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1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans Previously Restored by SpeedWerks

1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans for sale

When we first saw this Rothmans edition, SpeedWerks had recently completed a restoration on it in 2010. It's back now on eBay and still looks incredibly fresh. Buy-it-now is set at a pretty reasonable $9000 considering it also wears that all important piece of California jewelry above the rear wheel with a 2015 stamp on it.


1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans for sale on eBay


from the seller:

1994 Honda nsr 250 with new rothmans fairings, bike has been fully rebuilt and restored by speedwerks shop in Delaware, pictures are still available on their website , bike is in excellent condition, runs like a brand new motorcycle, some of the features on this bike include dry clutch, Michelin pilot tires in excellent shape and oil injection, bike has been fully derestricted with mc21 ignition and wiring loom, bike has had the full mc 21 wire splice done by speedwerks, aswell as the header exhaust washers grounded out, and airbox properly modified, has correct jetting for orange county area..should put out 60+ hp. I have been using Castrol 2t rs full synthetic oil, motor was fully rebuilt by speewerks and has less than 500km and still needs to be broken in properly , I highly recommend checking out the bike in person if you are nearby, you will not be disappointed. California title in my name with correct 1994 year and 11 digit vin for this bike, current registration till 2015.


  • Sold already??!!

  • Sold, adios.

  • I was surprised it lasted as long as it did LOL!


  • Lucky dog…enjoy one of best.

  • Well bought!
    Let’s see: either $9K for this gorgeous and proper example, vs. $8.5 for that utterly trashed 1992 Rothmans MC21 from 11 days ago. It pays to be even a little patient for a good bike- I wonder what surprises the buyer of the 1992 MC21 will find underneath the bodywork when he receives it.

  • I am sorry, but this bike was not worth even close to $9k. It is an MC21 (1991 – 1993) that was very nicely restored with an MC28 swingarm. Bike has MC21 everything, forks, rearsets, gauges, brakes, etc, and SE wheels. It is a clean Frankenstein selling at an outstanding price. I should have commented before the buyer bought. Maybe it would have went for a more reasonable price.

  • Tim u r a fukn retard …..the pics on speedwerks website show the vin as a mc28 sp stop hating dick u didnt get the bike u are the only moron that thinks the bike from fullerton is a mc 21 …..your not fooling no one but yourself hater

  • Easy….Easy….

    Tim is right, although the rear sets do appear to be right (IMHO). The decals are wrong as well (ie. Rothmans on the front fairing, and yellow number plate).

    Don’t want to comment on the accuracy on the price.


  • the bike has mc 28 frame and swing arm along with SE wheels and mc 28 R forks however just cuz its mc 21 ignition dosnt make the bike a 21, it has full rebuilt motor and derestricted igniton, unlike the mc 28 ignition that needs those annoying credit card keys and even then dosnt fully derestrict the bike, not to mention that elusive cali plate this bike is worth the money and then some

  • is it me , but did anyone miss that it wasn’t a smart card? the odometer is from a 21 and claims be 21 wire harness, then why not just buy a 21, so who know what’s really going on this the bike that’s part of the appeal of a 28, you cant just slap a cobra decal on a mustang and call it a shelby

  • Damn, a Cali titled smoker and someone had done all the hard work! Snooze and lose as they say.

    I agree with twosmokey4U, worth the money. If you think it’s not, put up another restored one with CA plate and see.

  • If you wanted originality, this bike wasn’t it. I think most replies are savvy. Biggest watch out here was the mc21 ignition conversion, unknown front brake calipers, Chinese fairings, R model rotors. This is the reason the bike was advertised only as a nsr 250. Think it would have been more appropriate to list out the parts used instead of making the potential buyers play where’s waldo. Agree that it should have been a bit less than 9k asking. Original asking without the ca title was 6k, so the premium on the title is huge for this particular franken-nsr. Beautiful for what it is! Just one enthusiasts perspective.

  • Forgot to add, this is not a restored bike as I believe that implies originality. This I would call rebuilt. Plus it was called a nsr250sp rothmans on this site and even called out the PGM IV system, which is not accurate for this bike. No criticism, just calling out what it is.

  • I LOVE this Site!!!

    I hope I can get Dan to post any potential future purchases on here so you guys can rip it apart!

    Cheers to all the users.

  • hwood851, now THAT would be a service worth paying for. Although I suspect that I would have been talked out of most of the bikes I’ve bought to keep over the years.

    One thing we can all probably agree on, the banning of two strokes in California made them very desirable. It’s questionable that this bike would have sold for anywhere near this number without that piece of paper. $3k for a title is steep, but it probably means that any CA strokers for sale won’t leave the State. Exactly the opposite desired effect.

  • Yeah you guys know your smokers, no doubt. I notice the 4 strokers don’t get near as many comments. For instance no comments for the Yam. FZ 400. But I Luv the comments, whats the difference between an MC21 and an MC28?

