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Ducati April 20, 2010 posted by


1974, well not a great year for bikes or cars, and on the edge of a gas crisis, there's really not much excitement in the mid seventies that I can remember except when the US tried to make us all change to the metric system. Remember they started changing all the speed limit signs on the highway to kilometers? That went well. Anyway my first hand experience with these bevel drive Ducati's didn't come until 1978 when I was working at a Honda/Suzuki dealership. My parts manager finally saved up enough dough to buy a brand new 900SS and wow, what a bike! Blue and silver, Conti pipes; he drove it to work and then raced it on the weekends at Loudon, just a kick ass piece of machinery compared to the Honda's and Suzuki's at that time, but twice the price. 

This 1974 750 GT seems pretty darn nice and has the cool Conti pipes. This one claims to have been restored 10 years ago and has only been driven about 800 miles sinse, so it should be a very good example. Again nothing real special about a '74 GT or even the 750 Sport, seems '73 was the year to have for those. As nice as it seems I just don't see the $14,500 asking price. I mean you're getting into 750 Sport territory which is the more collectible one. I had a real nice restored '73 750 Sport in 1997 and sold it for $14k back then pretty easy, and they have gone up since. Again if you really want a cool restored bevel drive, this may be it, but try to snag it a better price though. Located on Chicago's CraigsList, click here for the jump. 

Here's the really long detailed ad:

The one kick wonder matching #s 10 yr old restoration with only 800 loving miles since dellorto carbs, conti pipes please contact for viewing.

So all in all if you're "jones'n" for a cool bevel drive you can ride, here it is, just try not to pay "tomorrows" pricing for it; hey we're in a recession!!...Just my .02 worth.

Ciao for now.......Jay

Honda April 19, 2010 posted by

Honda RVF400R Track Bike In Colorado

This is a seriously modified RVF400R finished in Rossi Repsol colors.  Located in Aspen, Colorado is a Honda RVF400R that is set up for race use but does look to have lights even though it isn't titled.  It would probably be best to let the seller explain this bike:


This motorcycle was built from the ground up to be the fastest, lightest, best handling RVF400 in the USA. Purchased as a Japenese import from GPC Moto in Sacremento, CA in Fall 2003, this bike was completely stripped down and rebuilt by BRG Racing (also in CA). In a colaberative effort by BRG Racing, RLR Motorsports of England, and Jack Silverman Racing of Aspen, this bike took two race seasons and a total of six years to perfect.

-One of only three HRC Labratories Factory motors in the US. Purchased new in crate from Jack Silverman Racing, proffesionally broken in at BRG Racing, then tuned using many trade secrets and custom go-fast bits from RLR Motorsorts. ALL ENGINE INTERNALS HAVE BEEN CRYOGENICALLY FROZEN FOR DURABILITY.
-This bike was used as the prototype to develope the first and only reliable 1mm overbore kit for the RVF, which added 8hp and noticable torque.
-With over $50,000 invested, there is way too much to list, so please e-mail with questions and picture requests.


Now, this bike does sound to have some serious kit in it that I have no knowledge of so I'm not in a position to comment.  However, I can confirm that when you start making one off race parts the bill ads up quickly so it isn't a surprise that the seller claims to have so much into this bike.  Sadly, the bike isn't titled.  The asking price of $12,500 is  far higher than we've seen any RVF at but, again, this bike includes some very serious aftermarket parts and a substantial spares package.  If this project interests you, see this very beautiful RVF on Craigslist here.


Aprilia April 19, 2010 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS250 Titled & Registered

This is a North Carolina registered RS250 in California.  Located in Los Angeles, California is a 1999 Aprilia RS250 race bike that has been titled and registered in the state of North Carolina.  Seller makes no mention of mileage but does state that the bike had been sitting since 2004 but does have a recent top end and carb rebuild.  The bike is fitted with Giannelli exhaust.  This looks to be a straight cup bike that has lights and blinkers installed.  The asking price of $7,000 seems a bit steep but might make a nice bike for someone.  If you're interested in this RS250, see the ad on Craigslist here.


Sport Bikes For Sale April 18, 2010 posted by

1981 TZ250H Toronto Area

Located in Ajax, Ontario (20 minutes east of Toronto).

Here we have a "museum quality" 250 GP bike.  While these bikes are relatively easy to find in raced condition (read well-used and modified from original), original or restored bikes are a rare find.

 There is not a lot of info on this ad, but it sure looks great in the factory Yamaha colours.  These bikes are so small they would fit in your living room, bar, or rec room with ease!

The '81 TZ250H's were totally re-designed using the exhaust powervalve system used on the factory 500's. This system was used in later Yamaha street bikes, namely the RZ350 and the RZ500.  Yamaha called it the YPVS or Yamaha Power Valve System.  The '81 model came with new lighter frames, new crank cases, carbs and  a return to wire wheels just to mention a few changes.

When I think of these bikes, Randy Renfrow, John Cornwall, Fred Merkel, and Motorcyclist Magazine writer Nick Ienatsch (who covered his race antics in print) come to mind.

I love the look of these bikes and this one looks nice.  Buy a piece of history, take it out on track days, or just sit on it in the den and pretend your a GP star!


