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Yamaha July 29, 2016 posted by

Won’t Wait 4/1 – 1989 Yamaha YSR50

Usually relegated to the holiday or April Fool's page at RSBFS, the YSR50 was built by Yamaha 1987-92 for the kids and pocket-bike market.  This eBay offering is undamaged, never modified, and stored indoors, so mint it won't keep until Xmas or next April.

20160729 1989 yamaha ysr50 right

1989 Yamaha YSR50 for sale on eBay

20160729 1989 yamaha ysr50 left

20160729 1989 yamaha ysr50 front

Sporting an awesome 7.1 hp from the factory, it's no wonder engine mods and transplants were the norm for the YSR50.  Still, at that seat height, 38 mph will seem a lot faster.  Perimeter frame, 5-speed transmission, disk front / drum rear brakes, and endurance fairing fill out the spec sheet.

20160729 1989 yamaha ysr50 right front

20160729 1989 yamaha ysr50 right fairing

Still wearing the hardly-seen factory rearviews, this YSR50 has been somebody's special toy.  It has full lighting for road registry, and '89-only blue/white livery.  From the eBay auction:

This 1989 Yamaha YSR50 is in excellent original condition.  This is a collector quality motorcycle.  It has only 1009 miles on the odometer, but it shows like it has less than 100 miles.  The previous collector and I kept this YSR50 inside a home (I had it in my man cave).  It is street legal with a California title, license plate and registration. It has matching serial numbers on engine and frame.  It is in remarkable condition and has been well maintained.  It was professionally prepped for long term storage.  The fuel tank is in excellent condition inside and out. The paint is excellent with no dents or scratches.  There are no cracks in the plastic fairings.  The fairings are near flawless with the exception of a couple scratches on the lower bottom fairing that cannot be readily seen without kneeling down low to the ground (see picture).  The only other flaw is a scratch on the right side engine cover by the kick starter (see picture). In comes with the factory operators manual and tool set. I will also include a brand new battery (still in box).

20160729 1989 yamaha ysr50 left rear

20160729 1989 yamaha ysr50 right front wheel

Hardly needing a display stand, you could pretty much hoist the little YSR up on the counter to detail or just fawn over.  Now the seller is asking mid-size money for the 49 cc's, but the new owner will likely have the sportbike aspect covered.  This could be a special ride from the main house out to the pool cabana, or maybe the perfect pitbike for a Yamaha vintage race team.  A gem by almost anyone's definition...


20160729 1989 yamaha ysr50 cockpit

Won’t Wait 4/1 – 1989 Yamaha YSR50
Yamaha December 26, 2014 posted by

One for Under The Tree: 1988 Yamaha YSR50

yamaha ysr50 for sale

Well if Santa didn't deliver any toys from your wish list, perhaps this little YSR50 will do. The seller notes that it was used in photography studio for 20 years as a prop. While it shows some storage wear, it is in largely fantastic shape with just a few scuffs here and there.

Happy Holidays from all of us at RSBFS!


1988 Yamaha YSR50 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

1988 Yamaha YSR 50

1,980 Miles On Odometer

AMAZING SHAPE FOR ANY AGE ~ She has lived Indoors in a photo studio the past 20 years.

UNMOLESTED TIME CAPSULE, Best I can tell, All original except wind screen.


I will list them in the next few days.

(Windscreen was changed, I have original in fair condition and it isn't cool like this one)

Small scrape on tank ~ PDR is possible (see photo)
Probably knocked over (or something hit it) at some point prior to my ownership.
Does not look like it was done at speed or anything...

Small paint scrape from a rogue start (see picture by kick start on engine cover. it's a small 1/2 circle on the silver paint.)
A few vinyl nicks in the red vinyl. (if you're that much of a perfectionist, you can paint or replace it)

Runs and shifts great.

Replaced battery, filled her up and she runs great.

Only drove it a few miles in the neighborhood. NO PLATES 😉

Title is Free and Clear.

One for Under The Tree:  1988 Yamaha YSR50
Yamaha May 27, 2013 posted by

Suzuka Deja Vu? 1989 Yamaha YSR50


It's not a replica but I just see the the late 80's Tech 2 YZF750 endurance machines sitting there.  Well, if said YZF  was a munchkin sized 50cc two stroke golorified moped.  I'm sure it is just those purple wheels messing with my eyes.  Not matter, you don't see YSR's in this color or with only 450 miles.  Generally, they are sprayed seven different colors and missing half of what Japan gave them.

ysr rear

The info:

1989 Yamaha YSR50 all original only 450 miles. Amazing condition, only a few minor scratches shown up close in pictures below. Very rare to find one of these in this kind of shape with so few miles. Runs great, has clear title. Includes owners & service manuals.

ysr tank 2

It's always a good sign if those stickers have survived.

ysr top

Somebody might have went a little crazy with the spray paint.  Most photos show black for the speedo backing.  Asking price is $3,800, OBO.

Click for the Ebay ad.


Sport Bikes For Sale March 1, 2011 posted by

Collector Minis? 87 Yamaha YSR50 And 87 Suzuki GSXR50 (Gag 50)

Collector Quality Minis?  87 Yamaha YSR50 And 87 Suzuki GSXR50 (Gag 50)

I hadn't seen any mini's worth posting in a while until I ran across these two one night while sipping a mighty fine gin and tonic.  Hopefully those fermented juniper berries didn't cloud my judgement.  Other than a few unwanted stickers they both look like clean little bikes with very low miles.  Judge for yourself it they would make a good addition to your collection.


Like I said, there are few stickers that shouldn't be there but get past that and you have a  nice unmolested YSR50.  Finding a YSR to purchase isn't a problem but finding one that hasn't been modified is.  This owner somehow fought the urge to to even throw a pipe on it.

