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Benelli December 6, 2010 posted by

Transformers Among Us? Two 2007 Benelli TNT’s W/0 Miles

Transformers Among Us?  Two 2007 Benelli TNT's W/0 Miles

Am I wrong, don't these bikes look like the were specifically designed for the Transformers movies?  I'm not sure I'm a fan of the styling but I do like designs that aren't cookie cutter boring.  The word that comes to mind is "subtle" or should I say the lack of any subtly.  The styling on these bikes is as subtle as a punch in the mouth.  Maybe a nice alternative if your local hang out is over run with Monsters though.

I guarantee you will see one of these bikes in a Sci Fi movie someday.  Like me, I bet you haven't read up on what the TNT line includes.  For the 2010 model year there are actually four models of  TNT and they can be seen here.  These two are a left over 2007  TNT and TNT Sport.  From what I can tell they only differ is slight suspension and brake tweaks.  Both house a version of Benelli's healthy three cylinder engine.  A trip around the internets provided several reviews on the TNT.  To sum them up:  great motor, decent suspension and suspect electrics.  Styling of course is in eye of the beholder.

Here is an overly dramatic look at the Cafe version of the TNT:

It looks much more plastic compared to the Tornado Tre. 

If you are one to think outside the box a bit and like what you see, these two bikes are being offered at roughly $5,000 off list.  They are both dealer bikes so I would guess with some haggling you might even do better.  They are offering free shipping  as a nice little bonus.  You can check out the and the .

The rest of the pictures:


Benelli November 25, 2010 posted by

Six Cylinder Madness: 1983 Benelli 900 SEI

Six Cylinder Madness:  1983 Benelli 900 SEI

Start counting those pipes, now switch hands and keep counting!  This thing must be an absolute riot to do a valve job on.  If you equate the number of cylinders with testosterone then this is as manly as it gets.  Benelli produced this monster from 1983-1988.   If I get the story correct, this bike was produced during the period when Benelli and Moto Guzzi were both owned by an Argentinian business man.  From the sound of it, the six cylinder 900 was the pinnacle of Benelli during this period.  It got high marks for technology and performance but low marks for reliability.

The 900 SEI is said to produce some sweet music courtesy of those six cylinders pumping gases through a 6 into 2 exhaust system.  This clean 1983 model has only 7,100 miles on it. 

This bike has some different pipes on it so I don't know how much that effects the sound but it sounds just plain nasty and I mean that in the absolute best possible way.  The vid is of a nice rebuild with sound at the end.  I can honestly say I've never heard a rumble similar to that.


Details on the bike for sale:

This is a duplicate from my collection. The bike is in original unrestored condition, has been very well maintained and everything works. The tires are the original Pirelli Phantoms, good for having the bike on display but not for riding. The brakes and all lights and switches work fine. The special duplex chain and the sprockets are like new. No cracks in the fiberglass bodywork, paint is excellent. The correct original exhaust system (6 into 2) is also in excellent condition, only the number one header has some roughness and discoloring as can be seen in the picture. I do not have any manual or tools. There is no battery included in the sale. In the last few years the bike has only occasionally been used and it will benefit from a full service (cleaning carbs, changing fluids, etc.) and new tires before being put in service again.   

The bike has Georgia registration in my name and comes with a Bill of Sale (Georgia does not issue titles for bikes of this age).


No stickers allowed, just real badges.  I love it, just a really cool, unique bike.  Yeah, you aren't going to tear up the track and you aren't even going to be the fastest guy in  a straight line  but that isn't the point.  This is about style points and sound and I think the big Benelli fits in perfectly here.  Some Benelli fans have already found the auction and have bid it up over $4,000.  The seller has a buy it now price of $11,000.  The only comparison I can give you is one that was for sale earlier this year.  It had under 100 miles on it and had a buy it now price of $18,000.  I do not know if it sold or not.

If you'd like to make your neighbors cringe as you ride by, .


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2003 Benelli Tornado Tre LE: #116 And 427 Miles!

2003 Benelli Tornado Tre LE:  #116 And 427 Miles!

Italian, check.  Limited edition, check.  Low miles, check.  This Tornado Tre LE in Florida needs a new and loving home.  With 427 miles on it, it is another Italian bike that has been looked at more than it has been ridden.  I've posted a few of these before and be sure to check out the older post because it has a lot of good info from Tre owners, including some pricing.  Overall, owners gave them a thumbs up.  If you have that Italian itch I would think these would be a nice alternative to your average Ducati. 

I spy a nice dry clutch peaking out there.  Of course styling is in the eye of the beholder but I have a feeling this is one of those bikes you need to see in person to fully appreciate .

You won't mistake that for a dash of a Japanese motorcycle.

The James Bondish fans that draw warm air away from the radiator.  I love the lines of the tank.

Details on the bike:

This is a beautiful Italian sportsbike. Only a handful in the US. 200 were made in production, this one is number 116 of 200. Full warranty for another year. Limited edition. This is a head turner, like something you have never rode before. Please call with any questions.

The auction has started and the starting price is just below $10,000.  I've seen a few for sale in the mid to high teens but none with as few miles on them as this bike.  This is one of those second chance bikes; the chance to basically get a new, unmodified motorcycle several years after is was released.  I bet it is also good opportunity to pick up some Italian exotica minus the exotica price.  .

What could have been.  Check out the swing arm on the race bike.


