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Aprilia March 4, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

Almost Too Nice to Track. Almost: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale

1999 Aprilia RS250 L Side

Much has been written about the little Aprilia RS250 on this site, about its "GP machine for the masses" character and handling, and its snarly little two-stroke v-twin borrowed from the Suzuki RGV250 and revised for improved power. Introduced in 1995 and produced in several iterations that were road-legal up until about 2002, the RS250 represents a purity of purpose and a balance of power, handling, and character we may never see again.

1999 Aprilia RS250 R Side Fairing

The "Cup" in the name refers to a one-make racing series run in the USA as emissions laws were strangling the little two-stroke and forcing it into an early grave. Cup races pit riders [or drivers] against each other using virtually identical machinery, making for fantastically close competition and drawing positive attention to the manufacturer.

1999 Aprilia RS250 L side Swingarm

This example is almost perfect, considering its original mission as a race bike and would make an ideal mount for a track-day junkie who still want their ride to look as good as it goes. If your fairing is currently held together by zip-ties, this is probably not the bike for you.

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale

In excellent condition. Not quite "show room" but close. A few small nicks and scratches but no dings or dents or major detracts from its overall appearance. Clean and well cared for by older enthusiasts. This bike is in exceptional condition and has been ridden conservatively all it's life by an older rider. We raced one back in the day and finished 2nd in the Aprilia Cup Championship in 2000. Bike located in South Carolina. Nothing like the sound and smell of a 2-stroke! Re-live the "Aprilia Cup" on your own RS250. This is a great, low maintenance track bike for any track junkie. At around 60 - 65 bhp it's an easy ride.

1999 Aprilia RS250 Front

Well, the power may not be overwhelming, but handling is top shelf, making this is a great bike to hone your skills in the art of cornering. And the nice, but-not-perfect condition just makes it even more ideal for use as a track bike: a few scratches mean you won't be gutted when you forget it doesn't have a side-stand and drop it in the pits...

1999 Aprilia RS250 Dash

This is one of my favorite color combinations for the RS250, and the chrome "racing" on the fairing is just a tiny touch of gaudy that works well with the otherwise muted design. I very much prefer the earlier, more traditional dash with the separate tach and easily-removed speedo/idiot light cluster, although this design is very clear and includes a lap-counter to chart your progress.

I really, really want one of these.


1999 Aprilia RS250 R Side

Almost Too Nice to Track. Almost: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale
Bimota February 25, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

Hand-Built Italian Style: 1983 Bimota SB4 for Sale

1983 Bimota SB4 R Side

In an era of mass-produced sportbikes, it's easy to miss the details that made bikes like the Bimota SB4 so special. Virtually every modern manufacturer makes concessions to mass-production, and machines that, at first glance, look gorgeous can get a bit ugly in the details. MV Agusta's F3 675 is a beautiful sleek, wasp of a motorcycle, but the stock clip-ons are obviously a cost-saving measure... But these early Bimotas, although far from perfect in terms of performance as-delivered, feature an attention to detail that is virtually extinct.

1983 Bimota SB4 Tank

Powered by the durable and tunable 1075 air-cooled Suzuki GSX four-cylinder and five-speed transmission, the SB4 continued Bimota's tradition of fitting reliable Japanese engines into state-of-the-art frames. That frame was made from chrome-moly tubing with machined aluminum side-plates and helped the bike achieve a svelte dry weight of about 405 lbs. The SB4 rolled on 16" modular wheels fitted with radial tires, another pair of exotic features on a bike from an era of bias-ply tires.

1983 Bimota SB4 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1983 Bimota SB4 for Sale

Bimota SB4 1100cc

model year 1983

VIN 00229

Built alongside the HB2 was the SB4 using Suzuki’s 1100cc Katana power plant, this is the rarer fully faired model painted up is the one off stunning Bimota race colours and is in amazing excellent condition throughout

Ride and collect! Bulletproof investment.

Bike is currently located in Stowmarket, England but i can get them delivered all around the World at cost, no problem.

We can supply US contact as reference.

1983 Bimota SB4 Swingarm

Bidding is active and currently sits at $7,600 with the reserve not yet met. With just 272 built, the SB4 is exceptionally rare and offers a great value with top-shelf construction and a distinguished pedigree. If you're looking for a bike that has real potential to appreciate, these early Bimotas are pretty hard to beat.


1983 Bimota SB4 L Side

Hand-Built Italian Style: 1983 Bimota SB4 for Sale
Suzuki February 19, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

Featured Listing: 1990 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale


The GSX-R750 is one of the longest-lived sportbikes in existence. But there's really just one version that I actually lust after, the second-generation Gixxer that was made for just two years, from 1989 to 1990. The look and the proportions are just right, and those dual round headlights are one of the best design elements of the era.

