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Honda October 8, 2015 posted by claudio

Featured Listing: Nearly New Honda RC30 in Switzerland. Worldwide Sales Welcomed!

Update 6.14.2016: SOLD! -dc
Update 10.8.2015: Price updated. -dc

Foreword: Claudio is an Emeritus Contributor on RSBFS and posted with us mainly between 2012-13. This is his personal bike and he asked if he could list on the site. A nearly new RC30, of course! He wrote the post himself and is advertising it on our site. Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

This is a Swiss spec Honda RC30, hand built by HRC in 1988 and first imported in Switzerland in 1989. The VFR750R was first registered by myself this summer! The bike currently has less than 700 km and it is absolutely new, as you can see from the pictures and the short movie attached. Together with the bike and its original stand, I will provide also the original documentation, the two keys and a new OEM CDI that will allow for full rpm usage. The Swiss spec bike has otherwise a CDI that limits the power by limiting the rpm.



Most of you will find that small squared headlight strange, but this is the way these models were sold in Switzerland. At the beginning, I also preferred the two large round headlights (Europe and US models) but after a while I came accustomed to the Swiss headlight and currently find that the bike looks slimmer in this trim. I know, that may not be the case for many of you out there 🙂 I am a motorbike enthusiast with a passion for sport bikes of the late 80s and 90s. I own myself several bikes and this is my second RC30. I ride every bike I own. I also continuously trade some...when I find a model I desire more 🙂


Like my other best finds, I have bought this new RC30 from a Honda dealership that is about to close. The bike was serviced with fresh liquids just before it was delivered to me. After a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that it would be a shame to put miles on such a rare example and I would rather sell it to another collector or a museum. If it was down to me, I would have parked it in my living room, but my wife thinks that this ain't art and therefore it belongs somewhere else. If you have free space in your living room or if you want to experience the thrills of owning and/or riding a brand new Honda RC30, then please contact me.

I have previously sold a 1986 GSX750RR Limited Edition to a fellow enthusiast in Australia. As was the case with that bike, you will be responsible for organizing transport of the bike from Switzerland. I will assist you with all necessary paper work, preparation and potential logistics’ contacts. I also speak German and Italian if that would make the communication easier for you. The bike is located in Switzerland near Zürich and can viewed upon appointment. If you are interested, please make me a reasonable offer considering the rarity of the bike in its current condition (one example with 700 miles sold by Bonhams in LA for 52000$).

In case of international shipment, I understand that there maybe additional costs for transport etc... To me it's also important that this RC30 goes into the right hands and that I establish a network of enthusiasts to be able to help each other in the future too. With this in mind, within reason I will try to come toward your specific needs. If you would like to make me an offer (offers below 30000 EUR will not be considered) or have questions, please contact me by email by clicking on following this link. I will try to reply within 1-2 days depending on my workload.

Thanks and ciao,


Featured Listing:  Nearly New Honda RC30 in Switzerland.  Worldwide Sales Welcomed!
Honda November 16, 2013 posted by claudio

You Like 2 Stroke Race Bikes? Behold! GP Bonanza in Switzerland

If you answered yes, to the above question, do the following:

1) go online and check out you bank account balance

2) choose any bike from below

3) contact the seller (see link at bottom of page)

4) realize a dream

Let's start with the one I consider my own dream: 1984 Honda RS 500 RF







4508890417266534713This bike was formerly raced by Swiss rider: Bruno Kneubühler.

The price is not disclosed. This bike, and all the others that follow, belong to a private collector who is selling them individually. If interested in any of these dreams, click on the link at the bottom of this article and contact the dealer that is advertising the bikes for the seller.

Were you a fan of Kevin ? How about this: Suzuki RG 500 converted track bike (the seller mentions it is an RGB but that doesn't seem to be correct):







If you are a little intimated by the 500cc monsters (I am not, I want one... desperately) or ,the before mentioned bank statement doesn't allow you to get close to one of these, then the following Suzuki RGV250 might be an alternative:

Suzuki RGV 250 track bike

4509825542266543713 4509829261266543713





Or this other RGV:


4509950026266544713 4509953776266544713 4509946307266544713

Are you over 40 and fancy something a bit older than that ? How about a 1969 3 cylinder H1 race Kawa in top conditions ?

