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1986 Yamaha FZ750 – first of two posts

Ah...the Yamaha FZ750.  With 5 valves per cylinder, liquid cooling, and 105 hp on tap, it was a significant bike in Yamaha's history, but was sadly overshadowed by the brilliant Suzuki GSX-R750.  23 years later, the FZ750 has become somewhat of a collector and we now have not one, but TWO for sale on ebay:

So here's the first (and this one looks mint!):

This is the bike that started it all for Yamaha when it comes to the sportbike market. 1985 was the first year for the FZ750 with the 5 valve Genesis engine. In order to create a straight, non-restrictive intake tract, Yamaha engineers designed the engine with the cylinders tilted forward at a 45 degree incline. In addition, they incorporated a 5 valve per-cylinder design(3 intake/2 exhaust). The innovative engine design and location also created an awesome front/rear weight bias. I have owned this particular bike for a little over a year and while it is extremely fun to ride. The 85 models are getting hard to find and even harder to find with the factory plastic still in-tact. This bike still has the factory seat eliminator. In addition to being well cared for over-all, the following items have been replaced/installed: Two Metzler tires(about 300 miles ago), new fork seals(about 300 miles ago), steering head bearing serviced(about 300 miles ago) chain and sprockets, clutch slave cylinder, Vance & Hines Supersport exhaust. It also has a K & N air filter, Dyna Jet Stage 1 jet kit and Yoshimura Cams(Installed by previous owner) The bike runs very strong and draws a lot of attention between it's vintage sportbike looks and aggressive sound. It is not for an irresponsible, novice rider but is as well mannered as it's rider. You can cruise comfortably all day long with the throttle lock but if you rev-it to 5500 rpms and above, you'd better be ready to hold on. Despite it's age, it is more than capable of keeping up with most modern bikes 1000cc and less. It won't beat them all but you can earn their respect. (It has surprised quite a few people). I encourage anyone that is interested to do some research on the web as there are quite a few sites and groups dedicated to these motorcycles. When you consider the age, the mileage isn't bad especially when you consider that the factory recommended valve adjustment interval isn't untill 26,600 miles.

The seller is a serious collector (I've seen some of the bikes that he has previously sold - all of them mint, rare, and collectible), and if you're in a market for a FZ750, I would not hesitate to buy from him.


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