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1986 Honda NS400R available in Texas

Update 2.24.2014: Sold over the weekend. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Update 2.14.2014: Now on eBay. Links updated. -dc


Today's Featured Listing is this super clean and original Honda NS400R.

1986 Honda NS400R for sale on eBay


Built as a commemoration to Freddie Spencer and his GP title(s), the NS400R is a V3 two stroke that was intended to replicate a street going GP bike as closely as possible. While not as powerful as the RZ500 and RG500 competition from Yamaha and Suzuki, the NS400R was very small and agile, more closely resembling a 250cc bike.


Having covered a little over 11k miles, you'd never know it from how well it represents. Considering some of the prices we saw last year for NS400R's this one feels just right at $10k.

Contact Jon if interested by email.

Thanks for helping support the site with a Featured Listing and good luck with the sale Jon!



from the seller:

Perfect condition with no flaws considering it's 28 years old. Runs perfectly. Recent tune up.
Only thing ever replaced was the sprocket and chain (I have the old ones if you want them)by the last owner.

I have had this bike for approx 4 years and enjoyed it on every ride. I moved and don't have room for it anymore. Feel free to email questions or ask for additional pictures. Miles are in KM as this is a Canadian import. I have clear TX title. Please check your own state for registration requirements. I was able to insure it through Allstate but check your insurance agent for details. I can assist with taking bike to nearby shipper or if you live nearby I can trailer within reason from the Dallas TX area.
Price is 9995.00 , no offers accepted below-sorry!


  • Email for Jon link didn’t work for me. What is his e-mail?

  • Email address is correct: jon@jzlogisticsllc.com


  • Beautiful looking bike. Buyer will be very happy

  • cleanest one ive seen

  • the new owner needs one of these, kinda pain to use but sooo rare!


  • Hey guys I have one for sale ! It just dawned on me that the little stand I had in my garage was that for the NS400R ! Mine has been nicely repainted black and never used since . I would take about $125 for mine . No dents/bends & the wheels are decent . It would compliment this bike once the new owner takes possession of it . My email is rc30ron@hotmail.com Cheers. – Ron

    • ugh, repainted? Don’t you understand people want original? Probably got a respray because it went down at some point, bet the bolts that mount the wheels are scratched up, that’s an easy way to tell if it’s been down. And just sitting around for years? That’s worse than using it, the bearings are probably shot from sitting. Buyer beware, going to need a full resto.

  • PS , thanks Jim !

  • Looks like a nice NS400R, I have owned one before and they dont compare to the Suzuki Rg500/400 or RZ500. I have heard from other NS400 owners who have owned the other 500/400 2 strokes, they agree. I did not like mine, sold it after a year.

  • quote;…………..I have owned one before and they dont compare to the Suzuki Rg500/400 or RZ500. I have heard from other NS400 owners who have owned the other 500/400 2 strokes, they agree. I did not like mine, sold it after a year.

    IMHO I disagree, I have owned a RG500 and while quick,( again IMHO ) it was a bomb just waiting to go off, and did not have the fit and finish as the Honda . You can putz around all day with the Honda and it won’t miss a beat. Noleakycarbie, notroubletrany. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I have seen many RG500 and 400 with high miles, over 100K km. I have owned 6 gammas since 86 and none of them ever exhibited any problems of any kind other than normal maintenance and wear. They are most reliable 2 stroke ever made, and the fastest production 2 stroke. If you had problems with yours I can tell you or your mechanic created them! The NS400R has power more like the old 250’s with restricted motors they are awful. If this bike was a gamma in this condition the price would twice as much, and it would not be for sale!


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