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Sport Bikes For Sale July 24, 2011 posted by Mike

Jamie James prepared 2008 Yamaha YZF-R AMA Superbike – ex Scott Russell bike!

For Sale: 2008 Yamaha YZF-R AMA Superbike Jamie James Scott Russell

What you are looking at is a 2008 Yamaha R1 prepared by Jamie James Productions for Scott "Mr Daytona" Russell. This bike was a backup bike for AMA SuperStock competition, and retains street legal bits and title in addition to the Jamie James and Scott Russell pedigree.

From the seller:
JJP ( Jamie James Productions) a Superbike champion and as a Yamaha factory spokesperson is legendary. With the help of the factory, Jamie James built 2 Yamaha R1's for Superstock competition with the rider being "Mr. Daytona" Scott Russell. This happens to be the back up bike, athough set up identically to the race bike it was actually never raced, hence why its like new. I recently spoke to Jamie about the bike and he remembers it well, in fact Jamie remembers Scott saying "this is the fastest bike I've ever ridden". I wont bore you with the details of the stock Yamaha R1, but this about the time Jorge Lorenzo won Moto GP, Ben Spies won WSBK world superbike ( hence the bodykit) and Josh Hayes won AMA superbike, 'nuff said. It's part of my personal collection of bikes, not my stores and It's condition is near flawless. Yes it's used, so expect to find some wear if you get on your hands and knees ( maybe some carbon damage on muffler),but you would be hard pressed to find it, Im fastidious about the details. Its' never been raced by Scott Russell or myself, but probably needs to be, its an incredible machine and you wont get passed on the straights, thats for sure. It comes with TWO sets of body work,one for the track and one for the street of which there are pics of both in the Sterilgarda livery. Show or ride this bike, street riding is awesome with the Bazzaz fuel management. It's low mileage, and incredible amount of bits of which I'll list below and it may be the only one in the world like it. Have copy of original paperwork from Yamaha to Jamie James. The title is in my name now, free and clear.

Here is a detailed video from the seller outlining key features of the bike:

And here is an extensive list of items included with the bike:

Hand built 1000cc Yamaha engine, balanced-blueprinted,degreed cam's and factory supported power enhancements - JJP quotes as around 180 dyno'd rear wheel horsepower ( around 200hp at the crank)

Full Sterilgarda Bodywork, One street kit AND One track kit
Slipper clutch and close ratio 6 speed transmission
Ohlins World SuperSport front forks (built by Ohlins factory)
Ohlins TTX rear triple clicker shock
Ohlins adjustable steering dampener
Bazzaz Traction control ( on the fly adjustment)
Bazzaz quick shifter ( full throttle clutchless upshifts)
Bazzaz Z-Fi fuel injection mapping w/ handlebar switch ability (automatic engine mapping for power)
Akropovich FULL Titanium headers and exhaust w/ Carbon Fiber mufflers (sounds incredible)
Vortex fully adjustable rearsets
Vortex Front + rear sprockets
D.I.D gold chain
Woodcraft adjustable handlbars
R & G front, mid, rear and front fork frame sliders
Eliptech LED shift light indicator ( awesome piece)
CRG adjust a click shorty levers
Billet Alternator + clutch side plates
Michelin Pilot pure Ultra high performance tires
Street items
Mirror block off plates
LED turn and rear signals
Fender eliminator/License plate holder
Kick stand

If you are ready to step up to the big leagues of track day bikes, this just might be your weapon. With world-class componentry throughout - as well as some tasty add-ons - you could not put this bike together for what you can buy it for. Sure, a real racebike that was wrung out by Scott Russell in anger would likely bring more cash, but this is a very close second place.

This auction is on right now with the current bid under $10k at the time of this writing. The reserve is still in place. There are so many things right with this bike that you have to wonder where it will end up. This bike has all the right stuff: the right names behind it (James, Russel, Ohlins, Bazzaz, Akropovic, Eliptech, Vortex, Woodcraft, etc etc etc), a great presentation with tons of pics and a looong video, and a unique background. The R1 may not be a collectable bike, but I think this one will do rather well.

