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Honda October 13, 2011 posted by Mike

Exotica over the pond: 1992 Honda RC30 in the UK

For Sale: 1992 Honda RC30 VFR750

Located in Lincolnshire, UK is what many refer to as the Holy Grail of homologation sportbikes: the vaunted Honda RC30 (also known as VFR750R). Designed as the road-going model to enable Honda to compete in World Superbike via Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), stats on the RC30 are pretty well known: titanium connecting rods, gear driven camshafts, a 360 degree crank which provide a "big bang" firing order instead of the smoother 180 degree crank on the regular VFR models, a close ratio gearbox suitable for track use and a slipper clutch.

From the seller:
I am selling my rare Honda RC30 that I have had in my conservatory for years.

It is finished in a limited edition Rothermans Grand Prix paint run done from new from the factory.

Carl Fogarty signed and laquered in on the rear panel.

I have just taken it out my conservatory and had it MOT'd and new fork seals fitted as it has been stood.

This is one of the last UK bike not an import registered 01/08/1992 so is the higher powered model.

It has covered 19000miles.

The asking price of this classified listing is £14,995 - which equates to approximately $23,500 US greenbacks. That is a bit above the "average" RC30 pricing we have seen, but this does look to be a clean example that has been well cared for. It is unknown how much status the Carl Fogarty signature adds to the bike; while Foggy is known as being the most successful World Superbike rider of all time, the vast majority of his championships came with Ducati. In fact, Foggy's Honda-based runs for the championships were aboard the RC45, not the RC30. Still, with a HRC racing heritage, the signature does complete the theme nicely.

If you are looking for what is considered one of the key homologation collectables in the world today - and are either in the EU or willing to move a bike from Jolly Olde England - then this might be your golden opportunity. For more information you can check out the listing here. Good luck!


Bimota October 13, 2011 posted by Mike

Credit where it is due: 1996 Bimota Bimota 500 Vdue

For Sale: 1996 Bimota Bimota 500 Vdue

Every manufacturer has a milestone bike - that one machine that defines the company, the era, the vision and the future. For Bimota, the Vdue was that bike. I know you already understand how rare most Bimotas are. Well *this* Bimota is the ONLY bike ever to utilize a Bimota engine. Whereas all the other Bimota models relied upon another manufacturer for powerplant and transmission, the Vdue was to be the birth of a bigger Bimota; a Bimota that made entire motorcycles just like the big boys.

There is a saying: "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there usually is." Such was the fate of the Vdue. On paper, this was a stunning technical achievement. 500cc of v-twin two stroke power, the Vdue utilized computerized fuel injection to allow more power, higher RPM and cleaner burning (the latter being very important to allow a smoker past tightening European emissions regulations). The rest of the bike was equally enthralling: Aluminum chassis with oval tubes and CNC machined bits everywhere, Ohlins rear shock, Paioli fork, Brembo brakes, carbon fiber bodywork...

Unfortunately, what worked on paper was less effective in the flesh. Problems were immediately encountered with customer bikes. Some issues included unpredictable and explosive power delivery when the computerized injection disagreed with the rider's throttle input, electrical issues where the computer would not work at all, constant spark plug fouling and even some reports of piston and crank failure.

Ultimately, Bimota recalled all of the affected bikes with a plan to "upgrade" the model to carburetors. Amidst the bad publicity, the process churn and the unrealized return on a huge investment, Bimota went under. This milestone motorcycle, the pinnacle for a noted builder of amazing motorcycles, literally sunk the company.

From the seller:
Bimota 500 Vdue Evoluzione 04 BRAND NEW!!!!

The Evoluzione has been deeply modified from the original version: new digital instrument panel, new wire harness, 39mm Dell'Orto carbs, carbon fiber airbox, new oil seal and bearing and revised oil passages inside the cranks.
It has been dynotested at 116hp of raw 2 stroke power!!!

More info on the bike can be found here:

The little italian has been stored for over 6 years...but now it has to go!
It was imported as a race bike, assembled as street legal but never been registered.
The bike does not come with warranty or any type of documents but has original manual, rear wheel stand and original tool bag (included).

After this long storage time, it will need a new battery, a carb clean and some TLC to start smoking up your neighborhood.

