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Monster Mash: 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale


This Monster S4RS was the ultimate incarnation of Ducati's first-generation naked bike. The very first air-cooled Monsters were sporty and fun, but quickly outpaced by bikes like Triumph's updated, bug-eyed Speed Triple, Aprilia's Tuono, and the wild naked bikes from KTM. Luckily, Ducati already had the right engine for the job, and fitted their four-valve, liquid-cooled 998cc Testastretta engine into the bike for a huge jump in power that catapulted the bike back into class contention.


Unfortunately, although the bike had the parts and the pedigree, the resulting bike didn't really gel. In terms of pure numbers, it put Ducati back in the hunt, but it worked better in theory than in practice: the engine is stunning, but overpowers the bike a bit, handling isn't quite as good as it should be given the quality suspension components, and the uncomfortable riding position and limited tank range make this more of a toy than a daily rider. Basically, it was more hairy than fast, and was cursed with Ducati's frequent servicing requirements.


Styling too is a bit compromised, with Miguel Galluzi's elemental design burdened by several bulky radiators stuck to the front of the engine, with hoses and tubes running this way and that. Modern liquid-cooled Monsters have more thoughtfully-routed coolant systems, but the earlier bikes look a bit like a lash-up if you look closely. If posing and wheelies are your thing and the standard Monster's power just doesn't cut it, these make very fun and very fast point-and-squirt motorcycles with tons of sex appeal.


From the original eBay listing: 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale

This is my  2007 Ducati Monster S4Rs Testastretta. I bought this bike brand new in 2007. It currently has 7,400 miles, with brand new tires, a new Shorai lithium-ion battery, and is up to date on all services. Service work has all been performed at Hall's Ducati in Springfield Illinois. It has well over $13,000 in extras and performance upgrades. I'm not sure I can list everything it has, but I'll try.

  • Full Termignoni exhaust system
  • Ducati Performance ECU
  • Ducati Performance airbox and high flow air filter
  • Nichol's light weight fly wheel
  • Ducati Performance silicone coolant hoses
  • Oberon clutch slave cylinder
  • Fast By Ferracci clutch pressure plate
  • Speedy Moto clutch springs/caps
  • PSR clutch cover
  • PSR inspection plate cover
  • MPL tuning billet frame plugs
  • Rizoma bar ends
  • Rizoma bar end mirrors
  • Rizoma Graffio LED front turn signals
  • LED taillight with integrated, sequential turn signals
  • Rear tail chop/license plate relocation
  • Oberon billet gas cap
  • Ducati Performance rear sprocket carrier
  • RK Racing gold X-ring chain
  • Rizoma clip-on handle bars and triple clamp
  • Custom Ducati fluid reservoir caps
  • ASV control clamps
  • Pazzo Racing adjustable levers
  • Zero Gravity smoke windscreen
  • Custom fairing stabilizers
  • Dunlop Q3 tires-less than 500 miles on them
  • Stainless steel oil filter housing w/reusable filter
  • Shorai lithium-ion battery

The starting bid is $8,900 with no takers as yet and plenty of time left on the auction. For some people, a "custom bike" involves an Indianapolis Colts paintjob and chrome spikes. Seriously, you guys have no idea what sort of horrors we have to wade through to bring you these bikes featured on the site... Luckily, for Ducati owners, "custom" means a veritable smorgasbord of lightweight carbon, titanium bits, and booming exhausts, expensive updates to their already expensive machines. Honestly, you can pretty much buy a decent early carbureted Monster for what that full Termignoni exhaust costs...



Monster Mash: 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale
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Signature Strada – 1990 Ducati 851

Built for the fledgling World SuperBike series, the Ducati 851 was the first in a long series of desmoquattros, and successful on the track and in the showroom.  At one time a commuter ( ! ) this 851 is lightly updated but is way ahead of the curve maintenance-wise.


