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Honda July 9, 2013 posted by

Super Low Mileage 1990 Honda CBR250RR For Sale in Colorado

1990 Honda CBR250RR For Sale

This is about as new as you can probably get anywhere in the world. The seller estimates it may be one of ten that are known to be in the U.S. and I suspect he may be right. While not the usual 2 stroke 250 we often seek out, this one is a 4 stroke that revs to 19k (not a misprint)! So far no bids opening at $5k reserve in place, but I suspect that won't last long.


1990 Honda CBR250RR For Sale on eBay



quote from the seller:

There aren't that many CBR250RRs in the states, probably ten. None have 553 miles on them, well, only one does, at least. This 4-cylinder motorcycle has had a long history of sitting and being admired. It is in as perfect a shape as a 23 year-old motorcycle can be.

Everything is original: the tires, the air in the tires. The oil has been changed twice. There is gas in the tank and it runs exactly as it should. The carbs had a good going through, and work fine.

When riding it, one gets to understand just how nice these bikes were when they were new, since everything about this one still is "new". If you take a CBR600 and scale it down everything on it to 80% of the 600, this is it - low seat height, light controls, light weight.

I haven't seen what 19,000 rpms feel like quite yet - my teeth start to grit pretty hard around 17,000!

This sat in a Honda dealer in Japan for around 12 years as a display. How would it look in your garage?

Honda August 1, 2011 posted by

Four Stroke Screamer- ’92 Honda CBR250RR (MC22)

Location: Mount Prospect, Illinois
Mileage: 5,000
Price: Auction, $5,000 starting bid

So I will just say this right up front. This is a killer bike, that is truly rare, but is not exactly represented here very well. There is barely any description on the bike, the mileage is listed as strictly 5,000 (hard to imagine it's 5,000 on the dot) and really not a lot of pictures. Anyone who keeps an eye on RSBFS would probably know that a bike like this would usually come with a great bit of detail.

Well, this one doesn't. But, because the CBR250RR is such a monster ride, I decided to write it up anyway. So I guess approach with caution, but if it does work out, well then, welcome to your new awesome ride.

Here's the pictures-

Here's the brief, make that very brief, description from the seller-

Honda CBR250RR.  Excellent condition.  Only 5000 miles.  Clean IL title.

So really not much there. But if you want a little more about the CBR250RR, here it is: This is a four stroke 16v in-line four cylinder. Yep, not a two stroke as many bikes in the 250 world are (NSR, TZR, for example). So this thing is is going to scream. And at a claimed 40 bhp  at 14,500 rpm and roughly 315 lbs in weight, this will be a fun ride.

There you have it. I love the idea of a four stroke in-line four. I love CBR's. I would suspect you would want to get much more history on this bike to be comfortable purchasing as I know I would. But these don't pop up all that often, so it's always good to have an opportunity. If you feel like digging a little more on this machine, check out this auction!


Honda October 23, 2010 posted by

19,000 Reasons To Fall In Love: 1991 Honda CBR250RR

1991 Honda CBR250RR

If you get your kicks over 12,000 rpm then step right up.  These little babies apparently will spin all the way up to 19,000 rpm.  Now is it making power up there?  Well I'm not sure about that.  Actually a test I read said they make peak power around 14,500.  I still can't get my head wrapped around the idea of the tiny pistons in these things.  Unlike two cylinder 250cc two strokes, these bikes are four cylinder bikes.  You might need tweezers when taking some of the parts out of that engine.  A CBR, GSXR, FZR or ZXR 250 make a two stroke 250 seem almost common.

These bikes were born out of the race bike replica craze that swept Japan back in the late 80's and 90's and disappeared in the late 90's.  This 1991 model would be the first year of a redesign of the bike from the CBR250 to the CBR250RR.  You got a new, high spec frame, engine upgrades, new carbs and you may notice that swing arm off an NSR250.   Power was claimed at 45hp, the same output the factories claim for their 250cc two strokes.  If you are shopping for one of these you might want to stick with a pre-1994 model has they were restricted beginning that year to 40hp.  Hey, with these you need every pony you can get.

From the seller:

Trully a rareity in the states, many new parts , fairings, yes from china but fitment is near precise, new levers , tires , chain, nuts, bolts etc. see attached youtube video and clear ca title and registration.

The seller has also posted a video clip with narration on the bike and some music from the engine:

The bike does not appear to be a garage queen and has some miles on it (17,000).   Photos never tell the whole story but it sure looks to be in nice condition.  I believe I've seen several grey market bikes come on the market from this seller and they have all been clean bikes.  You will have to forgive me for catching this auction late.  There is only roughly a day remaining.  Bidding has been quite active but at around $2,000 I doubt it is close to the reserve.  Don't let it slip away, .


Honda March 28, 2010 posted by

1987 Honda CBR250 MC17 Hurricane – “Best In The World!”

Show winning 1987 Honda CBR250 MC17 Hurricane with 2000 miles on ebay - Best In The World!

Wow - the last time I saw a CBR250 Hurricane was...wait, I don't think I've ever saw a CBR250 Hurricane in the flesh! Never mind...

The point I was trying to make was this bike really brings me back to my younger days when I would drool over the similar styled CBR600 Hurricane.  The Hurricane was significant in that it was one of the very first sport bikes to feature fully enclosed body work to tackle the issue of  aerodynamics,  and this design influenced sports bike styling ever since.

