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1994 Suzuki GSX-R 1100(W)

1994 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: Plano, TX
Mileage: 6,471
Price: $1,525.00 and no reserve in sight!

The auction is under way and bidding is brisk, but small, on this 94' GSX-R.

Yes sir- this is the fruit of my labor after trolling the bay for a hour or so, but I'd say it panned out pretty well. Don't you agree?

You just have to love the 90's with all of the splash graphics and neon colors adorning the sport bikes of that era. These mid-ninety Suzuki's always reminded me of a big bruise with their dark colors and splashes of neon purple, but like I've mentioned in previous posts- "these were the bikes to have back in the day". Yes, chics did dig these and if you had one- you were "in like flynn".

These were said to have 155hp, but all of those ponies were spent pulling around the portly 509# dry weight. So, if you were looking for a razor sharp handling, cutting edge sport bike in 1994 you probably skipped over these and went for the 750's. But, those who didn't opt for the smaller, more nimble 750 were rewarded with comfort and enough power to handle the big GSX-R.

This appears to have survived 17 years and looks to be in damn good shape. I don't think with the 6,471 miles the tires would be original, but they are period correct and there doesn't appear to be any other modifications except the windscreen. And I could be mistaken on that, but it's hard to tell. It just looks very, very clear to me in the photos. The seller does list his phone number in the bike description area of the auction so if you have any questions- hit him up!

I suspect this one will climb in price as the auction nears its ending time. My guess is that $3,000 to $3,500 will be the winning bid, but you never know. So, if you are feeling lucky and have a soft spot for big GSX-R's now is your chance.



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