Benelli September 1, 2010 posted by

Triple Threat: Tre Benelli Tornado Tre’s

Triple Threat- Tre Benelli Tornado Tre's

You either love the looks or hate the looks.  There doesn't seem to be much middle ground on the Benelli Tre's.  I tend to think they were actually a bit ahead of their time with the angular lines.  They arrived with a lot of fanfare but sure seemed to fade away quickly.  I still have a brochure I ordered before the bikes came out.  It is the fanciest media packet I've ever seen.  I never did get around to ordering one though.  I think perception hurt Benelli in general.  They fizzled in WSB and then were bought out by a Chinese company.  The bikes are still made in Italy and still come with quality components but maybe the damage has been done.  Do any of our readers actually own one?  I never read a review from an actual owner.

Tre #1

Not much info on this bike from it's ad.  A dealer has it and is asking $12,500.  Be sure to check out the ad because they have posted some nice high quality pictures of the bike.  It sure looks like it has been taken care of from the photos.  It is listed on Phoenix Craigslist.



Tre #2


Perfect condition, Complete LE package includes Benelli brief case with new unused, titanium track mods and Benelli cover.
Very Nice Bike, all Carbon Fiber Body Work including tank. Magnesium Engine Covers and wheels. Ohlins Suspension.
California Plate and current registration.
MSRP brand new - $36,000
SACRIFICE - $14,500 obo
1100 miles
More photos available upon request

This is an interesting bike.   As the the seller's ad states this is a special version of the Tre, the LE.  As Benelli emplys  on their website, this bike was supposed to be a direct descendant of the bike raced in WSB.  Goodies include what the seller states as well as  a ti exhaust, adjustable steering head and swing arm angle.  This one can be found in central California on Craigslist.


Tre #3

Collectors! Take notice! 2003 Benelli Tornado 1130 cc. One of 150 built Italian race bike. One of only 25 in the States! This is a serious collector bike and a serious race bike. Absolutely perfect and stunning in every way with only ~ 1,000 miles. Must see to appreciate! Call for more details. $18,500.

The last of  the Tre's looks to be another LE.  It too appears to have barely left the garage with only 1000 miles on the clocks.   This one can be found on Phoenix Craigslist.


Are they good deals?  I would absolutely be guessing.  There is no denying prices crashed on these bikes but to what level I don't know.  Could be quite the steal if you had always wanted one but couldn't afford the original price tag.

This clip has some good close ups of the LE and some nice sound as well.  Too bad the audio track is in German.  It's funny I was writing about the negative perception of Benelli since the Chinese take over.  On the YouTube comments people were arguing over if the bikes were made in China or Italy.  For the record it is Chinese backing but produced in Italy.


Benelli April 9, 2010 posted by

2008 Benelli Tornado TRE 1130 0 Miles on Ebay

2008 Benelli Tornado TRE 1130 0 Miles on Ebay

Another 0 mile Tornado has appeared on Ebay.  This is another 2008, like the Tornado Carbon we had posted here a couple of weeks ago.  I for one think that Benelli green rivals Ducati red for just shear good looks.  I think Benelli was a little ahead of the curve styling wise.  This bike is already a couple of years old but has that hard angle design style that has become popular now.  Heck, I've sold myself, I want one!  I wonder if there are any performance goodies for these?

Here is a little salesmanship by the dealer:

A beautiful motorcycle of which only a handful have arrived in the States, this triple cylinder machine puts out some massive power. With a factory claimed 160 horse power and 91.5 foot-pounds of torque, this elite Italian bike has the muscle to keep your adrenaline pumping. Direct from the factory with Brembo brakes, Marzochi forks, and a 2-year warranty as well, this speed demon will be a blast on either the track or the street.

Now a feast for the eyes:

Anyone have a guess what the reserve is on ?  I don't think I'd have a good guess.  On one hand you have a rare Italian sport bike with quality components and on the other you have a bike/brand that I think was hurt by impressions of factory financial problems/sporadic production.  What do you guys think, where does a Tornado fit it in Italian bike pricing?


Benelli March 18, 2010 posted by

2008 Benelli Tornado Tre Carbon 0 Miles

Please welcome Ian with his first post as one of our newest authors to RSBFS. Welcome aboard Ian! -dc

2008 Benelli Tornado Tre Carbon with 0 miles!

Can the snow melt fast enough to head north of the border and load this Benelli Tornado up?  I have to be honest, I've never seen this model of Tornado before.  They are rare to begin with and this is apparently a special carbon version: 1 of 10. You might remember these bikes for being unique because they had the radiator under the tail and had fans at the rear to expel the heat.  They started life as 900's but this is the updated 1,130cc version.  The seller did not go into much detail on the bike  and specs seem to be non existent on the web.  He did list a dry clutch, Marchesini wheels and a Alcantara seat.  It would sure be worth an inquiry to find out some more on this bike and how it differs from the standard Tornado.  Maybe an email to the US distributor would be worthwhile.

Updated and improved, the Tornado 1130 is synonymous with excitement and enthusiasm. You only have to look at it to appreciate the attention paid to every detail: the unique, unmistakable design, the aerodynamic wrap-around lines and exceptional components. This bike offers sport performance and unbeatable excitement.  1130’s frame has been completely revised to meet the new power and torque characteristic of the engine, without losing any elements of the original Tornado project.  The rear radiator is one of the characterizing features of the Tornado. 50% of the weight is distributed to the front chassis of the bike in all riding conditions, the advantage being increased precision when riding and when entering bends. The shock absorber and links have benefited from recent racing experience too. The measurements have been slightly modified to make the frame easier to manage adapting it to the new increased power and torque values.


I won't even give an opinion on the price (because frankly I don't know)  but if you are in the market for a bike like this you generally aren't bargain shopping after all.   Check the bidding out on , he's even got the make an offer option and tell the Mrs. you are heading to Canada, eh.