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Author Archives: Donn

Sport Bikes For Sale April 5, 2016 posted by Donn

rEVOlutionary 2006 Ducati 999R #0165

Superlative in so many ways, it's important to remember that the Ducati 999R was a step ( or several ) towards today's superbike.  And though  stylists can critique Pierre Terblanche's design, the mechanical and handling improvements led to three WSBK Championships, 2006's under Troy Bayliss in the Xerox livery offered as an option on the 999R.

20160405 2006 ducati 999r right

2006 Ducati 999R for sale on eBay

20160405 2006 ducati 999r left

20160405 2006 ducati 999r number

The revised testastretta heads on the 999R resulted in 150 hp for the showroom 999R, helped by titanium valves and collets, magnesium valve covers and carbon timing belt covers.  Very little of any of that is visible, though you can catch a glimpse through the vents in the carbon-fiber bodywork.  The main spar of the red trellis frame contrasts with the seat sub-frame and gold-anodized monoshock.  43mm Öhlins forks are finished in black on the -R, as is the numbered triple clamp.  Also in black is the beefy fabricated swingarm, as are the forged Marchesini wheels, and the rear mudguard and guard for the controversial canister muffler are carbon.

20160405 2006 ducati 999r dash

20160405 2006 ducati 999r left grip

This 999R has just under 2,100 miles and looks like they were cafe' and not track miles.  One puzzling scrape under the left footpeg is pictured, but it's a barely used bike with just a few mods.  Ten years on and with no maintenance history offered, it's a safe assumption that belts and tires would be want a change before any substantial riding.  The owner states in the eBay auction:

This might be the most beautiful bike ever made by Ducati !  The Ducati 999r Xerox was the first and only bike to win the World Superbike Championship 3 years in a row. In celebration, Ducati built 300 street legal replicas. The 999r Xerox features the "R" spec motor which is a big performance improvement over the standard 999 motor. Also features a full Ohlins suspension front and rear, full carbon fiber body panels, carbon fiber cylinder covers, magnesium heads, the most beautiful paint job you can imagine, light weight Marchesini wheels, and a placard showing its production number of the 300 total units made. This particular bike has a slipper clutch, open clutch cover, Giles rear set, and aftermarket shift lever set for GP shift. Only 2061 miles on this collector bike! This is a living room bike that attracts attention wherever it is parked.  comes with custom factory plaque and case as well as owners manual. these bikes don't come up often.  don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of motorcycle history !!!!

20160405 2006 ducati 999r tank

20160405 2006 ducati 999r right clutch

20160405 2006 ducati 999r left shock

Though the more upright fairing made life better for the WSBK riders, the showroom response compelled Ducati to return to side-by-side headlights for the 1098.  This makes the 999 a unique chapter in the Ducati history book, and a great champion in -R form.  As a seldom-ordered option for the final year of 999 production, the Xerox decal set is a standout and very collectible...


20160405 2006 ducati 999r front

Sport Bikes For Sale April 2, 2016 posted by Donn

Mass Appeal – 1982 Honda CB1100R in France

With just 1,500 built for homologation purposes, an unscathed CB1100R is a rare sight, this one in a suburb of Lyon in southeastern France.  In the early 1980's, six-hour endurance races were the gut-check in Europe, and outposts like South Africa, Oz and New Zealand.  Pretty heavy but with over 100 horses and full fairing, these big machines were built to last the hours, then the factory race engineers went about making them quick.

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right

1982 Honda CB1100R for sale on eBay

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r left

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right engine

Specs reading almost vintage at this point, the aircooled DOHC four had nearly equal bore and stroke and was good for 120 hp.  The steel tube frame supports the 5-speed, right-side-up forks and twin-shock swingarm.  Triple 296mm disk brakes, with three two-piston calipers.  Tough looking endurance fairing channels the incoming air to the cooling fins.  It shields the 6.9 gallon tank and rider, held in place by the upswept monoposto seat fairing.  My favorite detail is the binnacle, where the main part of the gauge cluster is fixed, but the indicator lights and temperature dial move with the handlebars.

