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Quick Spot March 2, 2011 posted by Mike

Canadian Classic – 1982 Yamaha RD 350LC

For Sale: 1982 Yamaha RD 350LC

If you are thinking that this is simply an RZ350 in funny colors, you must be a U.S.-based RSBFS reader. And you are both right and wrong. While Yamaha brought the two stroke fire back to America for only a few years, these bikes have thrived north of the border for much, much longer. And they were named after the bike the started it all - the Yamaha RD series, with the "LC" standing for "Liquid Cooling."

Note the lack of fairing. While all RZ350s that came stateside had the small quarter fairing, other markets made this optional. The bike featured today has the fairing, adding to its value.

The seller is claiming only 3626 KM (approximately 2250 miles) on the bike, and has an extensive paragraph in the ad outlining the condition. Because of the low miles, optional fairing and great condition, the asking price is $7,000 Canadian - which equates to just over $6,800 U.S. dollars. This seems high for what we typically see for U.S.-based RZs, plus you will still need to pay for the importation and licensing (the bike is located in Toronto). If any of you gray-market gurus know if this is expensive or difficult, please drop us a comment! To view the ad, read all of the seller's comments and view the pictures, click on the link.


Moto Guzzi February 28, 2011 posted by Mike

2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

For Sale: 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

With Ducati becoming such a household word these days, it is refreshing to see some inventory from that "other" Italian v-twin company: Moto Guzzi. In fact, we have seen more Guzzi's this past month than is usual; can we blame global warming for this too?

From the seller:
Gorgeous, reliable. Getting too old to ride.

Somehow, if I had a bike this pretty I would be inclined to say more about it. But perhaps the seller thinks that the bike speaks for itself. For those of you listening, there are nearly 22,500 miles on the clock, nearly everything looks stock, and there do not appear to be any major areas of rash anywhere. Here are some more pics to drool over.

These "modern era" Guzzis are very nice, modern bikes. Price wise they do not seem to pull in what the more classic (i.e. Mk I, pre 1980) bikes command, making them a pretty good deal. If you want an alternative to a Japanese sportbike - and your interests fall more to sport-touring than knee-dragging and peg-scraping, then this could be a good choice.

The seller is asking $4,500 for the bike, which is pretty fair money. The last V11 Sport we listed here on RSBFS had many fewer miles and sold for $4,350. It might make sense to contact the seller and work something out. For details, pictures and contact info, click on the link and Good luck, and tell them RSBFS sent you!


Cafe Racer February 25, 2011 posted by Mike

Good things happen in threes: 1977 Moto Guzzi LeMans 850

For Sale: 1977 Moto Guzzi MG LeMans 850

Wow - three Moto Guzzi LeMans Mk I bikes in a row! RSBFS readers are going start thinking that perhaps these are not the rare and desireable machines we have made them up to be.... Nah! Collector interest and rising price points should both defend the RSBFS stance on these fine machines - even if we have had a banner week of them on this site!

From the tiny fairing to the visually dominating motor, to the extremely narrow waist - these Guzzis are as unique a riding experience as anything you will find in motorcycling. While perhaps not the fastest bikes on the road, they are overbuilt and reliable machines meant to devour mile after mile of pavement with a pronounced Italian flair. You can't help but look the part when you roll up to your favorite eatery on one of these.

From the seller:
Hi,i m listing this bike for my frend,he is a ritired police investicator, he is the second owner.This bike was his personal bike for last 21years.Bike stars and runs very good.It has 56000 orininal mille on it.It was rebuilt 15000mille ago.It recived 1000cc kit balanced conrads,pistons.I did light porting on heads,installed Fiat brass velve guaids with teflon seals.It comes with Bitubo fork cartiges,DynaIII ignition and Koni rear shocks.Bike has original faded paint exept front faring.Brakes are very stong,shifts nice...
VIN# 072962and motor #*072962*...

This bike is a little more used, a little more modified, and a little rougher than the other two LeMans Mk I bikes we posted earlier (see HERE and HERE). While the big-bore kit does not raise the value of the bike, it does add to the torque of the motor making it more fun to use. Sure, the paint is a bit faded in places too, but that is an indication that this is a survivor. This is a bike you can ride around for a while, and then run a full restoration on it in the future. In short, I think this bike is a keeper.

