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Bullish on Buell: 1989 Buell RR1200 Battletwin

For Sale: 1989 Buell RR1200 Battletwin 1 / 34 NOS never titled

Erik Buell started his engineering career at Harley Davidson, but left H-D to pursue an opportunity to market Buell Motor Company 750cc two stroke racebikes to privateer teams competing in the AMA Formula 1 series. The racebike stint was short lived, as the AMA discontinued the series in favor of Superbike less than a season later.

Buell then turned to streebikes. He obtained a large quantity of XR1000 motors via his contacts at H-D, and he used these to create the RR1000. Between 1987 and 1988, Buell delivered 50 bikes to customers, placing the Buell Motor Company on the map. When his supply of XR1000 motors ran out, Buell adopted the new H-D 1200cc Evolution engine, upgrading the bike and making the necessary changes to package the new powerplant. Through the 1989 model year, Buell created an esitmated 65 RR1200 bikes; this is one such machine.

Notice how these early Buells contain many of the iconic features seen on later bikes. The Uniplanar engine mounts - to allow the engine to be used as a stressed member while still isolating the vibration of the big twin - continues to be a patented feature on modern Buells. This bike also shows the under-the-engine suspension and exhaust - both necessary compromises to package the big twin.

From the seller:
The history of this RARE motorcycle is part of Harley-Davidson's success in Canada. Legendary enthusiast, racer and man behind the largest importer of Harley's in the world(Trev Deeley) brought this machine into Vancouver as one of only three ever to be imported into Canada. I am sure that Trev did all he could do to promote Buell, simply becauce of Buell's brillance and innovation as a motorcycle racer. Stories of this RR1200 in the window of Deeley's east Broadway motorcycle shop are consistant..."so many traffic rear-enders distracted by the Buell in the window"...the machine was removed from it's display. From the spot light to the warehouse; that's where the RR1200 sat for some time. One of Trev's racing pals eventually purchased the RR1200 and moved it into his private collection.

Never registered. 152 miles of demo. Sales brochure and original price tag included. Serviced and ready to show or vintage track.

Very rare, very low miles, and never registered - to be honest I'm not even sure where to begin concerning pricing on this one. Thankfully, there are many bidders out there who are currently showing the way. While the auction opened below $1k, bidding has been very brisk; at the time of this writing the price has risen to over $14,000 and the reserve is still in place.

This bike is a very unique piece of motorcycle history. With its aerodynamic wrap-around fairing, color scheme straight out of the 1970s, thundering performance and interesting back story, the next owner will be very lucky indeed. To check out the pictures and details or to watch the sprited bidding, . Good luck!


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American Exclusive: 2000 Buell X1 Millennium #115 of 800

2000 Buell X1 Millennium #115 of 800

How about a little love for an American limited edition motorcycle?  Poor Buell has had a rough year due to the strategic brilliance (can you sense the sarcasm?) of HD management. There are signs of encouragement out there though for Buell fans. The new 1190RR race bike looks pretty stout and I believe Buell is working on a street version of that bike.  If the stories are true Buell had a higher spec street bike in the works right before HD pulled the plug.

The X1 Millennium is a what I would call a cosmetic limited edition. For surviving the millennium you get a silver frame, silver paint scheme, silver headers (getting the theme here?) , polished foot pegs (hmmm, ok) and a special limited gas cap with your bikes number on it. It's a miracle this bike was ever ridden because if you remember we weren't supposed to survive the chaos after the world went bonkers on 1/1/2000. It has been ridden but not a whole lot, it has under 6,000 miles on it. 800 of these were produced but only 400 ended up staying in the US so you shouldn't run into too many.

One of 800 Millennium Editions built. Bought new by an adult collector. Garaged and covered, excellent condition, loaded with extras from American Sportbike Accessories. New shock, runs perfectly, no issues. Mileage is approximate. Rare bike and the ultimate cool street fighter.

I'm not enough of a Buell expert to spot the accessories mentioned by the seller.  A quick email to the seller should solve the mystery.  If you are interested to know what is out there for an X1 I found this X1 Millennium on Youtube that has been modded a bit.

#115 on Ebay is listed as a classified ad for $6,500.  With a little searching I have a feeling you can find one a bit cheaper but it is all about condition and miles as well.  .


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1998 Buell S1W Pascal Picotte race bike

1998 Buell S1W Pascal Picotte race bike

Mileage: 0 - it's a racer!
Price: $10,000.00

Race prepped for and ridden by Pascal Picotte is this S1W racer. Oddly enough, this looks very similar to a bike that my first road race instructor used, for me and my classmates to follow him around, at Blackhawk Farms Raceway. It was 1999 when I first saw one of these up close and personal and I must say that when in race trim they are quite impressive. And that’s not to mention how fast they are when being piloted by ex-factory super bike riders like Pascal and my instructor Scott “Z-man” Zampach.

We featured Pascal's VR1000R a few months back and I thought that was a pretty cool opportunity in itself. If, by chance, you picked that one up you now have a chance to add to your Pascal collection with yet another Factory prepped racer.

Have a look:

Pascal Picotte

From the seller:

1998 Buell S1W Pascal Picotte race bike

One of 13 S1w's pulled from the line and factory race prepped for a H-D Factory rider Spec race at the 15th HOG rally. Picotte won with this bike

Bike features a Non production but factory color scheme, Picotte's number plates, Picotte's signature several places on the bike.

Immediately after the race these bikes were given to the largest Buell dealers as show bikes for the shops.