For more information and details, click on the link and check out the auction. Good luck to you, and be sure and tell 'em you found it on RSBFS!


Aprilia July 22, 2011 posted by Mike

Super Chicken Chaser: 2009 Aprilia RS 125

For Sale: 2009 Aprilia RS 125

We can thank one of our Facebook posters for the introduction of the phrase "Chicken Chaser" into our vernacular, but I blame jokesters Doug and Ian for perpetuating the moniker on RSBFS. Sure, smaller bikes have fewer ponies than the big dogs, but for those of us that are of moderate stature these lithe little race-bred machines are more than plenty for big grins and some high corner speeds. After checking out the performance of this little RS125, I have to wonder what the rest of you guys are trying to compensate for.....

Of all the smaller bikes listed on RSBFS as of late, this RS125 is perhaps the most likely to surprise the rider. With the Rotax-provided liquid cooled single cylinder displacing only 125cc, power is in the high 20 HP range. Weight is low, with the bike tipping the scales right around 300 pounds full of fuel and ready to ride (race).

All of that mass is centralized tightly around an aluminum chassis and supported by better than entry-level suspension components (40mm adjustable fork up front, preload adustable rear spring), and brakes more than up to the task of the track (single disc front and rear).

From the seller:
This is a 2009 Aprilia RS 125 in new condition. There were only 140 of these bikes imported into the United States and they were for track use only. I never had any intention of racing - only riding to shows - so I went through the process of working with the dealer to have a road kit put on to make the bike street legal. It was set up professionally at the dealer from which I bought the bike new. This bike has a street legal title instead of an off-road title. It has a top speed of around 108 mph. At age 45 and being a sport bike enthusiast all of my life, I guarantee you will be impressed with this amazing bike. I had over $6000 in it out the door. The bike now has around 342 miles.

People who like to go fast on motorcycles really like the capabilities of the RS125. Check out Ari Henning (Motorcyclist magazine contributing editor) showing off with the Aprilia in his review of the bike here. A key quote:

"Considering the bike's stellar handling and cornering capabilities, a well-ridden RS125 will give a 600cc sportbike a run for its money on tighter courses-especially with sticky, track-spec tires."

If that recommendation was not enough, here is a great online video review of the RS125 courtesy of MotorcycleUSA:

With sharp handling and sharp looks (the livery is meant to evoke the colors Jorge Lorenzo made famous with 250cc championships in 2006 and 2007), this little Aprilia is ready to rock and roll. But wait! There's more to the story. The majority of Aprilia RS125 were sold as "off road only" motorcycles, intended for track days. This particular bike is street legal and titled!

The opening ask for this bike is $5,200. The MSRP according to Aprilia is $5499. With fewer than 400 miles this is certainly a "lightly used" bike - but is it worth parity with a brand new machine? That really depends upon what you plan to use it for: if you are looking for a more unique track-day machine, this is a pricey way to go. If you want that GP experience for the street, however, this could be a fair deal to get a titled RS125. Best of all, there is no reserve!

For more information, more pictures, and your chance to bid on this little rocket, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Yamaha July 16, 2011 posted by Mike

Two stroke alternative: 1987 Yamaha SRX 250

For Sale: 1987 Yamaha SRX 250

With all of the grey market two strokes on these pages, you would think that there is no love for the lowly otto-cycle engine. Well, I am here to tell you that is simply not true! Sure, we here here at RSBFS love to mix oil with gas as much as the next guy, but there are times when that is simply not very convenient. If you are looking for a rare, 250cc sportbike that you can fill up with the same swill that you save for your lawnmower, this little SRX just might be the ticket.

Powered by an air cooled single cylinder with 4 valves, the SRX was Yamaha's answer to the 250 Ninja. A lightweight and willing performer, the SRX was a one hit wonder - it was gone from the US lineup the following year. That makes it rare and unique...which has upsides and downsides. The upsides: the fan base for these bikes is fairly rabid, and they continue to look unique and like a much larger bike than the 250cc engine belies. Downsides: Hard to find, hard to obtain parts. An additional downside is that it is very difficult to find one in decent condition; as these were inexpensive newbie and commuter bikes, they were rarely well taken care of (garaged, serviced, etc.). The rare keep getting rarer.

