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Kawasaki August 24, 2014 posted by Marty

H2 project: 1990 KAWASAKI ZX7 H2

kawasaki 1

Not so long ago you could tell a motorcycle brand simply by the colors of the bodywork.  Laverdas were orange, Ducati's were red, Suzukis were blue and white, and Kawasaki were always green.  Most motorcycle manufacturers have moved away from this signature color scheme philosophy so today you will see red Hondas, orange Kawasakis etc.  When I saw this 1990 Kawasaki ZX7 with the classic green/white/blue bodywork it piqued my interest and after reading the auction I found out not only was this a Kawasaki 750cc Ninja with a Muzzy exhaust system, it was an H2 model.

1990 Kawasaki 750 H2

The 1990 Kawasaki 750 H2 is becoming a highly collectable bike.  The H2 inherited most of the Racekit engine mods found on the ZXR-7 racebike so although the H2 looks very similar to the H1 (both had the ram air snorkel tubes), both engine and frame underwent a lot of changes and parts are often not interchangeable with the H1.

kawasaki 4

This particular bike looks to be in good condition but there seems to be some evidence of roadrash on the lower fairings and frame.  According to the seller the bike was recently taken out of  5 years of storage so it will need to be tuned  and a full service before it is road ready.

kawasaki 3

The good news is the seller says the exhaust is a full "muzzy" system with a stage 2 jet kit with k&n filter.  The seller also includes a good amount of high res pics and seems to be honest about the condition of the bike.

kawasaki 5
The bad news is the seller indicates the front fairings were poorly repainted at some point in the past , the lower fairings have some scrapes, and the seat tail has a couple hair line cracks in it, also a seat rip.  There is also some rust on a few bolts in the pics and the mileage is at 26k so its been ridden a fair amount.  Then again, this bike is almost 25 years old so expecting it to be pristine are pretty low.

kawasaki 2

Also, KBB lists the retail value for one of these in good condition as about $2500 and the current bidding is close to that with the reserve not yet met so the seller may have unrealistic expectations on what its worth.

Basically it seems like an H2 in need of a light restoration but given the rarity of these bikes, this might be a value pickup for someone who enjoys wrenching and light restoring.




H2 project: 1990 KAWASAKI ZX7 H2
Suzuki August 20, 2014 posted by Marty

COMMENTS WANTED: Gray Market 1991 Suzuki RGV250 VJ22


Most of my posts on this site are of bikes commemorating a rider who rode the same model to glory, or a bike having some cool 1st generation technology.  But this post is going to be a little different.

When I was a younger the MotoGP series consisted of 125, 250 and 500cc machines, so my dream bikes were the big thumping machines like the Cagiva 592.  NOTE:  If you don't know why the Cagiva 592 was so special, I suggest you do a little browsing on Youtube.

When the top level MotoGP series moved over to the big 4 strokes so did I, and soon I was lusting after things like the ZX7R and OW01.   Two strokes kind of fell off my personal radar, but lately I have been thinking of adding one to a little collection I am starting to build, with the RGV250 being the target.

Now the good news is that I have managed to convince my girl that another bike won't be an issue.  The bad news is I don't really know enough about the RGV (and early 90's two strokes) to determine if a particular example is good or bad.  So I thought I would do this post and readers with more two stroke experience and/or experience with this model can comment and share their thoughts.  I think it would be useful to both myself and other readers who are also not as familiar with these bikes, if someone can share info about what to look for when considering buying one of these classic two stroke bikes. Remember, we were all ignorant about bikes at one time!


1991 Suzuki RVG250 VJ22 for sale on eBay

This is a gray market 1991 Suzuki RGV250 VJ22 in the classic Suzuki Blue and White bodywork.  It looks to my eyes to be in excellent condition, and the seller provides a decent amount of photos and info about the condition, The seller also indicates that he has a US title, which seems to be the big challenge with gray market bikes.  Plus it seems to have uber low kilometers/mileage.


So is this bike worth the asking price of 7500 USD?   Is this a bike more for collectors or for daily riders?  I look forward to reading the comments section of this post and seeing what the two stroke faithful on this site think.  NOTE:  While I know some people will say "if you really want it, get it regardless of the price",  I would like to keep the discussion focused on the merits of this particular RGV250 from a value standpoint.


COMMENTS WANTED: Gray Market 1991 Suzuki RGV250 VJ22
Honda August 18, 2014 posted by Marty

Road: NEW 2002 Joey Dunlop RC51 in the UK

There is a new documentary out called ROAD which which is based on the life on motorcycling legend Joey Dunlop so it seemed extra appropriate to post a Joey Dunlop commemorative edition RC51/VTR1000.