This bike has Bill of Sale only although could easily be made to be street legal

Pretty cool bike for any collection-

Contact the seller at



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1985/86 Buell RR1000 Battletwin Factory Racer Located In The U.K.

This is a Buell RR1000 that ran for the factory in AMA competition!  Located in Tring, United Kingdom is a 1985/86 Buell RR1000 Battletwin. 

Supposedly there are 50, or so, of these running around the world and due to collectors eating these up early on--Gasp!--the majority of the bikes were never raced.  The chassis that is featured here has, as the seller claims, been run in the 1985/86 AMA Battle of the Twins events and a Battle of the Twins event in Italy.  To know the entire history of this bike, we must go to the seller:

This bike was purchased as a kit of parts directly from Erik Buell in 1992 (less wheels, forks and brakes) by an Italian collector who then built the bike to it's current specification in 1993. The bike was then raced in the italian BOT (Battle of the Twins) of that year under the CR&S banner.

The chassis varies slightly from the production RR1000 chassis and is described by Erik Buell as a "lightweight version which is better for racing". This chassis and other parts were used by Buell Racing in 1986 as part of the "works" supported race effort.

This bike is top spec inside and out built with Brembo billet brakes and race discs, Ohlins suspension; front forks are GP type and rear shock was built for Buell and the wheels are Technomagnesio. The Engine, primary and gearbox were completely overhauled in 2002 receiving new pistons, titanium valves, race springs, rods, all bearings and crank rebuild. Cams are Storz and the heads are fully gas followed and twin plugged. Carbs are 42mm flatside Mikuni's. Exhaust is Buell works. The bike has done very little work since but has been maintained regardless.

This bike seems be made up of some very real factory parts with a very real race history.  The seller claims to have, and shows, the documentation of this bike's history.  Recently, everyone seems to have become sentimental to anything with a Buell badge--except perhaps a blast--because of the recent demise of Buell.  The sale of this bike seems to coincide perfectly with this rose-colored rush to remember the good times before H-D brought everything to a halt.  This bike is all the money at $155,000; however, it is one of the first Buells and actually carries an AMA season and European race history.  This bike is very rare no matter what your thoughts of Buell as a company are; What will reassure that this bike stays insanely valuable will be a large number of people feeling that this bike is very, very special--I don't think this should be a problem.  See a fantastic write up by Dave Gess here.  See the RR1000 on eBay .


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1999 Buell X1 Lightning LE Carbon Fiber #161 of 250

1999 Buell X1 Lightning Carbon Fiber Edition #161 of 250 listed on the Quad Cities Craigslist

Considering the recent decision by Harley-Davidson to cease all Buell operations and production of Buell motorcycles, I felt compelled to show Buell some RSBFS love. Carbon Fiber is always cool no matter what it is on and in 1999 Eric and the boys decided to lay it on the X1 Lightning and make it a LE version. I'm sure some of the run of the mill Buells will fade away, but I have to believe the LE versions will live on to be collectors items as time passes. I always liked the idea behind the Buell brand, but could never bring myself to purchase one due to the simple fact I was raised on inline fours. I've also admired Buell Motorcycles for their styling, wild colored frames, rims and their forward way of thinking. It is unfortunate that they no longer exist, but we will still be able to enjoy the looks and sounds of a soon to be classic motorcycle.

From the owner:

You are viewing my 1999 Buell X1 Lightning Carbon Fiber Extreme. This is a limited production bike and is #161 of only 250 built . If you are looking for the toughest street fighter bike around, you’ve found it! This has been the BEST all around bike I have ever owned. Many upgrades include Vance & Hines Exhaust, Screamin Eagle air intake, stage one ECU, and many internal upgrades to the 1203cc V Twin. This bike is Fuel Injected and runs PERFECTLY. Tires are good, brakes are newer, and the Buell has fresh synthetic fluids all the way around. Here is your chance to own a VERY RARE AMERICAN bike! 14k well maintained miles. ABSOLUTELY NO DISAPPOINTMENTS!! Asking $6,000 OBO.

From the net:

The Carbon Fiber Extreme X1, which features carbon fiber
weaved with a blue-tinted Dupont Kevlar® brand fiber on the front fairing,
chin spoiler, tank cover and windscreen. A Buell Pegasus icon is
"emblazoned" into the windscreen. It comes with a Nuclear Blue frame,
Nuclear Blue wheels, billet aluminum foot pegs, and a numbered gas cap.
Only 250 Carbon Fiber Extreme Lightning X1 motorcycles will be
produced for the North American market.

I really like the Blue in the Carbon Fiber as well as the Buell Logo that has been woven into the Bikini Fairing on the X1 as seen here.

So, if you've ever wanted to own a Buell, but haven't pulled the trigger, now may be the right time.

Is it just me or does anyone else hear Taps playing in the background? 🙁


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Buell XB race bike for sale

Don't you just LOVE race bikes? All those nice parts made from unobtanium, with thousand of machining hours to achieve one singular purpose - to go fast.  If you can't tell already,  I have a huge soft spot for race bikes (then again, I think we all do around here!) 

So here's a really :

The list of mods are too long to list here, so please click on the above link to check out the details.  But check out all that sexy carbon fiber in the last photo!  Hmm....

The seller is offering the bike with a Buy-It-Now price of $7500 - I don't think that's unreasonable, but I would find out more details from the seller first and go from there.

I'm generally not a big fan of Harleys, but for some reason the words "Harley Davidson" looks cool when it's on a race bike like that!