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Posts by Category: Yamaha

Yamaha December 28, 2009 posted by

1999 Yamaha R7 OW02

Located in Valrico, Florida is a 1999 Yamaha R7.  This appears to be the same seller, Ozzie, that has contacted us in the past with his rare collection of bikes.  We posted a R7 in the past with these photos that was only listed at $18k; I believe based on the sellers name and asking price that this current listing is a legitimate ad.  Quote from the seller:

1999 Yamaha R7, All Original, Garaged, Mint Condition, Never Raced/Dropped or Safety Wired, never sold to end user. Yamaha Homologation model only 500 made/sold in the world only 50 in the US, Still shows nipples on tires.

The asking price is $26,500.  See the bike on ClassyBikes here.


Yamaha December 27, 2009 posted by

1978 Yamaha TZ250E

Located in Menlo Park, California is a completely original 1978 Yamaha TZ250 with less than five miles.  To quote the seller:

1978 Yamaha TZ 250, less than 5 break in miles if that .
This example has never even broken in. Garaged since new, will need new rubber & seals. Campagnolo 5-spoke alloys, fairing & duck-tail seat. Minor dings & scratches from sitting for so long, you will not find another one in nicer or newer condition.

Some information about 1978 TZ250s from Motor Bike Search Engine:

Introduced in 1978, the 'E' version of Yamaha's all-conquering TZ250 production racer featured a new chassis frame. Retaining the same 'monoshock' rear suspension layout (complete with adjustable pre-load and compression damping) as its forebears, it relocated the famous twin-cylinder, two-stroke water-cooled engine some 20mm further forward. Mounted on special alloy plates, this remarkable unit boasted Hitachi's automatically advancing / retarding CDI ignition system and Mikuni VM34SC carburetors. Reputed to develop 53bhp @ 10,500rpm, it was mated to a six-speed gearbox and reined in by front / rear disc brakes. A stepping stone in the careers of such riding greats as Kenny Roberts and Tom Herron etc, the TZ250's influence reverberates to this day.

The asking price is firmly set at $7,500.  It would be nice to see this time machine cleaned up and on display--it would take some serious work to get it back to racing condition.  See this fantastic barn-find on Craigslist here.


Honda December 26, 2009 posted by

400th Post = 400cc Sportbike Super Post!!

I'm very happy to announce that this is our 400th post on RSBFS! To celebrate the event, each of the contributors on the site went searching for 400cc sportbikes for sale anywhere in the world and below are our picks. As you'll see, there's a little something for everyone in there!

After only 18 months, I'm really proud of what we've started here and can't wait to make the site even better in 2010. Many many thanks to the thousands of readers visiting our website each week! We're looking forward to another great year here at RSBFS and can't wait to see what the spring season will bring out for sale!

Happy Holidays and Cheers to a Fantastic 2010!

- The RSBFS Team

First up, the picks from Alex:

Located in Hollywood, Florida is--what looks to be a 1984--Suzuki GSX-R400R.  This bike looks to be in decent condition but alas, doesn't have a title.  The asking price is $2,400.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Second up is a 1989 FZR400 located in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The seller states that this bike is in great condition and the photos show this to be probably true.  The asking price is $2,295.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Next up, a 1976 Yamaha RD400.  This bike is located in Tucson, Arizona with an asking price of only $2,000.  Judging by the photos, this seems like a good price.  See it on Craigslist here.

Doug's Picks:

1989 or 1990 H series Kawasaki ZXR400 located in Johannesburg, South Africa and listed for $3,500.00 USD. This awesome little machine has 10,400 miles and is decked out in classic Kawasaki racing colors. It's no secret that I like 400's and even though it only boast 62hp and tops out at 137 this is my dream 400 to own. I've only seen or heard of a few of these in the states and they were all race bikes. Plain and simple, if Kawasaki would bring it - I would buy it! Hello.... Anyone from Kawasaki out there? Hello, Hello.


Check out this RVF 400 NC35 located in Johannesburg, South Africa for a mere $4,000.00. As some of you die hard 400 fans may already know; the RVF is the smaller sibling to the mighty RC45 which is not to be confused with the VFR 400 NC30, sibling the RC30. The RVF 400 were only produced for three years which were 1994, 95 and 1996. The seller doesn't state the year of this one, but do you really care? Just a few tid bits about the differences between the RVF and VFR's that follow. The RVF's had upside down forks and 17" rear wheels which meant a better rubber selection was available also, take notice of the dual exhausts on this one. 9 out of 10 times you'll see a single exhaust that exits on the left side of the bike. The unusual left side exit was done so the rear wheel could be removed easier. RVF or VFR I wouldn't kick either one out of the garage for dripping a little oil on the floor 🙂


Here we have a pair of VFR 400's also located in Johannesburg, South Africa. VFR #1 is looking very fine in traditional HRC colors. VFR #2 looks a little more modern, but is essentially the same bike. Both machines are listed for $4,000 USD, give or take a few to the South American Rand currency. Accoding to Wiki, Honda produced the VFR 400 from 1986 to 1992, but VFR #2 is listed as a 2005 model year?? Maybe some of our informed readers could clarify this for us.


