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Suzuki February 14, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma with Zero Frickin’ Miles for Sale

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma R Side

If you're looking for a truly collectable Suzuki RG500Γ, your unicorn has been spotted, so move quickly. No seriously: this thing has zero, nil, null, 0, nada miles on it. Absolutely none.

Race replicas from the 1980's obviously needed appropriate powerplants to complete the illusion, and featured two-stroke engines like the machines racing in Moto GP. Suzuki's 500cc four-cylinder featured an unusual, water-cooled square four that was basically two parallel twins geared to a common crank. At under 400lbs dry with 100bhp and a race-ready chassis, it was a serious machine.

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma L Side Detail

When the listing mentions " rare chance to find another" he may be underselling it a bit, although his $39,000 asking price certainly doesn't... That's a lotta dough, but this may be the lowest-mile Gamma available anywhere, and has a valid California title to boot!

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma R Grip

From the original Craigslist post: 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma for Sale with Zero Miles

Suzuki RG500 . I am original owner. Purchased brand new. kept well preserved. No acid in orig battery . no gas in tank. The bike is brand new and no leaks. Cylinder maintained with constantly Not a single scratch . CA titled in non-op status with blue plate the same year purchased and imported into USA. Has the orig clear screen. Rare chance to find another.

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma Close Up

But what goes through the mind of someone willing to buy a state of the art sporting machine, then pack it away, never to turn a wheel in anger, or spew fragrant two-stroke smoke in the face of riders on slower bikes?

For anyone who wants a basically brand new motorcycle to place in a hermetically-sealed display case, this does represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For the rest of us, it represents an absolute tragedy: a machine built for speed, in suspended animation.


1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma L Side Tail

Honda February 13, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

Two-For-One: 1992 Honda NSR250SP with Rothmans and Repsol Plastics

1992 Honda NSR250SP Repsol R Front High

If you're a fan of two-stroke GP replicas, then this little Honda NSR250SP needs no introduction. Interestingly, it looks like there are two different bikes in the photos, but a quick read of the listing indicates that he's got two complete sets of plastics, one Repsol and one Rothmans, although the headlight configuration is obviously different for the two. Which is sort of cool: bored some rainy weekend when you'd rather be out riding? Grab some tools and swap your bodywork!

1992 Honda NSR250SP Repsol R Front

The NSR250R was powered by a 249cc, liquid-cooled two-stroke 90° v-twin that featured Honda's ATAC torque-boosting system to plump up the characteristically thin two-stroke midrange. The cassette-type six-speed gearbox is a nice feature, but probably not much use for anyone outside of a race team: designed for faster gearing changes trackside, it provides a nice talking point for the rest of us.

1992 Honda NSR250SP Repsol Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1992 Honda NSR250SP for Sale

 This is a very rare chance to own a piece of motorcycle history.
I am selling my NSR250SP
This is a no doubt head turner. This list of options on this bike is endless. 

The bike is registered on a MC21 frame with a valid NEW YORK STATE title with its 11 digit VIN number.
The motor is a MC28 dry clutch, with a fresh top end (Cyl, Pist rings Heads)and clutch Tyga performance exhaust.
The ignition system is MC28 credit card style, modified to work with standard or HRC card.
I have two complete sets of plastic and gas tanks: one Rothmans set and one Repsol set.
MC28 single sided wing arm
The bike has Tyga rear sets.
Custom Alloy triple tree
Custom Alloy fork brace
Mag Tek wheels
Fresh Metzler Tires
JHA Carbon gauge cover
Oil injection block off
Carbon fiber reeds
HRC jet kit
Carbon rear tire hugger
Tyge sub frame
Tyga battery box
Fresh Brakes
It will need a new battery

1992 Honda NSR250SP Repsol R Side

Although it's titled for road use in New York, with all the spare parts, this might make an excellent road and track machine, although you wouldn't want to risk that Rothman's bodywork. Or probably the Repsol! Fortunately, it looks like it comes with spare plastics as well...

Obviously, this thing's a bit of a mongrel, although it looks like it combines the best of several generations of NSR250's, so that's not necessarily a bad thing, unless you're a purist. Any experts want to weigh in on the choices the seller made in building this little monster?


