is priced right in the thick of it based on past RZ's.


Yamaha December 14, 2009 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 with only 1,139 miles!!!!

Yet another 2 stroke for you to enjoy. This one is located in Derry, PA and is all original and clean as a whistle!


Story behind the super low miles as told by the seller:

I added this beauty to my collection a few years ago and now sadly it is time for it to go to a new owner. It is a really clean, low mileage (1833.0 Km which is just 1138.0 mile since new) 1985 Yamaha RZ500 V4 liquid cooled two stroke. I have all of the original import documentation from the original owner who imported it new from Canada. I have the customs forms, sales receipt, export declaration the warranty card and assembly manual. The bike has a valid PA title that is in my name. I would ride it occasionally and it runs perfect.

The engine has never been apart and is cosmetically very nice. The front fairing and gas tank have been painted as has the seat cowling. There are some flaws that I took pictures of that include a crack where the left mirror exits the fairing. A minor dent an the lower left pipe that looks like it came that way. The paint appears to be OE on the pipe. A crack on the seat cowling an couple of chips. One on the front fender another on the left side cover in the back and one near the grab handle.

The guy I got it from said he new the Dr. that bought it new. They were in a small town and I was told that the bike was ridden very little and was put away after the mans son knocked it over in the driveway. He said that they remover the upper cowl to repair it but never did. And that's how he got it. He repainted the parts and then sold it to me. My inspection of the bike seemed to confirm the story and I had no reservations buying the bike.

I have the only receipt that he had and that was for the purchase of the seat cowling from the dealer in Canada.

Study the photos and you can see how clean the bike is. It should be in a museum.

Whenever I see one of these come up for sale visions of me doing power wheelies pops in my head. I guess I've watched too many videos of guys showing off the power of these big 2 strokes. I've checked our archives and I couldn't find a lower mileage RZ500 that's ever been posted by us and I can only expect the sale price, if met, will reflect it. This one does have it's share of flaws, but considering it is almost an antique at 24 years old one should expect some dings over the years. This one did hail from Canada and the owner states that it is registered with the state of Pennsylvania. So if you have several thousand burning a hole in your pocket and like 500cc 2 strokes this might be for you. There are more pictures available via the ebay link at the top of this post.