Even if new and never ridden on the road, the fairing has some minor cracks.
The worst can be seen in the pictures.
This part (a small trim underneath the top fairing) can be supplied as other parts or spare parts, BUT ARE NOT INCLUDED in this auction.
I'm more than willing to discuss this AFTER you pick up the bike

The follow-on story to the Vdue debacle is almost as interesting as the origin of the bike in the first place. Due to the recall, there was an inventory of dozens of completed Vdues, spares, and enough parts to assemble several more bikes. These assets were purchased from bankruptcy and a new business sprung up: Delivering carbureted and modified Vdues to market and selling them as essentially new bikes. It is in this manner that today's bike is available - and rideable, thanks to the mods available via Vdue USA.

Because of all the issues, it is rare to find a Vdue with many miles. After all, most did not run well - if at all. Still, despite the low mileage (10), this bike still shows some unfortunate damage. As a prospective buyer, RSBFS always recommends doing as much research as possible, asking the seller questions, and in this case asking for more hi-res pictures. The bike looks authentic, but the supplied pictures are relatively few for such a rare ride.

There is also the question of origin. The seller did not list a VIN number, but shows the model year as 1996. My research shows that the Vdue was not introduced until 1997. Again, talking with the seller might help clear up this little discrepancy.

This bike is available right now. The BIN price is set at $23,000, although the seller is willing to entertain offers. This price is not out of line for a fully sorted and perfect Vdue, but might be a bit high considering the unknowns and the lack of title. Check out all of the details here, and then let us know what you think. After all, it is not every day you get the opportunity to buy a milestone bike that sunk a company... Good Luck, and make sure you tell 'em you found it on RSBFS!


Bimota October 11, 2011 posted by Mike

Rimini Perfection: 2008 Bimota DB6R

For Sale: 2008 Bimota DB6R

From the little town of Rimini, Italy comes another piece of CNC and carbon fiber artwork from the legendary Bimota organization. Like nearly all Bimoto offerings that came before (save for the vDue), the DB6R relies upon a powerplant sourced from a major manufacturer. In this case, the "D" in the name refers to Ducati.

Powered by a Ducati 90 degree, air cooled two valve L-twin, the DB6R promises to marry torque and low-end grunt with light weight and agility. Compared to a "standard" DB6 Delirio offering, the "R" version features the more potent Ducati 1100DS (Dual Spark) engine with a dry slipper clutch, plus numberous component upgrades such as lighter forged wheels, Brembo radial brake and clutch masters, and lots of carbon fiber. All this adds up to a weight savings of 15.5 lbs over the DB6! With fuel injection added to the rest of this top shelf componentry, this is an exotic that can carry you on your commute to work as well as scream through the canyons with the best of them!

From the seller:
This 2008 Bimota DB6R is perfect. It's a stylish hand built bike that's ready to go and is a BLAST to ride! It's essentially new, has a ton of state-of-the-art features that make it exceptionally fast and incredibly easy to ride. If you've been looking for the perfect combination of style and performance in a super rare package but don't want to pay inflated prices, we've got you covered.

You can think of the DB6R as the Monster of the Bimota world. Where the DB5 and DB5R are more decidedly in the Ducati Supersport vein, the DB6 Delirio and R model are more along the lines of an agressive standard machine. Call them the new naked. Whatever you call them, they work as well as they look: quick acceleration due to the light weight and low bulk, willing and torquey vee twin engine, fantastic handling due to the upright seating position and world-class suspension bits, and A-list Brembo brakes to haul everything down from speed. All that you need now are more pictures:

The beauty of Bimota is neither strictly the artwork nor the performance but rather the seamless way they merge the two. Bimota is really about the artwork of going fast, even if you are just sitting still. This DB6R has the looks and the credentials to excel no matter how you want to use it, and with less than 300 miles on the clock it is as new as you can get without paying MSRP.

Which brings us to the price. This seller is asking $29,900 for this bike - which is pretty much in line for what they have been going for. We have seen a few with a lower ask than this, but all had more miles. While I don't expect many takers in this price bracket, it is more because 30 large is a big pile of money to the vast majority of riders today - and not because the price is wildly out of line with reality. Artwork on this scale is limited to a lucky few. For the rest of us, it is still fun to drool over the pictures. Enjoy!


Kawasaki October 6, 2011 posted by Mike

Green with envy – twice! Two Kawasaki ELRs

On the left: 1983 KZ1000R ELR. The bike on the right is a 1984 KZ1100R ELR.

Fans of "Steady" Eddie Lawson rejoice! What we have found for you today is not one limited edition model ELR built to celebrate Eddie's Superbike dominance, but TWO rare bikes - both by the same seller. Somebody has been hoarding the goods, and luckily for us the time has come for him to thin the herd. Feast your eyes on these two very similar - yet very different bikes.

