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Bimota April 17, 2011 posted by Mike

Laser Focus: 1982 Bimota Laser TT KB2

For Sale: 1982 Bimota Laser TT KB2

There are those that claim the NR750 oval piston Honda is the holy grail of collectable sportbikes. Still others point to Ducati superbikes (D16RR and 750SS, new and old), rare gray-market import bikes (insert two stroke of dreams here) or one-off manufacturers who have since come and gone from the scene (Britton, perhaps?). Whatever the stuff of your dreams, these early Bimotas must surely be near the top of the list.

The concept behind Bimota is simple: provide the customer with the finest, flex-free frame that engineering can design, bolt up the best components that money can buy, wrap it in hand-laid fiberglass that only an Italian designer could create, and stuff it full of reliable, Japanese power. And if this sounds like a recipe for a parts bike / kit bike experience, that is exactly how Bimota started life. Customers were shipped frame kits, suspension components and bodywork, the customer then supplied a donor bike from which to pilfer engine/trans/running gear, and then the customer put it all together.

This kit bike concept allowed Bimota to enter the motorcycle market without the pressures of becoming a full-fledged manufacturer. It also means that all early Bimotas such as this KB2 are hand-built and as indivudual as the customers who built them. This adds to the mystique, the rarity, and ultimately the desireability of these bikes. It certainly helped that any Bimota would flat out smoke contemporary Japanese hardware of the day - despite using the same powerplant. The level of handling was on another plane entirely.

From the seller:
Up for auction is a 1982 Bimota KB2 Laser TT. This is a very clean unrestored original motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection.

The Vin# is 00134. The odometer shows 1,473 Kilometers (915 Miles).

The condition of the bike is fantastic and My dad is the second owner

For those readers who don't know what a KB2, is, allow me to educate. The second major series of Bimotas to be powered by a Kawasaki engine (K=Kawasaki, B=Bimota, 2=Series of KB bikes), the Laser accepted the engine and running gear from a Kawasaki GPz550. Thus, the KB2 is one of the smallest bikes created by the Rimini firm. It is difficult to obtain accurate numbers, but production quantities for the KB2 were relatively small (some sources indicate only 177 units total). And while these bikes do come up for auction occasionally, it is a pretty rare occurrence - and pricey to boot.

This bike looks to be in exceptional condition, absolutely clean and without obvious damage. The listed mileage is low (less than 1,000 miles), although you cannot always trust the odometer in this case as this was one of the pieces pilfered from the donor bike when the kit was assembled. If you are serious about the bike, best to contact the seller and confirm.

A KB2 in average condition is a $15,000 purchase any day of the week. Exemplary bikes, like the one pictured here, are much more into the $20,000 territory. This auction started at .99 (!), and is currently sitting around $4k with reserve not yet met. For your opportunity to own this gem - or just to drool over more of the pictures as provided by the seller - . And while you're at it, tell 'em you found it on RSBFS!


Ducati April 11, 2011 posted by Mike

Lightning strikes twice! Another Ducati 750 F1

For Sale: 1988 Ducati 750 F1

After all the positive feedback on the last 750 F1 post on RSBFS, I was thrilled to find another one for our readership. This one, however, is a little different. This is the only picture the seller has opted to share. And while that same great Ducati shape shows well at a distance, the finer details are clearly missing.

From the seller:
very rare,limited production,stays in livingroom,,appraised @29,900 hand built,chromed,stealbraided lines brembo brakes,floating cast iron roters,42mm,direct flo delortoes,dir.flo petcocks,street legal,or win @track,,full fearings,red,white,green,custom paint,matching jimmy adamo helment,forcelle suspension new rubber,only 6373k miles will consider serios offer,,,,,,bike is to fast,,,and winnes every show i put it in,not to mention every race!!!!

These 750 F1 Ducatis came in multiple flavors. In addition to the base 750, Ducati offered three hotter versions: the Montjuich, the Laguna Seca, and the Santa Monica. While any F1 is a desireable machine, ultimately the factory hot rods will bring more money at auction.

This auction is on right now with an opening ask of $9,000 plus reserve. $9k is not out of line for a clean 750 F1, but it remains to be seen where the reserve is set. The BIN for this bike is $12,000 - again, not out of line for a 750 F1, but questionable for a bike we know so little about. First step would be to ask for more info and pictures.

To check out the auction, . If you find out more, be sure to let us know. And tell 'em you saw it on RSBFS!


Sport Bikes For Sale April 8, 2011 posted by Mike

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma in original condition!

