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Bimota April 11, 2016 posted by

1994 Bimota DB2 #001

It took Bimota 10 years to come home to Ducati for an engine, and after the DB1, nearly ten more for the DB2.  Worth waiting for, the 904cc desmodue was a great powerplant, good power and torque from a not overly complicated engine.  This 1994 model is a totally collectible serial number 001.

20160410 1994 bimota db2 left

1994 Bimota DB2 for sale on eBay

20160410 1994 bimota db2 right

20160410 1994 bimota db2 left front

The DB2 was penned by Pierluigi Marconi, who used chrome-moly tubing for the trellis frame and fabricated swingarm.  Handling was the strong suit, the 86 hp Ducati's doing except for improvements in the exhaust.  41mm Paoli forks and Ohlins monoshock were specified.  Brakes are great for the time, dual 320mm disks with single 230mm rear.   The very well-resolved fairing uses a Yamaha headlight, monoposto seat, and beautiful maroon livery.

20160410 1994 bimota db2 right rear

20160410 1994 bimota db2 odometer

Beckoning collectors with its first serial number and original tires, this DB2 has only 1,600 miles.  Already christened, it has a scrape on the left seat fairing, but looks fabulous otherwise.  From the eBay auction:

For serious collectors, the chance to get a sn # 001 bike.

Very low mileage, original tires.

You may want to replace tires if it's to be ridden much,

or keep on for display and just maintenance runs.

Larger pictures can be e-mailed, direct if closer look for blemishes is desired.

Bike always stored indoors , and run every couple of months to keep healthy.

Have very large bike collection being thinned down to make more space.

Numerous pictures to show the good and the bad of it.

Overall, a pretty well preserved bike.

64 year old owner, former bike wrench and former shop owner.

Every effort has been made to show condition of bike with pictures and video.

Bike in good cond, though no warranty expressed or implied. Sold AS - IS .

20160410 1994 bimota db2 right front

20160410 1994 bimota db2 left grip

Reviewed with praise, the DB2 puts its handling out front but the years have proved the air-cooled Ducati powerplant to be willing and reliable.  Rarity assured with only a few hundred total production, this lovely DB2 being wheeled into a collector's gallery and ridden only occasionally won't be cause for celebration, unless it's yours...


20160410 1994 bimota db2 left rear

1994 Bimota DB2 #001
Bimota April 14, 2015 posted by

Ultra Rare From Rimini: 1994 Bimota DB2 400cc Junior


The Bimota DB2 is one of the more rare Bimotas. Not built in the same numbers as the YB or SB model series, the DB2 evolved from the magnificent DB1 racer and homologated road bike. Small and nimble, but packing serious desmo-twin grunt, the DB2 is a rider's dream. However what we are looking at is a DB2 Junior - essentially a 400cc version of the DB2.

1994 Bimota DB2 400cc for sale on eBay


Ducati was the first to try to crack the Japanese market with a 400cc version of the venerable Supersport (check out Ian's discovery of the model here). Bimota capitalized on the effort and utilized the same engine and transmission, but wrapped it in a classic birdcage frame and beautiful bodywork, just like the bigger DB2. The result is the Junior model DB2 - all the wonderful artistic trappings of a classic Bimota in a smaller package. This is a rare bird indeed, and a first for the pages of RSBFS.


From the seller:
The Bimota DB2 is in our opinion one of the nicest looking sport bikes to come out of the 90s. With Ducati power they all sound great and perform well. All components are top shelf including Brembo brakes and the Ohlins rear suspension.

For the Japanese market a 400cc version was produced, to take advantage of the lower tax regime for small capacity sport bikes. Just 101 examples of the DB2 were produced with this power plant. The only differences to the larger bike being the engine, single front disc (twin discs optional) and slightly narrower rear wheel.

This example has traveled 17,800 miles and is immaculate, having clearly been well cared for by its former owner.


Bimota's later attempt to break into the Japanese market brought us the YB7 evolution (with aluminum frame and Yamaha power), however it was the DB2 Junior with Ducati 2-valve, air-cooled power that lead the way. This particular bike is NOT local to the US (unfortunately), but the seller is willing to ship. Currently parked in the hobbit-friendly country of New Zealand, this DB2 Junior is looking for a new home. Check it out here, as you won't see another for quite a while, if ever!