4510097698266545713 4510101401266545713 4510109495266545713


Beautiful isn't it ?

4510105511266545713 4510113370266545713


I always said that Switzerland is a goldmine for rare motorbikes, what do you think ?

Well, let's get to business no?  Here's the link to inquiry for any of the above (an additional RS 500 is also available, not pictured here):


2 stroke GP bikes




You Like 2 Stroke Race Bikes? Behold! GP Bonanza in Switzerland
Honda November 15, 2013 posted by claudio

100% fun: Honda NC30 (Germany)

This is a good looking track bike. The seller mentions that all the bits to make it street legal are also available.


Honda NC30 for sale on eBay in Germany

Not all track bikes are kept in a nice and tidy order. Some people think that what is not good for the road any more, can become a track bike. The serious riders, go on the track to utilize the full potential of a motorbike and not trash their unloved 2 wheeler.


All racing- for-fun bikes should receive the same attention as any other motorbike, be it an everyday use or a collection item. This one, seems pretty clean and hence it gets all my attention. NC30s, are great tools and they will put a huge smile on your face. The handling is razor sharp, they are tiny (like proper race bikes) and sound like nothing else.


In mainland Europe they are rare too 🙂

Here is what the seller has to say (translated by Google):

Sell ​​my Honda VFR 400 NC 30 mod bike is in top condition and has 90 papers from Holland are all parts of a road approval there. I make a huge service at the merchant release valves adjusted, carb clean and adjust, oil change with filter, air filter, new battery, new tires BS S20 (soft) brake pads front and rear new, Carbon Racing Exhaust. The bike is a HRC ECU and camshafts installed engine has 72.5 hp Org there are 61HP, the motorcycle can be ridden in Classic Cup or ADMV or on the road. Motorcycle is in Munich or shipping 159, - € in Germany. For questions, 0151 11594031



If you are in Germany or live a in any neighboring country, and feel like going for a little drive in a van to pick up this joyful V4, click on the eBay link below. The current bid is below 1000 EUR with reserve not met yet.

Honda NC 30 on eBay in Germany


100% fun: Honda NC30 (Germany)
Suzuki November 13, 2013 posted by claudio

Motor De Dos Tiempos: Suzuki RG 500 (Spain)

A few weeks ago I was in Mallorca on a short break. I walked into a small tapas restaurant (Manolo's Bodega). The walls inside the tiny place were covered with photographs. Many of them pictured people on motorbikes and track days. One caught my attention, it was of a guy sitting on a RC30. So I asked, who is the fellow? That's my brother, the girl in front of me replied. It was 1 a.m. and so her brother, who happened to be the cook, was sitting in the same room, having a drink. We ended up talking endlessly about motorbikes. Spain is now on top of the motorbike world. Marquez just secured a historical title and Lorenzo who, by the way is from Mallorca, came second, and Pedrosa finished 2013, third. The first Italian, a man called Rossi, was only fourth. Italy used to be the ruling country in motorbike racing, at least in the smaller categories, for many years. But now, just like in football, Spain is king. And so, for the aficionados who might read us from the beautiful Iberic peninsula, and related islands, here  is a treat in your honour:

1987 Suzuki RG 500 for 13.000 EUR on eBay



Let's hear it from the seller himself:

Suzuki RG500 Gamma CH, imported from Germany to Spain.  Nice clean 100% standard original bike all round, only done 39000 kilometers from new.
We have fully gone through the bike, fresh original fairing (plastics, no fiberglass), new bearings, new steering head bearings,new brake pads all round, new sprockets, new bidgestone tyres, new fork oil seals and oil, engine oil changed, new air filter, plugs, carbs cleaned and set up. Lower cowl is included and mounted though not visible in the pictures.  The engine is in great shape. It will come with spanish historical documentation. Very clean machine, runs and looks supeb, very collectable and good future investment. It has been measured over 220 km/h in Jerez motor track. (Spain)

Only cash on collection. It will not be sent. No paypal. Please do not try to scam it is too obvious. All scammers will be prosecuted here and here Seriously

As you have heard, collection only, so if you find yourself in Spain and are interested in the this classic 4 cylinder two stroke, please click on the link (only a short time is left).