For Sale: 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma in Canada

We seem to be in a two-stroke mood over here on RSBFS lately - and I happen to like it that way, thank you very much! That is why I was stoked to find the big brother of this 250 Gamma I posted a few days ago. Today's bike is the full bore, real deal: 500cc, square four, 95 horsepower rocketship from a bygone era.

Now THIS is what the back end of a proper sport bike should look like! Canisters sticking out at every angle make this Gamma look the business. I imagine these silencers make very beautiful music once that square four starts banging away and gets on the pipe.

From the seller:
Up for sale is my super clean, low mileage, original Suzuki RG500 Gamma. -The Holy Grail of investment motorcycles. I am the second owner of this well taken care of Canadian motorcycle. One close-up look will tell you that the bike has original paint and has never been dropped or in an accident. The paint is shiny and looks good from far AND close. The bike is fresh from a full tune up including full carb rebuild and adjustment, new battery and spark plugs. The brakes, compression, fork seals and general condition of the bike were all checked by the dealership just last month. The bike is mechanically and esthetically sound. There are tiny cracks in the fairing where the mirrors bolt on like all the other RGs, but other than that the plastic is totally intact. The belly pan, which is the very first thing to go on these bikes, is LIKE NEW. The bike is excruciatingly clean for a 25 year old beast! Some of the goodies are: -Very sought after FOX fully adjustable rear shock, gives a much better ride. (YES I have the original in good shape) -Only 32,167 original documented Canadian miles (52,412 km) -Both tires in very good condition -2 original keys, owners manual, stock rear shock I CAN SHIP THE BIKE ANYWHERE IN CANADA AND THE LOWER 48 STATES

The bike looks period correct with no visible mods. The shock is a non-destructive add-on, and the seller has the original to go along with the sale. All told, if you are in the market for a 500 Gamma and do not fear the importation process from Canada, then this just might be the bike for you.

With 32,167 miles on the odometer, this is not the newest bike we have seen. While the mileage may detract a bit, the overall original condition of the bike has to offset that a bit. This seller started bidding at a very rational $4,500 (with reserve), and a BIN of $16,750. That BIN number is optimistic in my opinion, as we usually see these bikes stretch up to $15,000 or so. The current bid is still below $5k as of this writing, so now is the time to get in there! , and tell 'em you saw it on RSBFS!


Ducati April 7, 2011 posted by Mike

Duck on a Diet: 1992 Ducati Superlight

For Sale: 1992 Ducati Superlight

In 1992, Ducati took a base 900 Supersport and detracted some needless things. Out went the 2 passenger seat and the passenger pegs. In their place was fitted a solo seat tail section reminiscent of the racers. Upswept exhaust pipes filled the space left by the pegs, and upgraded brakes, forks and wheels (Marvic composite magnesium) were added. The bike was topped off by a carbon front fender and a limited edition plate rivited to the triple clamps. All told, the SL tipped the scales at a reported 3kg weight savings over the standard 900SS. For those precious pounds buyers paid a dear premium.

Nice picture highlighting the upswept exhaust, tires complete with little nubs, and the magnesium wheels. All told, this was a very tidy package by Ducati - and later made redundant by the improvements to the 900SS line. In the end, what the Superlight really offered was numbered exclusivity.

From the seller:
Ducati 900 SL Superlight
year of construction 1992
*** NEW ***
the latter in the world
0 miles
tank no rust
engine never run.
rare magnesium wheels

Located in Dusseldorf, Germany, this particular bike leaves many questions unanswered. Right off the top: Why own a beatiful bike like this and not ride it? Next, if you are going to sell such a valuable museum piece, why can't you take a few good pictures of it?

Now that I got my rant on, let's keep it going: Why list the bike as a zero mile example when the odo and trip clearly shows mileage? And since the mileage is significant (have you ever tried to push a motorcycle four miles?), do we really believe that the motor was never started? It would have had to have been to go through the dealer prep process, right?

Maybe I'm just jealous and quick to find nits because I have always lusted after a SL. But when you are asking $28 large (which is a flat absurd sum for the average SL), I would expect a little more scrutiny from the buying community.

OK RSBFS experts: you tell me. and tell me what you think.


Honda April 6, 2011 posted by Mike

Let there be smoke! 1986 Honda NS400R

For Sale: 1986 Honda NS400R

Take a moment to ponder those lucky Canadians. Long recipients of bikes never considered for import into the US, the "neighbors to the north" continue to be the source of some great machinery. In this case, a rare '86 NS400R V-3 two stroke. Today's bike is a clean looking example of the breed, with stock pipes and recent service.

