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1991 Honda NSR 125 For Sale!

1991 Honda NSR 125

Location: Pittsfield, MA
Mileage: 382km or 236 miles
Price: $1,500 starting bid with reserve

Here we have a rare little machine with super low mileage. Weighing in at a scant 266#'s, sporting a 6 speed transmission and cranking out a stellar 30hp at the crank this one should prove to be a perfect city bike or pit bike.

The best I can tell this bike is supposed to have a full fairing, but in many of the online pictures and video's there are many without fairings. In all of the publication photos these are shown with fairings which is why I assume they were sold with and not without. If any of our viewers can set me straight please do so.

One of the coolest things about this little NSR? It's electric start! Woo Hoo! Most of our beloved 2 strokes are kick start only and isn't really a problem, but in this day and age without a push button, people can only look and scratch their collective heads.

I had the pleasure of inspecting a NSR 125 up close and personal a few months back and I came away pretty impressed. I'd like to hear this one start and run from a dead cold start before plunking my hard earned cash down. The reason being, as any seasoned 2 stroker will tell you, is that crank seals become a little dodgy with time and not being ran. If a low mileage stroker is hard to start it usually means the crank bearings need replaced. But, if you're able to inspect this and she cranks, idles and runs fine I'd say it'd be a great little rare bike to own because there can't be too many in the states.

Here's a fun little video of some crazy teens having a good time at the NSR's expense.




  • Earlier model nsr’s 125’s where naked like this it is the ’94 plus models that came full fairing with the daul head lights and new chassis it’s also called the fox eye model

  • There were 2 models of the NSR125; the earlier model, the JC20 consisted of the naked NSR125F with a square headlight and its the fully faired sister NSR125R, was produced between 1988-1994. The later “fox eye” model, the JC22, (named due to its front lights resembling that of a fox’s eyes) was produced between 1993-2003.

  • NSR`S were sold in two categories NSR (R) which was unfaired such as this one and NSR (F) which was fully faired so here this is the same model as my own and it is the unfaired version of the bike

  • NSR`S were sold in two categories NSR (R) which was unfaired such as this one and NSR (F) which was fully faired so here this is the same model as my own and it is the unfaired version of the bike.

  • […] If you were a RSBFS reader way back in 2011 you might remembe this bike.    It doesn’t look like much as changed since then with the mileage only going from 236 to 386.  […]

  • Goofy looking and fun to blow up a condom, have to buy this one!


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