From the seller:
All genuine ELR models have the all important "R" in the VIN. The North American market bikes had the "R" as the 7th digit in the VIN, whilst the bikes sold in certain other select worldwide markets had the "R" as the 6th digit.

Right off the bat, the seller is helping you understand that these are the real deal - not re-sprayed KZs looking to be cashed in quickly. And not only are both of these bikes up for auction at the same time, both are NO RESERVE auctions. If you have been lusting after an authentic ELR, here are two great options for you!

Bike #1: 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R ELR Eddie Lawson Replica

The first of the two bikes is a 1983 model KZ1000R ELR. These are the bikes with which US-based riders are most familiar. And while this particular model was not a US bike (Canadian origin), it retains the same look and nomenclature of its US brothers.

From the seller:
As this machine was not sold new in the U.S. it was not fitted with the Federal emissions equipment that feeds oily fumes from the motor back into the airbox. If you live somewhere that this will cause problems at smog check time I suggest that you keep it in mind and bid accordingly. The bike has a clear U.S. Title from the State of Utah--a picture is included.

I had not ridden this bike for a couple of years before deciding to sell it. I had a new battery and new Bridgestone tires fitted and rode it the distance (35 miles) on the trip meter Friday at speeds up to 90mph. It is essentially running fine, but would likely benefit from a little attention to the carburetors. The brakes worked OK but seemed a bit spongy and the clutch a little heavy. Nothing serious here, I just want to be up front about it. The bike burns no oil and is great fun to ride. Absolutely everything works.

This bike has 18,965 miles on the clock. It is clearly not new - nor a museum piece - but looks to have been cared for pretty well over the past 28 years. Click here for more information on this great 1983 KZ1000R ELR.

Bike #2: 1984 Kawasaki KZ1100R ELR Eddie Lawson Replica

The second ELR at auction is a slightly rarer 1984 KZ1100R ELR. If memory serves correctly, this model did not come to the US - but maybe one of our sharp RSBFS readers can correct me on this front. Like the first, this particular bike was imported into the US as well, and thus lacks any Federalization - emissions, stickers, etc.

From the seller:
As this machine was not sold new in the U.S. it was not fitted with the Federal emissions equipment that feeds oily fumes from the motor back into the airbox. If you live somewhere that this will cause problems at smog check time I suggest that you keep it in mind and bid accordingly. The bike has a clear U.S. Title from the State of Utah--a picture is included.

I had not ridden this bike for a couple of years before deciding to sell it. I had a new battery fitted and rode it the distance (12 miles) on the trip meter Friday at speeds up to 70mph. It is essentially running fine, but would likely benefit from a little attention to the carburetors. Nothing serious here, I just want to be up front about it. The bike burns no oil and is great fun to ride. Absolutely everything works except the neutral light which I will hopefully have sorted before the auction ends.

The bike has damage to the front portion of the top fin on the left side of the cylinder head. There is a picture showing this. Once you know it is there it is obvious, but I owned the bike for quite a while before I even saw it. It doesn't affect the bike in any way, other than cosmetically obviously.

The original black chrome exhaust system is in excellnt condition. It is completely solid, but does have a small dent on top in line with the rear axle on the left side. There is a picture of this. A lot of owners of KZ1100R machines like to fit a Kerker 4 into 1 to capture more of the iconic Lawson look, but I prefered to keep the stock system.

This bike has a few more miles than the '83 model: 27,047 according to the seller. This only highlights the great aspect of these bikes and their longevity; with KZ-based engine and transmission plus ELR-specific features such as bodywork, suspension, brakes and color, you get the rarity of a limited edition model with the benefits of a mass-produced foundation. For more information on this 1984 KZ1100R click the link and jump over to the auction.

There you have it - two great bikes from one seller. These are no reserve auction - and the bidding has been pretty low thus far - so you might have a real opportunity to pick up some rare sporting hardware on the cheap. Good luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 6, 2011 posted by Mike

GP Dreams: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 V4 two stroke with Washington title

Tell me this isn't one of the best views in all of motorcycling - because I sure think it is. With four pipes sticking out shotgun style, a clean solo seat look (even if it is just a passenger seat cover), turn signals and tail light to make it legal, and a real "made in the USA" license plate attached, this is my version of two stroke nirvana. With NONE of these RZ500 machines having come Stateside, finding a registered model is always a joy.

With a 500cc two stroke in a V4 configuration, the RZ500 was good for nearly 90 HP in stock trim. The 50 degree V configuration sports two cranks, reed valve induction, and Yamaha's Power Valve System (YPVS) in the exhaust port to help increase the power spread down to lower RPMs. The chassis is nothing spectacular by today's standards: mild steel box section forms a perimiter frame, with a monoshock rear suspension layout. The tranny sports six speeds, while the front wheel is the GP-inspired 16" variety, said to increase flickability due to lowered weight and gyroscopic effects.

