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Posts by Category: Derbi

Derbi August 18, 2017 posted by

Fast Bicycle: 2003 Derbi GPR-r 80cc

Derbis were never imported here in large numbers, but were a huge hit in Europe, and mixed it up with their Italian rivals at Aprilia in the 125cc two-stroke feeder series for MotoGP before being replaced with the 250cc four-stroke Moto3 bikes in 2014.

2003 Derbi GPR-r for sale on eBay

Though their world stage is gone, tiny, shrieking two strokes like this one continue to be the platform on which talented European kids get their first taste of road racing.

Originally a 50cc, this 2003 Derbi GPR-r now carries an 80cc big-bore kit, a bigger carb and recently-refreshed fairings, and two custom exhausts, one installed, and one that comes in a box.

From the listing:

Very nice 2003 Derbi GPR-r. I know the listing says Aprilia but ebay doesn't know what a Derbi is evidently. Runs great and is a hoot to ride-like a really fast bicycle! Upper fairing is mismatched with one half from an 02 and one half from an 03. Runs great and is very clean. Airsal 80cc bigbore kit with OKO 24 mm carb and a Metrakit SP pipe installed by previous owner. Combination runs great! 12,500 rpm and a top speed of 71 or 73 depending on which countershaft sprocket is installed (stock and one up included). Premix only as the oil injection pump was deleted prior to my acquisition of the bike. I put the graphics on to get it as close to original as I could. New fork seals and new tires. Fresh gear oil.A few extra bits too ( drivers saddle, new rear shock, owners manual, service manual). Ask questions before you bid-no returns. I will deliver up to two hundred miles one way for free. Anything else is on you. For sale locally so auction may end at any time if there are no bids.

You lookers are missing out on a real fun ride!

The seller says the bike will do either 71 mph or 73 mph, depending on which of the included counter sprockets you choose. That's barely fast enough to get yourself in trouble, which means you can focus on your line and body position without worrying too much about the police, or deer, or out-riding your talent.

The Buy-It-Now is just $2,000, which is a few hundred bucks less than the seller says he has tied up in the bike. Let us know what you think of this Spanish mini racer in the comments below!

Fast Bicycle: 2003 Derbi GPR-r 80cc
Derbi September 26, 2016 posted by

Spoiled Kids: 2006 Derbi GPR125 (REPOST)

Note:  This appears to be a relist of a bike posted by Ian back in 2003. Links updated, -MG 

derbi right

Hey, everything can't be a Mondial Piega.  Don't frown though, if Euro teens can have fun on these why can't we?   A dime a dozen on the other side of the Atlantic, titled street versions here are rare.

derbi left

It's got a title and more:

I bought this bike brand new in the crate and had it shipped state side at a great expense. It has just over 760 kilometers or 500 miles on it at the time of this writing. Hardly broken it yet.

These little 2 strokes came with a reliable Yamaha DT125 motor installed. This makes part access ever so easy. Has an electric start and trick under seat exhaust. Still have the nubs on the original tires.

I have done some modifications to the bike totally thousands of dollars.

Bike has been derestricted and re-geared. Removed all the emission restrictions. Installed a full Giannelli exhaust system. Changed out the non adjustable 28mm Keihin carburetor for a new tunable 28mm Dellorto carburetor. Still running a little rich for break in. Could use some fine tunning. Removed the air box and added a filter pod and Boyseen reeds. Took off the long and very ugly rear fender and made my own license plate and turn signal holder. Swapped out the rear turn signals. Added a trick little Daytona digital temp meter as the bike only had an over heated warning light. Not to partial.

Had all the black plastic body panels coated to look like carbon fiber. Can’t see this to clear in the pictures but it is really looks stunning. Changed out many fittings to aluminum and titanium. Installed a Metrakit light weight front disk.

I have all the stock parts, pipe, carburetor, rear fender, and front disk, air box, sprocket and a gasket set included. Have the owner and shop manual, extra key and tool kit too.

I love riding this bike around town but getting too old to be racing around on a 125. This bike is always a conversation piece. I was going to install a 170cc kit. But it is time for this bike to go to someone else to enjoy as I just don’t have the time to ride it anymore. Need to move on to other projects. Has clear Florida license and title, with the registration good until April 2015.

derbi mufflerderbi armderbi front wheel

Simply put, "tiny".

derbi close

If a Yamaha DT125 engine fits in there, would a Yamaha YZ125 engine fit?  That frame looks like it could handle a few more ponies.  I'm not so sure about the swing arm though.

