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Big In Japan – 1988 Bimota YB7

Seen on RSBFS back in May, this YB7 is still available, links updated to current auction. - donn

Bimotas have always had a fan base in Japan, and the YB7 was dreamed almost specifically for their progressive licensing laws.  Just 399cc and 352 lbs. dry, it's a rarity with only 321 made over 1987-88.  The engine was well-mannered thanks to EXUP, and smooth handling made for a very rideable welterweight.

1988 Bimota YB7 for sale on eBay


From Bimota's billet period, the YB7 has gorgeous metal work, the big twin beam frame joined with machined connectors.  The triple tree is another art piece, as are the adjusters on the aluminum swingarm.  The monoposto bodywork is shaped and painted to recall the superbike YB4, which took the TTF1 honors in 1987 under Virginio Ferrari and had a shot at the WSBK crown !  Matched with oversized Marzocchi forks, Öhlins monoshock, and Brembo brakes, the YB7 did more than look the part.


Presented by a regular RSBSF reader, this very rare Bimota YB7 has but 6,000 miles and looks all original and very good.  The tank cover / seat console is unmarked save a corner of the foam seat, and the lightweight lowers show only a few stress cracks.  Engine side covers take the most abuse and could be refinished or replaced easily.  From the eBay auction:

Very rare Bimota YB7, 400cc Yamaha motor, never sold in USA, Japan bike only, very light and loaded with high performance goodies, hand built in Italy, very collectible and hard to find in USA, mine comes with IL clean title, was imported years ago from UK.  Bike is in very good condition, very little miles and use, been sitting indoors show room for few years now, took her out, cleaned the carbs, new battery and oil, starts and runs like a dream. Everything is original, no mods or alterations, tires were replaced few years ago, look like new but are a little old, has few scratches and nicks from normal use, some spider web cracks in the clear coat just like any other Italian bike from that era, the side motor covers are losing their finish and paint peels off but nothing too dramatic, one big scratch in the right fairing, one small piece of the seat foam broken off, I am sure there are more imperfections but this was a very light body hand molded and was never perfect from the beginning. Öhlins rear shock,  fully adjustable fork, light Bimota wheels, full floating rotors. 


The YB7 reviewed as one Bimota that was pleasant to ride in traffic and on the racetrack.  The well-balanced engine and chassis made it a great novice machine as well as a fine F3.  Almost above the big four's fray because of premium construction and pricing, the YB7 benefitted from Yamaha's excellent driveline.  Having recently been freshened up to ride, this YB4 needs just a couple of cosmetic details addressed to look really special as well...




  • I much prefer the styling of the late 80’s vintage Bimotas to the more recent years. Love this one. What a cool ride.

  • I take it getting it registered in California would be a no-go?
    I wonder how compact the riding position is–smaller than a FZR250?

  • Hi, i am the seller, the bike is small but not too small, 5.6. 170 lb ok, anything taller or heavier would look ridiculous and stress the bike. From my experience these beauties end up with collectors and maybe occasionally ridden. I enjoyed both , looking at her and rode her to shows and gatherings. Will suit well Japanese and Italian nights. Thank you

    • Stress the bike physically or mechanically?

    • Give me a call I’m very interested in the bike 917 478 3560.

  • Stress the bike as in affecting the handling. The bike can handle the weight but Handles way better with a lighter rider

  • I think the manufacture specs reads bike +rider total 525lb and bike alone weights 325. So is safe for anyone up to 200 lb to ride it ,hopefully this is helpful.

  • I’d love to add this to the garage. No idea what it’s worth though. Suppose it’s worth whatever someone decides to bid up too. Anyone have input to a ballpark value?

    • Not worth as much as one would expect. There is a 20,000km unit for sale on Yahoo Auctions right now. 1 day to go, 1 bidder and current price is 100,000 yen.
      It is an interesting bike, but it seems valued by buyers less than sellers.

  • Thx RC. I’ll keep bidding on the other bimota on eBay then. Appreciate the input


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