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Posts by Category: Honda

Honda January 23, 2010 posted by

1994 Honda NSR250SP MC28 Rothmans Replica Restored!

UPDATE (1/25):  The seller let me know that this bike sold for $8,500; Congrats!

This bike is in beautiful, recently restored, condition!  Located in Dover, Delaware is a recently restored Honda NSR250SP Rothmans bike.  Details are still scarce but there are plentiful pictures and a known asking price of $6,000 and the bike shows 11,450km.  If this bike is titled it is a very good price! Details will be updated when/if we get them before this bike sells.  As you should know, this is the only generation to use the PGMIV and the only one with the Pro-arm rear swing arm.  See the ad on ApriliaForum here; and see the detailed photos on Picasa Web here.


Honda January 22, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda NSR250SP MC21 California Titled & Plated

This isn't the best looking NSR but it is a California plated example!  Located in Las Vegas, Nevada is a Honda NSR250SP that isn't original but does have the magical California title and plate.  This bike was originally a Rothmans replica bike but currently wears Tyga and Airtech fiberglass painted black and orange.  The bike does have a Tyga stainless expansion chamber and aluminum silencer, Tyga air filter, carbon fiber reed cage & reeds and the frame & swing arm have been polished.  The seller dosen't mention an asking price.  This bike dosen't have the original plastics but I think the title and registration far out weigh the cosmetic downfalls--plastics can be found, titles cannot.  If you'd like a registered SP, see the bike on Craigslist here.


Honda January 21, 2010 posted by

1994 Honda RVF750R RC45 with carbon fiber body work!

Update 1.21.10: Please note we have learned this bike is already sold to a RSBFS reader.

Loaded with extras, this is a rare RC45 located in Peoria (Phoenix), Arizona.  Let's start with the bad news, this bike does have a salvage title, but is still titled.  Now, if you're not looking for an original RC45 this is the one for you:  It features TSR Titanium exhaust & carbon silencer, Sato rear sets, 17" CBR front wheel, forks set up by LE suspension, Brembo calipers & master, Penske rear shock and QB carbon bodywork.  This appears to be a very obvious track bike that is/can be street legal.  When I first saw the photos, the obvious assumption is that it has been rattle canned black, but no, only the best for a RC--Carbon fiber!  The seller states that it has 161 original miles which means it must have an interesting history with a salvage title, the modifications, and such low miles (if it was converted to a race bike early on, it wasn't raced very much or, the original mileage is from a cluster that was disconnected at one point).  Now, here is the best part if you're willing to settle for an unoriginal, salvage title, RC45; it won't be cheap but it should carry a large discount on a 100%, perfectly original RC45.  Looking through our archives, I didn't see any RC45s with asking prices listed but, the asking price of $18,000 for this bike seems fair based on what you're getting.  RC45s weren't as successful as their RC30 predecessors with only one Superbike World Championship in 1997, under rider John Kocinski.  To quote Motor Cycle News:

"Despite its later racing successes, for many it was already too late.  Although astonishingly able and hugely prized today, the RC45's biggest criticism was that it failed to match the revolution caused by the bike it superseded.  But in its defense, it did have a hell of a lot to live up to.

It may not be as revolutionary as the RC30 but I still wouldn't hesitate on the chance to own a RC45.  If you're in the same boat, see this bike on Craigslist here.


Honda January 21, 2010 posted by

1985 Honda VF500R Interceptor with only 62 miles!

Update: Bike sold for $3,051.00

An unbelievable, 1985 VF500 Interceptor with only 62 miles since new! Located in Brooklyn, NY and for sale with a current bid of $2,500.00 and no reserve. If your a Honda fan, a collector or just have a thing for 24 year old bikes with 62 miles, don't let this one pass you by. What are the chances of finding such a bike? The thing literally looks brand new! The paint still shines, the engine doesn't look to have any dust on it the tires, exhaust everything still looks new. Anyone have the # for Barber Museum?

Have a look for yourself.