  • what a F`n awesome bike, this is what a nsr 250 should look like, its very difficult and frustrating to derestrict a mc 28 stock pgm4 ignition, to its full potential, with that said the pgm3 mc 21 ignition suits it best, and to top it off its cali plated, ohhh man lucky ass buyer, when he goes to bike meets all the gsxr , r1, r6, kawai, cbr riders are gonna hate……..lol

  • 1994 nsr250 rothmans were equipped with white magtek (magnesium) wheels from the factory unlike this one which has aluminum se and r model wheels.

  • the bike’s plastics may well be aftermarket after having a closer look. this nsr is supposed to be an sp model. in 1994 the rothman sport production models were produced in smaller numbers than the others making it more rare nowadays. i doubt the one listed here is a true sp model 1994 nsr250.

  • well according to pics on speedwerks website,,,,the vin indicates this is a real 94 sp without the sp rims, pgm4, forks and plastics, it is still an awesome bike , a lot of people seek orginal everything and that’s fine but now a days you have to be realistic, originality is usually accompanied by beatup plastics and a beatup bike,,,a pristine original example should fetch upwards of 15k and that’s without the plate

    • Ryan, I have a real original Repsol, 4,500 miles, not even derestricted the miles are accurate, mint condition 9.5 out of 10 2010 Woodley park 2 stroke winner, plated in California, still has a original skew sticker behind the plate, you made mention a mint would go for 14k what do you think mine could fetch if I were to put it on the market?

  • I own 4 NSR’s now and have owned over 20 of them, so I did not expect the terrible response that I got above. There’s no place for that. I would have never wanted this bike, and I do not go to another website to find out details of a bike that is for sale, if it is on ebay, then I read the ebay ad and that is it. Sorry if I missed the VIN, I was looking at the other details. Looking to make firends here not enemies. You want to talk smart, take it to the track with me, and I’ll show what’s its like to be lapped by my Racing NSR. I know these bikes inside and out, and so do a lot of you,so let’s play nice.
    BTW I have 3 NSR’s for sale if anyone is interested.
    This past Saturday I just sold a super trick Repsol 1996 bike with HRC upgrades and de-restriction for 9k, and it had new OEM Upper, tank, and seat fairings. Now that guy got a deal. BTW it is easy to de-restrict a PGM IV.

    • Tim, I am in the market for an NSR, let me know what you have.

  • Dee; What’s the best way to contact you without giving all your personal info out here? If you go to the WERA site 13x forums, and look in the 2-stroke section you will see the posts for 2 of my bikes (Repsol that just sold – had ’95 body on it at the time, and my racebike which I just posted today. From there we can share contact info.

    • OK will do, will try to find your posts and get in touch by tomorrow evening. Thanks!

  • after reading all the posts and viewing the photos, I have had my NSR for over 5 years, no one has mentioned it , but would you feel comfortable ridding a bike to its limit that was completely built in someone garage?

    • Gary,

      You have a nice bike, I should know, I’ve ridden it. It is hard to know the value. I’ve turned down $14k for mine a few years back, but I might not be able to get $12k for it now, it is hard to know. Yours is worth between $10k and $15K for sure, but timing is everything. Your license plate is valuable as well, but if sold out of state, a new buyer might not care.

      An NSR250 on the racetrack is just okay. I’ve smoked many on an RS125 and obliterated them on an RS250. It’s all relative.

      Hope you hang on to it,


    • Gary, if you’re interested in parting ways with it get in touch with me. mvf4sale at g mail dot com

  • Agree with Joel completely. If your bike is that nice Gary, then maybe it should not be tracked to the limit. Values always fluctuate, but tracking may push it down further than you want. The GP bikes are in another class, and yes even with all the awesome parts on a stock bike it’s hard to keep up. My latest NSR has an RS250 engine in it that should surprise a lot of people out there, including myself.

  • Hey Joel!

    at this time have no need or desire to part with it, I was just caught up in the discussions when people were throwing figures what they thought an X bike was worth and how they got caught up on this one, when someone mentioned that a perfect one with a CA plate in mint would be 15k , I didn’t believe it would reach that but I wanted to see if the general public thought about that. Your right,, were approaching an era where these bikes are valued like art, its what ever the buyer wants to pay for it, Frankenstein MC28 or rebuilt 21 with Chinese bodywork, any one of these are going attract someone who appreciates it, I wonder if were seeing a dying breed for these or will they climb in value like the RC30. for me the 28 is a beautiful bike just to look and at the moment that’s all it is for me is just a piece of art to look at, sorry guys I realize im undeserving of mine……..

  • hey gary why don’t you post your repsol for sale on ebay and see what happeans, it dosnt hurt to test waters

    • Hi Ryan, not interested in selling it and feel I would have allot of drama and questions to answer, and don’t want to miss-lead anyone, unless I put it up with an extremely high reserve and we all can sit here at watch it as an experiment and see how high it reaches????? and I guess that would answer what is the price of a near perfect MC28SP


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