Back in 1997 Honda's response to a resurgent Ducati was its own V-Twin, the SP-1, which would be the basis of the US RC51 and European VTR1000 models.  In the capable hands of 'Texas Tornado' Colin Edwards, the SP-1/RC51/VTR1000 went on to win the World Superbike crown in 2000 but the bike also also proved capable of mastering road courses like the Isle of Man TT.  It was on a SP-1/RC51/VTR1000 that  Joey Dunlop achieved his 24th TT win, a win that occurred in awful weather conditions and which the Irishman later declared 'was probably one of my best wins.'

There would be two further TT victories for Joey Dunlop on the SP-1/RC51/VTR1000 that same week, bringing Joey's TT wins to date to a mind boggling 26. Tragically he was killed at a race a few weeks later and Northern Ireland went into mourning in a way not seen since the death of Ayrton Senna in Brazil (over 50,000 people in Ireland attended Joey Dunlop's funeral).

joey 2

2002 Joey Dunlop RC51 for sale on eBay UK

This SP-1 is one of a limited edition of only 26 machines commissioned by a Honda dealer in the UK. The Joey Dunlop model came with gold-anodised OZ wheels; Lazer exhaust system; Power Commander; carbon-fibre rear hugger; WP multi-adjustable rear damper; Goodridge brake hoses; adjustable rear-sets; paddock stand 'cotton reels'; Dunlop GP208 tyres; sponsors' decals; screen name logo; and number patches. New fork yokes were fitted, carrying two plaques: one (with signature) commemorating Joey's 2000 F1 TT win; the other a numbered plaque referring to Joey's respective TT victory.

So this bike is already pretty amazing but this particular sale is for a a bike that is basically brand new.  And on top of that, this bike been signed by Linda Dunlop (Joey's wife) as well as his sons Gary and Robert Dunlop.

joey 4

joey 8

Price for this bike is an eye watering 30k pounds, which translates into about 50,000 USD.  This appears to be double what the bike sold for last time but given the fact that it is the only Joey Dunlop version ever produced, is new and is signed by members of the Dunlop family, it may actually be worth the asking price, especially for any collectors already in the UK.


Road:  NEW 2002 Joey Dunlop RC51 in the UK
MV Agusta August 15, 2014 posted by Marty

Hedge Fund Toy: 2002 MV Agusta Senna with 188 miles

When it comes to Rare Sporbikes, I think RSBFS author Mike said it well when he wrote the following:

Bikes become collectable in a few ways: They can be iconic motorcycles that have simply survived the ravages of time and modification, they can be homologation machines built in limited numbers and destined for the racetrack, or they can be born into collectability, with a flashy name and fashionable limited number plate."

mv 1

2002 MV Agusta Senna for sale on eBay

This is an MV Agusta 750 Senna edition.  The Senna edition was built to commemorate the life of Formula 1 driver and motorsport legend Ayrton Senna.   Only 300 Senna editions were produced, although Ducati did do a Senna edition of their 748 too.

The Senna edition has the MV Agusta 750cc model as its basis.  The 750 was the model that re-launched the MV Agusta brand back in the late 90's and was designed by Tamburini, the same man responsible for the Ducati 916.  When the MV 750 was launched it was considered by many to be the most beautiful bike in production, with the 4 pipes exiting under the rear fairing being particularly lust inspiring. Spec, build quality and handling were excellent, only the engine was a bit of a letdown.  The basic design endures today in the MV Agusta 1000 and three cylinder models but the F4 750 was the 1st.

mv 2

So the bike is beautiful, good mechanically and rare to boot.  An yet I have to be honest and say I hesitated before posting this bike.  Even with the good looks and limited production numbers, I just can't think of it as a "true" rare sport bike.  I guess its just a personal preference but I don't like bikes where the only difference is paint and a perhaps a number plate on the top yokes and then they want to charge a lot more money for it.  Then again, the MV Agusta Senna edition bikes have appeared here on RSBFS a couple of times before and always seem to draw interest so I decided perhaps its just me and here it is.

mv 3

This one appears to be owned by a collector (or possible hedge fund employee given its location) and is certainly one of the nicest we have seen.    Prices for these typically range between 12-15k, and with the low miles on this one I would expect the reserve to be close to the upper part of the range.  So if you are a Senna fan and have been looking for an uber low mileage way to commemorate his life, this may be for you.


