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2 Yamaha RZ500’s: A Really Nice One to Ride, Another Still in the Crate!

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale

Lets start with the rider first. It's a 1985 Yamaha RZ500 with a mere 7000 miles and available in Florida. It has some minor modifications and a few minor needs, but bidding has been very steady. It has passed reserve and currently over $11k with about 2 days to go.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

Here's a hard to find clean, low mileage, unmolested beauty with only 11,262+/- kilometers or 6,998 miles. Runs, rides & sounds great. Maintenance & service receipts and records back to 2002 plus original service manual in English with historical jetting notes, etc. on inside cover. Bike is mostly stock but has some tasty upgrades including expensive Jolly Motto pipes, $2,800 engine rebuild with parts from RZ's Unlimited, front forks rebuilt with new seals, carbs cleaned 06/2012, manual electric cooling fan and new chain & rear sprocket geared 1 step shorter to compensate for tall first gear. Professionally painted in 2012 with all new decals. Pictured plastic fairing edge guards included but need new silicone to stay on properly. Very comfortable ergonomically, handle bar height is the perfect compromise between low sportbike bars & a full upright position. FAULTS - Aftermarket solo seat section & pad recently acquired on e-bay in separate auctions for steep prices. Solo seat section has 1 paint chip and pad is pretty worn but can be recovered by interior auto trim detail shop. (these are VERY hard to come by) Front windscreen fair, blinkers not connected, right mirror has broken swivel but bike comes with 2 other working original mirrors. Comes with petcock rebuild kit. Current one works but on is off, reserve is on. Last, the wheels have been painted red which looks fine just not original. Anyone mechanically inclined (which excludes me) can easily put the finishing touches on this beautiful bike.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 New in the Crate For Sale

Now for dessert. Forwarded from Andy, it's also a 1985 RZ500 but this one is still brand new and in the crate. It's in Australia on TradeMotorcycles.com.au and there are a lot more pictures of what is inside available there. Could be yours for a little over $30k USD.

from the seller:

Brand new, still crated 1985 RZ500.
Keys, mirrors, bellypan & books boxed untouched since leaving Japan.
Australian model, delivered to a Brisbane Yamaha dealership in 1984



  • Holy cow. How high will the crate bike go?

  • Seems the RZ500 with the Jolly Moto pipes was for sale on e-bay last summer. If so a quick flip?

  • I think you’re right: http://raresportbikesforsale.com/1985-yamaha-rz500-in-florida-2/

    I should’ve done more homework. Thank you for the note.


  • If the “new in the crate” 500 has aaaaaaalways been in the crate then it’s worth possibly way way more …

  • RZ’s Unlimited…

    Unlimited mistakes.

  • ^^True dat^^

  • thats the worst thing about buying a used 500 2 stroke, assume a complete rebuild no matter what the listing says. If you plan on keeping the bike and have the cash, then its worth it in my opinon.

  • High price for this bike, good to see prices for the RZ so high. I bought a nicer RZ500 a year ago in Florida for $4K, needed some minor work, was first one there! For 11K you can buy a much better bike.

  • I looked at the web site with the crated bike, looks very similar to how my owo-1 crated bike looks. emailed the guy asking to respond, thought I might take a run at it. Ya, no response… figures!!

  • did get a response back from the seller, sounds like he has lots of interested parties in the crated bike


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