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Bimota January 29, 2011 posted by Mike

2008 Bimota Tesi 3D – No Reserve Auction!

For sale: 2008 Bimota Tesi 3D at no reserve

Is this a sportbike, a science experiment, or simply artwork? The original Tesi (which translates to "thesis" in Italian), was the work of Bimota founder and legendary designer Massimo Tamburini - you may remember him from Ducati 916 and MV Agusta F4 fame. The Tesi 3D that you see here was designed entirely in-house at Bimota's design facility, but retains the hub steering theme. The Tesi 3D is powered by a Ducati air-cooled, two-valve motor. These are very reliable motors with tons of torque, although they are a little flat in the upper RPM range.

Here is a great shot of the front swingarm, as well as the "frame" of the bike. Instead of the traditional perimeter or box frame, the Tesi sports "C" shaped plates to which the engine and front and rear suspension are mounted. Check out the carbon steering rod!

From the seller:
Please call Michael Kiernan at (314)772-5758

All inspections are welcome. Please call Michael Kiernan at 314 772 5758 with any questions regarding this vehicle, shipping and storage.

I'm not sure how a seller of something this beautiful and rare could not have *something* to say about the bike, but apparently the pictures are meant to speak for themselves. Speaking of pictures, here are a few more:

If the Tesi has any drawbacks, the price must certainly be one of them. When new, these left the showroom floor for $36,000 plus taxes, etc. As demand (or the economy) dwindled, so too did the price. Brand new bikes were moving in the high $20k range, which included a factory warranty.

The no reserve auction on this Tesi 3D has an opening bid of $28k - and no takers yet. The bike has 10,000 miles on it, so it is far from new. If you just *must* have a Tesi 3D and have been unable to find one, this might just be your bike. If you are looking for a Bimota bargain, however, I would keep looking. To see for yourself, click on the link and . Good luck!


Kawasaki January 29, 2011 posted by Mike

First of the Turbo Bikes: 1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC

For Sale: 1978 Kawasaki kz1000 Z1R-TC Turbo Charged Z1-R

When it comes to "factory" Turbo bikes, the Kawasaki Z1R-TC was the bike that paved the way. Created through an arrangment between Kawasaki and Turbo Cycle Corporation (which was founded by ex-Kawasaki Marketing Director, Alan Masek), brand new Z1Rs were sent to TCC, who then modified them with a RayJay turbo and badging. These modified bikes were then sold through select Kawasaki dealers - without a warranty.

From the seller:
This listing is for Kawasaki's 1978 Turbo Charged Z1R: frame # KZT00D0076xx and engine # KZT00DE0076xx. This example is an unrestored, early release unit (1 of 250) with matching numbers and low miles. Upgrades and alterations include:

New Paint (2008)
Allen Head SS Fastener kit (2007)
Oil Return re-routed to Kick Start cover (from Oil Filler cap)
New Tires (2008)
New Sealed Battery (2008)
Welded Crank (2005)
High Capacity Oil Pan w/ Trap Door (2005 & 2007)
Backcut Transmission (2005)
Lock Up Clutch (2005)
New DOHC points cover in 2008 (Moriwaki cover was removed & unavailable)
1075 Turbo Piston kit (2005)
Dynatek Dana S ignition in 2008 (replaced original Martex system)
"TC" Side Cover emblems (2008)

The oil/ filter was changed and tank drained in the fall of 2008, and it has been in storage. The manual, supplement, black zip case, extra key and the other items pictured are included along with any pertinent documentation.

This particular bike is in great condition for such a rare model. The color is correct for a US bike, as is the year (they were only offered '78-'80, although rumor has it that the '79 bikes were simply repainted unsold units from '78). There were only approximately 500 units total of the Z1R-TC created, and even fewer in the stock Kawasaki color. Later models (and Canadian bikes) had the multi-stripe graphic as seen below.

