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1990 Suzuki GSX 750 Katana with low miles for sale!

1990 Suzuki GSX Katana 750F

Location: Lombard, IL
Mileage: 7,700
Price: $1,025.00 with reserve

As I was scrolling the auction site tonight, looking for rare bikes, I skimmed over this one at first and then I realized what it said- obviously, I went back 🙂

Due to the engine size this one escapes the Chicken Chaser tag and the mileage makes it RSBFS worthy. Oops, I forgot to mention it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor!

I'll be the first to admit that in 1990 I was one of the punks calling these a "Kan-o-Tuna". I think I always regarded these as sport tourers and sport bike imposters. But, regardless of what I thought of them 21 years ago, there's no denying how nice this example is.

Here's the story on this time capsule:

1990 GSX750F with only 7700 miles on it. I bought from original owner. The tires are dunlop and brand new,you can see by pics.The bike also has been tuned up , new air filter,battery,carbs have been taken off cleaned and in sync. The bike is very clean garage kept under original cover.

While I favored the sportier Suzuki's in 1990 I'm sure there is someone out there who'd love to have this one parked in the garage.

The seller has posted several more pictures on the auction site. You can make the jump here to check them out and place your bid.

Man, this thing is nice!




  • Aren’t these big, heavy air-cooled pigs? Rare Sport Bike??? I think not.



  • Wow- really? That pig is neither a sportbike nor rare- it obviously doesn’t fit the stated intent or purpose of this site at all. Ermm, kinda like 1987 Yamaha SRX250’s, eh?Somebody must be not looking hard enough if they have to post this one just because it has low miles and is in good condition for it’s age. Disappointed.

  • I don’t care if this thing had 1 mile on it and Rossi himself owned this bike; Katana’s were crap 20 years ago and their still crap today.

  • Fella’s, fella’s…..

    While RSBFS.com has become a great resource for rare bikes of yesteryear we also have to respect the meaning of ‘rare’. Rare defines something that is no longer available or only available in limited numbers. For example my NSR’s are rare in the states, but at the same time Honda cranked out a gazillion of them during their production years yet they are rare because we didn’t/can’t get them stateside. With that said, I can challenge anyone to find another 750 Katana, in this good of shape, with such low miles. I think any of us would be hard pressed to locate such a bike, thus making this one ‘rare’ in today’s market and a fine fit for our site.

    Thanks for viewing and for your comments- 🙂


  • I love you Doug but back when these things were new we called them the “ugly fat sisters” GSX600F and GSX750F. If I remember right the 750F was plagued with carb probs.

  • “pfffff!”

  • this is the absolutely the least desirable bike ever made. if it was crated, never filled with fluids, and had 0.00 miles on it, i wouldn’t buy it for $500… and i’m not using hyperbole here. these bikes were the worst of the worst, and i’m not being a punk for still calling them can ‘o tunas.

    i still have no idea what suzuki was thinking, and i have even a harder time understanding why anyone ever bought one of these piles.

  • I’ll tell you one thing guys, Suzuki sold a shit ton of these things probably because they were cheap and oh yeah CRAP!!
    I’m forming a petition to get this monstrosity removed from the site! Who’s with me?!

  • Quit stirring the pot Sean! LOL!

  • sean, i was going to say the same thing. i check this site almost every day. when i first found it, i went through almost every archived post. i tell you what though…

    had i found this site on the same day that this katana was posted, i would have thought much differently about the integrity and value of such a blog.

    delete this post, doug. DELETE IT. KATANAS ARE EFFING LAME.



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