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Yamaha July 10, 2014 posted by Tad Diemer

Race Team Starter Kit: 1995 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

Do you have a fourteen-year-old with a head full of gears and a heart that pumps premix? Are you a serious sport rider that’s built like a fourteen-year-old? Are you a normal-sized guy who doesn’t care if he looks like the proverbial “monkey humping a football” while riding a bike that’s a bit on the small side? Well have I got a deal for you.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 for sale on eBay

1995 Yamaha TZ125 R Side

What we have here is a complete package, a ready-to-ride bike with stands and a whole raft of spare parts, extra transmission gearsets, and even a complete spare engine! Win the auction, roll up with a van, and drive away with your brand new race team. Just add stickers.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 R Side Naked

The TZ125 is not a roadbike converted to track duty: it’s a two-stroke racing machine in miniature with no starter but 44hp and six forward gears.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

Here is a chance to own a Two Stroke GP Bike. The little 125 can make 50hp and is certainly no toy. Lot's of features on this bike, my favorite being the cassette transmission. These are getting to be quite rare and hard to find. The bike was purchased used and completely disassembled and rebuilt. We had a plan to begin racing the following spring, but unfortunately the rider failed to qualify with his school grade points and the project stalled. The bike has sat unused in my heated garage and is now going to be sold. As you can see, the bike has had thousands invested in it. It is a racing motorbike and has no title and can not be ridden on the street. The Front and Rear Stands are included, along with one brand new windscreen worth $100 alone. But Wait there's more! A huge package of spare parts is included, Parts Manual, Workshop Manual, Jetting, Gearing, Pistons, Gaskets, O'rings, Throttle, Clutch and Brake Levers, Clutch Plates, Tachometer, Complete wire harness, ECM, Power Valve Actuator, Exhaust Pipe and muffler. A brand new Battle shifter, never fitted. Also included, all the alternate gear ratios for the trans, that's like 18 gears! Along with three new Shift Forks. Just take a look at the pictures. Just when you think this can't get any better, IT DOES!!!!! Now for the most amazing part of this auction...............A complete spare ENGINE with Carb and Generator is also included in this auction. I'm not kidding, it all goes with one winning bid.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 R Engine

This is obviously no collector’s item, no jewel-like classic to adorn your office or living room. This is a tool, a device for going fast. Or a device for learning to go fast. Given everything that’s included, the price so far is looking very fair.

Your teenage son or daughter is going to be so excited this Christmas, they probably won’t even notice that you’ve been “breaking it in for them”! Who needs a pony, anyway?


1995 Yamaha TZ125 L Side

Race Team Starter Kit: 1995 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale
Bimota July 9, 2014 posted by Tad Diemer

Tasty Origami: 2008 Bimota DB5R for Sale

I really wanted to post up yet another wonderfully weird and definitely non-sucky Buell but, unfortunately for fans of that misunderstood marque, I stumbled across this sharp-edged Bimota DB5R first, so all you lovers of perimeter brakes and double-duty components will have to wait for another day to get your fix.

And, in a way, Bimota really is sort of like the Italian Buell: other than the fantastically flawed V Due that almost bankrupted the company, all of their bikes featured engines from other manufacturers, wrapped in lighter, stronger frames, with aerodynamic bodywork and high-end suspension. Kawasakis, Hondas, Suzukis, BMWs, Yamahas, and Ducatis have all powered various Bimotas.

2008 Bimota DB5R Fairings2

Early Bimotas often featured dramatic improvements in terms of handling or performance compared to the bikes that donated their engines. But as technology progressed and the handling of factory machines improved, the company has evolved into a manufacturer of boutique origami confections of carbon and titanium that could be ridden in anger, but probably aren’t. Some innovative ideas still manage to work their way into their designs, but with only incremental advantages over the factory bikes, Bimota’s primary selling point these days seems to be their exotic style and top-shelf components. Dripping with exotic materials and high-end names, they take the very best and make it just that little bit better in the way that only lots of money can.

