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1990 Honda RC30 available in Puerto Rico

1990 Honda RC30 for sale

Whenever something as special as an RC30 comes up for sale close to home, I always feel an obligation to make sure our readers have seen it too. From the few photos available, it looks pretty solid. But the description is vague at best for a collectible machine like this, especially with a $26k buy-it-now price on a 32k mile example. Not to mention this is the seller's first eBay rodeo with zero feedback. There are a lot of questions I'd want to ask before even considering making an offer. But as with many collectable objects, the story could be pretty interesting too and I'd want to hear what the owner has to say. He also has on auction what looks like a track sorted Honda CBR1000RR and a Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited replica up for sale right now as well.


1990 Honda RC30 for sale on eBay


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    My gut feeling tells me the seller isn’t technology savvy, new to selling on the web, and probably not the original owner or caretaker. While it may not be museum ready it’s still an RC30 and I wish we knew more facts on this one. I hope anyone who is actively pursuing this bike can provide some feedback after they’ve been in touch with the seller.


  • Does anyone have any details on that twin exhaust setup?

  • From the pictures it looks to have HRC suspension with as seen with the Brembo brakes. If indeed the engine is HRC (twin pipes) then this is a very good price. It doesn’t look to have HRC wheels. It looks like an 18″ wheel on the rear. Mine was stock except for a 17″ HRC rear wheel. unbelievably lite. Anything HRC for the RC30 was big money. What worries me is the seller. He’s either dyslexic or he doesn’t know anything about RC30’s. He misspelled HRC twice. While a great price I’d have to see this one in person with this seller. BTW, this is a US model which makes it even more rare as the tail section has the RC30 decal instead of VFR-750R. Around 250 of the US models were made and only in 1990.

  • Speaking of the seat…….it may be the original, but it is repainted all wrong. Among other little things.

    Should be priced at a little more than half this amount, providing the engine is orginal but with a minor exhaust fix.

    As mentioned, HRC stuff to put to back Original would be expensive and very hard to find!!


  • And…. likely rear seat to be aftermarket as it is missing hole on right side under seat. Front cowel may be aftermarket as well, as there is no hole where the turn signals would go. Why would you fill a hole on an OEM and paint over it?

    Also, VIN plate looks odd and what is that extra ID plate riveted to the frame on the right side by the weld ??

    And so on……


  • If I’m not mistaken,and I may be,it looks like a supertrapp logo on the exhaust can anyone care to comment?
    I’m actually more interested in the 204hp cbr1000 to be honest,what’s the history of that bad boy,they didn’t make those sorta ponies without SERIOUS engine work and I’m talking at least SOME factory help!
    Comments on that anyone.

  • A couple things to consider:
    Not the correct front calipers, nor rotors. Aftermarket footpegs, and as mentioned, supertrapp twin exhaust. Paint on the tail section looks wrong – I don’t think the gold pinstripe should go over the top of the seat section. Also, the blue on the tank, though it may just be the photo, looks incorrect to me (too light).

    just some thoughts….

  • Buyer Beware : To buy a bike like this sight unseen with all the anomalies pointed out so far would just be foolish . Low millage might suck you in , but it isn’t very hard to change a speedo unit on an RC30 . Future prospective buyer take heed from our advice . Just my 2 cents worth .

  • RC30Freak called it. As a current owner, looking quickly I see SO many things flat out incorrect, messed with/changed/modified, missing, frame drilled right side, unknown, lacking. Scary, scary, scary.

  • Thanks Sixth for the support . To add , for the money someone can get a decent clean RC30 a little closer to home and see the actual bike in front of them . Buying something sight unseen is scary enough without all the points already mentioned here . I dare say there might even be some still to be pointed out that we possibly might have overlooked though I cannot say exactly what at the moment . I also must mention , that from what I saw on the E-bay bid history I did not even see that anyone made an offer yet . If I am wrong , please feel free to correct me anyone . Plus add to the fact that the description is vey short & somewhat vague . Steer clear of this one !


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