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Two Up – 1988 Ducati F1B

With an eye on several "Battle of the Twins" races series, Ducati brought the 750 F1 forward with a minimum of new engineering and development dollars.  The bikes are now revered for their stripped down sensibilities and this particular F1B is a gem with under 4,000 miles.

1988 Ducati F1B for sale on eBay


Descendant from the Pantah and 600TT2, the 750F1 used cam belts and twin Dell'Ortos to achieve the landmark 100 hp per liter, or 75 hp from the 748 cc L-twin desmodue.  The fuel tank rests in the steel trellis frame with fabricated swingarm.  Almost vintage in character, the right-side up forks complement single-adjustable monoshock, with 280mm Brembo brakes.  Very light but full coverage fairing has seat fairing as well.


This F1 looks very, very good, as it should for the high starting bid.  Some mishap has befallen the solo seat but the SoCal owner has a replacement biposto, which might actually make the bike more enjoyable with its more flexible seating position.  As the eBay auction states:



Of course the "last real Ducati" is entirely a matter of perspective, but one can hardly argue the lack of mission creep in the short F1 model run.  No concessions to touring or daily utility, it's all you need for an afternoon in the twisties and nothing more.  Sure there are a handful of race replicas existing with their circuit city names, but the 750 F1 presented here would be an outstanding rider or nice addition to the collection...


Two Up – 1988 Ducati F1B
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Featured Listing: 2006 Ducati Paul Smart

Known as the PS1000LE in geek speak, the Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition was a throwback to the green-framed bevels of yore. Celebrating Paul Smart's victory at Imola in 1972, this modern interpretation of the 750ss - itself an homage to the green-framed winning racer - was penned by the polarizing eye of Ducati designer Pierre Terblanche (known for the Supermono, 999 and MH900e to name a few). And while some of Pierre's other designs swing a bit wide of the mark, he really nailed it with the Smart Edition. With flowing lines and graceful curves, this bike really does carry the look of function and performance, while tipping its cap to the racers that have gone before.

2006 Ducati PS1000LE Paul Smart for sale!

Like the original race bike, the Paul Smart is a solo ride. Looking retro is only part of the package, though. Modern frame geometry and top-shelf brakes and suspension cover the handling department. Like the rest of the Sport Classic line, the PS1000LE is powered by the venerable two-valve, twin-spark, air-cooled twin. While not known for stratospheric revs or universe warping top end, this is a fantastic, torquey lump for daily cut-and-thrust riding. It is as bulletproof as you are to find; hundreds of thousands of units power Supersports, Monsters and the like. With dry clutch and even firing order, this bike makes a statement even when idling in traffic.

From the seller:
I bought this fantastic motorcycle from a M J Sales/Royal Enfield of Forth Worth in Texas. The previous owner was a woman and she sold the bike for financial reasons. This is an all original one of kind motorcycle. I owned this bike since 2013 and as a collector I have used the motorcycle only to ride around my neighborhood. It has a smooth engine and cafe racer style. The condition is fantastic and have all the documentation, manual, red key, battery tender and cover as well. It is kept inside my garage and never ever has been in the rain. The tachometer was changed because of factory defect. I have all the documentation and when I bought the motorcycle the mileage on was 1,223, when the problem appeared the bike was with around 1,600 miles. Now the new tachometer is marking 26 miles and going up if I continue to ride. As you can notice I ridden very little on it. Close to the mirror, on the fairing there is a very little crack line as you can see at the pictures. Other than that mention above everything is in perfect condition. Any question do not hesitate to contact me.

Aside from the looks, sounds and history that oozes from this bike, we need to talk about performance. I'm talking about the "buy it today, ride it, and sell it for more than you bought it for..." kind of performance. It is quite clear that the PS1000LE is earning its keep as an investment vehicle. With clean, documented, stock examples so difficult to find these days, prices continue to be on the rise. That especially holds true for unmolested, original condition bikes. With this auction currently well below that mark this may well be your best chance to get into the market for a Paul Smart - which would be smart money indeed. Good Luck!


Featured Listing: 2006 Ducati Paul Smart
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Green Party – 2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition

Peculiar as only a green Ducati superbike can be, the 2004 Matrix Reloaded edition commemorated a 996 that was used in 2002 to film the movie which was released in 2003. Still the early testastretta engine had a great platform in the mature 916/996 chassis, and is a great collectible and rider.