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r binnacle

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right front

This CB1100R shows a little over 28,000 miles and is mostly immaculate.  Other eyes with probably see some foibles.  Being too nice is not a bad problem to have, but some history would help.  The notes from the eBay auction might require a careful interpretive read:

Numbers engine and frame match the type .

The bike is healthy, no traces of falls, fairings are original, without patching .

Exhaust original in nice condition , very rare.

The engine was checked , distribution chains changed and joints of high engine . The engine works perfectly without slamming or noise starter .

Ramp carburetor was cleaned and redone by a specialist .

The fork has drained + new seals. brakes in perfect condition for use .

No work needed .

Moto uncommon (only 1500 made and most have finished on the track ) , hard to find in this state.

French registration.

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right front wheel

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right rear wheel

While racing rules still allowed high-strung two-strokes, Honda bet on the buyers who wanted a powerful, stable, rideable platform, and raced it for them.  Likely the buyer who'll want to inspect, purchase, and transport this ground-pounding ride will be happy to correct any maladies discovered.  The bike looks ready for a circuit of a modern track, a chain of wide fast sweepers, a long straight or two, maybe only one hairpin ( and plenty of runoff ).  In the midst of such a lapping session, the rider would learn something about the riders of the period, racing these heavy bikes for long shifts - and about him ( or her ) self in the process...


20160401 1982 honda cb1100r left rear

Moto Guzzi March 27, 2016 posted by Donn

Set-Up – 1984 Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans Mk. III

Responding to pressure from the east with scores of refinements on the Le Mans theme, the archetypal Moto Guzzi is just now ( after 30+ years ) making the jump to "classic".   A stable, torquey heavyweight, this particular Le Mans has been beautifully maintained and upgraded.

20160327 1984 moto guzzi le mans mk iii left front

1984 Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans Mk. III  on eBay

20160327 1984 moto guzzi le mans mk iii right engine

Deriving 82 hp from the 844 cc 2-valve twin, the Mk. III has twin 36mm Dell'Orto carburetors and revised valvetrain and angular heads.  Pretty good torque allowed the company to retain the 5-speed transmission, but noise restrictions necessitated a revised airbox and exhaust system.  Shocks and forks are air-adjustable and brakes are 300mm dual disks with single 242mm rear.  Bikini fairing revised in the wind tunnel tested well, protecting the rider and aiding high speed handling.

20160327 1984 moto guzzi le mans mk iii binnacle

20160327 1984 moto guzzi le mans mk iii left rear

With the same owner since 1990, this Le Mans has some great mods and looks super.  Ohlins and rearsets are nice mods, but gear-driven cam, head guards and de-linked brakes signify a real fan.  From the eBay auction:

Up for auction is my beloved 1984 Moto Guzzi Lemans III. I have owned this bike since 1990. Elbow and wrist issues have kept me from riding it over the past few years and I have decided to give it a new home. Modifications are the fitting of Ohlins piggyback shocks, gear driven camshaft, rearset footrests, de-linked brakes with Kosman steel braided lines and individual K & N air filters. I have nearly all of the original parts including the airbox, Marzocchi shocks, footrests etc and I am including them in the sale. This is a very reluctant sale and it is being offered locally as well. I may end the auction and remove the listing at any time. The bike has just been serviced and had a new Yuasa GYZ battery installed. It will need tires as the ones on it are pretty old. Ask any questions before bidding, thank you and good luck!

20160327 1984 moto guzzi le mans mk iii right front

20160327 1984 moto guzzi le mans mk iii left peg

Shopping for that special bike, one always hopes to run across the bike and owner that had done the investigations, found the right mods, and had the right shop.  With its condition and comprehensive upgrades, this appears to be that Le Mans.  Hoping the owner can continue riding with a more upright bike - good luck with sale...


20160327 1984 moto guzzi le mans mk iii right rear sun

Set-Up – 1984 Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans Mk. III
Honda March 23, 2016 posted by Donn

Featured Listing: 1990 Honda CBR400RR

Often gray-market specials re-appear on the market with just a few miles, but this CBR400RR has been loved by someone.  Never offered in the U.S., they were a staple in countries where progressive licensing required lower horsepower and speed for younger or new riders.  The model was updated in 1990 and has gear-driven cams, fresh air intake, and a race-inspired sculpted swingarm.