2008 Bimota DB5R Fairings

With the Italian mystique multiplied by their collaboration with Ducati, the DB bikes have always been good sellers for Bimota. Interestingly, the DB5 uses the air/oil-cooled, two-valve motor, instead of the much more powerful liquid-cooled, four-valve motor, although the DS version used here does feature twin plugs per cylinder.

From the original eBay listing: 2008 Bimota DB5R for Sale

This is a 2008 Bimota DB5R with only 750 miles on it, I have had it since it was new in 2008.
This model was one of two build for Shane Turpin.
The bike was serviced back in January 2014 with new battery and fluids and it has not been ridden since then.
It has come to the time where I have to many toy's and I will have to let go of this amazing bike.
It has some scratches on the right side due to it falling in my garage last year, I have taken pictures for you to review the scratches.
Please do some research on the bike if you do not know about this model.

There are certainly faster bikes for the money. You’re paying a whole lot of cash for a machine that only marginally outperforms the donor bike, which wasn’t all that fast to begin with: Ducati’s characterful air-cooled L-twin offers plenty of flexible midrange poke and the suspension components should offer sublime handling, but you’ll get killed on the straights at the track by guys who bought salvage-title GSX-R600s with unpainted race fairings. But that’s really not the point here: these days, Bimotas are really cost-no-object bits of road and track jewelry, bikes for folks who can afford the best.

2008 Bimota DB5R Dash Front

So who cares if this DB5 isn’t actually much faster than the Ducati Monster that donated its engine? It’s still plenty fast and exotic, although Bimota’s current obsession with stealth-fighter angularity could use a few curves thrown in. Straight lines are nice, and very decisive design elements, but these bikes tend to look a bit too busy to be truly beautiful.


2008 Bimota DB5R Rear


Tasty Origami: 2008 Bimota DB5R for Sale
Buell July 4, 2014 posted by Tad Diemer

Silk Purse Out of a Sow’s Ear: 1995 Buell Thunderbolt

I’m really not sure what it was that made Erik Buell stick with Harley Davidson power for so long. Maybe it was patriotism? Stubbornness, a desire to do something simply because no other sane person would even attempt it, let alone succeed?

Who knows, but the bikes he came up with, especially in those early years, are endearing and playful mutts, with a sort of cobbled-together style that stressed function over form. The weird, bulbous bodywork, the Performance Machine billet wheels, the huge, almost automotive air cleaner sticking out of the right side. But somehow it all works to create something that looks purposeful and cool, and clearly built around that imposing and iconic Harley mill.

1995 Buell Thunderbolt for sale on eBay

1995 Buell Thunderbolt S2 R Side

They also tuned the motor to make the powerband more sportbike-friendly and give it more than just a fat bottom-end. They did their best, but these are still heavy, low-revving lumps, and they run out of breath pretty early. But the torque, man. The torque

Buell eventually introduced many weight-saving, mass-centralizing features on their bikes, but you can still see indications of the direction he would eventually take in this early iteration. Although it lacks the distinctive ZTL [“zero torsional load”] perimeter brakes, their signature underslung exhaust was already in place and certainly unusual for the time.

This particular example looks great and includes a number of standard, effective upgrades that boost power for the 1200 Sportster engine to a claimed 108hp at the wheel!

1995 Buell Thunderbolt S2 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Buell Thunderbolt S2 for Sale

Up for sale is a cherry condition 1995 Buell Thunderbolt S2 Signature Edition. This particular bike has been owned and cared for by an adult and has not been down. It currently has 9314 miles which all have been well maintained by Lancaster Harley Davidson. The bike is currently on consignment and sitting in our show room for sale. It has had a fair amount of custom work with out effecting the quality of the ride or reliability. The custom work was all done proffesionally by J&B Moto Company and Lancaster Harley Davidson with the up most care taken when performing the work.

This bike might be relatively clunky and crude by today's standards, but it makes enough power to keep modern sportbikes honest. With most maintenance parts available at your local Harley dealer, this is an exotic you can live with that offers real-world performance in a sport-touring package. Also, that Harley connection means it’s okay to wear fringed leather chaps while riding, if you feel like it.