Ducati April 16, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 888 del mondo Superbike SPO

1993 Ducati 888 SPO with a ton of spares and the stock parts as well.

I know I personally never get tired of seeing 888's and like Jay said yesterday "when you are looking to buy one they aren't available, but when you aren't looking they are everywhere" Okay, so that wasn't exactly what he said, but it was something to that effect. This one is perhaps a little more special than either of Jay's, but only because I'm posting it this time around.. (hehe, sorry Jay) I've checked RSBFS archives and couldn't find where this one had been posted before so here we go.

Located in Los Angles, CA is this 888 with 11,559 on the clock. This one has a laundry list of additions so read on.

-Marchesini Magnesium 5 Spoke Rims (same wheels Andreas Meklau used in 1993 World Superbike)
-Ducati Aluminum Sub Frame
-Ducati Magnesium Clutch Housing (888 Corsa Part)
-Termignoni Carbon Mufflers (European model with no clear resin finish for lightness)
-Fast By Ferracci Lightweight Clutch basket
-Fast By Ferracci Airbox
-Fast By Ferracci Chip
-Fast By Ferracci (Pro Italia) Rearsets
-Yoyodyne Titanium Rear Disc
-Carbon Fiber Rear Brake Torque Arm (Fast By Ferracci 888 Corsa Part)
-Carbon Fiber Fenders
-Carbon Fiber Muffler Hangers
-Carbon Fiber Instrument Surround
-Carbon Fiber Sprocket Cover
-Carbon Fiber Regulator Cover
-CRG mirrors

Now enjoy all of the add ons:

Now what I think is absolutely amazing, that hasn't been mentioned yet, is that with this bike you get all of the stock parts that were replaced in lieu of the aftermarket one. That is worth a whole lot in my book.

So- per the seller:

Returning this bike to 100% stock would be a strictly bolt on proposition, if that was your intention. The key is that virtually all of the original parts come with the bike.

Now before you start clambering around for your check book or paypal password it should be noted that there's no mention of maintenance on the sellers ad. Almost forgot, there is one other special thing about this sale.

the original Brembo wheels with the original (virtually unused) Michelin Hi-Sport tires still on them!

Beat that for a 17 year old Superbike!

Auction was started at $7,000.00 with a reserve so if you've been on the fence about either of Jay's recent 888's, but were needing a little something extra to make it happen....... this one might just fit. Jump on over to and give it a go. There's more pictures as well.



Sport Bikes For Sale April 15, 2010 posted by

1988 Yamaha FZR400U

1988 FZR400 Canadian 'U' model that is registered and located in Virginia.

Submitted by the owner for your consideration is this very, very nice 400. It appears to have been cared and looked after with pride as is the case with most 400 owners. It's been well documented on that we received the short end of the stick from Yamaha with regards to their 400 line up. Some of the Japanese versions are true replica racers and were available in "R" models and "RRSP" models. You can view all of the 400 models here. If you click through the link that I provided you will see that the model that was offered state side was actually a 1986 model carried over to what was our 88 model. I know it sounds like I'm whining, but in all actuality I'm very happy with the versions we received. I only wish more people appreciated small displacement sport bikes so we could receive an updated version from one of the manufacturers.

This bike is listed on the FZR forum and can be viewed here.

Have a look:

Quote from the listing:

For sale is 1998 FZR 400U imported from Toronto, Canada in August 1995. I bought the 400 from my cousin and obtained the necessary paperwork to import and register the bike in the States. I have all the papers from Yamaha, EPA and DOT when I imported the bike. The bike has been registered in Maryland and Virginia. The bike had 8,264 miles on it in 1995 and it has 12,788 miles on it now. I rode the bike on days when it was fun and sunny. Garage kept. This bike is in pristine condition for an 1988. NEVER LAID DOWN OR WRECKED. The plastic does show some signs of age and there some cracks in the cowlings. It needs a new battery.

I have a D&D pipe with Dyno Jet stage 1 (2002 – Speed Werks DE); FZR 600 carbs (2003 – Speed Werks DE); braided stainless steel cables(2008); new brake pads (2008); new Battle Axe tires (less than 500 miles); and a new brake master cylinder (2008).

I have the original odometer that was in kilometers; I have the original stock pipe and 400 carbs; I have the original master brake cylinder; extra friction plates; and clutch springs. I have the original owners manual and yes it is in English and French (for those Canadian frogs since it was imported to Canada). I have title in hand.

I hate to sell the bike but the wife says it’s time to let her go to someone who can enjoy riding her more than I can or have over the years. My loss your gain. Asking $3,200 with all the extra parts included.

It appears that John leaned on the boys at Speedwerks to get his 400 ironed out. Steve and Dave know 400's and can make them run as well as anybody in country so rest assured having 600 carbs on a 400 is a proven upgrade. This one has a tasty D&D exhaust installed and tuned and I speak from experience that nothing sounds better than a FZR 400 with a D&D screaming at 14,000rpms.

Asking price is $3,200.00 and considering these are getting harder to find in this condition this one is worth a look. If your in the market for a classic sport bike, a great, reliable beginner's bike or a fun weekend bike look no further than this post.