2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition for sale on eBay

Using a familiar desmodue crankcase but all new hardparts and valvetrain, the 998 had 123 hp available.  The Matrix is trimmed out in silver and occasional gold, the silver trellis frame having Showa forks with Ti-nitrided sliders and gold Öhlins monoshock.  Centers for the Brembo 320mm floating rotors are also gold anodized and 4-piston calipers of course painted gold.  With the last of the iconic side-by-side headlights, the green fairing requires a scrunch to really get under the 165 mph wind, but can do an 11-second 1/4 with the right rider.

Looking substantially stock with only a boo-boo or two for its 12,500 miles, this 998 has been and could continue to be enjoyed.  Some maintenance history is offered, and the owner has updated the exhaust to Silmoto slip-ons as well as removed the rear turn signals in favor of the popular LED tailight / directionals.  He says this in the eBay auction:

2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Edition. Very limited production (1 year only, about 250 made). Factory green paint. Adult ridden, and well cared for. About 12500 miles on it. Newer tires, oil changed recently. Upgrades include: SILMOTO carbon fiber exhaust, carbon fiber heel plates, heat shield, chain guard and sprocket cover, Pipercross air filter, integrated rear tail light/ turn signals and open clutch cover. Dyno tested at 114 HP at the rear wheel with a very good power band. Rear stand included with "buy it now" price. NEVER ON A TRACK!

Possibly the ultimate base model of its generation, the 1098 reviewed with stable if heavyweight handling and great usable powerband.  The distinctive Matrix colors are a bonus for the fan or collector with a stable of red and yellow Ducs.  The ask seems optimistic here but certainly bears watching.  The rideable condition of this 998 would be great to re-create Neo's escape with the Keymaker or with its rarity, the basis for an easy restoration...


Green Party – 2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition
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Beginning of the End – 2002 Ducati 998

2002 saw Ducati introduce the testastretta engine into a production model, and work was wrapping up on the succeeding 999.  The 998 was the best of the 916/996 chassis, with the 123 hp EVO engine, and reviewed as the bike to own once in your life.


2002 Ducati 998 for sale on eBay


20161202-2002-ducati-998-right-fairing  20161202-2002-ducati-998-right-tank


With its revised valve train, the 998cc narrow head motor was heavily oversquare and delivered rated power at  10,000 rpm, with a wide torque band.  The now iconic trellis frame and underseat exhaust hid the details beautifully.  43mm Showa forks are complemented by the Ohlins monoshock and steering damper.  320mm Brembo brakes are up front, with 220mm single rear.  The classic superbike fairing was available with one or two seats, this one a monoposto with a white number area front and rear.


20161202-2002-ducati-998-left-fairing  20161202-2002-ducati-998-right-engine-unfaired


Evidently a two-owner bike, this 998 has a little over 7,000 miles and looks super clean.  Though the mind wanders to the dark side when a lower-mile bike has had a repaint, it looks like a nice upgrade from the factory paint.  And while we could quibble about the yellow accents, the unfaired photos allay most fears of damage history.  From the eBay auction:

Up for sale here is my beautiful, immaculate 2002 998 Monoposto. Previous owner added the following items: Termi slip-ons, adjustable levers, Ohlins steering damper, fender eliminator, Samco hoses, upgraded clutch slave, and a few carbon bits. He also had all bodywork painted by a highly-regarded painter in the northeast who made subtle changes to the "Ducati 998" font on the side fairings and pinstripes framing the white number plates. Aesthetics are obviously in the eye of the beholder but I find both to be much better looking than the stock look. OEM wheels are also powder-coated black.


20161202-2002-ducati-998-right-front-wheel  20161202-2002-ducati-998-left-rear-wheel


Thankfully this 998 has been cared for, with good attention to maintenance and nice farkles all over.  The lightweight battery and keyless gas cap are unmentioned but great mods.  Before the jump to overwhelming power that followed a few years later, the 998 was the ultimate machine of the game changing 916/996 family.  Factory jitters forced the 998 to share the showroom with the 999 in 2003, and was available by special order in 2004-5.  The 999 took over factory race efforts and but the 998 did well for privateers in the supersport classes.



Beginning of the End – 2002 Ducati 998
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Nearly New: 1998 Ducati 916 With Just 245 Miles for Sale


Much ink has been spilled waxing poetic about Massimo Tamburini's masterpiece, the Ducati 916. The bike was such a common sight throughout the 90s as the two-wheeled incarnation of lust, it's become a bit... familiar, and it's easy to forget just how shockingly sexy this bike was when it was introduced: the incredibly slim waist, the single-sided swingarm, the undertail exhausts, and those huge side-panels, bare of graphics except for simple Ducati logos.


