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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Sport Bikes For Sale March 15, 2016 posted by

Candygram – 2006 Ducati Sport 1000S

Conceptually based on the retro-styled 2000 MH900E, the SportClassic series helped Ducati weather the late 2000's, and nice examples often bring more than MSRP.  Using the 992 cc air-cooled desmodue, theSportClassics had a vintage aura backed by modern mechanicals.  The introductory 2006 year has a couple of niceties that were value-engineered out of subsequent years, and this particular bike is in collectible condition.

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 right

2006 Ducati Sport 1000S for sale on eBay

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 left

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 right rear

Pierre Terblanche somehow peeked way over the horizon in the late 1990's and saw the retro wave coming.  The SportClassics were powered by a 92 hp twin, with electronic fuel injection, six-speed transmission and wet clutch.  43mm Marzocchi forks were fitted, and Sachs fully adjustable monoshock.  Up-to-date braking was provided by Brembo, dual 320mm discs out front and 245 mm in back.  Naked as the day, so details are visible and nicely finished.  Peculiar to the 2006 model was the shaped rear swingarm, which allowed the rear header to cross under the bike higher.  The monoposto seat was almost a 2006-only feature, though the single-seat was occasionally available until 2010 ( and has been added to many after market ), most SportClassics had the pillion seat.

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 right engine

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 right rear wheel

Looking quite excellent with 6,100 miles, this Sport 1000 is in Arizona, likely never seen precip.  The owner has upgraded the rear shock to Ohlins and mufflers to Termignoni, not to mention ostrich ( -look, let's hope ) pleather seat.  Recently in for service, the valve adjustment and belts are fresh, giving the new owner many miles of guilt-free riding.  From the eBay auction:

For sale a very nice low mileage 2006 Ducati Sport 1000 monoposto. 6100 miles and just completed the annual service which included belts. Has Termi Exhaust and Ohlins rear shock, otherwise pretty much stock. Runs great and 9/10 condition wise. Air/oil cooled, dry clutch, they don't make Ducati's like this anymore. If desired, I can have an inspection done by a local Ducati shop to show the 'clean bill of health.'
Video can be seen here -

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 binnacle

20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 seat

The Sport 1000 has charming good looks, and the air-cooled engine has good manners on the open road or in traffic.  And very well-detailed with bar-end mirrors and racing stripes on the Burnt Yellow bodywork.  Tires weren't mentioned in the auction and are probably ready to be renewed, but then you're off for a summer of back-to-basics feel-good riding...


20160315 2006 ducati sport 1000 overhead

Bimota March 15, 2016 posted by

Dual Nature: 1998 Bimota SB6R for Sale

1998 Bimota SB6R R Side Front2

Although it's nearly twenty years old now, it's likely very few people would realize that this Bimota SB6R is anything other than a modern motorcycle: while many 90s designs have quickly become very awkward or dated at the very least, it's clear Bimota knew what they were doing when they styled this thing.

1998 Bimota SB6R L Side

With Italian looks and the heart of a Japanese superbike, the SB6R epitomizes Bimota's philosophy. Instead of reinventing the wheel, they used dead reliable powerplants from major manufacturers and wrapped them in lightweight bodywork and decked out the resulting motorcycles with the best suspension money could buy, creating bikes that were lighter than the donor bikes and generally easy to source parts for, if not exactly easy to work on.

1998 Bimota SB6R Front Wheel

The SB6 was powered by Suzuki's GSX-R1100, so it wasn't exactly difficult to build something ligher. Weighing in at 90lbs less than the Gixxer with a genuine 150hp the bike was a fierce performer then and now. The SB6R featured a fully adjustable Öhlins shock, huge Paioli forks, and a self-supporting carbon-fibre seat unit. Although the bike was a pretty big seller for Bimota, just 600 of the R models were made during their production run.

