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Buell March 6, 2017 posted by

Captive Animal – 1990 Buell RS1200 Westwind

Erik Buell's creations have almost always been over on the wild side, and this later 1200cc Westwind is no exception.  Built in quite limited numbers, it had several innovations, and a big Harley twin which booked more ft.-lbs than hp.  The Kansas example has low miles and appears un-fettered, should clean up nicely.

1990 Buell RS1200 Westwind for sale on eBay

For the day, the RS1200 was a technical leader, with engine mounts constructed to limit vibration, Marzocchi forks with anti-dive, horizontally mounted rear shock, and mass centralizing short exhaust.  The supersport fairing allowed the 5-speed to achieve 124 mph and had generous dual accomodations.  Bespoke alloy wheels are behind the big dual disk brakes, since the RS pre-dates Buell's perimeter or zero-torque brake.

With just over 10,000 miles, this Buell has spent some time out of the limelight, but looks mostly stock and complete.  Thunderstorm heads should bring power to the 90 hp vicinity.  A Corbin seat has been installed and Performance Machine brake calipers, along with an easier to clean rear shock cover.  From the eBay auction:

Here is your chance to get one of the rarest Buell bikes.. 1990 RS1200 Westwind. Only 90 bikes built in 1990!
It is just a garage queen, I never ride it anymore... has thunderstorm twin plug heads, PM wheels, PM brakes... nice super clean original bike!... could use a set of fork seals, and there is currently no battery in it.-- I didn't want one to leak, or corrode, so I just took it out. Bike runs great, though (for a Harley-lol).
With its compact package, the RS1200 reviewed as good handling, as it had much in common with the Buell Battletwin, itself derived from the Barton Road Warrior race bike.  Chained to the back of the garage too long, this Buell looks like an easy return to riding status, and a rare and notable bike, with a familiar sound...
Captive Animal – 1990 Buell RS1200 Westwind
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Bonhams Las Vegas 2017 Recap

While I've known about the Mecum and Bohmans auctions in Las Vegas for several years now, this was my first chance to go. We found a great package for the Bellagio and decided to make a quick trip of the event. Unfortunately we were only able to make it to the Bonhams sale but as a first taste of live auction action, we were not disappointed. Not to mention they had dozens of bikes that fit the RSBFS niche. I've highlighted a handful below with some shaky videos and quick snapshots.

Many thanks to Nick and Jared at Bonhams who graciously gave me the nickel tour just minutes before the auction began. I look forward to returning someday soon as a registered bidder!


RSBFS notable sales:

This 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR, one Owner with 1,500 miles sold for just $36,000 before premium!

Here is a 1985 Honda VF1000R with 4 Miles that sold for $11,500 before premium.

And an RSBFS favorite, a 1985 Yamaha RD500LC with 1,279 Miles sold for $20,500 before premium.

But this 2003 MV Agusta F4 750 Series Oro with 0 miles didn't sell at $40k bid.

This 1984 Ducati 748cc TT1 Road Racer was a featured bike at Bonhams but failed to sell at $80k.

I was curious about this extensively upgraded 1997 Ducati 900SS/SP, which sold for $6,800 before premium. The description states there is a history files documenting $20k in work!

The MH900e market seems stable with this example showing under 5,000 miles and reaching a sale at $18,400 before premium.

This Laverda RGS1000 was bid up to $9k but did not sell.

I didn't get to see this one, but this Bimota YB8 Furano is shown as sold at $13,000 before premium.

I also wasn't able to see this Ducati 851 Tricolore with the race kit. It doesn't show a sale price. Did anyone catch what the final bid was?

Out of sheer curiosity, this Cagiva Gran Canyon sold for a mere $3,450 including premium. Nice buy!

For all the sale results, check out the results on the Bonhams website.