From the seller:
1987 Yamaha SRX250
~ 4000miles actual. The speedometer has been replaced w/ one that shows 15,400.

I've owned and ridden this bike sparingly the past 6 years. It is a nice, smooth riding sport bike that offers great value in performance and economy. It suits the vertically challenged and those who like to show up bigger bikes, well at least on some downhill curves.

The engine revs to or above redline to 10Krpm in 1st, 2nd & 3rd without a hiccup or miss. It shifts in to all 6 gears smoothly and with ease. I am selling as I still have two other SRX250s and also want to enjoy other toys. It is for sale locally.

It's not perfect, but very nice & I've only seen a few bikes in as good a condition, some in Japan. I'd say an 8.95 out-of-10 ?

The bike has:
New fuel petcock
Front & rear tires & tubes 4 1/2 years new... plenty of tread
Flash to pass switch & battery saver
Seat w/ no tears or rips & the passenger strap is still there
Fuel filter
Fresh oil, premium gas always
Brakes w/ new fluid & bled

All the turn signals, horn, headlight, kill switch, kick stand switch, instrument lights and gauges are in good working order. Two original mirrors, no cracks. Very nice front fairing condition w/ just a scratch, hard to find engine cowling is complete... there is a 5" hairline crack on the underside w/ some glue showing. The gas tank has ~ 5 small rust spots by the gas cap & one minor dent at the tip of the seat that's hard to see. Inside the gas tank is clean and there's no gas tank or petcock leak

The ignition lock was jimmied in the past. A new Yamaha key was made that works the locks on the ignition, forks, seat & gas tank. A drop or two of fork oil has started to seep out of the seal so this will eventually need to be watched and corrected... not serious enough yet. The bike likes about 1/4 of the fast/cold choke left out after it's warmed up. It's the only sensitive aspect of the bike to tinker with. Idles correct at ~1500rpm

There is very little dirt, grease or grime on the frame or engine parts. Rust is nothing to speak of but some light surface rust is seen if you look closely towards the underside of the chrome or steel parts.

The only negative thing about the SRX250 bikes is that I wish it had dual front disc brakes for better stopping power. Yamaha's advertisement in the 80s stated that this bike passes cars, trains and other things.

This 25 year old bike is in very good condition, runs out great, and has not been beat up on.

Keep your expectations in line with reality - with a reported 32 horsepower this 250cc scoot is not going to drag you down the quarter in the 10 second bracket. A 250cc bike does, however, have a lot less mass than your average liter rocket, making it a blast to ride in the tight stuff. If you've got a road like that near you, this might just be what you need to rail like your favorite apex-strafer without the worry of a ticket or worse. Best of all, these little bikes - despite being rare and unique - are cheaper to aquire and maintain than their bigger brothers.

This SRX is available now, with a starting bid of $990 plus reserve. That might prove to be a steep starting point, although the value of an SRX is certainly above 1 G these days. Take a look at the pictures and, as always, be sure and contact the seller for more information if you are interested. To see all of the details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Suzuki July 15, 2011 posted by Mike

1979 Suzuki GS1000 Yoshimura racebike

For Sale: 1979 Suzuki GS1000 Yoshimura racer

Back in the day when the racing world was being dominated by European brands, the emerging Japanese superbikes needed some outside help in order to become competitive. Perhaps the most famous of these outside tuners was Hideo "Pops" Yoshimura. Working initially as a privateer and later as a factory supported effort, Yoshimura Suzukis climbed to the top of the superbike heap with wins at such prestigious events as Daytona and the 8 hours of Suzuka. If you were a racer in the late 1970s through early 1980s, there was no better ride than a Yosh-prepared Suzuki. Although we lost Pops Yosimura back in 1995, Yoshimura-prepared racers continue to be competitive rides thanks to the efforts of his son who heads up the company.