1990 Ducati 851 for sale on eBay


20161107-1990-ducati-851-right-front-wheel  20161107-1990-ducati-851-binnacle

Cagiva's investment in Ducati allowed them to continue development of the 4-valve desmo engine, resulting in 105hp from the Weber-injected twin.  The white trellis-framed bike is quite true to concept with Marzocchi suspension front and rear, as well as big Brembo brakes and 17-inch Marvic wheels.  Stylists blacked out part of the fairing lowers, completing a very successful swoop of the seat fairing, which matches the mufflers and is capped by a removal pillion cover.


20161107-1990-ducati-851-left-tank  20161107-1990-ducati-851-right-rear-wheel

Cleaning up real nice for its 42K miles, this 851 has been repainted, but in the factory RED and looks great.  Updates include Conti reverse-cone mufflers, Pro Italia +5 chip and 40-tooth rear sprocket.  Good maintenance history with recent clutch, master and slave cylinders, Samco hoses, and Öhlins monoshock in addition to belts and fluids.  The owner sums up in the eBay auction:

In the early '90s, a previous owner commuted from Sacramento to San Francisco (175 miles of highway) on this 851 and that’s where about 30k miles came from. This bike is in its prime and ready for years of continued use. It's reliable, well sorted and making excellent power.
Some highlights:
- Valve clearances were checked and all were in spec (shows stability) at 37,304 miles.
- Belts were again renewed during a major service at 40,111 miles.
- ProItalia +5 chip.
- 40 tooth rear sprocket (original is 39) helps a bit with acceleration and makes 6th gear usable at legal speeds (original gearing is very tall for noise regulations).
- Signed by Doug Polen (1991, 1992 World Superbike Champion - Ducati 851) at The Quail in 2014.
- “Flying D” vented clutch cover, period correct upgrade to keep clutch cool and let dust escape.
- BMW 12 V accessory outlet (near Ohlins reservoir) for charging your cell phone, powering your heated vest, etc. or charging the bike’s battery when being stored).
- No fork leaks and has neoprene protective wraps.


20161107-1990-ducati-851-right-engine  20161107-1990-ducati-851-rear

Ducati won three WSBK crowns in a row 1990-1992, with Frenchman Raymond Roche aboard the 1990 851 and tailcone signatory Doug Polen riding an 851 bored out to 888cc.  The effect on the factory's health was exactly what the organizers had hoped, and crowds awaited the Monster in 1993.  Surprisingly nice for the odometer reading, the 851 presented here has been well-loved, especially recently as the maintenance history shows.  While it's not a more desirable SP or 888, this could be a great chance for a bargain hunter to get on a Ducati treasured for its sporting purity...



Signature Strada – 1990 Ducati 851
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In the Best Tradition – 1992 Ducati 900SS

Kind of a Gen 2 of the re-vitalized SuperSport line, the early 1990's were special years for Ducati's 900SS.  With the re-designed frame, adjustable Showa suspension, and improved Brembo brakes, the 900SS had the handling to accompany the booming 904cc desmodue.


1992 Ducati 900SS for sale on eBay


20161101-1992-ducati-900ss-dash  20161101-1992-ducati-900ss-left-front-wheel

Hiding under the full 'glass fairing, the air-cooled v-twin was nicely carburetted by Mikuni, and had a wide power band.  The white trellis frame held the engine from the top, with Showa dampers at either end.  Brembo 320mm disks were in front with a single 245mm disk behind.  The quite sculptural tank and seat fairing has been updated with a painted pillion cover.


