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Sport Bikes For Sale April 28, 2010 posted by

Modified and Titled 1986 RG500 on Ebay

Modified and Titled 1986 RG500 on Ebay

Making its' second appearance on RSBFS is this heavily modified RG500.  I'm sure most visitors to RSBFS know all about RG500's so I'm not going to delve into their history.  Instead  this bike brings up a subject I've always wondered about with rare bikes.  What is more appealing to a buyer of a  rare bike:  a stock bike or or a bike  modified with quality components (mileage being the same on both bikes)?  This bike has been pretty heavily breathed on engine wise and the chassis has also been brought closer to modern specs.  Lately it seems clean/low mileage/titled RG's have been selling in the low teens.  The seller has listed this RG with a $13,000 Buy It Now price (Down $1000 from the previous listing).  What do you guys think, is that price in the ball park?

From the Ebay listing:

In 2005 before moving to the USA, the engine was given to BDK race engineering, who completely rebuilt the engine (Replacing all crankshaft bearings and seals), bored it to 570cc and performed a stage 3 tune. A Nova gearbox was fitted to cope with the extra power, the carbs where offset bored to 31.5mm and Mark Dent’s ITG air filters where fitted. The motorcycle was then assembled in Austin and put on the AF1 dyno in New Braunsfel where it recorded 108hp (A week later without any mods, it recorded 126hp on a dynojet 250!! AF1 dyno is known to under read..). The bike is extremely fast.

The frame is a standard RG500 frame but with a complete RGV250 front end fitted, the forks where modified (new springs and damper units) by Maxton Race engineering in the UK to correct for the weight difference of an RG500 compared to an RGV250, BDK also custom made a rear shock for the bike which raised the rear by about 15mm to speed up steering. The rear wheel is a 4.5” CMA and matches the front wheel very closely. The bike handles beautifully. The rear swing arm is a standard RG 500 swing arm which has been braced for extra rigidity, the rear axle was also changed to increase rigidity (it is now a hollow 1” axle instead of the very weak ½” standard axle).

The motorbike is running a set of Mark Dent exhausts which where coated by HPC (High Performance Coatings) in the USA. The battery has been relocated to the steering headstock to get more weight over the front wheel.  The fairing is a modified RGV250 fairing, the gas tank is a standard RG500 gas tank, and the rear bodywork is a copied/modified RG500 bodywork. The motorbike is running the standard 2 stroke oil pump, (no premix) which has proved very reliable and is far less hassle when out riding.


My opinion in general is that when you modify a bike you need to it for yourself and not expect to retrieve that money upon selling.  I go on the assumption that not everyone likes the same modifications.  Can you argue though, this owner has done all the hard to work to modernize the RG and has it ready to ride?  I know those Mark Dent pipes weren't cheap, that is for sure!  If this RG is for you get 


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Suzuki RG500 MKII on eBay UK


If you want a rare bike, why not go all the way.  This nicely restored RG500 MK II is definitely an eye catcher.  I know you can't tell everything from pictures but to my untrained eye this sure looks like a nice, professional restoration.  The bike appears to be a 1978 model and has quite a history with a sad ending.  I was actually following a thread on North American Two Strokes   where the owner was looking for some info on the bike.  Incredibly some members of the board knew the history of the bike just by identifying  some specific parts on the bike.  I bow to their knowledge.

Here is a little history on the MK II since I don't think it is as well known  as the later RGB customer bikes:

The Mk II, introduced for the 1977 season, incorporated detail changes, the most obvious being the more upright shock absorber mounting employed on the new model. Suzuki also followed the lead of the racers who had ridden the MK I variant and who had routinely dispensed with that models oil injection system, in deleting the system. The consequent switch to pre-mix lubrication on the Mk II which resulted in blanked off disc valve covers gracing the Mk II's crankcases and the exhaust system adopted integral silencers. The rest of the machine was little changed from the previous season, it retained the wire spoked wheels, quadruple 34mm Mikuni carburettors and four crankshafts of the Mk1 which delivered a power output reputedly of 103 bhp.

Here is some info from the auction:



Be ready to open up the wallet if you are in love.  The seller has listed the bike as a classified ad and the asking price is just over $30,000.  .

These things are just nasty sounding:  scary!


