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Posts by Category: MV Agusta

MV Agusta June 28, 2010 posted by

Black Out: 2004 MV Agusta F4 SPR

Black Out:  2004 MV Agusta F4 SPR

Oh man did I lust after one of these when I first saw the pictures.  That matte black finish had me sold.  Other than the blue/silver kit MV Augusta sold for a bit I think this the best looking bike they've produced.  Of course there is more to this bike than Darth Vader good looks.  The SPR was supposed to be the "maximum expression of performance", according to MV Agusta, of  the 750 series.  It benefited from engine and chassis upgrades compared to the standard F4.  Here is the link to the MV Agusta site with all the details and specs on the bike.

Some info from the auction on this particular bike:

This beautiful 2004 mv agusta is truly one of a kind. Being a limited production bike this one is 190 out of 300. Never seen rain, and garage kept. Only 3139 miles. This bike is more commonly known from it debut in the move IROBOT  starring will smith. If you want to ride a collector item, or something that you wont see everyone else riding this is the bike for you. I originally bought the bike with NO intention on selling. But unfortunately the economy had another thing planned for me. I hate to sell this bike, but I need the money. This bike does have clean carfax, I am more than willing to answer any questions you might have regarding the bike.

Please tell me people know more about this bike than it was in IROBOT.  I got a chuckle reading that from the auction.  Any bike with an SP in it's title should sell it self.  The origianl MSRP on the bike was close to $23,000.  The seller has a buy it now option of $12,500.  That sure doesn't sound bad to me for a limited edition, Italian bike with low miles and in excellent condition. .

Here is one posing and idling for you if still aren't sold:


MV Agusta May 26, 2010 posted by

2003 MV Agusta F4S EV03

2003 MV Agusta F4 with only 4,145 miles

So today I found out that I have two soft spots in my heart... one for 916's and one for cherry MV F4's with only 4,145.

More sex appeal than the law should allow without having blacked out windows and pink and blue neon hanging above the door is the only way to describe the F4. Okay, so I'm sure there are many other ways to describe it... Now keep in mind I've only driven by those joints and I've never been inside of them 🙂 Scouts honor!

So, this one is for sale by the same owner as the previously posted 916. The owners pride is apparent in the photo's. I'm going to hit him up and ask him what kind of polish he uses because mine isn't so good anymore..

Have a look and it can be yours for $7,800 bucks!

Mint condition. 4,145 Miles. Runs great. Everything works. All Stock. Hardly a blemish on it. Michelin Pilot Power tires with less than 1,000 miles on them. Comes with original rear stand, cover, instruction book.



MV Agusta March 27, 2010 posted by


MV Agusta 'Senna' LE #161 of 300

Okay, here's a little motorcycle trivia;

Ayrton Senna is- a) A famous motorcycle racer, b) A famous motorcycle tuner, c) Tamburini's cabana boy.

Other than MV paying tribute to Mr. Senna and perhaps donating to his favorite charity from the sales of this bike, Senna really doesn't have any motorcycle connection. He was by far the Valentino Rossi of F1, of course.

"Limited Edition" bikes, sometimes I have a real hard time trying to figure out the difference between these and a standard model. I'm generalizing here but come on, remove the decals and the carbon bits and how special is it? The Italians always have a great way to try to "impress" the public with these things. Maybe it's just the story they tell behind it, "The Senna, we maka di carbon thread by thread by local virgins in the village, then it is formed together using only the sap from the 1000 year old Olive tree". When I hear things like that, I just write the check. 

Anyway, with no year listed I am going to have to assume it's the 2007 F4 1000 which is a  really great bike and not to be confused with the much earlier 750 Senna. It's really the marriage of a dependable high hp Japanese (copied) inline 4 and the styling of an Italian sport bike. These bikes just don't break but this one ...well it's a bit "cosmetically challenged". The bike new listed for $29,995 and the asking price on this one is $18,900 and located in San Fran.

The ad reads:

Hello All,

This bike speaks for itself. More Rare and sexier than a Ducati. Bike is located in the East San Jose area for those that would like to view. Approx 6000 miles, Single Owner.
Bike was downed previously and fixed at Monroe Motors. All fairings were replaced except the right mirror, and you can see the engine case has some slight damage. Frame was checked and it's straight. Bike was lowsided on residential roads at about 35mph. Bike has a CLEAN TITLE. it is current registered and insured. Asking $18,900.

Bike comes with the cover, stand, manuals etc.
Mods: It has a scorpio alarm and an eMoto aftermarket exhaust system (sounds awesome) and the ECU reprogrammed.
Go to the Craigs List ad here

It's too bad the frame and engine case got scuffed up, that's a harder  more expensive fix. I know the guys at Monroe Motors and it would be worth a call to them for their view, there're great guys. The only concerning issue is that the paint on the frame where it meets the head stock is cracked which could mean a fairly hard fall and a frame that just isn't within spec. It's still fixable but if it were me I'd go over the whole bike with a fine tooth comb first to make sure the frame just isn't bent all over the place. With regular used F4 1000's selling at $13-$14k you just have to want a Senna or maybe you just want it because the Alcantara seat matches your M3's.