From the seller:
Folks, something came up and I HAVE to sell this bike fast!!! (Bloody hell - too many bikes and not enough time or money in one lifetime for it all!) Mid-80-s DREAM BIKE for me and many others...

This is the bike to start from. Starts on the first kick, runs like a charm! Engine rebuilt by the previous owner and it has been running great for the 18 months that I have owned it! We rebuilt the carbs, brand new wheel bearings, brand new tires on and on - all work over the past 12 months...!

1) Disassembled the bike down to the frame and disconnected all of the electrical connectors - improved the frame grounds etc!
2) Contact-cleaned, dielectric greased every single connector throughout the bike! Everything works as it should!
3) Installed a brand new battery, brand new spark plugs and engine oil!
4) Installed and balanced brand new tires and while the wheels were off I had both rims professionally sand-blasted and powder-coated in a flat matte black finish!
5) While the wheels were off we also installed brand new wheel bearings and seals front and rear!
6) Professionally cleaned, serviced and filled the forks with new fork-oil.
7) Serviced all of the brake calipers, inspected pads and rotors (like new) and installed custom made stainless-steel braided / silicone-coated brake lines front and rear!
8) Brand new head-stem bearings last week!

Many other small upgrades, checks and touches!

A nice stock bike that runs like a champ! There are lots of other little things that I can't even quite remember right now! 33,xxx miles (about 53K kilos - Canadian bike) and just a gorgeous machine; email me for more pictures - I have lots more!

Clean Washington State title in hand!

With approximately 53,000 km on the clock, this is not exactly a new bike. The good news is that two strokes age differently than four strokers, and that the majority of wearable items on an engine rebuild consist of readily available (and far fewer) parts. In this case, the bike has had a claimed rebuild relatively recently.

The seller claims that this is a "nice stock bike..." but that depends upon what you mean by stock. From the supplied pictures, the bike looks clean and close to original but the paintwork is clearly not OEM. Resprays can come about for any number of reasons, but a wise buyer will ask questions and do some digging to ensure that nothing is lurking under the pretty coat of paint.

This auction is on right now with an opening ask of $6,000. We caught this one in the very early stages, and as of yet there are no takers. For more information and details - or to contact the seller for more pictures - click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, and don't forget to tell 'em you found it on RSBFS!


Moto Guzzi September 17, 2011 posted by Mike

1980 Moto Guzzi LeMans II

For Sale: 1980 Moto Guzzi LeMans II

Ah, another classic Moto Guzzi LeMans. This is a LeMans II series bike, and is a 1980 model year. The LeMans bikes - especially the Series I but now also the later variants - are fast risers on the collector market, and prices are a reflection of interest. What might have been a $2,500 bike several years ago is now easily twice that. With an undeniable "cool" factor and the renewed interest in cafe racers (you have visited sister site, Cafe Bikes For Sale haven't you?), Guzzi stock is flying.

From the seller:
Up for sale is this low miles 1980 Moto Guzzi LeMans II, it is the 850 c.c. engine guzzi, clear California title, I'm the second owner of this bike, runs strong, low miles, Lafranconi exhaust mufflers, jetted properly, this was done 50 miles ago: new tires, new oil/filter, brake fluid replaced, new battery.

This bike has been adult ridden and extremely well maintained. Bike is available for inspection in Los Angeles Ca. and will be available for pick up in Los Angeles Ca.

The only thing this bike may need in the future will be a paint touch up on the black areas, i.e. top of gas tank, high part of front fairing, I didn't do this only to keep it in original condition, paint is not bad, still looks ok and to me this original guzzi is worth more than after a touch up, just personal preference. The side fairing that goes around the cylinder heads has been removed and will come with the bike uninstalled.

I strongly suggest you have somebody inspect the bike in person before you buy, I can assist with that, also shipping is on buyer.

You have to appreciate a seller that is willing to tell it like it is. That usually means the bike is in the condition stated, and the auction will proceed without any absurdly high reserve numbers. Fingers crossed that this will be the case with this bike.

The current bid on this retro sled is $3,250, with light bidding. There is a reserve still in place, and a BIN set at $6,250. The latter is a fair market price for a Guzzi LeMans these days, and I suspect bidder interest will grow as the auction progresses. For your chance to check it out, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, and don't forget to tell 'em you found it on RSBFS!