1995 Buell Thunderbolt S2 Front Rear

Silk Purse Out of a Sow’s Ear: 1995 Buell Thunderbolt
Buell June 30, 2014 posted by Tad Diemer

Okay, Maybe Size DOES Matter: 2012 Buell 1190RS Race Bike

Stunning bike, stunning hardware, stunning photography. Move quickly: there’s not much time left on this American superbike from maverick Erik Buell’s reborn EBR.

It’s a tragedy that this came just a few years after Harley euthanized their sportbike division. With a ball-peen hammer. Harley has been resting on its laurels for far too long: they’ve made some cool bikes over the years, but their racing days are more legend than fact at this point, and Buell could have brought back those glories if they’d been allowed to make bikes like the 1190RS.  I’m a fan of classic bikes and classic styling, but seriously: pre-unit gearboxes in 2014 might just be a bit too vintage for me…

2012 Buell 1190RS for sale on eBay

2012 EBR 1190 Race Bike L Front

Erik Buell’s early bikes might have been better off with something lighter than Harley's classic, air-cooled, 45° v-twin lump, but he worked with what he had at the time. The Sportster powertrain is emotive, but leadenly heavy, so Buell went on a weight-saving, mass-centralizing binge, with the frame doubling as a fuel tank, the swingarm holding the oil, a single, rim-mounted brake in place of a dual-disc setup.

An air-cooled twin that’s all torque stuffed into a compact, point-and-squirt machine? Sounds sort of like an American Monster… If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that this kind of bike would fit right in with Harley’s “American Badass” motif. Except: where is the stereo to blast Skynrd out on the open road? The hands-free BlueTooth system for ignoring your boss’ phone calls while you’re out riding in $1,500 worth of Harley-branded gear?

2012 EBR 1190 Race Bike Dash

Luckily, Mr Buell found a far more accommodating partner in Rotax and a far more effective powertrain in their 72° degree, liquid-cooled v-twin. What we have here, is possibly the second-coming of the American Superbike.

2012 EBR 1190 Race Bike R Rear

From the original eBay listing: 2012 EBR 1190RS for Sale

This is an AMA Pro Spec Superbike was last ridden by American rider Mark Miller in 2013 Macau GP
This bike is a closed course only factory superbike.
Is NOT street legal, nor can it be made to be street legal
Bike is located in Portland, OR
Motor & Chassis components were freshened before the Macau weekend and the bike is for sale as it finished that event.
Nothing has been removed or added since the completion of the event and it is for sale as is.
Ohlins Gas Charged Superbike Forks

Ohlins TTX36 Rear Shock
Complete Motec CDL Dash & Data Logger (Logger is configured to record all ecu channels via CAN Bus as well as the following analog inputs: Front & Rear Stroke sensors, oil pressure, air fuel ratio front & rear)
The list of performance upgrades accessories on this bike is much too long to list so I will summarize it “as it was last raced”

This EBR [“Erik Buell Racing”] 1190RS is, at the very least, way better looking than the 1125RR it replaced. It’s still much more "purposeful" than it is "beautiful," unless you count cool-as-hell details like those little carbon brake ducts beautiful.

Then this bike is gorgeous.

As I write this, bidding is around $8,000 with the reserve not yet met. I bet that money would just about cover the cost of the suspension…


2012 EBR 1190 Race Bike L Side

Okay, Maybe Size DOES Matter: 2012 Buell 1190RS Race Bike
Aprilia June 28, 2014 posted by Tad Diemer

Size Doesn’t Matter: Titled 2009 Aprilia RS125 in Colorado

Here in the US, there’s always been a limited market for small-displacement bikes. And when it comes to sporting machines, this seems doubly true: in many circles, a GSX-R600 is a “learner’s bike,” and anything smaller might be slapped with the dreaded “girl’s bike” label.

Which is sort of funny: I’ve met some girls who ride. They’re faster than you are.