The seller has a BIN of $5,000 5,800 or make an offer.

Click here for the listing.


(Marty G/Dallaslavowner for repost)

Spoiled Kids:  2006 Derbi GPR125 (REPOST)
Derbi April 13, 2016 posted by

Catalonian – 2003 Derbi GPR50 Malossi

The sight of any Derbi will bring a twinkle to the eye of the Spanish nationals among you, but this very racy Malossi replica, with title, gets these folks thinking rather impractical thoughts.  An historic Spanish company, Derbi was founded in 1922 near Barcelona, and made bicycles until 1950, then moved into motorcycles.  Concentrating on the smaller bikes, they also raced, winning Grand Prix championships in the 50, 80 and 125cc categories.

20160413 2003 derbi gpr50 malossi left

2003 Derbi GPR50 Malossi for sale on eBay

20160413 2003 derbi gpr50 malossi right

Doing a very passable impression of a larger machine, the GPR50 does it with a single cylinder and just 9 hp.  The 50 cc's are fed by a 14mm Dell'Orto carburetor, and power is transferred by a 6-speed transmission.  Suspension is modern with 35mm upside-down forks and rear monoshock.  Brakes are single disks, 260mm front and 220mm rear.  Unlike most 50's the Malossi is rideable by a 170 lb. adult, helped by the 17 inch wheels.  The full bodywork has a biposto seat and great graphics package.

20160413 2003 derbi gpr50 malossi front

This GPR50 looks super in red with checkerboard and shows just about 600 miles.  The owner is a collector and seems very knowledgeable - from the eBay auction:

You are bidding on a rare Derbi GPR 50 Malossi Replica with only 592 miles on the odometer. The Derbi 50 GPR 50 was a joint effort between Cagiva and Derbi with Cagiva designing the frame and Derbi providing the high revving two stroke engine.

Below is a list of key aspects of the Derbi GPR 50:

1) It has a clear Colorado title with all the original paperwork. The Derbi is located in Denver, CO.

2) I purchased the motorcycle from the original owner to add to my collection. Unfortunately, I have unexpectedly bought two additional motorcycles and I am now out of room and one motorcycle has to go and the Derbi drew the short straw.

2) The Derbi literally looks like it just came from the dealer's show room floor. It has always been properly stored in a heated garage its entire existence and maintenance has been performed based on time and not mileage. The battery is always on a trickle charger and is in perfect working condition.

3) The Derbi runs perfectly and absolutely everything works.

4) The original owner put two very small scratches on the bottom of the lower fairing as he was unloading the motorcycle from his truck. The scratches are covered up by a decal.

5) Despite its small 50cc two stroke engine, the 6 speed transmission will easily propel the Derbi to well over 60 MPH.

20160413 2003 derbi gpr50 malossi dash

Named for Malossi S.P.A., which makes racing and tuning parts for small bikes and scooters, the GPR  could be fitted out with engine and suspension to keep up with traffic on the freeway rather than just around town, with the known risk of shortening the life span.  Derbi survives today, having been purchased by Piaggio in 2001, and their line of smaller bikes now includes enduro and hypermotard bikes.  Since none are available here, the Derbi will continue to be a specialty, in this case an almost perfect and street legal rarity...


20160413 2003 derbi gpr50 malossi cockpit

Catalonian – 2003 Derbi GPR50 Malossi
Derbi January 16, 2016 posted by

Be the cool parent/relative: 2003 Derbi GPR 50 Malossi replica

It may be just after Christmas but this would still make a cool gift for someone who has a "rabid race kid" in the family.


2003 Derbi GPR 50 on ebay

The Derbi GPR50 was a joint effort between Cagiva and Derbi that mated an excellent cagiva designed frame with a really good 50cc engine from Derbi.  The two stroke engine was a super slick water cooled six-speed little gem. It may have only put out 9 horsepower but produced a top speed of around 70 mph when new. Handling was excellent due to GPR 50's low weight (about 98 kils/218 pounds) combined with the cagiva designed frame, upside down forks and a good rear shock.