1992 Honda NSR250SP Rothmans R Side

Two-For-One: 1992 Honda NSR250SP with Rothmans and Repsol Plastics
Aprilia February 12, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

Road or Track: 1995 Aprilia RS250 with Clear Cali Title

1995 Aprilia RS250 L Side Front

Fans of Rare Sport Bikes for Sale are obviously familiar with Aprilia's raucous two-stroke masterpiece, the RS250. Powered by a modified RGV250 engine and shaped to look like their winning GP250, the bike was introduced in 1995 and produced in road-going form until 2002.

1995 Aprilia RS250 L Side Rear

Here in the US, where GSX-R600's are often referred to as "learner bikes, the RS250 was a bit unusual. With razor-sharp handling, light weight, and high-specification suspension components, it was an incredibly focused motorcycle designed to put handling and race track performance above all else. Beautiful details are found all over the bike, like the distinctive and racy "banana" swingarm that allowed the shotgun style exhaust pipes to stay as close as possible to the bike's centerline, increasing cornering clearance.

1995 Aprilia RS250 Rear Suspension

This is an earlier example, which I prefer, with a simplified, more traditional dash compared to the later designs. And although the later bikes do look great in silver and black, I happen to like this garish, black/orange/purple scheme.

1995 Aprilia RS250 Cockpit

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Aprilia RS250 for Sale with Clear California Title

Clear California title, registration and pink slip. Impossible to find. This is reflected in the reserve price.
Runs well. Starts on first kick. Very powerful and screams when it hits the power band (9000-12000 RPMs).
No owner's manual or literature.
Good rubber, new rear sprocket and mirrors, carbs recently cleaned and tuned and new power valve.
Selling because I have a NSR250SP and since I have a baby on the way, one of them has to go and it's this one.
This is an excellent, extremely difficult to locate (titled, that is...) 2-stroke. It is, as listed, not perfect. However, if you want it to be perfect, parts are readily available and with a little wrenching you can have a mint bike. Or, enjoy riding it as is. Or, take it to track days.
Comes with a new (in box) Barnett Kevlar Clutch and 4 new spark plugs.

Flaws that I see: dent on left swing arm, looks like it was re-painted in areas, Some fairing bolts missing, slight (2 drip per week) leak from left shock, headlight cover missing, scratches on windscreen and fairings, left headlight doesn't work, aftermarket blinkers (one of which is broken), seat faded, end of clutch lever broken off, choke cable pulled from mount, speedometer cable missing (I just took it off because frayed, planned on getting new one), crack in temperature display plastic, couple dents/scratches on exhaust, I only have one key. Check the photos, which show everything.

1995 Aprilia RS250 L Fairing Front

This is obviously pretty far from the nicest example we've featured on the site, but is honestly represented by the seller and does come with a pretty important accessory: a clear California title, which is something of a rarity in the Golden State, especially among smog-spewing two-strokes. Some scuffs and scrapes are clearly visible in the photos, but it doesn't look like the bike's had more than a minor low-side. The headlight lens is missing, and the funky projector-beam lamps poking out through the gap don't look stock, but those minor flaws just mean you can use this bike hard, without worrying about destroying a pristine example.

And while it may not be perfect, that clear title makes this an excellent choice for racing fans who don't ride on the track, or backroad heroes looking for a scalpel instead of a hatchet.


1995 Aprilia RS250 L Side

Road or Track: 1995 Aprilia RS250 with Clear Cali Title
Bimota February 10, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

Honda-Powered Exotic: 1982 Bimota HB2 for Sale

1982 Bimota HB2 L Side

Built to follow the almost ridiculously rare HB1 of which only 10 were ever built, the Bimota HB2 wasn't all that much more common, with only 193 made between 1982 and 1983. The H[onda]B[imota]2 followed Bimota tradition, fitting the air/oil cooled 901cc four-cylinder and five-speed from the CB900F, but slotted into a bike that weighed 70lbs less.

The resulting machine made almost identical power to the donor bike, and could hit 140mph. But the real story was handling.

