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Ducati May 12, 2010 posted by

1988 DUCATI 750 PASO “LIMITED”, 1 OF 50

Here's another old friend back again, the 750 Paso in "Limited" form. Like a "Members Only" jacket these things still haunt us from the 80's. Legend has it that they only made 50 of these Limited version but I was never really sure what all the hoopla was about. This one is at least updated nicely with a real intake and carbs (see my other Paso listing  here  for more insight on this). For 21,000 miles this bike looks pretty nice and I guess my next question would be how old are the belts?  Located in Phoenix, AZ with  a $3000 price, this seems "non che male" (not bad).

His ad reads: 1988 Ducati Paso Limited. 21,000 miles. great shape with the usual small nicks and chips of an old ducati fairing. Completely converted to 750 monster intake system to get rid of notorious paso carburetion issues. dual keihin cv's. One of 50 made for those who are not familiar with this bike. A great comfotable rider with the reliability of a monster with a little more cool/different factor. Super comfy riding position. Price is 3000.

Again my theory still stands, which is... "at $3000 what could possibly go wrong?" Bottom line is if the bike runs and drives and doesn't do anything too weird it seems like a good buy and within what others have been selling for.

You can contact the seller via his email at:


Aprilia May 11, 2010 posted by

1994 Aprilia RS 250 Street version and it is sweet!

1994 Aprilia RS 250 Loris Reggianni Replica with only 2,300 miles!

Location: VISALIA, CA
Ebay current bid: $2,275.00 with reserve still on

Okay, so your not down for track only RS250 and you passed on the one I posted yesterday. Well, your ship has docked today because this RS250 is 'da bomb' and is an original street version.

Although the owner is confused as to who Aprilia dedicated this bike to; it doesn't change the fact that it appears to be in great shape and ready to rock n roll.

Have a look and see for yourself or :

Aprilia RS 250

Pretty sweet indeed! Now I can only assume that this one has low miles because 'I spy' several other 2 strokers in the background. The seller has done a great job promoting his bike because over on the auction site there are several more hi-res pictures to be seen. In fact about the only thing he could have done better, to promote it, would have been to let me ride it and then write this blurb. 🙂

Quotes from the sale:

Im thinning out the herd and this one is the nicest. its a 1995 aprilia rs250 valentino rossi edition the bike has 3900 km and is in near perfect condition. the aftermarket parts are tyga side by side pipes and silencers, mild steel headers. new tires with 40 miles on them, and new chain, are replaced only due to age not wear. the bike had some minor but annoying scratches on the tail section and the the left and right lower fairings so as anal as i am i had them repainted with the reproduction decals. i could not get the tail section decals that said rs250 so i had a sign shop make some up. the bike looks new and runs awesome. i do have the stock pipes that will go with it.

I'm not sure the bike wouldn't have been better left 100% original, but at least you can get that warm fuzzy feeling that you know a bike has been well looked after by it's owner. My guess is this one will fetch a nice shiny penny somewhere in the range of 8 - 9,000 bucks so if you've been looking - get ready to pony up for this one.

For reference you can check out the most recent Loris Reggianni Replica that was posted on RSBFS by clicking here. It did sell for $9,000.00 and was almost identical in spec. I'm curious to see what the market will do for the respray...



Quick Spot May 11, 2010 posted by

1994 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma VJ22 In Washington State

This looks like a very nice looking RGV250 VJ22!  Located in Seattle, Washington is an untitled 1994 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma with some new parts and spares.  The new parts consist of brakes, tires, chain and a titanium bolt kit; the spares are extra stock and aftermarket bodywork.  The seller states that this bike does run but, needs to be tuned correctly.  The bike also has an aftermarket exhaust fitted which, has Leo Vince stickers fitted to the carbon silencers--did Leo Vince make a system for the RGV?  This is a nice RGV project that will take some work to make it perfect but, the asking price is a realistic $2,500.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Sport Bikes For Sale May 10, 2010 posted by At The Portland AHRMA Classic!

This past May 1st and 2nd, some of the authors for RSBFS attended the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association national meet at Portland International Raceway.  This was the first time AHRMA held a national event in our part of the country and from the looks of things it was a resounding success!  Being at PIR, the focus of the event was on road racing, but MX had a very strong presence along with scooter races, stunt riders, vendor booths and a small swap meet.


The pro-pit's were awash with things to drool over and fantasize about;  Everything from angry two-strokes to Harley's were present and racing!  A large number of racers made it out to thrash their vintage machinery with the CB160 race group making up the largest group with twenty plus riders.  Their Le Mans style start and large group made for, easily, the most entertaining group of the weekend.  Two-stroke fours, triples, twins and singles were  present and abundant with the usual dominating presence of the four-strokes.  Doug Polen (WSB, AMA, & Endurance World Champion) was also present and instructing students through his 1ON1 riding school.


The MX track featured pre-'80 bikes, a license plate and lights group, minibikes, a 40+ group, and large displacement thumpers.  The groups were large and dirty with no one seeming to hold back.  The scooter races consisted of somewhat normal looking scooters that sounded like highly strung road-racers and went nearly as quick.  Then vendors booths were nice and featured some quality items but, the swap meet I found severely lacking in attendance however, that can probably be attributed to this being the first time AHRMA has held an event like this so the knowledge base was too small to generate a large swap meet.