The GPR even comes with a cool storage unit where the gas tank initially appears to be that can hold a full sized helmet (see video link below), which means young squids can assure mom they won't forget their helment   Of course the fact that it looks like something a young Valentino Rossi would have owned/is waay sexier than your average scooter is a plus too.

A review of the GPR50 can be seen in the video posted below or via the link here.

The condition of the bike looks to be excellent, with no damage visible or evidence of being down or abused.

Gotta love the big tach as the center dial and the deals gap decal on the lower fairing, sign of someone who enjoys going though the twistys - Marty


Here is what the seller has to say

  • Bought new to compete in the True Grit 50cc fun run held in the mountains of North Georgia.
  • Street legal motorcycle(check your state laws) that does over 50 mph very easily with my 170 pounds on board.
  • Mileage is correct and it has always been garaged.
  • It has a new battery and all original paperwork.
  • in the same class as the Honda MB5, NS 50 and Aprilia RS 50 but more rare.
  • In superb condition but there are 2 small scuffs on the fairing lowers under the decals.


Is this little repli racer/scooter alternative worth the opening bid price of $1,300 USD?   I definitely think so - the last one of these we had on RSBFS had an opening bid of $2,500 USD. Sure it wont be as much fun to ride as the Derbi 125's we see occasionally but it would still be a cool addition to any collection (although it probably won't appreciate much in value).  And  if it was given as a late Christmas present to someone it would certainly cement the givers reputation as "the cool parent/uncle/other relative".


Be the cool parent/relative:   2003 Derbi GPR 50 Malossi replica
Derbi January 23, 2014 posted by

Stunning 1987 Ducati 750 F1-B in Texas

1987 Ducati 750 F1-B for sale

Stunning is one of those moto-journalism catch all keywords isn't it? But I can't help it when the the early tri-color SuperSports come up for sale, especially in the condition this one is in. It's littered with thoughtful upgrades and includes spares to return to stock as well. With what looks like an honest 11k miles bidding has been brisk and already passed the reserve, currently at $18k with 4 days remaining.


1987 Ducati 750 F1 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

You'll have to look long and hard to find a nicer F1-B than this one. Here's an extremely clean and low mileage example of one of Ducati's most beautiful creations. This particular model has the addition of a Verlicchi aluminum swing arm and an Ohlins rear shock. Almost all of the engine and chassis nuts and bolts have been replaced by stainless steel equivalents, most of the zip ties on the bike are wrapped in shrink wrap as to not scuff the paintwork and the bodywork hardware has o-rings under them to keep the bare metal off the paintwork. There's also an extensive inventory of spare parts and all take off parts are included. It's not only cosmetically beautiful but the engine has has a complete tune-up, replacing the belts, spark plugs, valves properly adjusted, carbs balanced, brakes bled and new tires. This bike needs nothing except a loving owner. I've had the bike for just over 10 years and I think now's the time to share the enjoyment I've had owning it with another interested enthusiast.



Stunning 1987 Ducati 750 F1-B in Texas
Derbi April 1, 2013 posted by

It’s Right There In The Name: 2006 Derbi GPR125

derbi right

Despite the lack of cc's this could quite possibly be the closest thing to a true GP bike for the streets;  it is right there in the name, the GPR125.  Most 125cc bikes are aimed at testosterone filled teenagers but not the Derbi. In fact, the EU did not allow sales to anyone under 25 after it was discovered what was lurking under the fairing.  Derbi kept production numbers extremely low with only 125 produced a year.  SP2 versions were known to produce HP numbers close to modified Honda RS125's and that was on pump gas!

derbi right back

This one happens to be on roids;  it has a 170cc big bore kit mated to a Jolly Moto exhaust.  Little known fact;  Derbi production engines are assembled by the same 4 men that built the 125 GP bikes.  It has been rumored that every now and then they would switch things up by changing things like porting, squish and ECU settings so each bike can have different performance traits.

derbi arm

Some of the best welds in the business.  Derbi has always been known for quality but doesn't get recognized for it like Bimota does.  Most of Bimota's designers came from Derbi in the late 70's.

derbi left rear

Did I mentioned it is titled?  Just like Rafael in Spain or Sergio in Italy, you too can terrorize the back roads on a bike that has pure GP lineage.  The BIN on her is $7,500.  Can you name a better bike for that price?  I'm still waiting for an answer.  The fact is you can't.

Click here for the auction  and click here before you comment.