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Posts by Category: Kawasaki

Kawasaki December 5, 2010 posted by

1992 Kawasaki K1 ZX-7R

1992 Kawasaki K1 ZX-7R

Location: Indiana- near Louisville, KY
Price: $7,750

Update 12.17.2010: SOLD!

Yes,this is good old fashion abuse of my employer and job, but from what I hear the boss isn't near a computer and won't see it before I pull it down.

This is my beloved K1 and yes it's being put up for sale. Not due to hardship mind you so any would be snipers lurking in the shadows waiting for a steal just stay put. To tell it like it is "I love my bike!", but I have enjoyed it all summer and my thoughts have turned to the next bike on my list.... Okay, so there's two bikes that I'd love to buy if, one of you guys decide to pull the trigger on my bike. And if I don't sell it, I'll just enjoy it some more and try again later.


-New Dunlops with less than 500 miles on them
-100% original and stock
-Runs like a scalded dog and pulls like a Clydesdale
-95 out of 100 cosmetically


-missing 5 points on my scale

I will answer any and all questions. I've attached 24 pictures that were taken today and hopefully they show how well the bike has been taken care of.

I've owned it since May of this year and am the 3rd owner. I purchased it from a friend of RSBFS.

Contact me via



Kawasaki December 2, 2010 posted by

Blast from the past: 1981 Kawasaki GPz550

For sale: 1981 Kawasaki GPz550

Anybody remember these? This used to be top dog of the sportbike world before multi-piston, radial mount brakes, 4-valves per cylinder, liquid cooling, single-shock rear suspension, aluminum frames and radial tires. Given, these were not very rare in the day, having been churned out and sold at low prices - but finding a clean and original example today is becoming more and more difficult. Fortunately, clean and (nearly) original is exactly what RSBFS is bringing you today!

From the seller:
Very clean and original 1981 Gpz 550 with low miles. Straight frame, never wrecked, with very nice paint on the tank, fairing and side covers. The clear coat on the tailpiece is looking a little cruddy. No appreciable dents in the tank, and absolutely no rust in the tank. There is a NOS petcock. It has a NOS Kawasaki KZ550 seat that is a little different than the original Gpz seat. Initially I did not like it but it really makes the bike look much nicer.

There is a couple scratches on the front fender and one on the fairing that are not that distracting. Normal wear on the bike as to be expected for a 30 year old bike. Turn signals all look pretty good.

I was a Kawasaki mechanic many years ago and have been very slowly cleaning this bike up over the past 3 years. The forks have been rebuilt with new seals and new fork oil, the fork head bearings have been cleaned and greased. The swing arm has been removed cleaned and regreased, needle bearings are nice and tight. It has new clutch plates and a NOS clutch cable, new speedo and tachometer cables, new oil and filter, new K&N air filter. Carbs were recently removed and cleaned, all the flappers on the choke are there. The brakes have been bleed, brake pads are all good.

This is my fourth 1981 Gpz550 and this model was my first "Real" motorcycle way back in 1983. The 81 model has been one of my favorite motorcycles since I first saw one on the cover of Cycle World. It is a great all around bike with classic looks and very good performance for it's era. Honestly I never thought it was a fast bike until I rode this one. It really goes well and will pull the front wheel off the ground or wheelie without too much coaxing, something I do not remember any of my other 81's doing. This bike is very nice riding and is very smooth; almost having the feel of a new bike.

Pretty every part except for the engine has been removed, cleaned, and then put back on the bike. The chain and sprockets are still good, the battery is a couple of years old, the tires have great tread. The exhaust still has it's original finish that is looking a bit tired and I have not wanted to attempt but it is something that will need attention eventually. Compression is great on all cylinders but I cannot remember exactly what it is, but I will post later. The base and head gasket weep some oil, but the bike runs so well and is so fast that I have not wanted to mess with it. Everything on the bike works, turn signals, headlight, horn, brake light. Starts right up cold or hot.

As these mass-market bikes age (and some not so gracefully), their ability to define a moment escalates. This bike is still a head-turner after nearly 30 years, and is a collectable classic that can be ridden and enjoyed. and enjoy the affordability of a value collectable!


[AffomaticEbay]Kawasaki GPZ[/AffomaticEbay]

Kawasaki November 19, 2010 posted by

Simon Andrews’ (who?) Kawasaki ZX-10 race bike for sale!

Now here's what I call a once in a lifetime oppourtunity - not a Desmosedici, not a RC30 or RC45, not even a NR750 (although it's close) - but a true British Superbike front runner race bike, Simon Andrews' ZX-10 and only for 25,000 pounds (around US$40,000):

Update: Nov 20, 2010 - Simon Andrews came 4th in the 57th Macau GP motorcycle race.

British superbike front runners,MSS Colchester Kawasaki, are selling Simon Andrews' BSB bike.

The bike - Andrews' actual 09-10 race bike - cost in excess of £70,000 to build and many more thousands to develop - but is up for sale for £25,000. Apart from a 60-plate registration the bike also comes with treaded tyres, a starter motor and generator and a specification list worthy of next year's start line.