The facts:

935 original miles
unmodified original survivor.
synthetic 2 stroke oil
usually starts 1st kick
In my collection for 5 years
Bill of Sale - Title lost
Runs great, rides great.
Doesn't require tag or insurance like a scooter, as it is 49cc.
For sale locally so I reserve the right to end this auction at any time.
Local pick up only, I can meet with your shipper for pick up.



Rare indeed in this condition.  Instead of taking care of them, a lot of owners were rattle can painting them various colors of the rainbow or using the owners manual as a table leveling device instead of properly maintaining them.   This one will have a new home in just a number of days as there is no reserve.  Everyone likes an auction where there will be a winner.  .


Now, if you are a Schwantz guy and not a Rainey man, then you might be interested in the GSXR or GAG50.  If rarity is your priority then the GSXR is for you.  If  performance (in relative terms) or the ability to add aftermarket parts is a priority then you better stick with the YSR.  The little GSXR does not share its' bigger brothers reputation for speed.

From the auction: 

Up for auction is a 1987 suzuki rb 50 or also known as a gsxr 50 four stroke pocket style bike ! Not many made ! This bike was a promo bike for Bellevue suzuki in Washington state and has never been registered ! I DO NOT HAVE ANY PAPER ON THIS UNIT !!!!!! My uncle was the origanal owner ! It sat in my man cave for years and now needs to go ! Buyer is responsable for shipping ! If you need help I may be able to do that ! It is available for pickup also ! The rear tail light does have a hole in it this happened when pulling it out, however I am looking for one at this time as they are no longer available from suzuki ! If I locate one I will install or send it ! The bike starts and runs normaly ! The tank is rust free.



Again, not a perfect bike but the thing only has 50 miles on it.  This auction also appears to be for keeps with no reserve.  .


Yamaha July 18, 2015 posted by

Pocket Rocket – Mint 1987 Yamaha YSR 50

Mint 1987 Yamaha YSR 50 on eBay


One need only look at the price and the bidding activity to know that what these little YSR 50s lack in size, they make up for in desirability.  In barely 24 hours on eBay, the auction has pushed past $3600 with 19 bids.  I would expect that it could exceed $5000 which would be a very strong selling.  Yamaha produced the YSR 50 from 1987  through 1992.  It featured an air cooled 500cc two-stroke engine, five speed transmission and would hit almost 55mph with a lightweight rider.  YSR 50s have a strong cult following, with owners who collect, restore and race them.  This 1987 represents the first year of production and is the nicest one we've seen in a very long time.  With all of the stock bits intact or included, extremely low mileage and nearly flawless condition, the seller may end up pleasantly surprised at the final price.


The more you look at it, the more you realize that it's probably the nicest one available.  A great many of the YSR-50s were simply viewed as toys and were ridden hard and suffered a lot of abuse.  They pop up for sale here and there, but they have almost always been crashed and rebuilt, often painted in whatever garish House of Kolors chameleon paint the owner had left over from a stretched and slammed Hayabusa paintjob.  This one is a great reminder of how cool they looked in the original colors with a nostalgic nod to the Marlboro Yamaha GP bikes of the 80s and 90s.


The seller has some good information on the bike that can be seen in detail at the auction listing here: 1987 Yamaha YSR 50 on eBay

First year YSR 50 that has 419 original miles in like new condition and all original. It runs great, starts on first kick, shift fine and everything works. The story with this bike is that I purchased it from a gentleman I work with who was a Yamaha dealer in the eighties. He personally purchased the bike and rode it for 407 miles before storing it away. He replaced the exhaust with a Toomey and I have the original Exhaust in the Toomey box. It includes the original manual, never used tool kit and a clear title in my name. The bike is in showroom condition and does not have any corrosion with beautiful paint. The only thing is that when he stored the bike he never drained the gas. Therefore the tank has gas tarnish in it. I cleaned it several time and have a paper filter on the gas line and it looks clean. I did thoroughly clean the carburetor and purchased a new OEM petcock. It has a new battery, new OEM air filter, transmission oil and fork oil replaced.


Pocket Rocket – Mint 1987 Yamaha YSR 50
Sport Bikes For Sale May 5, 2012 posted by

Pocket Madness! ’90 Yamaha YSR 50

Location: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Mileage: 1,993

Price: Auction with a reserve

Want a two stroke that's legal in the U.S. and won't exactly overwhelm you with power? Do you want to feel like a giant on a sportbike or maybe have a 10 year old aspiring to be the next Rossi? Well, here's your new ride. When these came out back in the day a kid in my high school rode one to school. It made no sense, but we all loved it and took turns riding it. I'm too old (read fat) for one now, but I still dig it.

Here's what the seller has to say-

1990 YAMAHA YSR50 that runs and drives perfect! I'm a factory trained cycle tech and have gone through the bike top to bottom to prepare it for sale. Cycles needs nothing when it comes to mechanics but body was banged up and has been patched painted and touched up, looks good from a few feet out. any questions just email me or if you want you can call me. I can help arrange shipping if needed just ask. heres a youtube link to see it run and drive   Thanks and good luck bidding. check out my other items, bikes im selling on my current listings. I am 25 miles west of Milwaukee.

I tried to view the video to include in the post but it was listed as unavailable. Oh well. Here's some pice at least-

The seller sounds like they have the bike in running order and it looks to be in good shape. The body has had some paintwork done and maybe you'll want some really close photos to get an idea of how it looks.

Times are tight and maybe you want to start doing some pocket racing, or just cruising around the neighborhood looking like a maniac. Or maybe it's an ideal bike your kid can learn on. I don't know. I just like it. If you do too, take a look!




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