20160323 1990 honda cbr400rr right

1990 Honda CBR400RR for sale on eBay

20160323 1990 honda cbr400rr left

20160323 1990 honda cbr400rr right front

The inline four in the CBR400RR is a stressed member of the aluminum box-section frame and makes 59 hp at 12,500 rpm.  Confessing the bike's humble aspirations, the right-side-up forks are still a hefty 41mm.  The "Castec" ( aluminum casting technology ) rear suspension has the curved "gull arm" which allows the exhaust to pass under the swingarm.  Binders are 275mm front discs and single 220mm rear.  Sharp looking, from a block away you might mistake the 400 for the CBR900RR, at least until you could hear it well.

20160323 1990 honda cbr400rr binnacle

20160323 1990 honda cbr400rr rear

Looking much better than it should for the kms, this CBR400RR wears the original silver/teal/black livery nicely, and shows some patina but  no major mods or damage.  Plus the owner is including a full set of aftermarket bodywork.  From the eBay auction:

1990 Honda CBR400RR NC29. 47,648 Kilometers (29,607 Miles) This is a very clean well cared for bike. Fairings and body work are OEM.  Tank is excellent with original paint. I am including  after market fairing kit I had made to duplicate the originals. Seats are in excellent shape with no tears. Tires have another season left on them.  I have gone thru the bike mechanically and everything works as it should. Turn signals, brake lights, horn, High and low beams, radiator fan, Shifts and revs to redline perfectly. Starts effortlessly every time. No leaks No smoke Very smooth running. Bike has USA Title ready to transfer into your name.

20160323 1990 honda cbr400rr left front wheel

20160323 1990 honda cbr400rr left engine

Sized as the CBR900RR's younger sibling, the 400 will be snug for an average adult ( and what kids you'd have to be to use the passenger seat ) but it is fully equipped.  But maybe for a lighter rider, or maybe junior.  With almost 30K miles and no damage, obviously somebody fit this bike well and loved revving it up - that should continue...


20160323 1990 honda cbr400rr cockpit

Featured Listing: 1990 Honda CBR400RR
Ducati March 21, 2016 posted by Donn

Featured Listing – 2005 Ducati 749R #0051

Update 4.14.2016: SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

IMG_7372 (Large)

Sold and equipped for the street, but meant to homologate the bike for World SuperSport racing, the 749R was built in very low numbers, with substantial differences from the base and -S models.  Since most were modified and raced by privateers, very few survive in stock form today.  With more accessible performance than the 999R, the 749R would be the more sensible choice of experienced but non-professional riders.  In mint condition, with up-to-date maintenance and road-oriented upgrades, this 749R could be a weekend rider, a concours winner, or returned to the racetrack.

IMG_7358 (Large)

IMG_7370 (Large)_1

The 749R's engine is much more oversquare than the base model with a 94mm bore and 54mm stroke.  More exotic materials were used - titanium valves and connecting rods, magnesium valve covers, carbon-fiber belt covers.  With 12.7:1 compression the power output was 118 hp.  Other enhancements for the -R were a bigger fuel tank, slipper clutch, fully adjustable Öhlins suspension, and steering head with rake adjustment.

IMG_7345 (Large)

IMG_7354 (Large)

Updated for the 2005 year, the 749R bodywork is polymer, and recognizable by the two-intake nose ( 999's have four intakes ).  The rear mudguard is carbon, but the front fender is polymer, very handsome in red with white racing stripe.  The steel trellis frame is matching red, and the rear swingarm is quite different than the base and -S model's, a stronger straight box section.  Brakes are the excellent radially-mounted Brembos, and wheels the very light Marchesini forged Y-spokes.

IMG_7348 (Large)

IMG_7356 (Large)

The owner has cared for and upgraded this 749R with versatility in mind.  Here's his list:

  • 2005
  • Number 51 of 1200: Over 11 years many were club raced to toast and parted out.
  • Mint condition
  • 4813 miles
  • Second owner
  • It’s had about 350 miles put upon it a year – it has never been in storage; it has been ridden constantly - with a dedicated mechanic providing the maintenance 
  • Always kept in a heated garage – has never seen water (rain/hose) or a race track.

