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Sport Bikes For Sale April 2, 2016 posted by

Mass Appeal – 1982 Honda CB1100R in France

With just 1,500 built for homologation purposes, an unscathed CB1100R is a rare sight, this one in a suburb of Lyon in southeastern France.  In the early 1980's, six-hour endurance races were the gut-check in Europe, and outposts like South Africa, Oz and New Zealand.  Pretty heavy but with over 100 horses and full fairing, these big machines were built to last the hours, then the factory race engineers went about making them quick.

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right

1982 Honda CB1100R for sale on eBay

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r left

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right engine

Specs reading almost vintage at this point, the aircooled DOHC four had nearly equal bore and stroke and was good for 120 hp.  The steel tube frame supports the 5-speed, right-side-up forks and twin-shock swingarm.  Triple 296mm disk brakes, with three two-piston calipers.  Tough looking endurance fairing channels the incoming air to the cooling fins.  It shields the 6.9 gallon tank and rider, held in place by the upswept monoposto seat fairing.  My favorite detail is the binnacle, where the main part of the gauge cluster is fixed, but the indicator lights and temperature dial move with the handlebars.

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r binnacle

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right front

This CB1100R shows a little over 28,000 miles and is mostly immaculate.  Other eyes with probably see some foibles.  Being too nice is not a bad problem to have, but some history would help.  The notes from the eBay auction might require a careful interpretive read:

Numbers engine and frame match the type .

The bike is healthy, no traces of falls, fairings are original, without patching .

Exhaust original in nice condition , very rare.

The engine was checked , distribution chains changed and joints of high engine . The engine works perfectly without slamming or noise starter .

Ramp carburetor was cleaned and redone by a specialist .

The fork has drained + new seals. brakes in perfect condition for use .

No work needed .

Moto uncommon (only 1500 made and most have finished on the track ) , hard to find in this state.

French registration.

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right front wheel

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right rear wheel

While racing rules still allowed high-strung two-strokes, Honda bet on the buyers who wanted a powerful, stable, rideable platform, and raced it for them.  Likely the buyer who'll want to inspect, purchase, and transport this ground-pounding ride will be happy to correct any maladies discovered.  The bike looks ready for a circuit of a modern track, a chain of wide fast sweepers, a long straight or two, maybe only one hairpin ( and plenty of runoff ).  In the midst of such a lapping session, the rider would learn something about the riders of the period, racing these heavy bikes for long shifts - and about him ( or her ) self in the process...


20160401 1982 honda cb1100r left rear

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Candygram – 2006 Ducati Sport 1000S

Conceptually based on the retro-styled 2000 MH900E, the SportClassic series helped Ducati weather the late 2000's, and nice examples often bring more than MSRP.  Using the 992 cc air-cooled desmodue, theSportClassics had a vintage aura backed by modern mechanicals.  The introductory 2006 year has a couple of niceties that were value-engineered out of subsequent years, and this particular bike is in collectible condition.

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 right

2006 Ducati Sport 1000S for sale on eBay

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 left

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 right rear

Pierre Terblanche somehow peeked way over the horizon in the late 1990's and saw the retro wave coming.  The SportClassics were powered by a 92 hp twin, with electronic fuel injection, six-speed transmission and wet clutch.  43mm Marzocchi forks were fitted, and Sachs fully adjustable monoshock.  Up-to-date braking was provided by Brembo, dual 320mm discs out front and 245 mm in back.  Naked as the day, so details are visible and nicely finished.  Peculiar to the 2006 model was the shaped rear swingarm, which allowed the rear header to cross under the bike higher.  The monoposto seat was almost a 2006-only feature, though the single-seat was occasionally available until 2010 ( and has been added to many after market ), most SportClassics had the pillion seat.

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 right engine

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 right rear wheel

Looking quite excellent with 6,100 miles, this Sport 1000 is in Arizona, likely never seen precip.  The owner has upgraded the rear shock to Ohlins and mufflers to Termignoni, not to mention ostrich ( -look, let's hope ) pleather seat.  Recently in for service, the valve adjustment and belts are fresh, giving the new owner many miles of guilt-free riding.  From the eBay auction:

For sale a very nice low mileage 2006 Ducati Sport 1000 monoposto. 6100 miles and just completed the annual service which included belts. Has Termi Exhaust and Ohlins rear shock, otherwise pretty much stock. Runs great and 9/10 condition wise. Air/oil cooled, dry clutch, they don't make Ducati's like this anymore. If desired, I can have an inspection done by a local Ducati shop to show the 'clean bill of health.'
Video can be seen here -

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 binnacle

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 seat

The Sport 1000 has charming good looks, and the air-cooled engine has good manners on the open road or in traffic.  And very well-detailed with bar-end mirrors and racing stripes on the Burnt Yellow bodywork.  Tires weren't mentioned in the auction and are probably ready to be renewed, but then you're off for a summer of back-to-basics feel-good riding...


