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Sport Bikes For Sale December 19, 2010 posted by Mike

1982 BMW R65LS

For sale: 1982 BMW R65LS

BMW created the unusual R65LS by taking a stock R65 and turning designer Hans Muth (think BWM R100RS, Suzuki Katana, Suzuki XN85, etc...) lose. The result was a bike with a striking profile and performance, well, performance equal to that of the stock R65 that powered it. Still, the inclusion of dual front disks, a sportier riding position and stiffer suspension definitely helped the R65LS out handle its lowly R65 brethren. In the end, customers were not interested in spending a premium over a standard R65, and the R65LS slipped off into obscurity.

Most R65LS bikes that you may come across are well-used machines, to put it kindly. Today's bike, while far from stock, appears to be in good shape. The paint is not stock, the valve covers have been replaced (the LS model had metal-finished valve covers versus the stock R65 black ones), bar-end mirrors have been added, and a two-into-one exhaust has been fitted. Between the weight and the relatively low output of the 650cc boxer, this bike is never really going to win any drag races, but the changes are tasteful (depending upon how you like the paint) and certainly don't hurt.

From the seller:
This LS goes right along real well! There are no abnormal sounds or vibrations, it starts right up, accelerates, shifts, stops and handles as it should. I have looked it over and given it a good inspection with everything checking out great, it’s obvious that this bike has been well taken care of and well maintained. The service is up to date, the oil and filter were just changed and all fluids checked it’s ready to ride.

Please look real close at the up-to-the-minute photos as they show this bike really well. The custom flat black paint is deep, rich and the sides are smooth and shinny with no fading or swirl marks. The plastics and frame components look nice and are not faded or dull. It is obvious that this LS has been stored inside. This is a great looking bike that doesn’t show many miles. There are no dings, dents, rips, tears, rust, corrosion or major flaws.

Key Features:
Fork Brace
Braided Steel Front Brake Lines
Two into One Black Exhaust
Mikuni Carburetors
Koni Shocks
Bar End Mirrors
Custom Paint

The going rate for one of these BMW oddities is in the $2,000 - $3,000 range. This bike, with custom paintwork, might coax more out of a buyer - but it is really hard to defend such a non-standard color on a relatively rare bike. Here is a previous RSBFS post regarding another R65LS to help with your research and still more info on the R65LS FAQ page.

The R65 line-up has been a proven, reliable configuration for BMW, and owners can expect a long life with these understressed machines. If you are interested, you can


Ducati December 19, 2010 posted by Mike

1977 Ducati 900cc Supersport

For sale: 1977 Ducati Supersport 900cc Bevel Drive

What we have here is what many would regard as THE Ducati superbike. You would be forgiven if your preference runs towards a Desmosedicci or a 1098R; the modern bikes are, after all, higher performance offerings. But back in the mid 1970s, this bike was as good as sportbikes could get: big torquey motor, agile chassis, good brakes and gorgeous Italian styling.

From the seller:
Up for auction is one of the nicest restored Bevel Ducatis you will ever see! This bike was completely re-built and restored in the late 1990s and then not run at all until I purchased it in 2006 (it had only 222 miles on it when I purchased it).

The bike was completely stripped down, and the engine was completely re-built. The previous owner nickel plated the frame. The bike was re-painted and the seat re-upholstered. Also, a new windshield was installed. The brakes were re-built, as was the clutch, and a Lucas RITA ignition was installed. The dash was replaced and the engine cases, fork triple trees, Borrani rims and fork sliders were polished. New Works Performance gas shocks were installed. The wheels were re-built with stainless spokes. Conti exhaust was polished and re-chromed. Billet oil filter cover. Chrome/stainless hardware was installed throughout bike.

I have done the following work during my ownership:
· The frame was chrome plated since the nickel plating was failing in spots.
· Turning indicators were installed
· Carbs were stripped, cleaned and re-built (40mm Dellorto PHMs)
· Installed power cone air filters, but bike also comes with velocity stacks for show
· Installed extended clutch actuator arm and new cable
· Brakes bled and new fluid and seals. Stainless brake lines for front and rear
· New dual rate springs for forks, along with new fluids and seals
· Installed billet adjustable pre-load fork caps (stock caps come with bike)
· Installed O-ring chain, new front and rear sprockets
· Installed new Dyna “red” coils and new spark plug wires and caps
· CRG mirrors installed
· Custom billet RITA ignition fabricated (pic is of old plastic cover)
· Billet O-ring oil dipstick/filler plug installed
· New battery
· Billet engine breather tower installed

This beauty does not necessarily score top marks for originality. The chrome over previously plated frame does detrack from strict collector value - although the bike gets an A+ for presentation. There is no denying that this bike makes a very tasteful statement, and is certain to get you noticed at the next place you stop.

So how much does the appearence of this bike add to it's value? The seller has some firm ideas. Bidding is over the $10k mark for this low mileage bike, with the reserve still in place. However the BIN price is listed at a cool $27,000. and watch the fun!


Moto Guzzi December 18, 2010 posted by Mike

1983 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans

For sale: 1983 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans

I'm dreaming of an Italian Christmas - one with a 1983 LeMans III. These 1980s Guzzis are very attractive and desireable machines, combining a large V-twin with a stout chassis and brakes (linked, of course). With a long-ish wheelbase and shaft drive, the LeMans is more of a GT than flat-out sportbike - but it gets along quite well all the same!

