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1990 Honda RC30 For Sale in California


We've seen some quick sales of great examples late in the season (check out this ZX750M1 that sold in two days for $18k) and this RC30 in California could fit that bill as well. It is advertised with less than 10k miles and the opening bid is $22k reserve not met. Where do you think this bike will end up?

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1990 Honda RC30 for sale on eBay

From the seller:

If you are looking for one of these, no explanation is required how rare and exotic this motorcycle is. hand built one by one and imported 300 only to state. She is in beautiful condition. She has Micron exhaust but comes with stock exhaust and bottom fairing in pristine condition as well. Rear wheel stand is also included. I have couple of boxes of NOS and extra stuff to go with. Only thing missing is the factory tool kit. I will only accept cash or bank transfer for payment. She is a 49 state bike.



  • A cheap aftermarket pipe on this piece of exotica? What on earth are people thinking?

  • Calm down.
    If that’s your biggest issue on this one, you haven’t seen some of the ex-race bikes and messed up examples that have shown up here. While this RC30 is poorly photographed and the written description is hugely lacking, as a owner I see no immediate red flags. Appears quite original down to the grips, windscreen and edge strip, signals, peg feeler tips etc. A lot hasn’t been changed- just brake lines and exhaust apparently, and if I was looking for one I’d go the next step and inspect it very closely in person with the fairings off (critically important!). BTW, I’ve seen that missing original tool kit sell for around $500.

  • Oh God the “Holy Grail”….it is beautiful. Love to hear this puppy running with the Micron. The distinctive RC30 sound rivals the Harley’s potato/potato for exclusivity.

  • Looking at this bike in person today.
    I will report back …

    • There are so many things to look for and check on with a used RC30, I couldn’t list them all. I like to spend at least two hours going over a potential purchase, paying attention to details and noting if what I see matches with what the seller says.
      Here’s an important one: RC30s use a two ring piston for less friction. Street riders sometimes aren’t aware that the motor will consume a little oil by design, and just use the bike like it’s a CBR. There have been cases of new owners not being aware, running them low on oil, ruining bottom ends and other parts. Parts that you can’t get anywhere anymore. You need to hear the bike start from stone cold (request that seller does NOT warm it up before you arrive), and listen for a deep rumble from the bottom end. Look for coolant leaks, water pump is NLA. Check for bent little support brackets for radiators, fairings, infill panels. That’s a tell for crash damage- look further if you find that. Closely check steering stops on frame and steering stem. So many other things…

  • As far as the Micron pipe goes, don’t be too quick to bash as just cheap aftermarket stuff. Though they don’t have the name cache now of some other pipes, Micron was very active with AMA racing support in the early to mid 90s, particularly the RC45. You’d be surprised how many old photos show bikes sporting Micron pipes with known riders. Their contingency fund was fairly good. Yes they jumped deep into the rainbow fade crazy of the later 90s/00s, but their race stuff for the RC30/RC45 performed well and have held up. And this bike has the stock pipe included.

  • @Jon: please update us on what you uncovered when you inspected the bike. Listing ended, what was the selling price? Did you do a deal and purchase it?


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