So many bikes these days are trying too hard, with overstyled bits and pieces that detract from the fact that the designers are short of ideas. No matter how many vents, angles, and colors you add to a design, if the overall silhouette isn't distinctive and striking, it just ends up looking like you didn't know when to put the t-square down and just trust your original design.

But to me, the 89'-90' GSX-R is just the distilled essence of sportbike-ness. Gotta be blue-and-white though. The black and red scheme does look cool, but the traditional Suzuki colors are just too classic.

Today's Featured Listing is exactly the kind of bike I'd want for myself: well cared-for, but also well-used and enthusiast-owned.


From the seller: 1990 GSX-R750 for Sale

The bike has 19,524 miles. I am not the original owner. I bought it from a collector in the early 2000's. The bike is currently in heated dry winter storage. I have never had one single mechanical issue with the bike other then front fork seals which have been professionally replaced. Tires are in good shape and not abused as I have not abused this bike in any fashion. All electrical works properly. Cosmetically I will start from front to back.The bike has 19,524 miles.  I am not the original owner.  I bought it from a collector in the early 2000's.  The bike is currently in heated dry winter storage.  It is climate controlled and off site. I have never had one single mechanical issue with the bike other then front fork seals which have been professionally replaced by my guys here.  That was last year.  Tires are in good shape and not abused as I do not abuse this bike in any fashion.  All electrical works properly.  Cosmetically I will start from front to back.

Front fender is perfect.
Front fairing is in good shape though there is some slight damage on the right side. This was due to a no speed drop on my part. I repaired it as minimally as possible and left the mirror off. Its fine and has posed no structural issue (see image). I do not have that mirror. The left mirror has a slight crack in the smaller riser arm (was this way when I got it / it has not posed a problem).
The fairing shield is in great shape and paint is in great shape.
Lights and horn work as they should.
The levers are not stock, but off one of my old race bikes. I do not have the original levers any longer but they are correct fitment for this bike and work as they should. Grips and bar-ends are not stock.
Right foot peg is bent slightly just from aggressive riding on my part. There is a non –stock bolt in the heal plate bracket that I used from the shop on that side. The original rattled out.
All gauges work as they should with no issues.
The gas tank is also in great shape. Small dimple on top of tank behind filler cap (was there when I bought it) I left it alone as it is very slight.
Key works as it should. Gas tank inside is in excellent shape.
Both side panels are in good shape upper and lower. The right upper has a very small inner repair that is not noticeable. Again minimal but worth mentioning. All fasteners are in great shape.
Both left and right lower side panels have slight paint repair at apex width(see images). It was this way when I purchased the bike and shows no structural compromise.
The rear panels are also in good shape, with just slight stress cracks due to age. They are also minimal and have not posed a problem.
The rear solo cowl is also solid and in good shape with a slight scuff on the right side again minimal but worth mentioning. I bought this piece after the fact and did not restore it. The yellow stripe is just 3m taping and the gray back pad is now black.
I do have the rear seat "two-up" set up. The seat itself is in great shape.
The rear shock, swingarm, and chain and sprockets are all in good shape though they do show their age a bit. The chain guard is an aftermarket piece.
The rear undertail is mostly stock however the left side blinker mount was cracked when I got the bike and I again repaired it as minimally as possible as to not compromise the original form of the bike. The tail was also cut just below the plate mount by the previous owner.

Bike is insured and inspected in the state of NY for 2015.

As you can see if there was ever an issue or a challenge with this bike I did the least obtrusive fix to therefore not compromise the overall original integrity of the bike. The bike has only run synthetic oil since I have owned the bike with proper oil and filter changes at regular intervals.  The battery is new from this summer and does have a tender lead attached.  The motor, air box, carbs and all related are stock.  The bike was run at a track day by the previous owner so I have been told, so there are some safety wired bits but I was assured it was never raced as a dedicated race bike.  It shows no signs of racing competitively.

Asking price is $6,800. You can contact Chris with your inquiries by email.


While the GSX-R really isn't all that uncommon in terms of the number manufactured, finding one in this type of condition that has been lavished with appropriate care and maintenance most definitely is.

The miles aren't perhaps as low as someone might want for their dream Gixxer, but I'd argue that cars and bikes with reasonable, well-maintained miles make far better purchases than those that sit, collecting dust and slowly rotting away. Anything missing or non-stock should be easy to source. If you want to enjoy your purchase by riding it, not just looking at it, this one is worth a close look.