Fom the seller:
Rare and beautiful classic - '83 Le Mans
Approximately 21,250 original miles | Dell’Orto PHM 36mm pumpers | New Metzler front tire | New plugs & NGK caps | Running perfectly, fires up immediately, even in the dead of winter | New battery | New clutch and tach cable | All original, matching numbers | New fluids ( trans, axle and engine) oil & filter | Stock except for K&N filters | Nice quality matching bar end models | Bitubo fork inserts | Tomaselli Domino 1/4 turn throttle, stock throttle included | Collector or daily driver

The value of these older Guzzis has definitely been on an upward trend as of recent years. LeMans and V7 Sport models have been the primary beneficiaries of that boost, and this bike should be no different. Clean, nearly original, and in seemingly exceptional condition, I would expect this bike to meet the BIN price of $8500. For your chance to own a classic cafe racer from the Old Country, and jump over to the auction!


Bimota December 17, 2010 posted by Mike

What would Santa ride? 2009 Bimota DB7

For Sale: 2009 Bimota DB7

Can't you just see Santa, decked out in his red (leather) suit, delivering toys on this baby? Certainly much faster than reindeer, and far more stylish too. And with this particular bike being such a low mileage example with factory warranty, Santa won't have to worry much about the care and feeding of his tempermental Italian beauty.

From the seller:
A scratchless example of a rare 2009 Bimota DB7. Ducati 1098 powered with EVR slipper clutch, custom alacantra seat, and Zard slip on. All stock parts included. Guages were replaced under warranty and only show about 45 miles. Tires have less than 200 miles on them. Roughly 8 months of warranty left. Anybody serious about a bike like this already knows what it is. 386-566-2000 for questions or e-mail. I have more pictures in hi-res if needed.

The marriage of a Ducati 1098 powerplant and Bimota's unique chassis expertise - not to mention unquestionable craftsmanship - the DB7 is viewed by many as the ultimate Bimota superbike. Great handling, top-level componentry, and the exclusivity of owning a rare, hand-made motorcycle is what Bimota is all about. For other DB7s listed here on RSBFS, see previous posts HERE or HERE or HERE.

The going rate for a Bimota DB7 is just flat-out expensive. This particular bike, with low miles and additional add-ons, is priced right on the money compared to other DB7s we have seen, if not a bit under. With a BIN price under $23,000, this is starting to look like a deal. to jump over to the auction and beat Santa to the punch!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 16, 2010 posted by Mike

I’ll have a blue (smoke) Christmas: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

For sale: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

There is nothing like a nice RZ 350 to get you into the Christmas spirit. Admittedly this is not the nicest RZ we have seen in the pages of RSBFS, but it is the last legal, road-going two-stroke brought into this country by a major manufacturer - and that deserves a little oversight on our part. Besides, for those of us who find million dollar MHE twins a bit pricey, this bike fits nicely into more modest budgets.

From the seller:

The seller is not making any attempt to hide the damage, and from 30 feet away everything looks pretty minor. It even has Toomey pipes on it! After a glass or three of eggnog, I can almost hear the ring-a-ding-ding of Christmas. All you really need to do is ask Santa for a new windscreen and you will be able to deck the halls - as well as a few unsuspecting middleweights.

As described in previous RSBFS posts, RZ350s are fun little strokers that are getting harder to find. This one is not in ideal shape, but the major bits are all there. If you want to get in on the affordable classic collectable, this might be your chance! Click on over to the auction and


Harley Davidson December 16, 2010 posted by Mike

1975 Harley-Davidson RR350 Grand Prix Racer

1975 Harley-Davidson RR350 Grand Prix Racing Motorcycle

I must admit, I don't know a whole lot about The Motor Company's foray into GP roadracing. HD purchased 50% of Aeronautica Macchi's (Aermacchi) motorcycle division in the 1960s, and purchased the remainder of Aermacchi in the mid 1970s. From the Aermacchi division HD imported many two-stroke bikes as entry-level machines in the US. HD sold off the entire works to Cagiva in 1978.

It was from these Aermacchi years that HD entered the roadracing scene.

From the seller:
This is a very nice example restored in Germany and imported by me. The engine has been started once since the rebuild (rebuild documented by photographs) and I have the shop manual and some spares. It is not perfect, it has several small scratches from the import process. There is not a lot of information on these bikes available but one source does say that there were only 35 built. The 350cc was built for Walter Villas successful attempt to win both the 250cc and 350cc GP World Championships in 1975. The frame and engine numbers are as follows. *350/2c/2t/10027* on the frame steering neck and *350/2c/2t/10027 on the transmission case which is where the shop manual says they should be located indicating, to me, matching numbers. The bike has been stored for about 6 years. I have a matching RR250 listed on ebay in another ad and a 350 ERS also listed. I will deliver the bike to forward air for shipping, crating can be done by forward air. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. This is a very nice bike. Any questions please ask.

So what price does a piece of history like this bring? The seller claims that only 35 of these machines were created. Given the rarity of these bikes and the lack of recent auction data, that is a hard question to answer. The auction is at $8,200 at the time of this post, and the seller is apparently looking for more as the reserve has not been met. This could be a very interesting auction to follow, as the bidding has been relatively spirited. For more information, or to get into the action, .