Bidding has been brisk on this example, with the current pricing in the $8k range and the reserve still in place. Look for this one to go up quite a bit more before it ends. Sure, parts may be a bit difficult to find (at least the non-Kawasaki gear), but by all standards this is one fast bike. Straight-line performance eclipsed that of most of the later factory Turbo bikes, with 1/4-mile times in the 10 second range.

This is a real piece of history that deserves a good home. For more info, to simply watch the auction, or to bid on the bike to make it your own, click the link to .


Kawasaki January 28, 2011 posted by Mike

Eddie Rides Again: 1983 Kawasaki KZ 1000R ELR

For Sale: 1983 Kawasaki KZ 1000R ELR Eddie Lawson Replica

We have seen a number of ELR offerings on RSBFS in the past few months - enough to make you wonder how rare these really are. But such is the nature of the collectable bike market - you might not see something for a very long time, only to then find several available at once.

Unlike the last few ELRs posted here (such as THIS ONE or THIS ONE, this bike is not quite museum quality. It would appear that most of the bits are there, the owner has outlined his performance mods in the text below AND will throw in a new Kerker exhaust as well as some other stock bits. In all, not a bad find for a bike with reasonable miles in reasonable condition.

From the seller:
I am listing this 1000R that I have owned for almost 25 years. I bought the bike from the original owner in 1987, it had 15,600 miles on it then. Since owning it, I had the motor completely rebuilt, including a Falicon crank, GPZ1100 cylinders and pistons with new rings. I have the original pistons, stock cams, all new valves, cam chain, cam sprockets which were slotted and degree'd, and race cut transmission. I have the original carbs and airbox that were replaced with Mukuni Flat slides. The bike runs really well with this combination. All work was performed by Cycle Performance Engineering, CPE, Clinton MD. They maintained this bike for me for almost 20 years til the death of the shop owner 5 years ago. I have reciepts for all work performed.

I had the bike running up on til 2-3 years ago, since this time things have happened. Carbs need cleaning, it may start, but haven't tried, rolls over with no problem. Both brake master cylinders need to be rebuilt. The bike doesn't roll easily, we did new wheel bearings 5 years ago. There are no leaks, fork seals were done in 1993, no leaks. Tires are what came on the bike when purchased from the original owner.

Cosmeticlly it's a 15,000 mile bike, not perfect, has fading and a couple of small chips in the paint, with typical paint missing on the master cylinder. Windscreen has some discoloration and one small crack by mounting screw. All lights and electrics work fine. I also have NIB (new in box) the correct Kerker system puchased in 1993, also have NIB turn signals (4) 1993.

Pricing on these ELR models swings as wildly as the condition in which we find them. Great bikes pull in $10k+, and average bikes struggle to reach $7k. I think that this bike may be one of the latter, although considering the desirability and collectability of this model, that is not a bad deal. Bidding has currently stalled in the $5k range, but with time left on the auction and a willing bidder, this ELR could be yours! Click on the link to . Good Luck!


Cafe Racer January 27, 2011 posted by Mike

British Bimota: 1974 Honda Rickman CR 750

For Sale: 1974 Honda CB750 Rickman CR

The brothers Rickman, famed for their motorcross frames, turned to street bikes as a natural evolution. Using Reynolds 531 manganese-molybdenum steel tubing, the brothers created a kit-bike package not unlike the early Bimotas - prospective buyers simply needed to add key bits from a donor bike (in this case a Honda CB750), such as engine, transmission, instrumentation, and electrical. The result was a motorcycle that handled far superior to the donor bike, albeit at a much higher cost.

The Rickman CR today is very collectable, but due to the kit-bike nature of the package they are very inconsistent in terms of componentry and build quality. This particular bike appears to be the real deal, and is in great shape - although some work may need to be done to make it a runner.

From the seller:
This is it collectors!!

A fantastic unmolested all original 1974 Rickman CB750 much to nice to restore, even the original leather tank strap is in great shape. This bike spent most of it's life in a motorcycle theme restaurant before going to auction in Las Vegas a few years back. Was running nicely for a couple shows and short rides when put in my collection 4 years ago in in an AC controlled showroom. Will need fluids and battery if you want it to run or just hold on to this jewel.