Featured Listing: 1990 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale
Aprilia February 18, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

Hen’s Tooth: 1989 Aprilia Project 108 Replica for Sale

1989 Aprilia Project 108 Replica L Side

Here's something you don't see every day: an Aprilia Project 108 Replica. You've got to get up pretty early in the morning to stump me, but this little beastie had me scratching my head: never heard or it. So a quick poke around the interwebs had me thinking this was very unlikely to have been imported to North America in anything resembling quantity: all of the sites dedicated to the bike are in Italian or clearly translated using "Google Translate" and make for a pretty confusing read if you've had a couple beers...

1989 Aprilia Project 108 Replica R Side Tank

At first glance, I actually thought this was a YSR50 someone had posted up under the wrong brand. Those little 16" wheels do make it look vaguely scooter-ish, but that single-sided rear swingarm is pretty exotic, and the bike was actually powered by a 125cc two-stroke with an electric, instead of kick-start. With a slightly undersquare 54x54.5 bore and stroke, this "125" is actually 123cc's, but who's counting?

1989 Aprilia Project 108 Replica L Side Lower

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Aprilia Project 108 Replica for Sale

Up for auction is a 1989 Aprilia Project 108 Replica 125cc (VIN 07149) with only 6565 km (4079 miles) on the odometer. The bike is in awesome shape as I took this on a trade from a friend who always stored it in a climate-controlled room. As far as I can tell everything is original and in pristine shape except for the right mirror broke off a while back as my friend was moving the bike (mirror is included) and a few fairing screws are replaced with zip ties. I put a new battery and fresh gas in the bike and it fired right up! If you have any questions feel free to call me at 435-241-8960 or 435-830-5980. The bike is sold as is with no warranty but I think you will be very pleased with the condition after viewing the photos and YouTube videos. Bike is for sale locally so auction may end at anytime. Title in hand!

1989 Aprilia Project 108 Replica Speedo

I've no idea what this is actually worth, but bidding is currently just under $2,400 although the reserve has not been met and there are several days left on the auction. It's obviously not in "pristine" shape, with a few zip ties and some surface rust, and paint chips and discoloration. But if you're looking for an Aprilia Project 108 Replica, this might be your only shot!


1989 Aprilia Project 108 Replica R Side

Hen’s Tooth: 1989 Aprilia Project 108 Replica for Sale
Suzuki February 16, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

Featured Listing: Very Original 1986 GSX-R750 for Sale

Update 3.19.2015: The seller has decided to hold on to this one. -dc

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 L Front

Today, we've got a very original and very clean first-generation GSX-R750 for sale. The point cannot be made strongly enough: the original GSX-R750 was ground zero for modern sportbikes. The underlying principles of light weight, mass-centralization and purpose-built focus on speed had combined previously in exotic bikes from niche manufacturers like Bimota, but those bikes often had single-digit production numbers and, while they served to demonstrate what could be done, they were a "what if" sideshow and had no real impact on mainstream production. Previous Japanese "sportbikes" were big, heavy inline fours with revised and reinforced suspensions, better brakes, and increased output, but they were fast in a sort of "hulking" way, something like a modern day Hayabusa: they were nothing to sneeze at, and did handle predictably, but didn't have anything like the backroad focus of a modern 600 or 1000.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 R Side

Introduced in 1985, the GSX-R was powered by a 750cc inline four. Seemingly a step backwards, the engine was oil/air-cooled, although it was felt that the weight savings and simplicity versus liquid cooling would easily offset the power disadvantage.

Almost as importantly, while other bikes might have dabbled in middleweight performance and handling, the GSX-R set the tone in terms of look, with a slab-sided fairing that fully-enclosed the motorcycle, leaving engineers to focus on function instead of form, since the mechanical bits would be completely concealed. A distinctive aluminum beam frame, dual front discs, a monoshock rear suspension, and 18" wheels front and rear helped set the standard as well, creating a basic look that still endures today, and likely continue into the future, until we adopt a practical replacement for the telescopic front fork.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 L Rear

From the seller: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

The bike has not been wrecked and no painting has been done. 100% original with 25,000 miles. The bike has been ridden and has normal wear and tear, but it is a crowd-pleaser, to say the least.

The bike is in perfect running condition and because I'm a little fanatical I recently had the bike fully serviced, prepped, and set up on the Dyno at Karns Performance Suzuki, in Mechanicsburg PA to get the carbs set up and the bike in tip top condition. These guys specialize in sport bikes and I knew I had the right shop when I went in and saw the GSXR-750 Limited up on a pedestal on display in their shop. Jason, one of the owners, took the bike in and made me feel good about leaving it with them. I was apprehensive about having all the work done but these guys are pros and it was right up their alley.