Ultra Rare From Rimini: 1994 Bimota DB2 400cc Junior
Bimota December 16, 2014 posted by

Fifth Element: 1997 Bimota DB2 Edizione Finale in the UK


Bimota is well known for producing some bikes with astonishing engineering, such as the Tesi and the V-Due.  Okay, the V-Due didn't really work as advertised but it was still an astonishing idea at the time; a mass produced fuel injected two stroke repli racer.  Of course while these engineering efforts were underway, Bimota still needed to have enough money coming in to "tenere le luci accese." The Bimota DB bikes were created in partial response to this need.

The Ducati powered Bimotas (hence the "DB" name") helped to keep the company afloat at different points in their history: with over 600 made, the original DB1 was about as mass-market as Bimota ever got. A little more than 400 of the later DB2 models were made. Unlike the DB1's all-enveloping bodywork, on the DB2 the chrome molybdenum lattice  frame is proudly on display, and the manner in which its bright red trellis breaks up the expanse of bodywork between fairing and fuel tank is certainly striking.


1997 Bimota DB2 Edizione Finale on ebay uk

Period reviews of the DB2 suggest that these bikes did exactly what Bimota said they did; offer an improved experience over the Ducati 900ss via a combination of the 900ss motor with improved/eye-popping Brembo brakes and top quality Öhlins suspension. The DB2 was advertised as a bike for people who appreciated refinement over raw power, lightness over light speed, finesse over brute strength.

NOTE: There is an excellent compilation of multiple reviews of the DB2 on the Motorcyclespecs website.

The seller appears to be a dealer and provides very little info about the bike in the ebay auction post,

  • 2168 low miles
  • Number 60 of 100 made 
  • 2 former keepers
  •   A very rare bike in lovely condition, cleanest one we've ever seen, collectors bike!!

The seller also indicates that the plaque fixed to the flush mounted filler cap denotes this machine as number 036 of the Edizione Finale, or Final Edition series, which consisted of just 100 bikes.  The pic on the auction is a bit fuzzy however.


So what's this DB2 worth?  Well the seller is asking 8000 GBP/12500 USD which seems kind of high.  Plus this DB2 is in a sort of odd-ball color scheme (personally I prefer the red/white color scheme such as the one previously listed on RSBFS) but I would be willing to bet there were less sold in this scheme and its therefore a bit rarer.  Mileage is only 2168 which averages out to about 125 miles per year since new, although I would bet its been parked for a bit and might need some new fluids/rubber.

Personally I think this one is more for the collector of oddball bikes, the person who likes things like the Zane-era laverdas, the Mondial Piegga, the HD VR-1000....hmmmm....


Fifth Element:  1997 Bimota DB2 Edizione Finale in the UK
Bimota July 22, 2014 posted by

Simplify, and Then Add Lightness: 1993 Bimota DB2

Until very recently, Bimota’s exotic, Ducati-powered offerings like this DB2 featured the air/oil-cooled two-valve engines, instead of the more powerful four-valve water-cooled engines from the 851/916 models. This meant that, although the bikes weren’t the fastest straight-line performers, they were light and lithe, enabling riders to make good use of every horse available.

1993 Bimota DB2 L Side Front

This was originally, and perhaps ironically given that we’re talking about Italian exotica, a financial decision. The DB bikes have always been intended to sell well, and helped to keep the company afloat at different points in their history: with over 600 made, the original DB1 was about as mass-market as Bimota ever got. A little more than 400 of the later DB2 models were made, with production split between half and full-fairing styles, although I very much prefer the full-fairing on this particular example.

1993 Bimota DB2 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Bimota DB2 for Sale

Perhaps Massimo Tamburini's finest design, the Bimota DB2 is the consumate combination of exotic componentry, exhilarating performance, exclusivity and style. Bimota made only 408 DB2's, of which 285 had complete fairing.

This motorcycle was completely restored in 2001 when it had approximately 3000 miles and donated to the Larz Anderson Transportation Museum in Boston, who elected to auction it to focus on their older collection of pre-war cars. The odometer currently shows 1003 miles, the amount ridden after the resoration and replacement of the speedo and tach.