Selections from Steve:

This one looks like fun. A 1990 Honda CB-1 offered on Craigslist in Ohio for $2,200.

I have no firsthand experience with these machines so here is what Wikipedia says:

The Honda CB-1 is a small and light naked sportsbike with a straight four 399ccm engine that delivers 57 horsepower. (The Honda model code is NC27.) In contrast to all other models of the Honda CB series, the name is written with a hyphen. In some countries it was sold as Honda CB400F as an attempt to connect the model with the original CB400F of 1975, with which it has nothing else in common.

The bike was first introduced in 1989 and built until the end of 1992. Originally developed for the Japanese market, the CB-1 was also officially sold in the USA and Canada. In many other countries it was sold as a grey import.

The CB-1 engine is identical to the early NC23 models of the CBR400RR, thus many of the early CB-1 engines have the engine code NC23E. It has a six speed gearbox, gear driven dual Camshafts, and a chain drive with a 15/41 ratio.

1990 Honda CB-1 for sale on craigslist1990 Honda CB-1 for sale on craigslist1990 Honda CB-1 for sale on craigslist

Seller says:

1990 Honda CB-1, 400cc 4cyl. perfect starter bike...somewhat collectible..only imported for two years 89-90. light and nimble, 13,500 redline..six speed gearbox. 9985 miles!! reluctant sale.

Looks really clean, I would be reluctant to sell as well.


Bikes that Phil Picked:

There are a lot of VFR400s and RVF400s around my neck of the woods (Hong Kong), but most of them have been repainted and/or well used, but guess what I found just this week - a mint, low mileage CBR400RR (NC29) on the local classifieds:

96 Honda CBR400RR (NC29) for sale in Hong Kong96 Honda CBR400RR (NC29) for sale in Hong Kong 96 Honda CBR400RR (NC29) for sale in Hong Kong

Hagon suspension, Yoshimura exhaust, very good condition classic 400!  First owner, has been kept indoor all the time!

Seller is asking HK$28,000 which is roughly US$3500.  Price is a bit high compared to other locally available 400s, but ones in this condition are hard to come by.  And check out that asymetrical gull arm.  Absolute moto tech sweetness. Hmm...anyone want to buy my ZXR750R so I can pick this minter up?

When it comes to 400cc sport bikes, I'm more of a Suzuki man, so I'll concentrate on the GSX-R400s and here's my list of pickings (to find out more about anyone of these Suzuki 400 mini rockets, surf on over to Jarmo's excellent website on all Suzuki motorcycles ever built -

1989 GSX-R400R SP for sale in Johannesburg, South Africa

1989 GSX-R400R SP  for sale in Johannesburg South Africa1989 GSX-R400R SP  for sale in Johannesburg South Africa1989 GSX-R400R SP  for sale in Johannesburg South Africa1989 GSX-R400R SP  for sale in Johannesburg South Africa

This looks to be a genuine SP (Sports Production) model with the single seat unit and the remote rear shock reservoir (attached to right side of the rear sub frame on the right).  Details are scare, but seller claims that full service has been done very recently ('yesterday!').

I had a same model year GSX-R400 (non SP version) and always wanted the racier SP version.  Not crazy about the Rizla colours, but it's not too bad either.  For the asking price of R17,500 (approx. US$2300), I could definitely live with that (or get a new paint job)!

Here's a newer 1994 GSX-R400 available in Ireland:

Mint bike just got full service and new tyres, very clean bike. I have papers saying its restricted to a 250 but i have the restricter taken out so cheap insurance. Lots of receipts for work done and only 2 owners.

The bike looks clean with very few previous owners, and it's in my favourite white and blue Suzuki colours!  2000 Euros isn't a lot of money but getting the bike back to the states might be!

And finally here's a really nice 1991 Suzuki GSX-R400SP for sale in Johannesburg South Africa (again):

Awesome GSXR 400SP for sale. One of a kind SP colours. Stunner!

Bike in excellent running condition, brand new Bridgestone Battleaxe rear tyre.

New Grips, tank pad and rear brakes. had MAJOR service (done on 9th Dec)- everything was done on the bike, new speedo cable, new fork seals and forks completely redone, De-restricter removed.
Bike is a brilliant upgrade bike, as goes like a bomb.
Bike has scratch on left rear tail ,needs a new mirror and needs a new screen (screen is great but the tint is wearing off.)
Bike is original with original pipes.
This one gets my vote amongst all the 400s that I have found.  A genuine later year SP, looks to be super clean, and nice colours as well (yes, I said that the white and blue colours are my favourite, but I admit the red and black looks pretty mean!) - all that for 26,000 South African Rand (approx. USD3400)!