From the seller:
Up for auction is a 1986 Honda NS400R. Honda's biggest 2stroke street bike. The bike is take on Freddie Spencer's 1983 world championship winning NS500 triple. It is a 387cc V3. I have a clean title in hand.

The bike will need new tires. There are a few paint chips that have been touched up. The carbs were serviced by Rocket Cycle here in Toronto, ( NOT CHEAP ). The coolant was changed in October and the bike went into storage in November. I didn't ride the bike much this past summer only a handful of times, just to keep things moving. Its a fun little bike that does gets quite a bit of attention. It was a rare bike in 1986 because it was expensive when compared to what other bikes were being sold for. I believe they sold about 405 of these bikes in Canada. None were shipped to the US, but I did see one at the Barber Museum in October , when I was there for the RG gathering.

As there was a ban on tobacco ads back in the mid 80's, the Rothman's livery was not available in Canada. So the bike was only sold in the HRC scheme. It was a sweet looking bike back then and still looks good today. The comstar wheels really compliment the look of the bike.

The bike will be sold as seen. I will include the service manual which was hard enough for me to get. The infil part that sits behind the passenger seat will also be included, as will the chrome tie down hooks. They are not on the bike now because I don't like the look of chrome on this bike.

I bought this bike because I liked the look and mystique of this unusual bike, but now its time to move on. It was respectfully ridden and never abused.

Winning bidder must arrange there own shipping. I can deliver the bike up to 100 kms free of charge.

There is NO warranty implied, expessed or otherwise. It is a 25 year old USED bike. The bike is being sold as is. Pickup from my home is welcome. ASK ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BID.

The seller, who also has a Yamaha RZV500 (now sold) and Suzuki RG500 Gamma (not for sale), has offered a few videos of the NS400. Enjoy the popcorn sound of two strokes!

This video does not have the greatest sound, but it sure is nice to see these bikes out on the road - and it would be even better if those roads (and bikes) were in the US....

The starting bid for this Japanese-Canadian beauty is a cool $5,000 US. With 22,000 miles on the odometer, this is not a new, low miles bike. On the other hand, it has been ridden and appears in reasonable condition. I suspect the lack of a US title will impact the sale, but perhaps some savvy RSBFS reader can clue us in on how hard it is to import one of these beauties.

The auction is on now, and waiting for you to .


Bimota April 4, 2011 posted by Mike

Italian Hothead: 1988 Bimota YB4 750 E.I.

For Sale: 1988 Bimota YB4 750 E.I.

Update 4.3.11: This listing was pulled by eBay but is back. Link updated.

It seems to be the season for rare, vintage Bimotas. First we saw Phil's post on the legendary SB3 (click here for more details), and then sharp-eyed RSBFS reader Zach pointed out that this 1988 YB4 is back on the market. This is not the first time we have seen this bike: the seller posted his entire collection of homologation racers on RSBFS last year (click here for the original post). While some bikes from the collection sold, the YB4 did not.

So what is a YB4? Take a Yamaha FZ750 5-valve Genesis motor, augment it with custom fuel injection, stuff it into a stout, twin-spar aluminum frame, wrap it in voluptuous, hand-laid 'glass, suspend it with the best Marzocchi forks of the day, and stop it with top line Brembos. Bimota built just enough of them in 1988 (200) to qualify for homologation status, allowing them to compete in World Superbike Championship. It didn't hurt that it was a winning package.

From the seller:
1988 BIMOTA YB4 e.i. 750cc
For you Bimota collectors and 80's - 90's superbike enthusiasts out there, on offer is this beautiful condition YB4 e.i. with an amazingly minimal 1,985 miles.

FYI: This homologation superbike special is for sale locally - so I reserve the right to end the auction early.

Yamaha FZ 750 Fuel Injected Engine
Marzocchi Forks
Brembo Brakes

If you have questions regarding this machine or would like to see additional photos, please contact me through eBay and I will send additional information to you.

With typical Bimota artistic attention to detail, this is a very beautiful motorcycle. Great handling, good power and exceptional light weight make this a very desireable collectable. Ultimately, Bimota created just over 300 of these YB4 machines over a two year run - and finding one in the U.S. is a rare event.

This bike is available on eBay again, and interest has been moderate. The current bid is up to $7,100 at the time of this writing, which is still below the reserve. There are lots more pictures and more information offered by the seller, and I encourage you to check out this rare bird if you are at all interested. Good Luck and tell 'em you saw it on RSBFS!