20161101-1992-ducati-900ss-right-rear-wheel  20161101-1992-ducati-900ss-left-grip

With under 1,000 miles, this 900SS is well beyond excellent, and has been improved with some fine components.  The exhaust system from Termignoni incorporates a pair of crossover tubes in a diabolical arrangement.  Front brake calipers are updated to the Brembo GT, and the monoshock is now an Öhlins.  From the eBay auction:

Very rare 1992 Ducati 900 Supersport in like-new condition. Thousands of dollars invested in now obsolete top shelf parts - complete 50mm Termignoni spaghetti exhaust, Ohlins rear shock and steering damper, Brembo GP billet calipers, Brembo billet clutch and forged master cylinder, GiaCoMoto rear sets, Ducati carbon fiber rear fender, vented clutch cover, 39mm Keihin Flatside carbs, brand new Pirelli tires, full service including all fluids, lines and belts replaced in October 2015.


20161101-1992-ducati-900ss-left-shock  20161101-1992-ducati-900ss-right-clutch

Spotless and thoughtfully updated, this could be a Supersport for the ages. Up-to-date expendables make the grand buy-it-now easier to rationalize, and tonight the auction has 92 watchers.  Reviewed as serious-handling with room for an actual adult, it boasted a riding position relaxed enough for a full day's ride...



In the Best Tradition – 1992 Ducati 900SS
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Featured Listing – 1999 Ducati 996S with just 1,850 Miles!


Following Ducati's street success with the WSBK look-alike 916, the 996 was a welcome displacement and torque increase, and the -S variant had 123 hp courtesy of higher compression cylinders, and some nice carbon components.  The 996 cc V-twin was bumped up to 11.5:1 compression for the S, and brought 73 ft.-lbs. of torque to the corner exit.  The steel trellis frame was only lightly updated from the popular 916, but the -S has Ohlins monoshock and steering damper, with improved 43mm Showa forks.  Brakes are top-line Brembo, dual 320mm front disks with 220mm rear.  While the base model had a pillion seat, the more purposeful -S was monoposto, with racey white tail above the underseat mufflers.


20161028-2001-ducati-996s-front  20161028-2001-ducati-996s-right-rear

With only break-in miles, this 996S should be super nice, and it is.  One would expect evidence of 15 years of storage, but it's immaculate, appearing stock and undamaged.  Here are the owner's notes:

Low mile super clean Ducati 996s, bike #62. Purchase includes original carbon plate/ signal mount and steel clutch cover. Stand in pic not included. Fresh plugs, fluids are clean and ready to go.  Never wrecked, never tracked, title in hand. Fully serviced and ready to ride!

996s upgrades over standard model include:
-carbon fiber parts: airbox, front fender, dash surround, chain guard, tag/signal mount
-ohlins rear shock and steering damper
-Marchesini 5 spoke wheels
-Monoposto rear subframe


20161028-2001-ducati-996s-dash  20161028-2001-ducati-996s-rear

Plenty of Ducati superbikes have spent most of their time on display, though it's not their best use, and my choice for the dining room would be a bone stocker without all the little farkles owners inevitably add on.  That would be a nice future for this sweetheart, or set about replacing the cam belts and tires and enjoy the late fall.  The Alabama owner asks $8,500 and can be reached through the Craigslist ad here...



Featured Listing – 1999 Ducati 996S with just 1,850 Miles!
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Featured Listing: Low-Mileage 2000 Ducati 748R for Sale

Update 10.31.2016: Please note the correct VIN for this bike is ZDM3SB3S1YB001839 and has been verified on the frame and title. While the bodywork doesn't appear to be original, we believe this to be an authentic 748R. Please contact the seller for additional information. -dc


At a glance, it's easy to dismiss the 748R as another "paint-and-tape" special from Ducati, designed to drum up some interest in a bike that was already five or six years old. But while the "S" versions of their 916/748 bikes might fall into that trap, the "R" models were homologation specials that were often very different bikes under the skin, with revised engine internals or an entirely different frame. In the case of the 748R, a lighter version of the 996 World Superbike trellis was used, allowing a two-part airbox with a larger capacity to be used. That carbon-fiber part increased the lightweight frame's stiffness and allowed the use of different fuel injectors. Combined with a raft of titanium engine parts, those changes meant increased top-end power and wide powerband compared to a comparatively peaky four-cylinder supersport machine.


