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2002 Ducati 998 Bayliss Replica on ebay

2002 Bayliss 998 Race Replica with only 2182 miles on the clock and it is clean, clean, clean!!!

The 998 Bayliss replica is my second favorite right behind the Bostrom replica. But this one is so perfect and clean I could be persuaded to change that order.

Being a 998s these are equipped with Ohlins on both ends, Carbon Fiber fairings along with other bits, and a 998cc Testastretta engine that puts out 123 HP. And of course those racer boy decals that always make you look faster than you are.

As I'm writing this the current price is $5,800.00 and bidding looks to be brisk with 12 bidders already in the mix. Bike is located in Cedar Park, TX ---- in the sellers basement. The seller has thoroughly documented his Bayliss 998s LE with no less than 24 pictures on the auction so you should be able to buy with confidence. And should you have any questions his phone number is listed on the auction site as well. He also offers up a pretty darn good guarantee - "If you dont like the bike when you win it, i will give your money back." Nice eh?

In the sellers words:

Up for auction is the cleanest 998S Ducati you will ever see. There is nothing wrong with this bike. Its like buying it right off the show room floor. No cracks, no chips, no scratches no dents no dust no dirt!!!!.

Ducati released this 998s special Bayliss edition to commemorate his winning the World Superbike title. They made only 400 of these bikes to distribute through out the world, so this is very special and very rare. Each and every bike was hand signed on the tank by Troy himself. His signature is unique to eash bike as no two are exactly alike. This one is number 306/400. This is the last year of the 998S and with it being the rare Bayliss version as well..

I bought the bike with only 2177 miles on it. I just wanted one of these to put in my living. Thats why i bought this bike. I have been looking for the past four years to find the cleanest one, and I did, but now I have to sale it. The bike is still on its original rubber. It comes with the race exhaust, which is installed, an up grade chip, the special cover that Troy Bayliss's signature printed on it with his race number 21. It even comes with the special plaque with its birth date and authenticity. These will also follow the new owner.

Just look at the pictures the bike looks brand new. Take a good look at the rear sprocket how clean it is. This should tell you all something about this bike. I have the orginal mirrors and turn signals. I took them off to look like a real race bike. If you dont like the bike win you win it, i will give your money back.

One quick note about Bayliss... Like most racers when they first go to Ducati they give it their absolute 100% and Bayliss was no different. He was a hoot to watch sliding the back wheel around, lifting the back wheel under breaking, manipulating the bike and lighting-it-up coming out of turns. Yep, I get goosebumps remembering him battle, what was arguably, the best WSB period ever. I did some research and found some cool video's of Bayliss that you might enjoy watching before you jump over to the auction.

to view one clean Bayliss replica.




  • This is an extreamly nice bike. I can attest this because it was formally my bike! I bought the bike and went through the bike cleaning every nook and cranny. I kept it for some time in my collection in a controled climate, rugged showroom and regretably sold it to him. Some say I am crazy for owning in my opionion, one of the best repli-racers of all time and I didn’t even start the bike! I just loved to sit and look at it. What a nice bike and I may be tempted to bid myself…. I sure miss it!

  • That’s a fun fact. I can’t blame you one bit for wanting to buy it back. It is totally awesome!

  • Did this bike sell? Couldn’t find it on Ebay.

    • This bike did not sell on ebay, but the former owner was talking about re-buying it.

  • […] I posted one of these back in November of last year and I go on and on about clean it is and how it’s my second favorite right behind the Bostrom and that still hold true. But, this one is special in another way because it’s never been titled and is still on the MSO. […]


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