What made a Yoshimura bike so special was not just the engine modifications, the suspension modifications or even the frame strengthening. Instead, it was the way that all of these modifications worked together that made these bikes work so well on the racetrack. With a stout motor (check out the one-off engine case covers in the pics!), wide wheels and slicks, and frame gussets intended to control the savagery, this is still a formidable machine with purposeful good looks to match.

From the seller:
This bike is from a time when number plates were made of metal and Goodyear slick's were the tire of choice and rules were made to be broken.

On the block,,,,Roberto Pietri's 1979 AMA Superbike Yoshimura 1000 with a rather odd history with American Honda. Early in 79 Roberto had Pop's build him a full tilt 1025cc Superbike capable of winning races for the sum of $10,000. Mike Velasco was working at Yosh in 79 and they installed an 1105cc kit for some addition boot.

As the story goes, sometime in mid 79 American Honda announced they were going back into roadracing for the 1980 season with Roberto's friend Steve McLaughlin as the manager / racer. Honda knew the Suzuki's were the bike to beat in Superbike as they were winning most of the races. While RSC in Japan was building 4 superbikes for American Honda, Roberto loaned his Yosh racer to the Honda team for evaluation which included dyno time, dragracing at Orange County Raceway, laps at Riverside and maybe even a trip to RSC in Japan. The rear KYB shock's were sent to Mulhland for their own evaluation. Pop's Yosh heard about the testing and was upset with Roberto and wouldn't sell him any spares. Roberto became a factory Honda rider for 1980 for loaning the Suzuki to Honda and knowing the right people.

I purchased the bike around 1998 from a SoCal Racer that had it in storage, it was still missing the rear shocks from 79! I gave it a quick going thru regarding paint, valve adjustment and replaced the clutch plates, it fired right up and sounded healthy.

Has all of the 79 Yosh frame mods, full Yosh motor with close ratio trans, magneto ignition, cams, porting, Keihin CR31 carbs, straight cut gear on clutch and crank ,engine is Kal Garded, the two outer covers I tried to match with some new Kal Gard paint that didnt match to great. New Works performace shocks, Morris Mag's and Lockheed calipers. In one of the photo's is a "NO 9" peened into the cases as Yoshimura used to do with cyl heads.

I didnt get a good image of it but some of the paint on the swingarm is crazing from brake fluid being spilt on it, the engine sounds great but should be gone thru and freshend up.

The value of documented racebikes with history will always be solid. In this case, if this is a true Yosh-Suzuki and it was indeed involved in the cloak and dagger events as described by the seller, then value would be higher than other period bikes of the day. As it stands, there have been several interested bidders and the current auction price is at $5,600 with reserve not yet met.

If you are interested in a piece of Superbike racing history, or are looking for a vintage or AHRMA ride that will turn some heads, this Yoshimura Suzuki might just be the ticket. For more information and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Ducati July 10, 2011 posted by Mike

On the lighter side: 1993 Ducati Superlight

For Sale: 1993 Ducati Superlight

From one of our favorite collectors comes one of our favorite bikes - a 1993 Ducati Superlight. Comprised of the air-cooled, two valve, 900cc Supersport engine and chassis but shaving weight with lighter composite Marvic wheels, fully floating Brembo brakes, lighter carbon fiber bodywork bits, a vented clutch cover, and an exclusive numbered serial plate, the original SL was introduced in 1992. By 1993, the wheels, clutch cover and fully floating front brakes were lost from the lineup. The gap between the Supersport and Superlight continued to narrow as the Supersport improved, although the Superlight will always be a coveted model.

From the seller:
Up for auction is a 1993 Ducati Superlight. I am selling this motorcycle for my Dad who is selling his collection. He is the third owner of this bike and it comes with all of the original documentation (sales receipt, warranty papers, owners card, owners manual and letter from Cagiva) It has been fully serviced about 200 miles ago including new belts and valve adjustments. It has a Verlicchi megaphone exhaust which sounds great.

The Vin# is ZDM1LC4N2PB006629 and the odometer shows 9,574 Miles. It comes with a free and clear title.

The condition of the bike is great and is very clean, but it does show some wear from riding. It has stone chips on the bottom of the front fairing which can been seen in some of the photos. This bike runs great and is ready to ride.

