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1997 Bimota SB6R available in Massachusetts

1997 Bimota SB6R for sale

I always feel like these get a bad rap as there always seems to be a handful for sale. But the seller is right, I can't say I've actually ever seen one in person. SB6R cliff notes: GSX-R 1100 motor 156hp, 418lbs, Paioli forks, Öhlins shock, Antera wheels and Brembo brakes. This bike in particular has 7200 miles (shocking!) and the Corse exhaust as well. Opening bid is $7000 reserve not met and no takers at the moment.


1997 Bimota SB6R for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This bike is #13 built of a very limited run. Only 600 were to be produced but I have been told that not all 600 were produced. I have never seen another one other than online. This bike is great to add to someones collection or just to ride every day.

Some of the features include:

- Corse titanium exhaust costs $2,500
- Ohlins rear shock
- Paioli carbon fiber front forks
- Brembo brakes and calipers
- Braided brake lines
- Antera rims
- Michelin tires
- All carbon fiber tail section

Look closely this bike is 100% complete.

Why ship it when you can ride it home.

The reason I am selling it is to make room in my collection. I'm running out of space.




  • I hate to play the devil’s advocate sometimes, but I feel it right to ask from whence these pictures were taken, since I know they aren’t from within the last couple of months, given the amount of snow I know Massachusetts currently has and has been experiencing this winter season.

  • fair point. Looks like it was listed previously in September and sometime before that as well: http://bike-urious.com/1997-bimota-sb6r/


  • Guys that is my bike. You brought up a good point I didn’t even think about. Yes the photo’s are from last year when it was still green out. I’m in Massachusetts so taking a photo outside wouldn’t work well seeing what isn’t covered in snow is brown from the winter. The driveway and streets are also sand covered from the plows so I won’t take it out of my garage because I don’t want any sand getting on the radiator. I can assure you the bike is in the same exact condition that you see in the video and in the pictures. It was never registered last year. It has just been up on its stands covered in my garage. I did put it up on eBay late last year when I saw other SB6R’s were on it but I stopped trying to sell it because I didn’t want to compete with the other ones that were for sale that I must say did not have all of the stock parts with it. If anyone is interested they can reach me at pkonarskijr@gmail.com. I can send you some photos where it is in my garage or answer any questions. Again I assure you it is in the same exact condition.

  • Thanks for your reply Paul and good luck with the sale,


  • The reserve has been met and the winning bidder is just at $7,800. The auction ends tomorrow.

    Thanks again for listing my Bimota


  • Sold for $14,100. Congratulations to buyer and seller!



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