Often considered to be one of the very best-handling Ducatis of all time, the 748 may have given up some straight-line performance compared to four-cylinder rivals, but the 106hp produced by the bike in this configuration was no joke, considering that's just a few ponies shy of what the original 916 made, with plenty more on tap if you were racetrack-bound and weren't concerned about regular teardowns. Normal 748s and 916s require regular and potentially expensive maintenance if you're used to Japanese sport bikes, so keep in mind that running one of these as anything other than a decoration will require a significantly larger outlay of cash.


Although the Tamburini design's ubiquity makes the 748/916 seem familiar now, due to its regular appearance in Rich Bastard lifestyle magazines, bedroom wall posters, and even films as the aspirational motorcycle of the era, it really is one of the most stunning motorcycle designs ever. And although they made boatloads of 748s during the bike's nearly decade-long production run, very few of the 748R were built. Only the "RS" that lacked any concessions at all to road use and was basically an over-the-counter race bike is rarer and more exotic.


From the seller: Low Mileage 2000 Ducati 748R for Sale

Well, well, won't see this every day. Immaculate 2000 Ducati 748R with only 2,538 original miles! Only 70 of these 748R's were imported into the United States in the year 2000, according to Standard Catalog of Ducati Motorcycles by Ian Falloon. Serviced at my local Ducati dealer less than 1 year ago and has been ridden less than 50 miles since service. Service included oil change, timing belts, valves, and synchronizing of throttle bodies. To the best of my knowledge the complete front brake system, including master cylinder, was upgraded to high end Brembo components. I was told while I was at the Ducati dealer having the above service done, that the master cylinder alone is $1,000.00

  • New Shorai battery
  • Coolant reservoir has been changed from the original plastic to the updated aluminum version
  • Ohlins rear suspension
  • Ohlins steering damper
  • Termignoni carbon fiber full exhaust system

Carbon Fiber Accessories:

  • Rear fender
  • Swing arm cover
  • Chain guard
  • Right & Left dash panels
  • Foot peg covers
  • Exhaust heat shield
  • Clutch cover
  • Front mudguard
  • Carbon fiber Underbelly Has 3 quarter inch crack next to oil drain plug hole
  • Headlight support
  • Upper fairing stay

Also included in sale:

  • Original Marchesini wheels & tires
  • Original exhaust
  • A few windscreens and miscellaneous parts (all extra parts have scratches here and there from bring moved around and stored)

Very minor defects to the motorcycle as pictured, small rock chip and small crack pictured. Only mechanical issue is front brake has a slight pulse to it. I am guessing one of the rotors needs straightened.


Luckily, today's bike appears to have been cherished and, as is typical for beautiful, low-mileage Ducatis, has had an entire parts catalog thrown at it. With regular 748 and 748S examples lurking around the $5,000 to $6,000 mark, the $8,500 asking price seems very fair, considering the condition. I believe those PERFORMANCE decals are a later addition but, like everything else, can be easily reversed by the new owner if desired. With just over 2,000 miles on the bike, this one should work for collectors as well as folks who plan to ride their investments on occasion. The seller clearly thought ahead when making modifications, as the original wheels and exhaust are included. In early 2000, the 748R had Showa suspension front and rear, so this bike may have been upgraded to the later Öhlins bits that became standard in 2001 or upgraded to aftermarket parts.

The owner asks $8,500 and Steve at Southwest Cycle can be reached at (239) 898-3050.


Featured Listing: Low-Mileage 2000 Ducati 748R for Sale
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851 with extra grunt: 1993 Ducati 888 SPO


1993 Ducati 888 SPO for sale on eBay

Back in the late 1980's/early 1990's, Ducati was turning things around.  The bologna-based company had developed its 851 engine back in 1987 and the fuel injected L-twin engine was powerful, reliable and had brought Ducati something it had not had for many years; racing success.  But the Ducati bosses recognized that even though their 851 machines were doing well on the track, something more powerful was needed to keep pace with the competition, especially since the big Japanese firms had decided to focus development on not only power but also improved handling and light weight.   The simplest solution for Ducati was to increase the bore size to 888 while working on their next gen bike, the epic 916, hence the Ducati 888 series was born.    This post is for a SPO version, which was the 1993 edition (the 1994 edition was designed as the 888 Limited Edition).