Unlike many of the bikes from this collection, this particular Ducati has seen some decent usage. There are some minor mods to the bike, including the Verlicchi exhaust (check out the video below for some great sounds!). Interestingly, the VIN checks out as a 1993 bike, but it contains all of the choice bits (i.e. wheels, brakes, clutch cover) from the 1992 model run. If any of our RSBFS readers know more about which bikes had the Marvic magnesium wheels, etc., please leave a comment!

Video from the seller:

Even though the pedigree is Supersport, the Superlight has always generated a strong following. The weight difference between the SS and SL is negligible, and as such the performance is very similar. The biggest difference between the SS and the SL is the exclusivity offered by the numbered badge attached to the top of the trees. Ducati excels at "limited edition" marketing, and the SL was one of the first bikes to receive the numbered treatment.

This auction is on right now - with a starting bid of $8,499.99. As we have seen from this seller, prices and reserves are often set on the high side and many previous bikes did not sell as a result. A Superlight is a $6,500 - $9,000 machine when found in good condition. An exceptional example might pull $11,000 in today's dollars. This bike is clean and has many of the right parts, so the opening ask may not be that out of line. To check it out yourself, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Don't forget to let us know what you think!


Honda July 8, 2011 posted by Mike

Take two, they’re small: Two 1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptors

For Sale: 1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptor

What we found for you today is not one, but two rare Honda VTR250s. These were sold in the US between 1988 and 1990, and were intended to provide competition to Kawasaki's Ninja 250. While sporty in nature, the styling of the VTR250 also intended to make the bike more approachable to newer riders. The inboard front brake (looks like a drum, but it's actually a centrally mounted disc) lasted through the 1988 and 1989 model years before becoming a convential disc in the final year available. Power is a 250cc 90 degree vee twin coupled to a 6-speed transmission. It's a shame that Honda did not continue taking the mini-ceptor fight to Kawasaki through the 1990s - imagine what this bike could have become with another decade of improvements!

Honda VTR250 #1 available on eBay

From the seller:
This 1989 Honda Interceptor 250 VTR is proof that Kawasaki was not the only manufacturer to sell a 250cc 4-stroke sportbike in the US – albeit, only for three years. I consider this to be basically a "scooter" on steroids - It revs effortlessy to 13,500 RPM and the transmission shifts like butter. It is really sweet. I bought it for my collection because it is so light and fun to ride. I am selling it to make room for some others. This particular example only has 6,195 miles. It is in excellent original condition except the graphics have been removed and an F1 muffler was added (it is not loud). It will come with two new sticker tires (not mounted yet). Everything works and it comes with the original owner's manual. The Honda Interceptor VTR 250 was sold only in the United States from 1988 to 1990, with moderate changes occurring over the three model years. With a 249cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC V-twin engine and a 6-speed transmission, VTR 250 was the smallest of Honda’s Interceptor line of motorcycles. It was originally available in two color schemes, black with blue and white, and white with blue.

Honda VTR250 #2 available on eBay

From the seller:
Up for auction is a nice Honda VTR 250 also referred to as the 250 Interceptor. The bike features a liquid cooled 90 degree V-Twin engine, 6 speed transmission, and unique inboard front disc brake. The bike runs perfect, all lights, gauges, etc. work and function as they should. tires are almost new. Serviced this spring the bike is ready to ride and needs no repairs. Bike gets around 60 MPG. There is no body damage, only a few small scratches in the rear from bungy cords. The previous owner did repaint the body work apparently because he did not like the white and pastel original paint scheme. The paint was professionally done and is not a "rattle can" job. Overall this bike is in very good condition and would make a great 1st time bike or is a blast for experienced riders too.

The entry price for either of these bikes is very low. For not much scratch you get a pretty rare motorcycle that can be licensed in any state in the Union. The small size and light weight make them a blast on tight roads, and those commuters out there will enjoy some great MPG - what a deal!

Given, neither of these bikes are concours in appearance - but that just lowers the barrier to entry that much more. Check them out for some low dollar fun!

Honda VTR250 #1 available on eBay

Honda VTR250 #2 available on eBay