2009 Aprilia RS125 L Front

But overseas, where high gas prices and tiered licenses make small but sporty bikes a near necessity, the RS125 has a long history of making race-replicas with the emphasis on “race.”

US emissions laws effectively killed the road-going two-stroke here in almost ten years prior, so when it was imported by Aprilia in 2009, the RS125 was not intended to be used on the street, although it came with full road equipment: headlights, turn signals, horn.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Dash

This example is in Colorado and is claimed to have a clear, street-legal title, although you should be sure to check with your local regulations if you live in more draconian California or New York where registration might be an issue.

From the original eBay listing: 2009 Aprilia RS125 for Sale

This is a super low mileage (327miles) bike. Like new.
It is very rare because it is street legal and comes with a CLEAR Colorado TITLE.
It was made street legal using factory Aprilia parts including the factory wiring sub harness.
It is installed with a full Arrow exhaust system.
It has an aftermarket gas cap. The stock pipe and gas cap and two keys come with the bike.

The seller has also included a nice video of the bike being started and ridden.

With just 15hp to play with, corner speed is the name of the game. Aided by a sub-300 pound dry weight, they handle like they’re on rails, in spite of their largely non-adjustable suspension.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Front

Asking price is just a shade under $6,000 which is, interestingly, almost exactly $500 more than the bike’s original MSRP... Depending on your local laws, this could make for a very fun back road carver or track day toy.


2009 Aprilia RS125 L Side


Size Doesn’t Matter: Titled 2009 Aprilia RS125 in Colorado
Triumph June 27, 2014 posted by Tad Diemer

Out of the Ashes: 1995 Triumph Daytona Super III

This was really where the modern Triumph began. Basically a mix-and-match of triples and fours stuck into a modular, steel spine-framed chassis that allowed the reborn British company maximum versatility to create different bikes on a common platform at a relatively minimal cost. The 900 in the Daytona was a three-cylinder and the same basic engine also powered the Thunderbird, Trident, Sprint, Tiger, Trophy, and Speed Triple.

1995 Triumph Daytona Super III for sale on eBay

1995 Triumph Daytona III Front Rear

Unfortunately, this modularity came at the price of increased weight. Handling isn’t ideal, and the bikes weren’t competitive in terms of ultimate performance when compared to the Japanese machines of the time. But they exuded character, were reasonably reliable, and allowed Anglophiles to “fly the flag” with pride.

1995 Triumph Daytona III Rear Speedo

While the bike as a whole may have been a bit heavy and slow-steering, the engine was, as the Brits say, “a corker.” Powerful, smooth, and relaxed, it would pull from low and wind out to redline, whichever struck your fancy. Too heavy for track work, it’s an excellent GT. A road-destroying tool for fast street riding, with a protective fairing and reasonable comfort, stable handling, combined with strong brakes and that peach of an engine.

1995 Triumph Daytona III R Front Wheel Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Triumph Daytona Limited Edition Super III

Bike is always garaged. It is a solid 9.5 out of 10. There is 1 tiny blemish a half an inch long on the tank but barely noticeable. The bike is one of 150 world wide. Special features include carbon fiber fender and sub-fender,flat side mikuni carbs, 6 pot calipers, and seat cowling. The motor is a 900cc triple, tuned by Cosworth (of rally car fame). The bike was fully serviced 30 days ago. It is started periodically but not driven to ensure the battery and motor stay in good working order. Tires are fairly new with 95% tread remaining. Though the bike retains all stock pieces (exhaust cans as well) with sale, some tasteful upgrades were made. Micron carbon pipes, handlebar risers, throttle meister cruise control and a beautiful Corbin seat. This is a rare bike in an important time in Triumph's rebirth. It is sure to appreciate, and I will miss it.

I think the styling on these early Bloor-era Triumphs has aged particularly well. Like the Ducati 900SS, they comfortably straddle eras, with design cues both vintage and modern. I prefer the first-gen Speed Triple, but this bike looks great in yellow and would make an excellent get-out-of-town bike for long weekend rides.


1995 Triumph Daytona III R Tank

Out of the Ashes: 1995 Triumph Daytona Super III