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Kawasaki January 31, 2010 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX 7R Ninja K1

1991 Kawasaki ZX 7R (k1) model for sale on the Houston, TX Craigslist.

We've had a few of these over the past few months pop up on our site and I never get tired of them. This particular one was forwarded to us by JC, a regular RSBFS reader and scout. Thanks for the hook up!

The 7R/7RR Homologations are getting a little long in the tooth by today's standards, but they are still my personal favorite bike of all time. The 96 7RR's are at the top of the heap for me, but when I come across THE one, regardless of year, that is in the right place, has the right price and the timing is good, I'll be a proud new Papa 🙂 But, until that day comes I'll continue writing about them. So here I go.....

This K1 model has been enjoyed over the past 19 years with 31,573 on the odometer. That seems like a high number upon first glance, but it only averages out to 1,661 per year and that is almost an insignificant amount. I think I can do that many miles a year in my sleep.

From looking at the pictures, it doesn't seem to be in too bad of shape cosmetically and it does have a tasty Hindle exhaust. It also has one of those "go fast" stickers on the tail section that is sure to add a few extra ponies.

Here's what the owner has to say:

This is one of the 1991 limited edition motocycles. Comes with the aluminum gas tank and performace carburators. Has a few scratches but is in good condition. Has 31573 miles. Engine sounds GREAT and it may need a minor tune up.

I know these are temperamental bikes having the FCR's and that issue is only compounded by the Hindle exhaust. But in the right tuners hands and an hour or so of Dyno time these will absolutely scream and still hang with most of today's bikes. Give the pictures a once over and judge for yourself.

Most of the average 7R's we've seen as of late have been priced between $5,000 & $6,000. However, this one is at $4,500.00 and is probably where it should be considering the mileage and current running condition. So perhaps you need a good solid base for a restoration project or maybe you already have a K1 and need some parts, either way this one seems as though it could fill the need. Here's the link to the Craigslist ad.



Kawasaki January 7, 2010 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R K1 model

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R with only 8,461 miles located in San Diego and 1 of only 200 produced for that year. This bike is part of a larger collection that is being thinned out and I've noticed several bikes of this collection on ebay. Although this ZX-7R K1 isn't perfect, it is still a rare motorcycle that deserves a place on RSBFS. It has a reserve, but also has a $6k seems to be the going rate for ZX-7R's as of late. Alex posted one a few days ago and it was priced about the same so a recent comparison is available should you be in the market.

Update: bike did not sell; bidding ended at $4,450

If you look closely at the pictures that I brought over , you can see where the seller has edited the photos and circled some of the blemishes on the bodywork. I definitely like an up front seller. There are a lot more pictures on the auction if you're interested in viewing them. I personally prefer a completely stock 7R, but I may not be in the majority on that issue. Some of the things I've noticed that have been changed on the bike include painted rims and an after market exhaust has been added. Considering these have Flatside carbs one can only hope it was properly set up for the exhaust. The seller also added a couple of video's of the bike, which he has done for all of his other bike auctions as well. After you read what the owner has to say give the video's a look as well.

Being sold to reduce size of large collection.
Getting more into antique bikes.
58 year old owner, former bike wrench and shop owner.
Every effort has been made to show condition of bike with pictures and video.
Can e-mail better, larger pictures directly , on request.
Bike in excellent condition, though no warranty expressed or implied.

In the first video you might notice the endurance race bike headlight set up with one being yellow. That is a nice touch.



Kawasaki January 1, 2010 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX7R K1 Ninja

Located in Winter Haven, Florida is a 1991 Kawasaki ZX7R.  This example has 7,900 original miles, is a one owner bike, and has a clean title.  Information about the K1 & K2:

The race version had the same frame as the J models, but it sported 39mm Keihin Flatslide carburettors, full power engine, close ratio gearbox, alloy tank, fully adjustable suspension front and rear, single seat and was 5kg lighter than the J models.  121BHP & 190kg dry.

The asking price of $6,500 seems a bit high compared to a very similar K1 we've posted previously--but the other one did seem to be a steal at $4k. See this one on Craigslist here.


Aprilia January 1, 2010 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS50 With KDX200 Swap

Located in Acworth, Georgia is a 1999 Aprilia RS50 with a 200cc motor.  Normally, replacement motors and motor swaps aren't something we share on RSBFS but I'm all for putting a big--relatively--two stroke in a street bike.  This RS50 is now powered by a Kawasaki KDX200 which gives out around twenty-seven horsepower.  The bike is titled and registered as a moped (as a 50cc bike).  The bike comes with a fitted Penske shock with remote reservoir and front suspension set-up.  The asking price is $2,000.  I don't doubt this bike is a hoot and all the work has already been done on it.  If you're interested in this type of bike, see it on Craigslist here.

And a couple videos (the sound is very low):

Start & run

First ride


Kawasaki December 29, 2009 posted by

1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 —— Rare Survivor

Our RSBFS Scout Jim is at it again and once again he has sent us a beauty.

A 1989 ZX-7 survivor with only 5821 miles and it looks fantastic! Located in Greensboro, NC this 20 year old gem looks to be all stock down to the rear mud flap that is still in tact.

Most of these were either trashed, bashed or crashed on the track, but this one somehow escaped the torture.

The 89'/90' (H1/H2) ZX-7's weren't produced in the 7R Homologation versions like the 91'/92' (K1/K2), but the H1/H2 represent Kawasaki's first steps into the modern Replica Racer era. Kawasaki built a winner out of the box with the ZX-7 and in 1990 Doug Chandler won the AMA Super Bike Championship in only it's second year of production.

Just in case anyone wants to know... These babies produced a whopping 84hp at the rear wheel and weighed in at over 500lb wet. Now, that is not so good by today's standards, but wasn't too shabby back in the day.


Seller says:

This bike is a true collector's item. Completely factory and in pristine condition. Must see to believe!

The owner has a lofty price of $8,999.00 on Kawasaki's first year Super Bike. That is pretty steep considering the 7R I posted, that had everything going for it, only sold for $9,855.00. Now, I know there are some die hard ZX fans that follow our site so if your collection is missing the 89' give these guys a ring see what can be worked out.



Cagiva December 24, 2009 posted by

MidAmerica Auctions, Inc. January 7-9 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is an odd post as it isn't about a specific bike in the sale but there will be some very interesting ones available (to name just a few):

  • 1967 Aermacchi CRTT
  • 1971 Benelli 250 Cafe Racer
  • 2000 Cagiva Mito
  • 1978 Ducati Super Sport
  • 1958 Gilera 125 Race
  • And much, much more.

It's worth looking at the current consignment list to see if there is something in there for you--there is everything from vintage road racers and flat trackers to Harley's.  Remember, it's not too late, you can always phone in a bid.  See the bid list here. See the MidAmerica Auctions, Inc. website here.


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