Pricing for this cafe racer should be in line with the others we have seen, but lower due to the mods, miles and condition. The auction currently has zero bids with a start of $5,500, which is right about where this one should be. There is no reserve, so anybody wanting to pay fair money for a solid investment should sign in quickly. Take a look at the pictures, troll through the seller comments and Q&A, and let us know if you come home with this classic. Click the link to . Good Luck!


Ducati February 25, 2011 posted by Mike

1985 Ducati Supersport Mike Hailwood Replica

For sale: 1985 Ducati Supersport Mike Hailwood replica MHR

Built to celebrate the accomplishments of Mike "the Bike" Hailwood, the Ducati Supersport Mike Hailwood Replica (MHR) featured the company's traditional air-cooled v-twin, desmo valves (still with bevel drive), a stout but lightweight tube frame, and top-shelf componentry all wrapped up in an aerodynamic full fairing. The effect was certainly beautiful, and these MHR models continue to elicit interest from collectors around the world.

From the seller:
The Ducati MHR Mille is a racing legend. In 1978 a many times World Champion named Mike Hail-wood made a fairy-tale comeback aboard a beefed-up street bike and against all odds won one of the most prestigious races of all time - the gruelling, six lap, 226 mile Formula One TT on the Isle of Man. In 1984 however, a bike was launched to thrill every Ducati lover the world over - a 1000cc MHR, a bored and stroked version of the popular 900MHR, bigger and better than ever. The big V-twin's calling card has always been massive torque. The bike has tall gears and long legs while the motor sports two of the biggest pistons in captivity. It is not a high-rewing engine but makes plenty of power low down, in a relaxed, unhurried manner. The new 1000 machine has been substantially updated and comes with revised bevel drive, Nickasil barrels, a hydraulically operated dry clutch and a new, one piece, nitrided crankshaft running in plain bearings. In perfect primary balance, the 90 degree V-twin still features Ducati's original desmodromic valve operation with rockers that both open and close the valves. The frame is a delicate-looking but immensely strong and rigid open spine type cradle using the crankcase as a structural member. The large full fairing hides the skeletal, rather elemental profile of the bike though nothing can disguise its thunderous performance. There is nothing frantic about riding a Ducati even on an open road. The low frontal area and a very long wheelbase give excellent stability and roadholding. The Ducati is a pure, unadulterated thoroughbred; a lean and hungry racer, one of the last real motorcycles. Many have described the essential Ducati experience as being akin to riding God's own motorcycle. Despite its considerable charisma and the myths and folklore that have sprung up around it, it is a fact that in the real world, a large Ducati is as fast on a tar road, point-to-point, as any comparable bike. Long may Ducati continue to flourish. Make Model Ducati 900MHR Mike Hailwood Replica Year 1985 Engine Air cooled, four stroke, 90°“L”twin cylinder, SOHC, desmodromic 2 valve per cylinder. Capacity 864cm3 Bore x Stroke 86 x 74..4 mm Compression Ratio 9.5:1 Induction 2x 40mm Dell'Orto PHM carbs. Ignition / Starting Bosch electronic / kick Max Power 80 hp @ 7500 rpm Max Torque 63.5 ft-lb @! 5800 rpm Transmission / Drive 5 Speed / chain Front Suspension 38mm Marzocchi oil damped telescopic forks. Rear Suspension Marzocchi dual shocks 5-way spring preload. Front Brakes 2x 280mm discs 2 piston calipers Rear Brakes Single 260mm disc 1 piston caliper Front Tyre 100/90 V18 Rear Tyre 120/90 V18 Dry-Weight / 202 kg Fuel Capacity 18 Litres Consumption average 53.6 mp/g Standing ¼ Mile 12.5 sec / 109 mp/h Top Speed 133.5 mp/h Comes with Original Workshop Manual Original Paint Regular maintenance performs by certified Ducati Technisions. Garage Kept. for more info call 845 222 2111 steve ,BIKE RUNS AND DRIVES LIKE BRAND NEW TEST RIDES ARE WELCOME ANYTIME , MAY CONSIDER REASONABLE OFFER

The seller's ad text does not make it clear if this is an MHR900 (the earlier, more common model), or an MHR1000 - both are mentioned, but I would make an educated guess that it is the latter due to the bike's age (post-1984 MHRs featured the larger engine). There is no VIN supplied in the ad, so I was not able to look that up. It is also not clear who thought the aftermarket luggage rack on the rear was a good idea - although if you buy the bike you could be the quickest and most stylish pizza delivery person ever! Something to think about.