20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 overhead

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Rx for Boredom – 2014 EBR 1190 RX

Harley engineer Erik Buell has had one heck of a ride since leaving H-D in 1983 and starting his own company.  On the roller-coaster of race, road, and corporate financing, Buell Motorcycles and Erik Buell Racing has produced some memorable muscle bikes, mostly Harley-Davidson based, but more recently with Rotax power.  One of the final introductions before the company closed was the 1190RX, a 185 hp sportbike.  Assets bought by a corporate turnaround specialist, EBR is back in business and the 1190RX could be a future classic, but at the very least is the best ever American-made superbike.

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx right

2014 EBR 1190RX for sale on eBay

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx left front

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx left rear

Based on the 1190RS race bike, the RX was introduced in late 2013 with an aluminum perimeter frame and v-twin developed by Rotax.  The nicely oversquare engine has 13.4:1 compression, two port injectors and shower injectors, and lays down 101 ft-lbs torque.  Showa supplies the "big piston" forks and monoshock rear which rides the stamped and welded aluminum swingarm.  Signature Buell perimeter front brake is 386 mm and has a 8-piston caliper.  Slipper clutch and steering damper are standard equipment.  Theoretical biposto body has a neat cast seat subframe, and slick fairing with radiators visible in the side vents, and is a little reminiscent of a Ducati 999.  Full-featured digital dash has multiple timers and adjustable traction control.

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx dash

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx left engine

Listed by a Florida Harley dealer, it's a new bike with 12 miles, and has a yellow twin at the dealer also.  The bike reviewed as fully competitive with the similarly-priced Panigale, that is to say a chore in town but a joy out in the open.  Weight is just over 400 lbs. wet, and chassis architecture short and steep, very flickable.  An acceleration monster, one of Cycle World's only regrets was the lack of upshift lights to help them avoid the rev limiter.

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx right front wheel

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx left rear wheel

Sharing the runway with a Panigale, S1000RR, and RC8 is a pretty special event, and while one could quibble over refinements, it's an amazing introduction.  Might end up the only American WSBK points-scorer, maybe just the first.  The buy-it-now is just 2/3 of the MSRP, and it's an unused two year-old bike !  But support is a nagging concern, as EBR is back on their own ten yard-line looking for a big play.  A crap-shoot as with everything worth doing, you'll have to weigh the risk and return in your own mind...


20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx cockpit

Rx for Boredom – 2014 EBR 1190 RX
Sport Bikes For Sale March 5, 2016 posted by

Storage Wards – 2006 Yamaha YZF-1000 R1 50th Anniversary

Sometimes you have to look past the head-scratchiness of an offering, because it is just that special.  This strange auction of a contemporary classic R1 in 50th Anniversary Roberts colors, along with its storage unit buddy ( a 2012 Panigale TriColore ) is one of those times.

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 front

2006 Yamaha YZF-1000 R1 50th Anniversary Edition for sale on eBay

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 right front

The liter-bike wars were raging in the mid-2000's, and the bikes were getting downright serious, closing in of 200 hp, but without today's electronics keeping an eye on things.  Yamaha's flagship had a Genesis 5-valve head and booked 174 hp.  The swingarm had been lengthened 16mm to stabilize the handling under acceleration, and the R1 reviewed as not very flickable but rock-steady when set in a corner.  The beautiful castings of the Deltabox frame were accompanied by top-line Ohlins suspension, tuned by the racing department.  320mm front discs are grabbed by radially mounted 4-piston calipers, with 220 mm rear.  Forged Marchesini wheels were also part of the 50th Anniversary special, and reduced unsprung weight significantly.  The knife-sharp bodywork was available in corporate blue or black, but the Roberts team colors were part of the 50th edition.

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 right

Parked in a Vegas storage unit before it was ever registered, this is a no-mile superbike.  Not much in the way of photographs, but the owner says this in the eBay auction:

I am selling both motorcycles as a package deal, and I am willing to sell them separately since they quite expensive for both.

The photos speak for themselves, pristine condition, not a single scratch on either bike and the 2012 Ducati 1199S Tricolore edition only has 2700 miles on it.  Yamaha has never been registered and engine has been sealed to prevent any damage these last 10 years it has been waiting for a good collector to realize the value of such a magnificent motorcycle.  
But if you are a true collector and interested in the Yamaha R1 50th Anniversary Edition with 0 miles and kept in pristine condition reach me to discuss options.  Email is possible too.
Yamaha is a Limited Edition model, only 500 of them are made and it has a VERY special number stamped on it.  I will not e-mail you photos of the number because too many people simply want to collect photos every time I have put this up for sale previously.

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 front

There's almost always a travel deal going to Vegas, so a live inspection should be possible and is always better than any pictures.  Especially at the ask, it'd be hard to imagine putting this zero-mile 50th Anniversary special back on the road, but it would be a ground-shaking ride.  And the number ?  Kenny Roberts rode a lot of number 2 machines, and was partial to 1 also, maybe the new owner will comment and say what's stamped on this R1 ( and maybe why Starry Night )...


Storage Wards – 2006 Yamaha YZF-1000 R1 50th Anniversary
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WSBK 2.0 – 1992 Ducati 888 SP4 #288

The second water-cooled Ducati desmoquattro, the 888 did well with Doug Polen aboard, winning the SuperBike World Championships in 1991 and 1992.  The venerable 916 was in development and except for 1997 would take the crown annually until Y2K.  Imported to Oz four years ago, this 888 SP4 was treated to a surprisingly high-level restoration, and looks every bit the ground-breaking SuperBike it is.