No Title.. Bill of sale only Engine Number:CB750E-2057702.

Values on Rickman-framed bikes swing wildly depending upon condition. Expect to pay around $7k for a decent bike, and closer to $20k for a pristine, restored model. This bike fits somewhere in between those extremes; it is complete and in good condition, but may require some effort for those who are more interested in riding than collecting. For other RSBFS entries on Rickman bikes, check out HERE and HERE.

This auction is on right now and the buy-in price is currently at a paltry $2,500. That will not last long, and it will be interesting to see where the reserve is set. Either way, the bike looks great and is really a rare find. Click the link to visit the auction and


Sport Bikes For Sale January 26, 2011 posted by Mike

What is the EPA? 1984 Yamaha RZ350

For Sale: 1984 Yamaha rz350 RZ 350

The RSBFS staff seem to love these little bikes, judging by the number we have found and posted over the years. Some have been well kept and loved, others hot-rodded and modified within an inch of their lives, including porting, pipes, new suspension, and more. Today's bike is surprisingly stock; it is claimed all original, and still has the original exhaust (which contain catalytic converters to try to clean up the RZ's notoriously dirty two-stroke output) and original front tire (!).

From the seller:
1984 Yamaha RZ 350 Kenny Roberts. Own a piece of motorcycle history. This is the first year the rz was offered in the U.S. The last of the street legal two stroke's in america. This bike is in very good original condition. A very low mileage bike. Only 4061 original miles. It doesn't get much better than this. I have a clear title and original owners manual. Bike runs great and still has the original front tire still on it!

With just over 4,000 miles on the clock, this little RZ is a real survivor. Performance is adequate in stock form, although keep in mind that we are only talking about 350cc here. Tires would be at the top of my list, along with a case of two-stroke oil and a permanent grin. With light weight and nimble handling, hooligan sound and just a wisp of blue smoke, here is a collectable machine that is begging to be ridden.

The auction is currently at the $4,000 mark, which is low dollar for a complete and original RZ. There is no reserve, so some lucky bidder is going home with the bike! To get more info, see more pics and get in on the action, click on the link and

Sport Bikes For Sale January 25, 2011 posted by Mike

Living on the Edge: 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000S

For Sale: 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000S

For all of you RSBFS fans who think that the staff spends a little too much time and attention on '90s bikes and newer, here is a GREAT classic from the 1980s. When the Katana was released, it up-ended what everyone thought a sportbike should look like and put Suzuki on the forefront of style and design. Powered by an updated version of the GS 1-liter mill, this two-valve, air-cooled motor was as strong as anything offered in the day.

This particular Katana - a 1982 model - is in about the best condition I have seen for one of these bikes. Far too many Katanas were hot-rodded, used up, and then discarded. Finding something in this shape is really quite rare.

From the seller:
This beautiful motorcycle was used in shows. It has upgraded adjustable rear shocks & front fork brace to improve handling.

Bike is garage kept and covered and has never fallen over. Original seat, windscreen and exhaust were taken off 20 years ago to preserve condition.

Front turn signals were relocated European style, to prevent people from passing too close and breaking them off during a show; can be put back to original position if so requested at completion of sale.

Chain was replaced due to lack of use. New chain is "O" ring type.

Engine is free of oil leaks from top to bottom. Gas tank has no rust inside. All controls electrical & mechanical work.

New Battery and tires.

So where should this auction be in terms of price? Well, if we look at the meager pickings of similar auctions recently (RSBFS posted this Katana HERE, another one HERE, and another '82 model was auctioned off at the Mid America Auctions event in Las Vegas a few weeks ago), ratted out "survivors" cross the block in the $4k - $5k range. This bike is far from ratted out, however, and should easily bring more than that.

This auction is going on right now, and the entry price is still quite low at $5,000. Get in while you can, as this one will go quickly and is sure to appreciate over time! Click here to .