Now this CBR250 Hurricane is in mint mint mint condition - whether it's "Best In The World" (a pretty tall claim) is your call:

Hello my name is Joe Fazio and I am the proud owner of a show winning 1987 Honda CBR Hurricane 250 MC17.. WORLD CLASS.

20,000 RPM redline, 4-cylinder, 4stroke, double over head cam, 16 gear driven..... 300pounds, 250cc/50 hp= 200HP per litre, on par or even better than new technology (1987), pure import, head to head with the 600cc sport bikes of its time....6-speed, titanium header, double disk brakes.. 2000 MILES... all stock and original except for the brand new set of Avon tires, front and back.

It is known to be the best vintage cbr250 in the world for the MC17 model.  It is Ultra Rare... and Almost none existent. (only made one year, and only available in Japan). also on top of all this it claims to be the fastest and most torque at the lowest RPM out of any other 250 4stroke produced. It starts first shot and runs amazing and like brand new in every way imagined.. totally mint without one flaw.

The bike is spotless and over the past winter was accepted into the Toronto Motorcycle International Supershow..where it came 2nd in its class in the Vintage Japanese Sportbike class out of many other bikes and was the lowest cc in the class by minus 500cc... (3rd was a slingshot 750, 1st was a gsxr 1000) to be honest i should of stole the prize haha but that just the way it goes, it was a great experience.

On top of being in for the award, it got excepted into a very special and most prestigious hall...The Century Of Motorcycles.... this hall made up 50 bikes that were hand picked by the producers of the show to represent a Century of motorcycles and mine was elected into this hall. I am from Toronto Ontario Canada and it is a clear title with the ownership and is ready to purchase and ride, or for your museum or collection.... this bike will never be for sale again in the way it is at this moment in time...It is a true piece of history..the one and only,.............serious buyers please.

So there you have it - the best CBR250 MC17 Hurricane there is in the world.  Seriously, it's a super nice bike in near new condition. Whether it is worth the $15,000 asking price - well, I'll just grab a coffee and watch the auction run.


Honda September 14, 2009 posted by

1987 Honda CBR250R Hurricane For Sale in California

This submission is from Chris for his very rare 87 CBR250R. This bike has seen considerable love from Chris and Garage Company. Check out his Craigslist listing for full details on the work on this bike to make it perfect:

quote from Craiglist post:

1987 Honda CBR250R Hurricane (Code name : CBR250RH) , made only 1 year and only sold in japan. Somehow the bike arrived in the US and I bought it registered and it is street legal.

Just a brief history, it has a 250cc , 16 valve, 4 cylinder, 4 carb, twin cam engine that runs on cam gears. Bike also has an all aluminum frame and goldish colored headers which I was told could be titanium..not sure. These headers only came on this model CBR250 and had the largest ports so they were most popular. Sounds amazing and redlines at 18,250 RPM. This bike was engineered by Shoichiro Irimajiri.....Honda's most famed designer of the CBX


When I bought the bike it was painted all black, and it took me a year to collect all the original fairings and I found a new "Old stock" tank out of japan. I took the bike to Yoshi, owner of the Garage Company, La's top vintage restorer. He had just finished a bike for Michael schumacher, and had a few rare honda's in the showroom so I thought he was best for the job. We put new tires on the bike, chain & sprocket, intake manifolds, rebuilt and oiled the front forks, rebuilt carbs, valve adjust, tuned and jetted. Bike runs like a top. Pics and video's taken with the contour HD. This bike sold for $6k new in 87. $8500obo

He also includes this video that features the awesome sound of that 250cc four all the way up to the 18k redline!

Thanks for the submission Chris and good luck with the sale!

Now updated with new link and lower price ($6500!). 9.28.09


Yamaha November 18, 2014 posted by

Fun with Fizz: 1988 Yamaha FZR400


The Yamaha FZR line up - referred to as "Fizzers" by many - includes US-imported 1000, 600 and 400 models. The 400 was not a big seller at the time and was quickly discontinued. That is a shame because for many riders the 400cc model is the very best of the bunch; great handling and decent power wrapped up in a lightweight, easily managed package. The FZR400 was trying to be what the ubiquitous Ninja 250R/300R (and the follow on Honda CBR250/300) are today: bikes that are approachable from an entry-level perspective yet can offer a lot more to the experienced rider. Yamaha was ahead of the curve on this one as the idea appears to have been ahead of its time. As a result, there are not nearly as many FZR400s available on the market - liter bikes and 600s are everywhere, but a good, clean 400 is a rare find.


1988 Yamaha FZR400 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Up for auction is a pristine 1988 Yamaha FZR400. I purchased this bike about two years ago and have ridden it three times. Otherwise it has been stored in my heated basement. As is clear from the photos this bike is in pristine condition and ready to either ride or show. The engine/transmission is clean with no leaks and runs perfectly. The bike is completely stock except for stainless brake lines front and rear. There are a few minor blemishes on the fairings but they are difficult to find. Since purchasing this bike I have not seen a nicer example. I purchased it as an investment recognizing it will continue to appreciate in value but we will be moving in the spring to smaller space so I must sell some of my bikes.


It will be much more expensive to find a basket 400 and restore it versus simply buying a good one. These bikes are not very expensive (yet), hold value well, and will likely appreciate in time. Meanwhile, ride the heck out of it and save some of your pennies to buy cosmetic surgery that will be needed to wipe that non-stop grin off of your face! Check out all of the details here. Good Luck!


Fun with Fizz:  1988 Yamaha FZR400


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