Here's that list in detail:

  • Ohlins FGR 800 Forks - latest spec & recently serviced Ohlins
  • TTX Rear Shock Ohlins
  • Side Mounted Steering Damper
  • Billet Brembo 2 pad pinless mono bloc calipers (top spec pre-lithium)
  • Staubli Dry Brake Couplings (Front & Rear)
  • Brembo Master Cylinder
  • Renthal Bars
  • Kit Quick Action Throttle & Cables
  • Goodridge Brake Lines
  • Brembo 320mm Front Discs
  • Adjustable offset triple clamps – 3 bolt bottom clamp and stepped top
  • Adjustable head angle
  • Adjustable swing arm pivot
  • FTR modified swing arm with factory spec bracing
  • SBK QD rear wheel
  • FTR billet one piece chain adjusters and caliper carrier
  • FTR Subframe
  • FTR Battery Box mounted by front sprocket
  • Marchesini forged magnesium wheels 3,50 x 16.5 and 6,25 x 16.5
  • Floating Rear Disc, Brembo 2 piston GP Rear Caliper
  • Valter Moto Footrest Assembly
  • Factory Arrow one-off Titanium Full System (2010)
  • FTR Alloy Fuel Tank under seat with Q/D Filler Cap, (Newton)
  • F-Hot MSS Spec Tank Cover inc. Carbon support
  • F-Hot MSS Spec Rear Seat Unit (sml race type)
  • F-Hot MSS Spec race fairing with Skidmarx screen
  • Carbon Factory Type Air Box
  • DC Mil Spec Loom
  • Kit ECU with MSS programming inc. traction control/launch control/improved rev ceiling etc etc
  • Kit Tacho & Tacho Support
  • Kit Gearbox
  • Reduced Fly Wheel Kit
  • Full Spec Motor: Kit Rods/Kit Pistons/ROO45Q10’s cams
  • Slipper clutch
  • MSS/GB Racing Engine Protection Covers
  • Samco Camo Hoses
  • Various Spares: Sprockets, Chains, Wheels, etc

If you're interested, contact Ian Stewart at Colchester Kawasaki on 01206 860006

Sure, $40,000 is a lot of money in these times, but hey, what are the chances you'll find another proper BSB front runner race bike for sale anytime soon?  And just check out that list of race parts: Ohlins FGR800 forks and TTX shock, Brembo billet monoblocs, carbon this, carbon that, factory one-off full titanium exhaust, kit ECU with traction control - oh I could go on!!!  I think just all the parts alone are worth the asking price!

And if you're trying to be REALLY sneaky, just slap minimal lights on and some tiny mirrors and - BAM! - you got a proper pukka (it's a British thing) racer for the road and you'll be giving that $60,000 Desmosedici (plenty of those around anyway) a very good run for its money (IF the Duc can even keep up)!

If you're ready for some serious shopping and Duc huntin', jump over to the blog listing here. the girls come with the bike?  Quack quack!


Kawasaki November 18, 2010 posted by

Top Gun: 1984 Kawasaki Ninja

For Sale: 1984 Kawasaki Ninja - original owner!

Back in 1984, Kawasaki shocked the rest of the sportbike world with the introduction of the Ninja. This revolutionary model introduced many firsts to the sportbike community, pairing up a liquid-cooled 900cc inline four with a 16-valve head to produce a reported 115 bhp. It's introduction immediately sent the air-cooled, 2-valve competition from Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha back to the stone age. The Ninja had arrived, and with it followed a whole new era of performance.

The Ninja chassis was a revolutionary as the powerplant, and used the new motor as a stressed member. All of the latest technology was made available for this bike, including Uni-Track single shock rear suspension, Kawasaki Automatic Variable Damping System (AVDS) anti-dive fork, and a GP-inspired 16-inch front wheel. The critics praised the handling and the power of the Ninja, noting that it was smaller than contemporary 750s of the day, yet faster than the literbikes.

The Ninja was so cool, it was even played a starring role next to Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun:

From the seller:
Here’s your chance to own a piece of history and Hollywood . The 1984 Ninja was the bike that started the sport bike revolution as it was the first of Kawasaki ’s legendary Ninjas to be sold in the United States. I bought this bike NEW 26 years ago and have enjoyed it, but i have not riden it in 17 years and now it is time for someone else to enjoy her. this bike has 24,300 miles and was never ridden hard (no hole shots, no wheelies) but have done 155 mph two times. she crusies nicely at 80 and only turns 5,000 rpm. the tank was perfect until Vince the rip off from Heyser Cycle got ahold of it to get it running again and he put a small dent/scratch in it. while it sat for 16 years under cover the front brake resivor leaked and bubbled the paint on the upper fairing and put a small crack next to the screw as seen in the photo. it also leaked on the inside of the mid fairing and cracked it in three places. i have a mid fairing that goes with the bike that is not cracked and has all the tabs, however the paint is not as nice as mine. on a scale of 1-10 it is a 7. also a extra rear shock goes with the bike and extra side panels(not as nice as mine but a 7 on the scale). any white seen on the cases is dried wax. bike never leaked oil until i changed the oil this year and i did not drain the sump, consequently i overfilled it with one quart too much oil and ran it for about 10 minutes and noticed a leak coming from under bike. it will be hard to find a cleaner bike. owners, workshop manual, and dealers brochure included