And my picks (Dan):

Did you know Thailand has a Craigslist? Here's an RVF400 for sale in Bangkok for 90,000THB (aka only $2700! as of 12.16.09):

This 1994 RVF400 has about 30 000 km on it,Dunlop GP70 tires ,Clean unbroken fairings with clean paint aside from a small chip .It has invoice but no green book .Cleanest one you will find in Bangkok

RVF400 For SaleRVF400 For SaleRVF400 For SaleRVF400 For Sale

And here's another RVF400 for sale in the UK for 2800GBP ($3900)

1998 RVF400 on VisorDown

1998 Honda RVF400 For Sale1998 Honda RVF400 For Sale1998 Honda RVF400 For Sale1998 Honda RVF400 For Sale

Bike in excellent running condition, brand new Bridgestone Battleaxe rear tyre. New Grips, tank pad and rear brakes. had MAJOR service (done on 9th Dec)- everything was done on the bike, new speedo cable, new fork seals and forks completely redone, De-restricter removed.
Bike is a brilliant upgrade bike, as goes like a bomb.
Bike has scratch on left rear tail ,needs a new mirror and needs a new screen (screen is great but the tint is wearing off.)
Bike is original with original pipes.
Yamaha December 25, 2009 posted by

1989 Yamaha OW 01 750 FZRR

Yes, I had to obtain special permission from the Boss man to post a non US listing, but since I know he is a sucker for OW 01's I knew it wouldn't be a problem. This one has 6,998 on the clock, which I think is necessary for a 20 year old bike. Much like the other Super bikes I've posted recently, I think it is important to ride them every now and then to keep everything lubricated and working properly. It also allows the new owner to have less guilt when he/she takes it out for a spin. Garage Queen bikes are good, but what fun are they?

The late 80's/early 90's Homologation Super Bikes are my absolute favorite. I know, I know I have a lot of favorites, but this era is the pinnacle for me.

Some information:

YAMAHA FZR750R OW01 SUPER BIKE first registered April 1989. Completely original bike in near perfect condition. Very hard to find like this and probably the best one we have been able to offer. Low mileage with only 6988 miles covered. These bikes are amongst the greatest bikes of all time and a collector's dream. Frame type # 3FV - 300kph speedo. Road use only, not tracked. UK registered with log book V5 and MOT.


The paintwork is excellent.The frame is exactly as it left the factory - not polished and the fork lowers are again spotless. This bike has the twin Ohlins remotes and the aluminum top shock mount. The exhaust end can is perfect with no marks The bike stops, steers and rides beautifully and there are no strange noises . The motor pulls sweetly from low revs and idles evenly. Yes, it is expensive, but the best always are.

It is being offered in US dollars for $14,392, if my conversion is correct, or 8,995 pounds. As the seller states "it is expensive, but the best always are." It looks to be all original with the exception of the tires and chain/sprocket. We posted a few RC's recently, one with original everything and the other with replacement tires and chain/sprockets. The difference in bids really amazed me; the all original fetched bids up to 28g's and the other stalled around 20g's.

At $14,392.00 usd this is an absolute steal!

I would like to thank Jeff, one of our avid fans, for setting me straight on the valuation of these bikes.

These are super rare and this one looks like it would make a fine addition to any Homologation Collection.



Cagiva December 24, 2009 posted by

MidAmerica Auctions, Inc. January 7-9 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is an odd post as it isn't about a specific bike in the sale but there will be some very interesting ones available (to name just a few):

  • 1967 Aermacchi CRTT
  • 1971 Benelli 250 Cafe Racer
  • 2000 Cagiva Mito
  • 1978 Ducati Super Sport
  • 1958 Gilera 125 Race
  • And much, much more.

It's worth looking at the current consignment list to see if there is something in there for you--there is everything from vintage road racers and flat trackers to Harley's.  Remember, it's not too late, you can always phone in a bid.  See the bid list here. See the MidAmerica Auctions, Inc. website here.


Yamaha December 22, 2009 posted by

1990 Yamaha TZ250 Reverse Cylinder on ebay

Is there anything that looks faster sitting still than a TZ250? I actually stumbled across this bike while looking for the RZ350 and thought to myself "This one deserves a spot as well."

Auction info:

1990 Yamaha TZ250A original Yamaha USA import. Bike is in very good condition comes with a few spares see pics. The engine case numbers match the frame number. There are no dents in the frame all parts in good condition. Bike comes with a Ohlins rear shock and the original rear shock. TZ250A are getting very hard to find these days. If you are looking for one of these bikes don't miss your chance. This bike is listed on our website for sale so I reserve the right to end the auction at any time. Will ship worldwide buyers pays for crate and all other costs.

If you take into consideration, that this bike has been exposed to a race environment it's entire life the condition of it is simply amazing! All numbers match, the frame doesn't have any dents and the swingarm looks clean as well. It looks like it's ready to go racing. However, it has a $7,600.00 bid and looks like it will sell. So if your serious about vintage TZ's this one might be for you.