My snapshot gallery:

Bonhams Las Vegas 2017 Recap
Kawasaki January 14, 2017 posted by

Mechanics Special: 1974 Rickman Kawasaki CR1000

This is definitely not our usual material, but you may have notice Mike has returned to make regular contributions on the site. He's a bit of fanatic when it comes the tuner specials and felt inspired to write this one up. Let us know what you think in the comments! -dc

RSBFS does not normally post work in progress project bikes, basket cases, or "piles of parts" specials. But what if the motorcycle in question originally came that way? Because what you are looking at is a Rickman CR, offered to consumers in kit format. Provided with a frame, bodywork, suspension and wheels, the avid buyer needed to supply engine, tranny and electrical - usually from a donor bike. Thus, this is somewhat true to the original kit offered by Rickman. Does that make it fair game?

1974 Rickman Kawasaki for sale on eBay

The Rickman brothers created wonderful toys - think of them as the UK equivalent of Bimota. With handcrafted frames welded in stainless and evocative fiberglass bodywork that rivaled the best the Italians had to offer, Rickman kits were assembled into fantastic creations. And as the bodywork and the frame were the biggest pieces of the kit offering, this appears to be your chance to get back to the kit bike days and build one of your own. With no manual, instructions or parts list the risk is definitely on you - but Rickmans are not exactly available on a daily basis. This is rare indeed, although not as desirable as a clean, running example.

From the seller:
Here is your chance to own a rare Rickman Kawasaki CR. Mostly complete with tons of parts and upgrades. Like fresh orient express big bore kit, D ported GPZ head, original body work. The list goes on. All parts are in good shape and a great start for your vintage road race project. Sold with bill of sale. ((No Title))

This is NOT the bike for sale, but a good representation of what the finished product could look like:

This project could make for an awesome cafe racer - but you need your rose-colored glasses for best effect. There is much work to be done between the current state and the finished product, and there are a great many unknowns in between. If those chasms can be successfully negotiated, you would have yourself a rare bird indeed; if not, this remains a pile of parts. With a starting bid of $4,500 USD and a BIN of $6k, everybody must be wearing optimistic lenses these days. I can see the potential, but historic values might suggest this is priced closer to a runner than a collection of cool parts. Check it out here and let us know what you think!


Mechanics Special: 1974 Rickman Kawasaki CR1000
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The best one: 2001 Triumph Daytona 955i with 866 miles


2001 Triumph 955i in silver on Ebay USA

When the Triumph motorcycle company was reborn back in 1991, the company's initial lineup included a big-bore Daytona model powered by an inline 4 cylinder engine. The 1st generation Daytona editions showed that the reborn company could produce a well built bike and have actually become quite collectible, with ebay prices for the 4-cylinder models rising quite a bit recently.  After a few years and in part due to heritage as well as cost, Triumph decided to stop producing the 4-cylinder powered Daytona model and focus primarily on triple/3-cylinder bikes.  A new Daytona series was designed as the signature big-bore bike for the Hinckley-based company, with power coming from a 955cc 3-cylinder/triple powerplant.

When it was launched in 1999, the new triple powered Daytona was a huge jump forward from the previous generation, incorporating the new engine, a single sided rear swingarm and a much more modern look and feel.  However sales were lower than expected, in large part due to the bike being positioned against lightweight 900-1000cc machines like the CBR900/Fireblade and Yamaha R1.   Also the 1st year bikes came with an odd naming convention of T595, which designated the 5th engine series designed by the company but made some people assume the bike was a 600cc machine.


Sample pic of the T595 badged edition

Reviews of the new Daytona were mostly very positive and stated that while the bike couldn't match the performance of its Japanese rivals, it was still quite appealing and made an excellent all around sport machine.

"Judge the big Triumph by its lap times and it never matches the competition but it does have two things the competition does not;  the first is personality, which is often more important to most riders than cutting seconds off lap times, and the second is the fact that it works better than the competition for daily riding.  This is due to its being more comfortable, especially now in its second incarnation.  

It’s got top notch finish and fit too, which means its looks will hold up while rivals will likely start to look rough after just a few years use."