A common grump about the 749R is it’s absolute, no compromise, racing set up.  I made some upgrades to compensate for the realities of typical weekend riding:

  • STM Evoluzione R slipper clutch (OEM slipper is in perfect condition, boxed, and also comes with cycle) No chatter, squawking or stalling.
  • Slightly higher tooth rear sprocket for easier starts (OEM sprocket also comes with cycle); standard retrofit.

Other upgrades:

  • Termignoni 57 mm titanium racing exhaust and matching ECU - Installed by dealer when the cycle was first purchased 
  • Extra OEM 749R left panel.  I heat shielded and vented an extra panel to allow for better heat dispersion of the 57mm exhaust.  The original panel is stored in a foam box for the next owner 
  • Ducati carbon fiber clutch cover and rear hugger - the good weave, not the cheap stuff. (OEM clutch cover also comes with cycle)
  • Samco hose kit (the 749R OEM hoses have a reputation for coolant oozing and corroding the clamps – the Samco kit solves the problem)
  • DID Gold XRing chain

The Pitbull stand and dust cover included.  Michelin Power Pilots about 500 miles ago. 

IMG_7346 (Large)

IMG_7355 (Large)

Maintained and ready for spring, the sensible mods made to this 749R can easily be reversed to dead stock for display, but enhance the rideability, as the owner says:

One strong selling point is, unlike some stock 749R’s, this example can be ridden around town without bucking, squawking, or stalling.  And due to proper heat shielding, the plastic won’t melt or bubble on the bottom of the left panel, which is a common comment on the Ducati blogs by owners who’ve upgraded exhaust plumbing to 57mm. No issues with the extra heat or fitment.

IMG_7342 (Large)

IMG_7374 (Large)

Ready to go in any direction, this 749R has an uncommon blend of rarity, originality, super condition, recent-era performance, and road usability.  Seems like an outstanding alternative to liter-plus superbikes...


Featured Listing – 2005 Ducati 749R #0051
BMW March 20, 2016 posted by Donn

Well-loved – 2007 BMW R1200S

Similar to Porsche's flat-six engine, there will likely always be a horizontal twin BMW.  Before and well, during the development of the S1000RR sportbike, the company continued to enhance the big twin's sporty prospects, and the R1200S is the penultimate boxer ( bowing only to the HP2 ).  This example has over 31,000 miles but is still capable of turning heads.

20160320 2007 bmw r1200s right

2007 BMW R1200S for sale on eBay

20160320 2007 bmw r1200s left rear

20160320 2007 bmw r1200s right front

Based on the 1170cc 4-valve boxer, the R1200S has 122 hp on tap.  The engine is an integral part of the chassis, which uses BMW's Telelever front and Paralever shaft-drive rear, each with monoshock.  Brakes are 320mm front disks with 265mm rear, and appear to be ABS, though the owner doesn't mention it.  Wheels are light-alloy 17's.  Weight is the big ( or little ) story of the R1200S, coming in a little over 400 lbs. dry, the trellis seat frame and other enhancements made for a substantial reduction from the preceding R1100S.

20160320 2007 bmw r1200s right front wheel

20160320 2007 bmw r1200s right rear wheel

Save the windscreen there's no evidence of modifications or damage, and for the mileage this R1200S looks super.  The Florida owner seems to be the original.  He says in the eBay auction:

2007 BMW R1200S only few imported and hard to find and especially in this particular color, google rare BMW boxers in USA and you will get the exact number sold in USA.
Bike is in very good condition and just serviced , new tires and not single scratch, double bubble windshield, luggage rack installed but I don't have the boxes anymore, all stock and service up to date, new tires now I have around 32000 miles, next service at 36000.  Runs  perfect and not a problem with the bike, selling because I want to buy a R1200 GS.

20160320 2007 bmw r1200s left front

20160320 2007 bmw r1200s dash

Light as any Beemer but still hippy, the R1200S is more comfortable than the average sportbike, sport with a side order of touring.  The innovative suspension provides stability even on rough pavement.  Possibly a better choice for a rider than an HP2, the R1200S connecting rods don't have  an expiration date.  Certainly track-day eligible, you could also pick up some bags and go another 30K - quickly...


Well-loved – 2007 BMW R1200S

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