1998 Bimota SB6R Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1998 Bimota SB6R for Sale

This 1998 Bimota BS6R was Bimota's most popular bike and is a fine example of a rare Japanese / Italian hybrid. The BS6R (upgraded BS6) features brutal power from a Japanese engine with the style of a a fine Italian chassis. As is typical with most Italian motorcycles, they cost 2x more than their Japanese counterparts…back in 1997, this Bimota would cost you $35,000 new. To help justify some of the price difference, unlike many Japanese sportbikes - the BS6R comes loaded with some of the best components available at the time – Paoli suspension, Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels and more.

This Bimota SB6R has been well loved, rarely ridden and stored inside its entire life. A rare find indeed, with low mileage and pristine condition.

Features of this 1998 Bimota SB6R

- Frame & Engine Numbers Matching: ZESSB6009WR000010
- Only 2,505 Original Miles
- Original Red Paint and Bimota Badges & Decals
- Carbon Fiber Fairing Inserts and Wheel Covers (Front & Rear)
- 5-Speed Transmission with Chain Drive
- Electric Start with White Gauge Cluster (tachometer & speedometer)
- Liquid Cooled 1,074cc Engine
- Four Stroke, Transverse Four Cylinder w/DOHC (4 valves per cylinder)
- Paoli suspension, Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels
- *156 bHP with 174 Top Speed (per Bimota)
- *29.7 Seat Height and 419 lbs Dry Weight (per Bimota)

All lights and electronics work perfectly. There are blinkers and a mirrors installed so it will easily pass vehicle inspection in Texas.

As you can see in the close up pictures, some of the carbon is slightly faded, although that seems nearly impossible to avoid on a bike of this age... And a bit of elbow grease or some new clearcoat might take care of that. The auction is currently sitting at $9,000 with one bid and plenty of time left on the auction.

1998 Bimota SB6R Rear Suspension

That's certainly not chump change but nine large seems like a pretty small price to pay for a piece of Italian exotica. Performance certainly won't be as eyeball-flattening as a modern literbike, but the performance on tap should be enough to keep things interesting for all but the fastest or most jaded riders... And if you're feeling the urge and aren't too worried about originality, the aftermarket makes plenty of go-fast bits for the venerable Gixxer motor that should give you all the power you can handle, confident that the chassis will deal with anything you throw at it.


1998 Bimota SB6R R Side

Dual Nature: 1998 Bimota SB6R for Sale
Suzuki March 14, 2016 posted by

Springtime Slabbie: 1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

NOTE:  I have been informed that this one was posted previously, here is the link


A lot of people will say that modern sportbikes began with the launch of the Suzuki's GSX-R lineup and I really can't argue with that sentiment.  Prior to the GSX-R most "sportbikes" were actually large displacement bikes that had some sporting bodywork/pieces. It wasn't until the launch of the GSX-R lineup that regular riders were able to get their hands on true sportbikes.

Suzuki introduced the 750cc model in 1984 and the 1100cc edition followed in 1986. While the bikes were developed in tandem/were visually similar, virtually no parts were interchangeable.  The engines, frame, swing arms, and steering geometry were all different and the resulting experience was different for each model; the 750 was sharp but peaky, the 1100 was more to handle but had more power.  I suppose it's not surprising that the two models developed different core constituencies, with the 750cc bike was the object of lust for those who wanted to go to the track while the 1100 was more "all around"oriented (although some people did take the 1100cc onto the track).

NOTE: The very flat side panels and tall narrow frames gave rise to a nickname for the bikes as the "slab side" GSX-R models while the 2nd generation GSX-R's are often referred to as the "slingshot" models due to a different engine and carb configuration.  For anyone who is curious, a really good comparison of the slabside and slingshot models was just done in the Feb 2016 edition of Practical Sportbikes.

Regardless of the model, lots of the GSX-R's got what we sometimes call the "80's treatment" of anodized bits, aftermarket exhausts, flush mounted turn signals/indicators, chopped down tail assemblies, smoked windscreens, etc, etc. This makes finding one with the major OEM parts still in place and in good condition a challenge that will only continue to increase in difficulty over time.