The crowds were decently sized which was very surprising based on the, usual, lack of turn-out for motor sports in the Pacific Northwest.  Competitors and fans were also from all reaches of Canada and the U.S. with visitors from both countries East Coast.  Canada had a very strong presence because of it's close proximity and this fact probably contributed to the strong two stroke numbers.

The weather was adequate but, not the best.  It never rained, while I was there, but it threatened to and you could see it struck some fear into the competitors as the rims shod in wet's were out on display and not hidden away.  The temperature was cool throughout the day but it was nice not having a large fluctuation from morning to afternoon as it consistently held in the mid 60's throughout the weekend.

We did get to catch up with a fellow RSBFS reader and old friend, Brian who brought out his classic 1953 BMW R51/3 from Seattle. Here's a couple of pictures and a bit about his bike:




It's a 1953 R51/3 the high points are the Hoske tank that people asked about, but it also has Hoske muffler, the carbs are 30mm Dellorto SS1, standard carbs for this bike are 22 or 24mm. the rear seat is called a swinging pillion, an accessory they offered for their sports models R68 and R69S.

1952 bikes started with a pre-war half width hub, mine has the full width hub. When I took the heads off there were oversized pistons as well so I sometimes say its a 550cc bike the headlight bucket is by Rauch, mine has two holes and the 3 hole one is the one that went for $10k ebay listing. (!)

Great catching up Brian!

The parking lot was of course another great spot to check out enthusiast rides, like this NC30 and GSX-R, which seem especially fitting on our site:



More along the lines of what you expect to see at a vintage event, this excellent Vincent was also on hand:



The bathrooms didn't smell too great and the beer was expensive but, the racing was good and there was plenty to enjoy on, and off, the track.  If you ever see the AHRMA banner at your local track, make sure and have a visit--and always remember to support local motor sport!  A big thank you goes out to AHRMA, all the sponsors, organizers, and especially the volunteers for a great weekend and a great show!

AG & dc


Aprilia May 10, 2010 posted by

1999 Aprilia Cup Bike for sale in Ohio

1999 Aprilia Cup bike for sale with less than 1,000 miles.

Price: $4,000
Location: Marysville, Ohio

Submitted to us by Mark, the proud owner of this super nice RS250 racer. Mark has submitted many bikes to RSBFS over the past year, but sadly enough this time it's his own that he has to submit.

This one is still dressed as it came from the factory in the classic Johnny Cash black. I like the black and silver version as well as any of the RS's, but I bet if you'd ask me tomorrow I would probably change my mind - again!

The RS250 has a huge following and I'm sure this one will be snatched up quickly considering it has less than 1000 miles on the clock.

Have a look and take notice to how sparkly clean it is:

After much debate, I have decided I need to sell my RS250. I do not really want to sell but I have to many bills piling up that need to get paid.

99 RS Cup Bike, just under 1000 miles. Basically all stock, only upgrade is braided brake lines. I bought the bike several years ago from some one in Florida, it needed cleaned and some of the hardware replaced (corrosion). So I took it apart down to the frame, I have been reassembling and replacing hoses and hardware as needed. I have cleaned and refurbished pieces as needed as well. Bike still needs to be completed but all parts are with it. Body work is in okay condition, some nicks and scratches. No cracks or broken pieces. Bike does need a new chain and a new battery. Other than that it is all there and in good working condition. Bike comes with rear stand and standard spares box and manual. I am looking for $4000. Bike is located in Marysville OH.

So it's all stock, has super low miles and has been meticulously cleaned. I asked Mark about the "Bike still needs to be completed but all parts are with it." part and he replied with.

"Bike is pretty much done, I just put the front end together and hung the body work etc. for the pictures. Bike still needs a few things hung on it, all fluids and a chain. Battery would not take a charge so it needs that as well."

So I'm guessing a few hours and about $150.00 bucks and your ready to take your 55hp beast out and beat up on some 600's at your next local track day.

If Mark's bike is of interest to you, you can view his original for sale post by clicking here. There are also many high-res pictures available after you make the jump.

Good luck with the sale Mark!



Sport Bikes For Sale May 10, 2010 posted by

1990 Yamaha FZR400 With 5,176 Original Miles In Southern Oregon

A 1990 FZR400 with only 5,176 original miles in Southern Oregon!  Located in Medford, Oregon is a 1990 Yamaha FZR400 with 5,167 original miles and an asking price of $2,800!  The seller states that this bike is completely original but, has been sitting for some time.  I posted another '90 in Southern California with 1,830 miles and an asking price of $3,785.  The asking price of the California bike makes this bike look like a steal as it is priced where we are seeing other FZR400's but, this one is wholly original and only has 5k miles.  The 1990 FZR400 is the most desirable of the three years it was officially imported as they feature an aluminum swingarm, brakes, and some other bits.  These little FZR's are only becoming rarer in this condition and I should say that this one seems like a very good deal for mileage and condition.  This is another bike I wish I was buying instead of posting!  See this Fizzer on Craigslist here.