The 888SPO was a bit of a band-aid bike for Ducati. The company originally intended to bring its race replica SP5 bike into the US but couldn't get them past D.O.T requirements.  So for the US market Ducati took their European 888 Strada which was basically just an 851 with an 888cc engine in it and added some top shelf SP5 components such as a single seat, up-swept exhaust system and upgraded Ohlins shock system to create the 888 SPO for 1993.  According to the Ducatiforums, approximately 290 were built for the US market

NOTE: For 1994 the 888 got even more top shelf goodies and was named the 888 Limited.  According to the Ducati forums, only 100 888 Limited editions were imported for the US market.


What was the 888 like to own/ride?  Here is a review by Visordown

"By far the best were the Öhlins-kitted SPs, culminating with the best-of-the-bunch SP5 in 1993. But like anything exotic and Italian, getting the best out of an 888 requires experience, knowledge, patience and money. The factory's base suspension settings were all over the shop making a good 888 class-leadingly stunning and a bad one worse than a poorly rebuilt write-off with flat tyres, square wheels and a chocolate frame.

But the key to the 888s celebrity status isn't the fact that it's drop-dead gorgeous, vastly fast, or rewarding to ride. It can indeed be all of those things, granted, but because the factory produced so few by today's mass-manufacturing standards, it's the 888's scarcity that adds volumes to its value and appeal. The 888 is the biking equivalent of a Ferrari 250GTO, and that dear reader, is why you want one."


This particular 888 looks to be in great shape with the only non-OEM item I am seeing being the tank scratch/bump pad.  Also I think the rear license plate mount might have been cut down a bit/"profiled".

The seller includes good information regarding maintenance in the ebay listing, which is always a good sign.  Here are the highlights of what the seller has to say:

  • For sale is my beloved 1993 Ducati 888 Sport Production (h)Omologation (SPO).  Maintained to be a daily driver but only used when sunny and dry.
  • Factory original bodywork and never been dropped or repaired, every switch and lever works as intended from the factory.
  • Belts, timing and all fluids serviced within the last 1000 miles.
  • I believe I am the third owner after purchasing from a close friend who cared for her similarly. All original with the exception of the following:
    • Fast by Ferracci carbon fiber exhaust
    • Fast by Ferracci power chip
    • Fast by Ferracci carbon fiber front fender (identical to 1994 888 SPO LTD)
    • Fast by Ferracci fuel cap
    • Fuel tank lined and sealed
    • Fuel tank pad
    • Lithium battery (Feb2016)
    • Performance silicone blue brake and clutch lines
    • Profiled rear fender
    • European high power headlight
    • Battery tender quick release plug


So what is this lovely redhead worth?   The entire 888 series is pretty rare, with slightly less than 400 brought into the USA over the two year run, so its going to be of interest to both investment-oriented collectors and fans of the period.  The near OEM condition of this will also likely impact the price.  The only concern would be that mileage is about 16,000 which can be an issue if the bike hasn't had proper maintenance but the info provided by the seller should make this one has been taken care of.

Prices for the Ducati 888 SPO's and Limiteds we have posted previously on RSBFS  seem to show a current market value of about $10,000 USD, more for bikes that have had some upgrades.  The current bid price on this one is at $7,300 USD and the reserve has been met so this one will definitely be moving on to a new owner after the auction ends.   Overall, this seems to be an opportunity for a relatively safe acquisition of a limited edition Ducati that will probably appreciate over time.


851 with extra grunt:  1993 Ducati 888 SPO