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1991 Suzuki RGV250 Titled & Registered In Florida

This is a usable RGV250 that is titled in registered in Florida.  Located in Orlando, Florida is a 1991 Suzuki RGV250 with no mileage listed.  This bike features:

Straight plug SP heads
Aprilia 23D70 SAPC
Sugaya race kit pipes ($$$$)
Wet Clutch/CR gearbox
34mm carbs
Earls GP SS brake lines
Woodcraft Racing clip ons
Tyga Performance GP body (6000k HID)
UK kit CNC steps
still oil injected for those long weekend bike rides

This bike comes with the stock bodywork finished in white and a set of unfinished Tyga Performance GP bodywork.  This bike seems to be a very usable example; not perfect but, has some nice extras and is in decent condition.  However, the asking price of $12,000 puts it higher than any other VJ22 we've seen regardless of model, mileage, or condition.  See the other VJ22's we've posted here.  See the listing for this bike on Craigslist here.


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Titled 1994 ? Suzuki RGV250SP ? on Ebay

Titled 1994 ? Suzuki RGV250SP ? on Ebay

Did you notice the question marks?  Well, I have a lot of questions about this RGV up for auction on Ebay.  My biggest question is: is this really an SP?  As it sits in the pictures, it is not.  I do not see the dry clutch (mentioned in the text) nor do I see the adjustable suspension.  You usually see a dampener hanging off the rear left of the bike.  I'm also pretty sure that is 1993 bodywork not 94.    I hate to pile on but VJ22's do not have electric starting as stated in the auction (VJ23's do).  The mileage is stated at roughly 2,500 miles.  If correct, it looks like those were a rough 2,500.  My advice would be to ask the seller a lot of questions before bidding so you know what you are bidding on.

Now with that out the way the bike does have some good points.  The obvious one being a title.  That allows you to sleep at night knowing you can get the bike registered.  The bike is also sporting some Sugaya aftermarket pipes.  They may look different because they are the side by side style instead of the normal stacked pipes.  Sugaya pipes are highly regarded among RGV owners.  It looks like the seller has some extras to go along with the bike as well.

The bidding has already started and seems very active for a bike with a lot of question marks, dust and rust.  I'm a firm believer that a bike should be cleaned up before listing.  The seller has a Buy It Now price of almost $9,000.  I will be kind and say that is optimistic at best. I hate to be a bit of a downer on this bike but the information provided doesn't quite match up with what I'm seeing in the pictures.  Take a look at the auction .


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1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma Titled & Registered In Washington State

This is a fantastic looking RG500 registered in Washington state!  Located in Spanaway, Washington is a 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma.  This bike is titled and registered but not much else about it is mentioned in the ad.  The asking price of $15,000 is pretty consistent with what we've seen in the past especially if it has low miles.  Being in northern Washington, this bike could possibly be this RG--but cleaned up--which we posted in May of 2009.

The RG500 line was only produced for four years and is one of, if not, the ultimate incarnations of a road going two-stroke.  This bike features a 495cc water cooled, rotary disc-valve, two-stroke power plant fitted to a race-replica aluminum frame with the top of the line suspension for the period.  Some owners do complain about the 16in front wheel and notchy gearbox but, I'm sure no one would turn down an opportunity to ride one of the ultimate stink wheels.  And if you're wondering: Yes, it would be OK to sell your son/daughters Civic and make them ride the bus, they can always sit in the garage and stare at the RG with you.  See this gorgeous looking bike on Craigslist here.


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Well we all know what this is don't we!  Other than a RG500 is there a more desirable Suzuki?  This example has just under 4000 miles on it and looks very well taken care of.  It appears previous owners have left the bike mostly stock.  It does appear though the bike is running without the air box and I think that is an aftermarket pipe.  The dealership listing the bike didn't give any history on the bike but is quite specific on all the associated fees and ways to pay.  I guess they know this isn't a normal GSXR750.

In an earlier post I mentioned how you can't trust book values on rare bikes.  Guess what the book value is on this bike?  How about $2940!!!!  I'll take three please at that price.  The bike is listed on Ebay with a "Buy It Now" price of $10,000.  Since these things don't pop up that often and this one has relatively low miles I'd consider that in the ballpark.  It will always be a bit more being at a dealership.  

How cool does that dry clutch rattle sound?