While the 1984 900cc Ninja was not exactly a limited edition motorcycle, it is a significant model from a historical perspective. And finding an unmolested, original owner machine some 25+ years later is almost unheard of. This bike, while not perfect, does represent a great opportunity to own one of the milestone bikes of the ages. The current bidding is just over $1000, making this a very affordable classic. Think of it: For the price of some insignificant rat bike, you could own a classic, milestone motorcycle that will be sure to turn heads for another 25 years to come. Feel the need for speed and grab yourself a classic superbike by


Kawasaki November 17, 2010 posted by

Thanks-turbo-Giving! 1985 Kawasaki 750 Ninja Turbo

1985 Kawasaki GPZ Ninja 750 Turbo

What you are looking at is the quickest bike available in 1985. The last to the Turbo party in the 1980s, Kawasaki learned from mistakes of the competition and created the ultimate factory Turbo bike. With 95+ horsepower, decent handling and tight packaging, the Turbo Ninja came the closest to fulfilling the promise of Turbo power without gimmicks and without excuses.

This Kawasaki was a real performer, providing air-cooled KZ 750 engine internals mated to a Hitachi HT-10B turbocharger and lighting the whole thing off with digital fuel injection. The chassis was upgraded to match the horsepower, and offered the latest in Uni-Track single shock technology in the back. Up front, dual front disks and the latest 37mm air-adjustable forks with adjustable anti dive helped the Turbo Ninja steer and stop on par with the best sport bike of the day.

From the seller:
1985 750 Turbo Classic !!!! Kaw only produced in 1984 & 1985, original owner, very low mileage 7900, Bike tuned up in June 2010, new brakes, new tires, oil change and all filters..Bike runs like new, still very fast.. At the time of production fastest street bike. I took it for a ride 11/13/10 and hit a top speed of 120 mph and there was still more to go....Overall the bike is in good condition with a small ding in the gas tank..This bike is awesome, really do not want to sell it but need to...

For a bike of this vintage, this appears to be in pretty good condition. It is certainly not a museum-worthy piece, but rather could be ridden without worry about damage or mileage. The odometer shows less than 8,000 miles, which is quite low for the year and the model. Still, there are some inperfections as pointed out by the seller. With a BIN set at $3,600, this bike represents a fair value for such a collectable machine.

Kawasaki produced only 1,500 Turbos in 1985, which certainly qualifies this bike as rare. Interestingly enough, most US spec Turbos were produced in Kawasaki's Lincoln, Nebraska facility right here on US soil.

By the end of 1985, the motorcycling world had moved on. The public would not see another factory Turbo bike, making this the last Turbo model ever. High prices and complex technology ultimately fell victim to more cost effective cubic inches. But for a few brief years, boosted bikes whistled along the highways and canyons looking for competition. If you want to relive those days, here is your chance.


Kawasaki October 28, 2010 posted by

The Crown Strikes Back: Record Setting KR1-S In The UK

Record Setting KR1-S In The UK

I think that is the smile of a man that had just broken a record.  This KR1-S for sale is the current holder of the production 250cc speed record at Bonneville.  Everyone makes claims to sell bikes right?  Well they have the paperwork to prove it and there is a nice write up on the KR Forum about the endeavor.  Long story short, this bike rolled across Bonneville with a two pass average of  136.5 mph.  Very nice for a stock two built back in 1990.  By the way, a KR1 has held the record since 1989.  Kawasaki, why did you give up on these bikes?  On a similar note, check out this work of art, the beautiful but flawed X0-9.  Sure seems like Kawasaki has a history of starting projects and then pulling  the plug rather quickly.

As the title states this KR1 is located in the UK.  The seller states he is only interested in buyers in the UK.  If you are in love but not sipping tea on a regular basis shoot the man an email.  You never know, maybe you can convince him otherwise. 

 Details please:

 Kawasaki KR-1S C2 Black and Green

This KR-1S is arguably the 'Fastest' production 250 in the world being the machine that took the 250 production record at Bonneville in August 2007.

The bike is in good condition (some might describe it as very good condition for the age). Piccies are of the bike before it went green mudguard, and as it was at Bonneville. Bike is in one piece but at the moment the bodywork is stored to keep it safe.

Fairing is very clean with no cracks. After coming back from the States the bike has sat in my garage for 3 years so has no tax or MOT currently on a SORN. The vehicle was taxed and had an MOT when it went to the States.

Having decided to sell it, I don't ride on the road, I have fitted an engine with crank cases tuned to my latest 2010 specification. Barrels have been replated (as I type they haven't even been run).

UK buyers only bike is advertised elsewhere and will be removed if sold.

Buyer will need to collect

Lets take a little trip down memory lane and pretend you just scored a brochure on the hot new 1990 KR1-S.  If you would like to check out the auction or try to convince the seller to tear down his trade barriers, .