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 right

1992 Ducati 888 SP4 for sale on eBay

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 right front

Very exotic for a production bike, the 888 SP4 has 116 hp on tap, and over 62 ft.lbs. torque.  It has an open loop fuel injection system, no sensor in the exhaust to mixture control, and won't require an auxiliary fuel nannie.  The steel trestle frame is bright white on the 888, and carries 42mm Ohlins forks and rear Ohlins monoshock which has progressive linkage.  Seat console is beautiful brushed stainless.  Brakes are standard ( and excellent ) Bremo Gold Lines, 4-pot calipers in front with 320mm discs, 245mm rear.  Wheels are 17 inch lightweight alloys, for tires with with 120 and 180 mm widths.

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 dash

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 right front unfaired

After bringing the bike from England to the opposite corner of the globe, the owner commissioned a museum-quality restoration, and the bike looks amazing.  The auction shows detailed photos of the restoration in progress.  As the owner says in the eBay auction:

Very rare genuine 888 SP4. Nut and bolt restoration done three years ago. Every part was either refurbished, repainted or replaced by Metro Ducati. I imported the bike from the UK four years ago in good condition but wanted it perfect, hence the restoration. It has full Australian compliance and is currently on club registration with the Ducati Owners Club. Total restoration cost was $23,000 (on top of the purchase price of the bike). Included are factory books, documented service history and detailed invoices and receipts for the restoration. Bike is absolutely perfect in every way.

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 frame

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 left unfaired

Melbourne is not exactly around the corner, though a party interested in a perfect 888 SP4 will have connections to appraise and verify.  If it was to hit the tarmac, the rider would find it's a bike with a learning curve, but quick once mastered.  Raring to go but unlikely to be seen outdoors again, it's a sad fate for this 888.  Maybe  ( for each new owner ) one nice ride on the way to the shop, where the engine will be fogged and the fluids drained before wheeling it into the gallery...


201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 bodywork

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Valentine, be mine (x2!):
Two 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR’s

We seemed to have passed through the winter doldrums here at RSBFS and bits of unobtanium are starting to appear for sale again. Here are a pair of Ducati Desmosedici/D16RR team versions for sale on ebay, with the first being a relist from this time last year and the second a new listing located in France.  

desmo merged

The Desmosedici was offered as a limited production road-legal version of the Ducati MotoGP racebike but unlike a lot of Ducati limited editions, was a lot more than just a re-skinned standard bike.  The Desmo was and remains one of the very few true MotoGp replicas built for the street.  Sixteen desmodromic actuated valves  (hence the D16RR designation) and gear driven cams were built into a 989cc V4 that went to a nearly 14,000 rpm redline and produced 200 hp.  All the power was wrapped up in a chrome-moly steel frame and encased with a carbon/plastic blend bodywork and handled via a 43mm upside-down forks with remote reservoir and a 4-2-1 underseat exhaust in titanium.  In a sign of its true nature, the Desmo came with both street and racing exhaust kits.

The Desmo was originally planned to only be built as a small production run but demand was so robust that the production run expanded and almost 1,500 Desmosedici's were made available worldwide for public purchase.  Being priced at an eye-popping 72,500 USD didn't make a dent in the demand for this bit of motogp derived unobtanium; all 1500 units were pre-sold despite the fact that the bike went on sale in 2008 in the early days of the financial crisis.

The first one - Ducati Desmosedici in California (45k USD)


The first one is a relist from a previous post here on RSBFS from a year ago (time flies almost as fast as this bike!).   Based on the feedback count from the previous listing, the seller looks to either someone who isnt that active on ebay or a dealer.

Mileage is listed as 3,300 (miles?) but no detailed service info is provided.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Second one - 2008 Ducati Desmosedici in France (55k USD)


Here is the second one that is located in France.  According to the seller its one of the later production numbers and a lot of collectors say the later versions avoided some teething problems.

The info on this one is a little more detailed than the one in California.  Here is what the seller has to say;

  • One of the last unit produce (2009/07)
  • Bought the bike after 400 kms, mileage is 8500 kms
  • Never been on track, never fall down
  • Maintenance by official Ducati dealer
  • To be sold with bike cover, stand legs, alarm, racing exhaust, battery charger, decals kit, 2 keys
  • One new rear tire as spare


Now for the big question; what is the current value of a 2008 Ducati Desmo/DR16?   Well the difference in opening bid price between these two is pretty big (10k USD) and recent examples have been sold here in the states for the lower number so at first the one in France seems a bit overpriced.  However a bit more research indicates that the lower price is more inline with a lightly used example that is perhaps missing a few pieces such as the decals or one of the OEM exhaust sets.  The upper price seems to be inline with pristine/nearly new editions that come with all the extras that were included with the purchase of desmo so perhaps the prices for each of these are right in line.




Valentine, be mine (x2!):  </br> Two 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR’s