This complete service was almost $2,000 and included:

  • New fork seals and fluid.
  • New fuel petcock/valve.
  • Fresh oil and filter.
  • New OEM air cleaner.
  • New chain and sprockets.
  • New OEM Bridgestone radial tires.
  • Ultra sonic carb cleaning and balancing.
  • Dyno run/tune, to set up freshly cleaned carbs. Graph printout etc..
  • New battery.
  • New fuel lines.
  • Fresh front and rear brake fluid and flush.
  • Fresh clutch fluid and flush.
  • New flasher relay.

The paint is deep and lustrous, there are no visible scratches, the windshield is perfect and clear, the rear solo seat cowl cover is in place, all lights and electronics function as new, the inside of the tank is like new, the bike has been stored indoors its whole life and currently has fuel stabilizer run through it and is on a battery tender. The stock seat was recently put back on there is a Corbin Gunfighter that comes with the bike. The previous owner stored the stock seat and it is in brand new condition.

I purchased this bike from the original owner last summer who was a local State trooper. It was in near perfect condition with a couple very minor imperfections: a small dent on upper left edge of tank from a broom mishap that is barely noticeable. In fact I didn't notice it when I bought it but got the story later from my friend. There is also a small section of gray epoxy on the inside upper left faring in a thin strip a couple inches long, presumably to stop a hairline crack. However no crack is visible from either side. I did not notice either of these things when I bought the bike as they are very subtle or out if view.

Neither of these imperfections detract from the pristine appearance of this rare and stock condition machine but in the interest of full disclosure I wanted to point them out.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Tank Detail



Featured Listing: Very Original 1986 GSX-R750 for Sale
MZ February 16, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

V-Twin Alternative: 2005 MZ 1000 Sport for Sale

2006 MZ1000 Sport L Side

If you're in the market for a practical exotic that will turn heads and won't break the bank to buy or to run, this virtually new MZ 1000S deserves a closer look. As much as we'd all probably love a garage full of weird exotica, for budgetary and space reasons, many riders are forced to buy a do-it-all machine.

2006 MZ1000 Sport Dash

So what do you buy if you want a bike that's sporty and practical for daily use, but one that's also good for riding to the twisties and not just in the twisties, something with a bit of "get out of town-iness". And what if you want something a bit out of the ordinary? Well, the Ducati ST2, 3, and 4 represent a pretty great bang for your buck, but were introduced before Ducati adopted much longer service intervals, and the four-valve L-twin can be pricey to maintain. The BMW R1100S and the Triumph Sprint are also pretty good choices, but not really all that exotic...

2006 MZ1000 Sport Front

Introduced in 2005 and powered by a big parallel twin that provided packaging advantages and midrange punch at the expense of top-end performance, the 1000S engine was an ideal powerplant for the road. Unfortunately, the lack of a truly prestigious brand name worked against the 1000S and was at odds with MZ's quirky, grassroots image and the bike was discontinued after just three years. These are extremely rare in the US, although the ones that do come up for sale tend to be in excellent condition, and this one has just 16 miles on the odometer from new.

2006 MZ1000 Sport R Side Fairing Detail

From the original eBay listing: 2005 MZ 1000S for Sale

The MZ 1000 Sport Touring bike is a museum quality motorcycle. Owned and sold by a former MZ Motorcycle dealer, this bike is one of a kind. It has only been ridden around the dealership to park it. It has been kept in a climate controlled environment on display in the owner's various stores, from Michigan to Tennessee. This is truly a wonderful bike for the European motorcycle collector or for someone who is just looking to buy a piece of German history. 

Everything on it is original, everything is perfect like it would have been 20 years ago. Never titled, never tagged.

The bike listed for $11,000 in 2005.There were only 40 of these bikes imported into the USA. This bike is like new. Owned by the original dealer and sold by the original dealer. Fantastic bike.

Who ever is fortunate enough to become the new owner of this bike will become the proud owner of the last brand new MZ 1000 in the world.

It truly should be in a museum. 

2006 MZ1000 Sport Cockpit

In spite of the racy looks, the 1000S was really never intended as a pure sportbike, with handling biased towards the "comfort" end of the spectrum. But don't let that fool you into thinking this bike can't get a wiggle on when asked. It will function as a sporty, stylish everyday motorcycle that can munch miles and looks far less dated than many other bikes from the "straight edge" school of design.

2006 MZ1000 Sport Tank

If you really want a classy, competent machine that will leave onlookers scratching their heads or or nodding in sagely respect, something like the MZ 1000 Sport should do the job nicely, assuming you're willing to take a bit of a chance on servicing and parts. These are reportedly very reliable, and easy to get serviced by non-MZ mechanics, but it's still a bit of a leap of faith, buying an out-of-production sportbike that was never made in great numbers.


2006 MZ1000 Sport R Side Fairing

V-Twin Alternative: 2005 MZ 1000 Sport for Sale