1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 on ebay

This particular GSX-R1100 looks to be in mostly OEM shape save an aftermarket exhaust system.  There does seem to be an odd white patch at the base of the rear plastic on the both sides, possibly decal residue from the SACS decals? The seller indicates there are some paint chips/small gas tank dings and the exhaust is aftermarket but overall the bike looks to be in really good shape/mostly OEM.  Mileage is only 9,962 (yes you read that right) and there are lots of fresh items including tires, battery and oil.


Here is a summary of what the seller has to say



Now we ask the question, is this low mileage, recently freshened but not 100% OEM 1987 Suzuki GSX-R worth the $7,200 Buy-It-Now ebay price?  That price seems a bit high; the average price we seem to be seeing for one of these seems to be about $5,800 USD.  But factor in transport cost and the fresh items listed as being included and I think a bid of around $6400 might make this one move to a new owner.  And values of these do seem to be creeping up...I'm just saying..



Springtime Slabbie:  1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100
Sport Bikes For Sale March 13, 2016 posted by

Rx for Boredom – 2014 EBR 1190 RX

Harley engineer Erik Buell has had one heck of a ride since leaving H-D in 1983 and starting his own company.  On the roller-coaster of race, road, and corporate financing, Buell Motorcycles and Erik Buell Racing has produced some memorable muscle bikes, mostly Harley-Davidson based, but more recently with Rotax power.  One of the final introductions before the company closed was the 1190RX, a 185 hp sportbike.  Assets bought by a corporate turnaround specialist, EBR is back in business and the 1190RX could be a future classic, but at the very least is the best ever American-made superbike.

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx right

2014 EBR 1190RX for sale on eBay

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx left front

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx left rear

Based on the 1190RS race bike, the RX was introduced in late 2013 with an aluminum perimeter frame and v-twin developed by Rotax.  The nicely oversquare engine has 13.4:1 compression, two port injectors and shower injectors, and lays down 101 ft-lbs torque.  Showa supplies the "big piston" forks and monoshock rear which rides the stamped and welded aluminum swingarm.  Signature Buell perimeter front brake is 386 mm and has a 8-piston caliper.  Slipper clutch and steering damper are standard equipment.  Theoretical biposto body has a neat cast seat subframe, and slick fairing with radiators visible in the side vents, and is a little reminiscent of a Ducati 999.  Full-featured digital dash has multiple timers and adjustable traction control.

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx dash

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx left engine

Listed by a Florida Harley dealer, it's a new bike with 12 miles, and has a yellow twin at the dealer also.  The bike reviewed as fully competitive with the similarly-priced Panigale, that is to say a chore in town but a joy out in the open.  Weight is just over 400 lbs. wet, and chassis architecture short and steep, very flickable.  An acceleration monster, one of Cycle World's only regrets was the lack of upshift lights to help them avoid the rev limiter.

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx right front wheel

20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx left rear wheel

Sharing the runway with a Panigale, S1000RR, and RC8 is a pretty special event, and while one could quibble over refinements, it's an amazing introduction.  Might end up the only American WSBK points-scorer, maybe just the first.  The buy-it-now is just 2/3 of the MSRP, and it's an unused two year-old bike !  But support is a nagging concern, as EBR is back on their own ten yard-line looking for a big play.  A crap-shoot as with everything worth doing, you'll have to weigh the risk and return in your own mind...


20160312 2014 ebr 1190rx cockpit

Rx for Boredom – 2014 EBR 1190 RX
Yamaha March 11, 2016 posted by

Track Rat: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

1993 Yamaha TZ250 R Side

This Yamaha TZ250 is not a bike for collectors, so “those aren’t the correct fastener” pedants should probably just move along to the next bike… Everyone looking for a bargain should look elsewhere as well, because the seller is definitely thinking of this as a “race team in a box, just add rider” package. Which is a fair way to think of it: the TZ250 is a production-based race bike and is not simply a TZR250 with the lights and mirrors removed. It was intended for entry-level racers and is relatively durable, but two-stroke racebikes still need regular rebuilds and sourcing parts, while possible, will require time and effort.

