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Posts by Category: Honda

Honda June 23, 2009 posted by

1990 Honda VFR750R RC30

Located in Martinez, California is a two owner 1990 Honda VFR750R RC30.  The seller states that he has installed "Brembos and an Olins rear shock and the rc45 rear wheel and CBR600 front wheel."  but includes all the original pieces as well.  The bike looks like it has been sitting, could use some cleaning up and possibly a chain & sprockets but otherwise is in good condition.  This RC30 has a starting bid of $15,000 and a buy-it-now of $18,000.  See the eBay ad here.

EDIT: This bike received no bids with a starting price of $15,000 and no reserve.  06/28/2009



Honda June 18, 2009 posted by

1994 Honda RVF400R NC35

Located in Massachusetts is a track prepared 1994 Honda RVF400R NC35.  The bike has no title and is far from street legal with supposedly $10k invested in it.  This NC35 looks like it needs to be gone through before it hits the track again, the seller doesn't mention the last time it was run but mentions that it only has 5300km--the odometer shows 14532km.  This would be quite a capable track bike once cleaned up and gone through.  See the eBay ad here.



Honda June 15, 2009 posted by

1990 Honda NS50F

Located near Lexington, Ohio is a 1990 Honda NS50F.  This mini bike could be a riot, but with drum brakes and wire wheels, don't expect it to be a rocket.  I love the colors and the overall design however, definitely something fun for around the pits or town.  See a one year only Honda with 2,350 miles on eBay here.



Honda June 15, 2009 posted by

1996 Honda NSR250 MC28

Located in Fort Pierce, Florida is a titled 1996 Honda NSR250 MC28 with only 1,099mi, but is in need of some attention. The sellers description reads:

Up for bid is a 1996 REPSOL NSR 250, Never sold in the US. This is a factory reproduction of the REPSOL GP race bike. Built in very low numbers. This bike has a clear Florida title.But i would check your own state laws as in registering it before you bid. This has the one sided swing-arm and the Credit card ignition key that whould make it a great collectible. aftermarket plastic. This bike cranks rite up and runs but has issues with the PGM that controls the power-valves and WILL need to repaired before it will Run as it Properly.

The last sentence of that quote is the most important. The seller doesn't delve too much into what the issue is, only saying that a race mechanic told him the PGM-IV card was bad. There have been sellers in the past that have advertised the cards for sale but most have been the original, restricted, cards. Also mentioned is that the bike has aftermarket plastics (eBay plastics?), so it could be a SP or a retrofitted R/SE. The running issue could be an easy fix or become very expensive because of the PGM-IV card. With that in mind, the bike is currently at $3,200 with just over 4.5 days left and the reserve not met--definitely a bike for someone with some resources. See the eBay ad here.



Honda June 13, 2009 posted by

2004 Honda CB50R

Located in Sterling, Colorado is a very cool and very rare 2004 Honda CB50R.  Honda sold these as collectors items to remember their small displacement race bikes of the sixties; unfortunately, they also weren't street legal.  This example shows zero miles with the only known defect to be a moderately sized scratch on the front fender.  This bike would make a very cool pit bike, mini track bike, or piece of garage art.  This little bike is probably a blast to ring out on a small track.  Kelly Blue Book puts these bikes at $3120, but, let's see what the market decides--shame on the scratch.  See the eBay ad here

EDIT: Did not meet reserve at $1,852.09 on 06/19/09.


Now available in Lexington, Kentucky is another zero mile CB50R showroom new, with no defects.  See the eBay ad here.


Honda June 13, 2009 posted by

2008 Honda CBR125R (3)

Located in Fargo, North Dakota is your choice of three 2008 Honda CBR125Rs.  Located at a dealership, the seller claims to have three CBR125Rs that are able to be registered in the U.S.  I have no idea how they were able to import, and then once sold, register three bikes but that is what they say they can do.  I would obviously confirm that these bikes can be legally registered before purchasing--and aren't in the same boat as the 2009 Aprilia RS125s.  If these bikes are somehow U.S. street legal it would be a very cool, brand new bike, for only $2999--less money than a Ninja 250.  Supposedly the fastest 125 in production and with factory equipped with fuel injection, these 125s are quite trick.  See the eBay ad here