From my side, the RG500 is my absolute favourite two stroke machine of all times...



Viva Espana!

1987 Suzuki RG 500 for 13.000 EUR on eBay


Motor De Dos Tiempos: Suzuki RG 500 (Spain)
Ducati November 12, 2013 posted by claudio

Ducati’s Gran Turismo: 1971 750 GT (DM 750 S in Switzerland)

The Ducati 750 GT was a bevel driven single camshaft elegant and yet sexy (see below) motorbike for gentlemen.

UntitledWhile this is not an Imola or a Super Sport,  given its rarity, I thought it is worth to mention on RSBFS. Particularly in this condition, what do you think ?



This owner is selling this beauty privately. The price is not disclosed but we can anticipate that it won't be for everybody.  From a previous ad, it was mentioned that the motor was rebuilt in 2004 (hence the 9000 km since then). It appears it failed to sell with a starting price of 29.000 CHF = 31.500$


If interested, follow the link below and contact the seller (Mr. Fischer) directly. The looks of this bike are eternal classic!

1971 Ducati 750 GT


Ducati’s Gran Turismo: 1971 750 GT (DM 750 S in Switzerland)
Suzuki November 6, 2013 posted by claudio

We don’t promote tobacco usage, but we like this one: Suzuki RG400 (UK)

For all two stroke fans out there, here is a classic 4 cylinder square from Japan: the mighty RG400:


The bike is currently fitted with a complete (tobacco sponsored) ABS body work and it looks like this:



It is from an RG enthusiast in the United Kingdom, who has posted it on eBay, to collect the cash for another project as described below:

This advert is for my Suzuki RG400

The bike is currently fitted with a high quality ABS plastic aftermarket RG500 bodykit, including a tank cover, all with a very high quality Skoal Bandit paint scheme applied, the bodywork is less than 1000 miles old.

Also included in the auction price is the standard RG400 bodykit that you see in the last picture of the advert, it is in good general condition but the ears of the top fairing are broken in the usual place, complete with the tank (as there is a standard RG500 tank under the cover of the Skoal bandit tank cover) both tanks are completely rust free and in good condition.

The bike has just had a small overhaul that includes:

Brand new Nitron rear shock
Rebuilt front forks using all genuine Suzuki seals and bushes
All new rubber pipe work
Rebuilt carbs to cure the usual leaks from the overflow (all new internals)
New oil line check valves
New fluids
New air filter
New plugs
Recent tyres
Newly completely rebuilt and painted front callipers included but not fitted (not that there is anything wrong with the originals)
Thoroughly cleaned and degreased
New control cables
New stainless fasteners throughout
Since the photo the front and rear seats, including the bum pad have been re-covered in the correct green
Spare seat in the correct colour for the original body kit also included

I have recently spent over £2000 on a sympathetic overhaul and subtle enhancement of the correct areas of this bike, I have used it for around 1000 miles this summer and now its time to move on to the next project, I have been offered an opportunity to buy another bike that I have been looking for, fir some time, that is the only reason why this is being offered for sale. I reserve the right to end the auction if that other bike sells before this one.

I am an RG400/500 enthusiast having owned many of these bike, this is the best one I have had, it goes, handles, and stops exactly as it should. With the fresh suspension and good correct tyres it handles properly and is very good fun, it never fails to put a smile on my face.

This is a proper get on and ride bike, it needs no jobs doing, and when you see it you will know that it is a good straight bike, that with the original bodywork on has not been messed around with at all. I welcome any inspection or test ride with the full asking in my hand.

Please feel free to ask any questions, but be quick as this is not the usual over priced rubbish that is on sale from the dealers.

This is a fixed price ad looking for 5600 GBP = just short of 9000 US or 6700 EUR
If interested click on the link below:

Suzuki RG400 on eBay in the UK


We don’t promote tobacco usage, but we like this one: Suzuki RG400 (UK)