1993 Yamaha TZ250 L Side

But for riders who prefer the lightness and simplicity offered by a little 250, there is nothing else that will satisfy. The TZ250 was powered by a liquid-cooled two-stroke v-twin. With a host of internal changes to porting, improved cooling, and a counter-balancer, the new powerplant was narrower and smoother-running than the pre-1991 bikes’ parallel-twin engine. Upside-down forks and a classic asymmetrical “banana” swingarm helped the bike keep pace with rivals from Honda, Suzuki, and Aprilia.

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

The bike is a '93 4DP. 4TW cases and a mix of parts of both models.
(Video of the bike at an STT trackday Advanced group
Bike was not ridden/raced in 2015, I personally owned and raced it from 2009 to 2014.
Top end has about 100 miles on it. Crank was checked to be in tolerance at that point.

No shipping, local pick-up only

Spares are (see photos);
Extra wheels,
2 sets of front rotors
Misc sprockets
New set of Bridgestone slicks
Tire warmers Chickhawks
New Radiator,
Used Crank,
2 cylinder heads
2 cylinders plating on the bores are in good shape
10 base gaskets
1 ECU and 2 ignition rotors (one rotor needs to be rewound),
Exhaust servo
2 sets of coils
2nd set of Bodywork,
and jets, other gaskets, pins, o-rings and misc bits.

1993 Yamaha TZ250 Wheels

With a Buy It Now price of $10,950, the seller obviously knows that the bike and its package of important spares would take time and real effort to accumulate. But bidding is barely half that amount, suggesting that while the seller is expecting premium money, buyers are more realistic about this little racetrack refugee.

Any TZ250 is a very desirable and relatively rare motorcycle. But this example is a tool, and nothing more, a turn-key racebike, ready to rock.  It has no real collector value or racing history and it’s far from original, a very pragmatic mix of bits from different bikes. That makes it a very effective bike for an amateur racer or serious trackday enthusiast, but will likely leave everyone else out in the cold. $11,000 will buy a lot of motorcycle these days, and I think the seller might be aiming too high…


1993 Yamaha TZ250 R Side Naked

Track Rat: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale
Kawasaki March 9, 2016 posted by

Succeeding with Excess – 1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000R

Trying to stamp out bugs such as Honda and Yamaha in the mid-eighties, Kawasaki resorted to enlarging the bore and stroke of the popular GPZ900R, and built a bike that set new straight-line speed records but could be a challenge to control.

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r right

1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000R for sale on eBay

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r left front

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r right rear

Evolved from the 900 cc model, the GPZ1000RX displaced 997 cc's and laid down 125 hp.  Cycle World tested it as the fastest bike they had ever pointed their radar gun at, going by at 159 mph.  The strength of the engine was matched by the new perimeter frame and seriously built steering head holding 40mm forks and swingarm supported by Kawasaki's Uni-Track monoshock.  Brakes were dual 280mm front discs and 260mm rear.  Weighing in the light-heavyweight area of a little over 500 lbs., handling is helped by 16-inch wheels.

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r cockpit

Listed by a motorbike museum and repair shop, this is a nice stock Ninja with recent maintenance.  Fairings appear complete and undamaged.  From the eBay auction:

This model has 125 horsepower and is one hell of a ride.
This bike in particular is a great example of a well preserved Ninja 1000R.
She runs great and everything works as it should!
We took this bike in to our shop and completely went through it:
Compression checks Perfect: 175 psi on all four cylinders
Complete carburetor cleaning, adjustment, and synchronization
Fuel lines replaced
Brand new Yuasa Battery installed
Throttle cable lubed and adjusted
100 Point Inspection and test ride.

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r left front mirror

A couple of not unexpected details like a fork seal leak and run-down original (!) rear brake pads will require attention, but at least the owner is upfront with them.

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r left front wheel

Hard to say where this auction will end, the 1000R reviewed as too much in most regards, but the handling acquitted the big red machine and allowed a 1/4 mile in under 11 seconds.  A quick trip down memory lane for the new owner...


20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r left rear

Succeeding with Excess – 1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000R


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