1982 Bimota HB2 Engine

Much of the weight reduction can be attributed to Bimota's signature one-piece tank-and-tail-section that attached to the frame using only four bolts for easy access to engine and suspension. The frame itself was a spiderweb of tubing that created a strong platform for the stiff monoshock and adjustable Ceriani fork up front, and the massive stick generated by the 16" wheels and tires at both ends.

1982 Bimota HB2 Front Tire

Bimota was wise enough to use Honda's original gauges on these early bikes, unlike their later models that used almost laughably unreliable bespoke parts. The HB2 wasn't as swoopy or exotic as the SB2, but followed the same basic formula, and the devil is definitely in the details here, with beautifully machined billet frame side-plates and rear brake caliper bracket.

1982 Bimota HB2 Rear Wheel

From the original eBay listing: 1982 Bimota HB2 for Sale in the UK

BIMOTA HB2 900cc
model year 1982
VIN 00100

Coupling Honda’s CB900 engine to Bimotas legendry top spec chassis made one of the sweetest handling bikes available during the early 80’s due to the also legendry high price only 193 were ever produced this being number 100, this era of Bimota were beautifully built to the highest standards unlike some of the later models but they still don’t command the high prices of some other classics so buy now before the world wakes up and realises just how special they were this ones in really nice condition throughout and great value

Ride and collect! Bulletproof investment.
Bike is currently located in Stowmarket, England but i can get them delivered all around the World at cost, no problem.
We can supply US contact as reference.

1982 Bimota HB2 Dash

To modern eyes, the lines are a bit awkward, but this was state of the art in 1982, and represents a real piece of sportbike history. Many of the technical details seem pedestrian today because of bikes like this that showed the way forward: compared to the twin-shock, cradle-framed CB that donated its powertrain, this thing looks like a spaceship.


1982 Bimota HB2 R Side

Honda-Powered Exotic: 1982 Bimota HB2 for Sale
MV Agusta February 6, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

Bargain Exotic: 2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 for Sale

2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 L Side

This entry may reignite the endless "what exactly is a sportbike" debate, but I'd argue that the MV Agusta Brutale is far more of a legitimate sportbike than a Ducati Monster or some other built-to-a-price bike designed to trade on an exotic name with parts-bin engineering. The Brutale is a full-on sportbike, fairing removed. It's far less extreme than the F4 on which it is based in terms of ergonomics, but isn't watered-down much at all.

It was almost unavoidable, really: in the same way that Triumph's Street Triple ended up being far more aggressive than competitors from Japan simply because Hinkley's budget was too small to create an entirely new bike. Triumph and MV Agusta simply did what you or I might have done with a crashed Daytona or F4 and pulled the shattered fairing, fitted comfortable bars, moved rearsets to a less punishing position, and called it done.

2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 Front

The suspension could perhaps have been tuned a bit better for the new weight distribution, but is undoubtedly high quality, with almost ridiculously beefy 50mm front forks. There isn't much room to move around on the bike: the seat sort of wants you to stay where you are and won't let you slide forwards or backwards much and the ride is stiff, but feels very well controlled at all times.

And, because of its exotic name and initially high costs, many have been absolutely babied, making them an excellent buy on the second-hand market.

From the original eBay listing: 2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 for Sale

Here is an extremely clean and original Brutale for your consideration. 

3200 miles with light use by an older gent owner. Sensible modifications include CQ mid pipe (Cat removal), removal of license plate hanging apparatus and large turn signals (bike has LED taillight with integrated indicators) 

Ferracci adjustable billet rearsets. 

Light custom accents include: Suede seat, Tommaselli grips, powder coated and machined heel guards and frame guards, custom plate holder, Carbon fiber passenger seat cover. Omission of passenger pegs - all original parts available. 

Bike had recent spark plugs, correct AGIP oil and filter service, brake pads, front & rear, complete injector removal and service. 

Bike is in excellent condition, paint on body panels, trim, frame, wheels is all excellent. 

This is a blisteringly fast (135hp) bike that has a comfortable upright seating and handlebar position...fantastic for weekend rides or commuting. It's not uncommon to find Brutale owners with 20k - even 30k + miles on these bikes. 