A gentle revamp was done in 2001 which included a re-badging to the 955i moniker as well as re-positioning the big Triumph against similar all around sport machines such as the Honda VFR and Yamaha FJ series.  The result was a strong improvement in sales but the 955i was never a huge success.  Yet the 955i is still very popular among sportbike fans who want something different/distinctive that is also usable on an everyday basis.


I have to admit I lusted after these when they came out; I loved the way they looked with the organically rounded/flowing bodywork and the single sided rear swing arm.  Sadly the next generation moved away from this style to something with more sharp angles that while popular at the time, actually made the bike look less distinctive/more like every other bike on the market and hasn't aged as well.

Triumph Daytona 955i 02 1

Sample pic of the following generation style...snore..

This particular 2001 Triumph Daytona is extremely clean but given its ultra low mileage of 866 miles thats not totally surprising.  The only non stock items I see are an aftermarket exhaust and a rear tail unit setup (which could probably be easily sourced on ebay if desired).  The seller appears to be a dealer and doesn't include any maintenance history but the fluids and rubber do look fresh.  Of course that could just be good photography... but yow I think this bike look great.


merged 955i

So what is this lovely (and basically new) 955cc 3 cylinder bit of British engineering worth?  Well there are currently a few other Triumph Daytona 955i's for sale on ebay right now from the same generation and prices for those seem to be right around $2,800 USD.   This even includes another "Aluminum Silver" edition for sale, although the mileage for the other one is a lot higher and the ownership situation seems a bit odd.

So $2800 USD to take this one home, right?  Nope - the bidding on this one already exceeds the Buy-It-Now price of some of those other same-generation 955i models currently listed on ebay and reserve is still not met. Why?  Well the seller is apparently a dealer which always makes the price ask a bit more and the mileage/overall condition are obvious impacting the price.  But its also important to note that the Aluminum Silver style of this generation has become THE preferred model and color scheme for a lot of collectors.  Monochrome/single color bikes  seem to become quite desired over time (ex: the 1st gen all white Honda VFR), so it should not be surprising that this bike with its all silver bodywork and matching wheels is considered to be the one most likely to appreciate in value by investment-oriented collectors.  The last one of these we had on RSBFS sold incredibly quickly for $4,000 USD and that one had over 10,000 miles, so I would expect this one to go for something above that.


The best one: 2001 Triumph Daytona 955i with 866 miles
Sport Bikes For Sale May 11, 2016 posted by

Boss Hoss of Sportbikes? 2002 MTT Turbine Jet Bike

For sportbikes, power and handling will always be a bit of a ying-yang proposition.  Big power usually equals big weight because "there is no replacement for displacement", while the quest for better handling can result in sacrifices somewhere in the power band.  The major manufacturers spend big money to balance the power/handling equation and the results can be astonishing (Honda Fireblade, Yamaha R1, BMW S1000, etc.) but every once in a while someone decides to focus on just one end of the spectrum. For the major manufacturers the results can be hit or miss; consider the Yamaha GTS and the turbo bikes of the mid 1980's vs the Bimota Tesi 3d and the new Kawasaki H2.

While the major manufacturers can afford the occasional flight of fancy at one end of the spectrum or the other, its not surprising that smaller manufacturers with less resources often focus exclusively on one end of the spectrum.  Hence today's post, the MTT Turbine Jet Bike.


2002 MTT Turbine/Jet Powered sportbike on eBay

My initial impression of the MTT  Turbine is that it is like a sportbike version of the Boss Hoss: technically a motorcycle but so purely focused at one end of the power/handling spectrum that its hard to wrap my head around. Power is a huge 420 hp but unlike previous jet powered bikes, the MTT turbine engine actually powers a gearbox. However weight is listed at a goldwing level 500 pounds, which means the chances of seeing this one gracefully rolling over the top of turn 1 at Laguna Seca raceway are pretty remote.

The MTT Turbine is perhaps best known from being owned by Jay Leno who while riding it melted the front bumper of cars behind him and also from being in the unwatchable? movie Torque.

ADDENDUM:  I have been reminded that Torque has Jamie Pressley so it is not completely unwatchable.