Hedge Fund Toy:  2002 MV Agusta Senna with 188 miles
Suzuki August 6, 2014 posted by Marty

Don’t Panic!: 2001 Suzuki TL1000R

tl1000r 1

Every once in a while someone produces a bike that truly harkens back to the old days of motorcycling, a bike that requires concentration and skill to master and doesn't suffer fools gladly.  Or as one of my favorites writers wrote, bikes from a time "when men were REAL men, women were REAL women, and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were REAL small furry creatures from Alpha Centraui."  The Suzuki TL 1000R was one of these bikes.

The Suzuki TL1000 series were V-Twins built in response to the enormous success of the Ducati 916/996.  Both the S/Street and R/Racing bikes were equipped with a 1000cc V-Twin torque monster engine that would let riders leave long marks off the starting line.  However, the bikes were also equipped with a rotary rear shock system that was overwhelmed by the v-twin engine, which resulted in front end lift and for many riders, a different type of long black mark (usually in their underwear).

As the reviewers at MCN/motorcyclenews wrote,

" the TL series had a truly awesome engine, producing a claimed 135bhp and a bonkers, adrenaline-pumping lunge off the line.  However, while the TL had a truly great V-twin engine, it was attached to one of the most unpredictable handling chassis ever devised.  Simply put, the Suzuki TL1000R was for experts or nutters only."

suzuk tl 1000r 4

2001 Suzuki TL 1000R for sale on eBay

This particular example is one of the R/Racing series and looks exceptionally clean with less than 5000 miles.  It also has the desirable K series monocolor bodywork including the rear cowl, and even the OEM toolkit.  The only modification appears to be a tail tidy and while the seller indicates he does not have the original tail unit, that should be not too tough to source for anyone who wanted to restore this bike to completely stock.

tl 10000r 2

Notes about condition from the seller

  • stored in a climate controlled, secured garage.
  • Still has original chain, sprockets, and exhaust.
  • Engine and drive train are mechanically perfect.
  • All original body, windscreen, chassis, electrical, and motor train components.
  • Fuel tank has NO scratches, dings, or dents.
  • PAIR/flapper valves, evaporative emissions canisters/tubing are all still stock and in-place.


The Suzuki TL/V-Twin effort only lasted from 1998-2003, so the bike is already rare just by its limited production time frame.  Also finding one of these that hasn't been crashed or hacked up by drag bike enthusiasts will only become harder as time goes on.  The seller is asking about 1400 above KBB retail but given the condition and low miles, this seems like a fair price.  I think this bike is a good bet for a collector but would also be good for someone who wants to add a bit more risk to their riding experience.


Don’t Panic!:  2001 Suzuki TL1000R
BMW August 5, 2014 posted by Marty

Christmas Malcom Forbes Style: 1982 Krauser MKM1000

Update 8.5.2014: First posted in December of last year, this unique bike is back on eBay and a few thousand cheaper. Thanks for the heads up Mike! Links updated, -dc

Back in the late 70's/early 80s, BMW motorcycle's were not exactly "sportbike" oriented. Enter Mike Krauser, president of Krauser Inc which was at the time the world’s largest manufacturer of detachable luggage for motorcycles. Krauser Inc was especially well known for the luggage they made for BMW motorcycles and Krauser was a big fan of BMW – he considered them to be the total package at the time in terms of quality, simplicity, and durability.

1982 Krauser BMW MKM1000 for sale on eBay

BMW Krauser For Sale

Krauser undertook an effort to design a road machine that would be top of the line and working with designers, the result was an entirely new concept in frame design wrapped around a BMW engine. The end result was sold as the BMW Krauser MKM 1000. Weighing just 496 pounds wet, the MKM was lighter than all of its competition, including the Ducati Super Sport and the Moto Guzzi Le Mans.


Despite a production run of only 100 over only two years, the bike was an instant classic due to it’s distinctive style and 70 horsepower – the most powerful stock airhead that was produced at the time. The extra power was due to optional proprietary Krauser 4 valve heads which unfortunately weren’t very reliable but the high price at the time (14,000 USD) meant that the MKM1000 was usually "a millionaire’s ride" anyway. And according to the seller, that is exactly who the original owner of this bike was, none other than Malcolm Forbes Sr., creator and publisher of Forbes Magazine.


This particular example is said to have only about 3,800 miles on the odometer and included with the bike are the original Krauser rear stand, the original Krauser Build Book for the bike, and also the paperwork from Forbes Magazine.


Lastly, according to the seller this very bike will also be featured in an upcoming classic bike magazine article, to be published early in 2014.

Want to learn more about Krauser? Link to a review is here:


Thanks to everyone who forwarded the unique bike to us and to Marty for the guest article! -dc

Christmas Malcom Forbes Style:  1982 Krauser MKM1000