2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 Rearset

Unfortunately, if you're a fan of "moar noise" I've yet to see an end-can choice that really replicates the slash-cut style of the stock pipes, although a cat-delete mid-pipe like the one on this bike will free up a very expensive-sounding snarl from the radial-valved four. But you really don't need to do much of anything to these: they're pretty great right out of the box, with quality components, and plenty fast. Deleting the hideous stock mirrors is a great start, and even though it's probably a little bit gauche, I actually like the suede seat. It might impede side-to-side movement if you like hanging off in corners, but I'm sure you could find a second-hand stock seat for days when you want to corner-carve instead of pose...

And this will definitely do both. It makes plenty of power for a naked bike and the suspension has the chops to keep it under control.

Brutales are available for a song right now and are virtually indistinguishable from new bikes to the average onlooker. They're beautifully engineered and very well finished bikes: up close, the details impress. The hard parts are very robust, although some details can require attention: headlight lenses can, um... fall out, and you should make sure the rear hub has been updated, since earlier examples did sometimes fail.

So this may not make a great everyday bike, and you should plan to spend some money on upkeep, but when properly maintained, these are pretty spectacular bikes and should be able to embarrass more than a few sportbikes on road, track, or anywhere top speed isn't an issue.


2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 Dash

Bargain Exotic: 2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 for Sale
Suzuki February 5, 2015 posted by Tad Diemer

Free Shipping! 1991 Suzuki RGV250 for Sale in Japan

1991 Suzuki RGV250 R Side

Before you get too excited, this RGV250 is located in Japan, so if you want this one in your garage, you'll have to navigate the requirements for getting it shipped to and then registered wherever you live.

Unless you're in Japan...

1991 Suzuki RGV250 L Front

The RGV250 Γ "Gamma" was introduced in 1988 to replace the two-stroke parallel-twin RG250 and was built until 1998. The new machine shared its liquid-cooled, 90° v-twin with the Aprilia RS250 and, with about 60hp and a 300lb claimed dry-weight, the RGV was in the hunt with competing motorcycles from Kawasaki and Yamaha, although Aprilia made some modifications to improve performance, including reworked heads.

1991 Suzuki RGV250 Dash

This second-generation "VJ22" incorporated Suzuki's power-valve technology and featured upside-down forks, a 17" rear wheel that should make tire choice a bit easier, and a very cool "banana" swingarm that was designed to allow the paired exhausts to tuck in close for improved cornering clearance. The new swingarm increased weight slightly, but was very stiff and looked trick as hell. If you're looking at RGVs, this version is definitely more desirable than the earlier VJ21 model, but early VJ22s should have their power-valves checked to ensure they're functioning correctly: they can stick in the "low-rpm" position and limit top-end power.

1991 Suzuki RGV250 L Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1991 Suzuki RGV250 for Sale

Very rare 2 stroke bike from Japan to you.
The shipping cost is including the price!!(From our place to your nearest port)
It has scratches at both side of lower cowling and silencers. And has a little cracks. Right rear seat cowling of mounting tab is broken.
It has No rust in the gas tank.
Front forks are full adjustable, it has No rust on the chrome and No oil leaks.
The main key cylinder, tank cap and seat lock can use 1 key. But the key is not original.
Front break disc of thickness 4.2 mm, Rear break disc of thickness 4.3 mm.
It can start by 1 kick!! And runs very well!!

1991 Suzuki RGV250 R Rear

The RGV250 is extremely rare in North America, having never been officially imported. Although the $8,000 Buy It Now price seems a bit high, it supposedly does include shipping costs "to your nearest port," so that should count for something. To me though, an Aprilia RS250 looks better and are available for much less.

This one is obviously not some pristine collector, with some obvious scuffs and scrapes. Honestly, these make pretty lousy roadbikes for the most part, and while many people are happy to put up with narrow powerbands and uncomfortable riding positions in the name of style or because they live in Topanga Canyon, bikes like this are best on track.

So store away the original bodywork and lights or sell them on eBay, fit some lightweight plastics with fresh blue-and-white graphics, and turn this into a terrific trackbike!


1991 Suzuki RGV250 R Front

Free Shipping! 1991 Suzuki RGV250 for Sale in Japan