While the eBay post has a lot of pictures of the bike, there does not seem to be any info regarding mileage or maintenance (whatever that might be?).  Tires look to be in good condition but age is unknown so this one would definitely require a call or a visit to inspect.  As for review of the bike, the ultra low production number means there isn't much out there except for a wikipedia page and a few small reviews such as this one from


Now for the question, is this bike worth $114,000 USD?   To be honest I don't know.  While at first it seems a bit ridiculous, it does meet many of the criteria of a rare sportbike;  it incorporates technology not seen before in sportbikes, it had a limited produced run (only 17 made) and condition of this particular offering seems to be quite good so it does seem to qualify.  The price seems to be based off the seller trying to recoup original cost but unfortunately, bikes above the $100,000 USD level are usually of some historical significance, such as Casey Stoner's or Valentino Rossi's Ducati.

Overall I think the only way this bike appreciates in value is if it becomes part of a multi-generational collection and even then it will be more of a curiosity than collection defining member.   But I have to admit, I would love to see one in person and hear it start up, I can just imagine the looks on the termignoni and akropovic equipped folks...


Boss Hoss of Sportbikes?  2002 MTT Turbine Jet Bike
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rEVOlutionary 2006 Ducati 999R #0165

Superlative in so many ways, it's important to remember that the Ducati 999R was a step ( or several ) towards today's superbike.  And though  stylists can critique Pierre Terblanche's design, the mechanical and handling improvements led to three WSBK Championships, 2006's under Troy Bayliss in the Xerox livery offered as an option on the 999R.

20160405 2006 ducati 999r right

2006 Ducati 999R for sale on eBay

20160405 2006 ducati 999r left

20160405 2006 ducati 999r number

The revised testastretta heads on the 999R resulted in 150 hp for the showroom 999R, helped by titanium valves and collets, magnesium valve covers and carbon timing belt covers.  Very little of any of that is visible, though you can catch a glimpse through the vents in the carbon-fiber bodywork.  The main spar of the red trellis frame contrasts with the seat sub-frame and gold-anodized monoshock.  43mm Öhlins forks are finished in black on the -R, as is the numbered triple clamp.  Also in black is the beefy fabricated swingarm, as are the forged Marchesini wheels, and the rear mudguard and guard for the controversial canister muffler are carbon.

20160405 2006 ducati 999r dash

20160405 2006 ducati 999r left grip

This 999R has just under 2,100 miles and looks like they were cafe' and not track miles.  One puzzling scrape under the left footpeg is pictured, but it's a barely used bike with just a few mods.  Ten years on and with no maintenance history offered, it's a safe assumption that belts and tires would be want a change before any substantial riding.  The owner states in the eBay auction:

This might be the most beautiful bike ever made by Ducati !  The Ducati 999r Xerox was the first and only bike to win the World Superbike Championship 3 years in a row. In celebration, Ducati built 300 street legal replicas. The 999r Xerox features the "R" spec motor which is a big performance improvement over the standard 999 motor. Also features a full Ohlins suspension front and rear, full carbon fiber body panels, carbon fiber cylinder covers, magnesium heads, the most beautiful paint job you can imagine, light weight Marchesini wheels, and a placard showing its production number of the 300 total units made. This particular bike has a slipper clutch, open clutch cover, Giles rear set, and aftermarket shift lever set for GP shift. Only 2061 miles on this collector bike! This is a living room bike that attracts attention wherever it is parked.  comes with custom factory plaque and case as well as owners manual. these bikes don't come up often.  don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of motorcycle history !!!!

20160405 2006 ducati 999r tank

20160405 2006 ducati 999r right clutch

20160405 2006 ducati 999r left shock

Though the more upright fairing made life better for the WSBK riders, the showroom response compelled Ducati to return to side-by-side headlights for the 1098.  This makes the 999 a unique chapter in the Ducati history book, and a great champion in -R form.  As a seldom-ordered option for the final year of 999 production, the Xerox decal set is a standout and very collectible...


20160405 2006 ducati 999r front