This is the RARE of the rare...this is a 25 year old brand new bike...still has the dealer stickers on it. The bike was bought for someone that never got to ride it...kind of tragic...long sat in a heated garage for the last 25 years covered and fueled....meaning there isn't a lick of rust or dirt on this bike...the bike hasn't been restored cause it didn't need it what so ever...its a BRAND NEW 25 year old bike!...its like looking at a time machine

I'm not even going to bother with top speed, type of suspension or who raced it. Bottom line-this is as collectible as anything we've ever posted.



Honda January 19, 2010 posted by

1986 Honda NSR 400r

Update: Bike did not sell with a $5,200.00 bid

1986 Honda NSR 400r with 11,837 miles located in Bramton, Ontario, Canada . Bidding will start at $4,500.00 and the reserve is on.

This is the second NSR 400 I've had the pleasure of posting and I'm just as excited this time as I was the last. The owner states that it weighs 386 pounds and gets it all going with 3 cylinders and 72 horsepower. That's not too bad considering the era in which it comes from. If memory serves me correctly the liter bikes of day only sported around 120 horses. This one doesn't appear to be quite as nice as the last one I posted, but she's stll a rare one and just like before, I like it! I just searched the site for my older post and as I thought, I couldn't find any information on this particular bike back then either. Chances are if you're looking at this sweet little 2 stroke you don't need a whole lot of information from me. So if you're looking for a rare 2 stroke bike that will get you noticed at your local bike night? Give this one a look and let us know how you like it. There are plenty more pictures available for you to look if you go to the auction.

In the owners words:

Every once and while a truly unique machine is made and these bikes are probably the most iconic when the sport/super bike era took on a whole new meaning back in the early/mid eighties. Even by todays standards these bikes have some very impressive specs

Here's some video. Enjoy the SIGHTS and sounds - there's supposed to be a bike in this video somewhere......

Since I couldn't find a bike in the first video here's another video for you...



Honda January 18, 2010 posted by

1985 VF 1000 R Honda Interceptor with only 3,010 miles for sale on ebay

Looking for a 25 year old sportbike that looks cleaner than most that are 20 years newer? Here you go: .

A lot of early VFR history can be found at - here is a snip:

Years produced: 1985-1986 (U.S.)
Claimed power: 117hp @ 10,000rpm (92hp @ 10,000rpm as tested by Cycle)
Top speed: 149mph (period test)
Engine type: 998cc DOHC, liquid-cooled 90-degree V4
Weight: 277kg (610lb) w/ full tank
Price then: $5,698
Price now: $2,500-$5,000
MPG: 35-42 (period tests)

“Every year the hue and cry of frustrated American sporting riders rises anew, with fresh moaning and weeping and gnashing of teeth,” wrote Cycle Guide in July of 1985. “And always the piteous wail remains the same: ‘give us the good stuff.’”

What Cycle Guide was referring to was Honda’s 1984 decision to sell its full-on, race-based, liter-class sportbike, the VF1000R, in Europe only, while bringing the more touring-oriented VF1000F to the North American market. They might have added, “… but be careful what you ask for,” because in 1985 the VF1000R finally appeared in U.S. Honda sales brochures — though perhaps not because of the clamoring of American consumers.

Additional information from the seller:

Excellant Cond.
Exc condition, never been down.
All original paint, minor chips, dings and scratches from storage over the years.
Numerous pictures to show the good and the bad of it.
New battery, 3 or 4  weeks ago.
Video  on  You Tube.
2007  tags, Bike is on Cali PNO, so no penalties.
Being sold to reduce size of large collection.
Getting more into antique bikes.
58year old owner, former bike wrench and shop owner.
Every effort has been made to show condition of bike with pictures and video.

Video from the seller:

The detailed pictures indicate a few small paint chips and blemishes but the bike appears to be in very good condition considering it is a quarter-century old. With a buy it now price of $4,500 - this might make a good bike for a collector who is also looking for something they can ride.