Enhancements performed in 2001:

944cc Big bore kit; Stainless steel engine studs; Carburetor jet kit; New timing belts; Carbon fibre belt covers; Braided brake lines; Polished wheels, mufflers, intake manifolds; New chain and sprocket; Adjustable brake and clutch levers; Tinted windscreen, Euro headlight; New speedometer and tachometer; Painted frame.

Since I purchased the bike in 2002, it has lived in a heated, air conditioned garage, and has been ridden less than 20 miles. After sitting so long, I decided to "re-commission" it in 2010 to make it roadworhty again. This involved new tires, new battery, new timing belts, rebuilding the carbs with new floats and jets, all new fluids, etc. It has not been ridden since.

This bike is absolutely stunning, and is virtually new. It deserves to escape from my garage, and be ridden!!

Period reviews suggest that this bike does exactly as intended, putting the flexible, evocative, mid-range strong motor from a bike already well-known for stability into a chassis even lighter, with improved suspension front and rear. Given the relatively simple underpinnings, these are phenomenally responsive bikes, clearly benefiting from Colin Chapman’s “simplify and then add lightness” ideology.

This is a bike for people with enough skill to appreciate the qualities this bike embodies: lightness over power, finesse over brute strength. Or just people with an eye for striking Italian design.

1993 Bimota DB2 L Side Rear

One of the nice things about bikes like this is that, unlike Suzuki’s GSX-R models, these appealed to well-heeled collectors from the start, and many have been painstakingly maintained. This example has seen very few miles roll under the wheels, but was recently brought back to road-worthy condition after a lengthy spell sitting in a museum: no hideous paint jobs to undo, no extended swingarm to replace, or crash damage.

It does feature a big-bore 944 kit [up from 904cc], which is great for power but reputedly can run a bit hot in traffic. The listing doesn’t mention if cooling has been improved, but it’s unlikely to be used for commuting, so I’d imagine this should be great for the back-road sorties this bike was made for.


1993 Bimota DB2 R Side Front

Simplify, and Then Add Lightness: 1993 Bimota DB2
Bimota February 7, 2014 posted by

Italiano Classico: 1994 Bimota DB2


RSBFS just missed this auction the first time around, but fortunately for all of us this beautiful and rare Bimota DB2 is back. The eBay longevity might have something to do with the asking price (starting bid of $14k USD), but it is hard to argue with a bike that shows as well as this one. If you are in the mood for a sporty twin with lots of torque and plenty of good looks, this is a good place to start. Located in Pennsylvania (well that explains the heated grips), this bike is looking for a new home.

1994 Bimota DB2 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
6000 Miles
Never Wet
Just Serviced
New Tires
Custom Made Ajustable Handle Bars
Also stock Bars
Heated Grips
Extra Wind Screen
Counter Shaft and Rear Sprockets
Chain Adjusting tool
Work Stand
Battery Tender
Factory Shop and Owners manuals
tool kit
Like new
No Dissapointments



Italiano Classico: 1994 Bimota DB2
Bimota May 22, 2013 posted by

One of Twelve Imported to the States: 1994 Bimota DB2 Tricolor For Sale

Update 5.22.2013: This DB2 was previously listed in December and is back on eBay with a starting bid of $5700 and no reserve. Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

1994 Bimota DB2 tricolor for sale

From the seller of the V Due is this very rare Bimota DB2 tricolor. 32 were produced in total and just 12 imported to the U.S. It is built around a Ducati 900SS motor but weighs just 375lbs wet! With some 12k miles it shows very well. With 2 days remaining on auction, the opening bid will start at $9700 reserve not met.


1994 Bimota DB2 For Sale on eBay


from the seller:

1994 Bimota DB2. 12,052 miles. Bought from PCS Daytona in 06/2008. Bike is exactly as the day I bought it, never even ridden it as it's been in indoor, covered storage since.
Carbon fiber slip on exhaust, brembo radial master cylinders and billet reservoirs, kevlar brake and clutch lines, brembo front calipers, carbon belt covers, carbon look mirrors and vented clutch cover.
Will need a battery and a full service. Hasn't been started/run since 11/2010 due to storage. No mechanical issues when stored.

As with many Bimota's, the fiberglass is not the strongest of options as it is thin to save weight. This bike does have the typical fiberglass spidering that is commonly seen. I have shown it the best I could in the photos. Please feel free to ask for specific photos of anythng I have missed that you would like to see. Come on down and see the bike if you would like, arrangements can be made for viewing.




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