Under the curvy new skin, the mechanicals were an evolution of Ducati's 888: a liquid-cooled, four-valve 90° v-twin displacing 916cc and producing 114hp, backed by a six-speed gearbox and a traditional, rattly dry clutch. That powerplant was housed in a stiff, lightweight steel trellis frame that helped define Ducati superbikes until the nearly frameless Panigale came along.


The 916 was impractical, uncomfortable, and expensive both to buy and to maintain. But it was also impossibly desirable and undeniably fast. If you're looking for one now, prices have become very reasonable, at least in terms of the initial purchase: they're still expensive to maintain and require regular attention. And that combination of "uncomfortable" and "expensive to buy and maintain" means that there are plenty running around in excellent condition and with very low miles. But ones with just a couple hundred miles on the odometer like this one are few and far between.


From the original eBay listing: 1998 Ducati 916 for Sale

Yes this beautiful Superbike has 245 miles on it.  It would have had less but I had to drive it to see Frankie Chili the Superbike star to sign the tank.  I bought from a guy who owned a huge plumbing company who bought it at Sotheby's charity auction in 2002 brand new in Vegas after being signed by Ben Bostrom. Several other amazing guys signed tank but unfortunately while sitting in my office got cleaned by a cleaning person and ruined the signatures.   Bike is in my storage next to Jet Tunning, one of the Premier Motorcycle tuners in all of CA.  Bike has not been started since 2006.  Battery disconnected and fuel drained.  Bike is 100% original, never dropped or scratched. Clean Title as expected.  I bought this bike as art.  It was enjoyed by 1000s of folks who loved the fact that this was the body style that put Ducati back on the map in the 1990s.  Office building sold and now in warehouse covered.  Needs a good home where someone can hang it over a bar, or put in a collection, or maybe just rode hard for the first time in its life.  Thanks for looking.


The $7,500 asking price is high for a bog-standard 916, or it would be, if it wasn't virtually brand-new. As it is, that seems like a decent price for such a pristine machine, although I'd be tempted to just clean the badly-smudged signatures off the tank for a dead-stock look. It's a shame, since they'd be a very cool addition for a display bike if they were in good condition... And honestly, "display" is probably what will happen to this bike: there are plenty of nice, well-maintained bikes around if you're looking for one to ride, and this bike would probably need a comprehensive service if you wanted to actually ride it.

You'd also probably want to remove those "916" decals from the side panels: earlier 916s with the older graphics had the displacement displayed but, when Ducati switched to their new corporate logo, it was dropped until the introduction of the updated 996. Not a good aesthetic choice, but very easy to fix.



Nearly New: 1998 Ducati 916 With Just 245 Miles for Sale
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L.T.’s Pick – 2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S

Despite the relentless nudge toward water cooling and impenetrable fuel injection systems, as recently as 2008 Ducati put a capstone on their air-cooled desmodue development. The torquey 1100 is in a naked supermoto package and is widely regarded as some of the most fun to be had on two wheels.


2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S for sale on eBay



The 1078cc dual-spark engine provides 90 horses and 76 ft.-lbs. torque, propelling the Pierre Terblanche design to a theoretical 137 mph and 12-second quarter mile, provided the rider can find a way to hang on.  The multi-role machine has a trellis frame, 50mm Marzocchi forks and Öhlins monoshock on the single-sided swingarm.  Flickability is enhanced by the 390 lbs. dry weight and 17-inch Marchesini alloys.  Under the Brembo monoblocks, 305mm front disks and 245mm rear fire the retro-rockets.



Offered by a New Hampshire dealer, this Hyper has a little over 18,000 miles and looks clean and original.  Maintenance and damage history is not addressed in the eBay classified but would be worth a phone call.  The stalk mirrors are little surprising since Ducati put a great deal of work into the folding bar-end mirrors most 1100S's came with.  Could have been the previous owner's response to the too-wide bar-end design.



The Hyper's sharp design more than made up for the small tank's short range and lack of wind protection, and the bike again put Ducati in the forefront of the large motard chase.  The two-valve desmo is easy on the maintenance staff and the aftermarket has lots of ideas about how to improve things.  For 2010 the Hyper evolved into a higher-compression single spark engine, and a 796cc model was offered.   But in a specialty that often regards purity of concept very highly, if you could keep only one Ducati, for cognoscenti the earlier 1100S is often the answer...



L.T.’s Pick – 2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S