This is by all counts a rare, desireable and collectable motorcycle. Past MHRs featured by RSBFS have been bid up over $15,000, and I expect this one to be the same. Action on this auction has been modest up to this point, and the bid currently sits below the $10k mark. The reserve is still on, so there is much yet to play for on this bike.

To get in on the action (you know you want to!), or just to check out the beautiful pictures of this classic Ducati, click on the link and . Good Luck!


Honda February 24, 2011 posted by Mike

Motor Madness: 1980 Honda CBX!

For Sale: 1980 Honda CBX with sport option

Update 3.9.2011: Sold!

When it comes to presence, nothing says it like a Honda CBX. Designed by Honda engineers to flex a little corporate muscle, this 1047cc, six cylinder, 24-valve air cooled rocket remains one of the most coveted bikes of the 1980s. When it comes to the "naked bike" genre - where the motor is everything - there is nothing like a CBX.

One of the upgrades on this bike is the slick DG exhaust. I can't imagine what a 6-into-1 pipe sounds like, but it sure looks incredible. I also love the fact that the seller has taken these photos on an airport tarmac, which seems very fitting for this particular machine!

From the seller:
1980 Honda CBX supersport in nice condition

6 cylinder, 1047 cc, 24 valve engine.

Rare Sport option with lower handlebars

Bodywork is beautiful, as you can see. The tank, fenders & side cover were recently repainted by Tim's CBX.

DG 6 into 1 exhaust

Everything works. The bike runs great and sounds amazing!

The engine cases are showing their age, they could probably use to be media blasted to bring them up to the standard of the rest of the bike.

Besides the DG exhaust, this bike features the sport package handlebars, and fresh paint on the tank and fenders. The mileage is quite reasonable for the year, and this owner appears to have taken good care of the bike. The collectability of this model is definitely on the rise, and we have seen prices hold firm over the past few years despite the economy.

This auction is on right now, and if you want to be the person sitting in the seat above when the auction is over, then this is the part you've been waiting for. The opening bid for this beauty is currently at $1.00. (!) There is a reserve on the bike, and a BIN option of $8,500. To get the details and kick the tires, and jump over to the auction. Good luck, RSBFS readers!


Cafe Racer February 24, 2011 posted by Mike

It’s raining Guzzis! 1978 Moto Guzzi LeMans

For Sale: 1978 Moto Guzzi LeMans Mk I

There is no doubt, Guzzis are hot right now. This beautiful Mk I bike was pointed out to us by the lucky new owner of the last LeMans we covered (click here for details), who just so happens to also be a RSBFS reader. And as is common with the rare models we seek, you may not find a bike for months only to suddenly come across several; when it rains it pours.

This bike has very few miles, and appears to be in good condition. It certainly helps when a bike stays in one home for a long period of time, and that is certainly what has happened here - this is the original owner!

From the seller:
I bought this bike new in Geneva, IL. Original bill of sale and IL title. All paint and seat is factory. 120 miles ago (April 1995) Harpers went through the bike and did a full mechanical restoration at a cost of $5,247.22. Has DYNA III ignition, Bitubo fork springs, and oil sump extender. The exhaust was purchased from Reno Leoni in 1979 or '80. The starter was replaced in 2007 but I saved the original. I have the ORIGINAL TIRES AND EXHAUST SYSTEM. Also have shocks somewhere and will include if found. FLAWS: a small ding on each side of the tank where the handle bars made contact. Also, a small piece broken off an upper fin on the right head BUT, there is a new right head included in the sale! The Guzzi has always been stored in my work area at the shop. I rode it once in 2008. Very reasonable reserve. For sale locally.

We don't often see this quality of classic Guzzi, much less a low-miles, original owner example. If you have been on the hunt for one of these cafe racer bikes, I would consider this your opportunity. This auction is on now, and the current bid is at $6,600 with the reserve not yet met. Earlier Guzzis LM models have mostly crossed for $8k+, so this is still in bargain bin territory. The seller will even throw in a few extras!

Don't miss out on this one, because who knows when we will find another one like this to post. . As always, good luck on this one, and tell 'em RSBFS sent you!