MV Agusta March 25, 2010 posted by

MV Agusta ‘Senna’ edition #221 of 300

2007 MV Agusta 'Senna' #221 of 300

Located in Rochester, NY is this beautifully upgraded Senna with only 1,800 miles. These sold for $29,995.00 when new in 07' and the majority of these have been floating around for sale in the 18 - 20k range in stock trim. But, this one caught my eye because it has a whole lot of carbon fiber bits that include a set of Black Stone Tek Carbon rims. The BST's average around $3,500 a set and really set this bike off. The BST's claim to weigh 30% less than most stockers and I can back this claim up. Not that I have a set of these on the 400, but I've had the opportunity to hold a BST and a stock rim in each hand - Wow, what a difference. According to the MV web site the Senna makes 174 hp and brings it all to a halt faster than a Prius via the dual 12.6" full floating front disc.

I have to admit I'm not down with the velvety red seat, but other than that this one is pure eye candy for me. Have a look and judge for yourself. And should you be in the market for a LE MV Senna you owe it to yourself to check this one out. It's available if you can't live without it.

Silmoto Slip On Carbon Fiber Exhaust
BST Carbon Fiber Wheels
New tires
Tinted windshield
Plate relocator
Integrated Rear light
Senna Cover
Carbon Fiber heel guards

So, not only do you get a sweet bike, but you also get all of the stock parts and that includes the rims. The stock rims are worth something to someone. Heck, you could sell the stock rims and pay for the shipping. OR, if you want a cheaper LE MV the seller is offering to remove all of the goodies and lower the price.. You can't go wrong with this one.



MV Agusta March 1, 2010 posted by

Three 2004 MV Agusta F4 750 SPRs Available, All In The U.S.

MV Agusta SPRs #198, #184 and another unlisted number bike are all available at the same time!  Only 300 F4 SPR bikes were produced but three are currently available:

#198 Of 300

This SPR is located in San Diego, California and has 3,100 miles.  The only modification is clear indicators on the front.  Otherwise, the bike is in perfect condition and has never been dropped or damaged.  All items supplied with the bike when new appear to be included with this bike.  The asking price is $11,500.  See the bike on Craigslist here.

#184 of 300

Located in Morehead City, North Carolina is #184 with 3,775 miles.  This bike has two modifications: A ThrottleMeister and bar risers.  This bike looks to be in very good, if not perfect, cosmetic condition congruent with the mileage.  See this bike on eBay .

Number Not Listed

Located in Stamford, Connecticut is a the last SPR of the three currently available.  The seller does not list this bikes number but does state that it comes with all the extras originally included with the bike.  The photos do show a series of scratches on the right side fairing.  This bike has 2,600 miles.  See this SPR on eBay .

Phil posted #290 earlier in the month which makes four of these that have become available this month!  The SPR was the fastest and most powerful F4 when it was released.  The cosmetics are the same but the mechanics differ in these ways:

The technical staff at MV AGUSTA designed a new cylinder head, new inlet ducts, and redesigned the combustion chamber. Also thanks to the new "MAHLE" pistons, stamped and with cooling oil jets, the SPR engine reaches a stratospheric threshold of the rev limiter at 13,900rpm.

A further and significant development involved the primary transmission, now with shorter ratios, equipped with a reinforced clutch. As a demonstration of its racing spirit, the SPR comes with a close ratio gearbox whilst having a long first gear with respect to the SENNA model; this solution in conjunction with the possibility to choose three different final transmission ratios, allows one to match the motorcycle's performance to any type of track. Those of whom will use the SPR on track may further increase performance by adopting the RG3 open exhaust, available as an option.

On a vehicle conceived for such an extreme use, much attention has been directed towards weight reduction, working not only on the engine but also on many components concerning the bodywork. In fact, numerous parts in carbon fiber are evident: the front mudguard, the ignition system cover, and the upper and lower chain-guard protection.

These also feature 50mm Marzocchi forks and an adjustable Sachs shock in the back.  Any MV is special but these three are even more special being designed for owners that visit the track more than the local Starbucks™.


MV Agusta February 22, 2010 posted by

1999 MV Agusta F4 750 Serie Oro #279 Of 300

This is a limited edition MV Agusta fitted with Magnesium goodies from the factory.  Located in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania is a MV Agusta F4 750 Serie Oro.  Doug posted #286 back in September on eBay with a price of $22,000.  This bike is for sale by a dealer (Fast By Ferracci; you may have heard of them) and has an asking price of $25,000.  The Serie Oro bikes feature magnesium parts such as the swing arm, wheels, and frame plates anodized gold.  The wold-wide production was only 300 units and this bike is number 279.  The original asking price for this edition was $57,000; the current asking price of $25,000 doesn't sound bad at all compared to that.  Mileage for this example is only 1,068.  See the bike on Fast By Ferracci's website here.