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1985 Yamaha RZV500 available in Wisconsin


Here's a great looking, unrestored, Japanese market RZV500. The biggest difference between the RZ500 and RZV500 is the aluminum frame and even smaller production numbers compared to the ROW models. Mileage is a mere 7,400 and with 5 days remaining on the auction, the current bid is a little over $10k, reserve not met.


1985 Yamaha RZV500 for sale on eBay

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from the seller:

If your looking at this ad then you already know what you want so I'm not going to list all the technical stuff for this bike you can look that up online. I have had this RZV500 for 12 years. I ride it about a 100 miles a year and put it away. It runs and rides great. Starts easy I have done nothing with the motor since I bought it just changed oil and tires that's about it. I did add the Lomas pipes and changed jetting the pipes are mild steel.The stock pipes will be included.

I am not an RZ Geek just someone who likes to ride 2 stroke on the road so I might not be able to answer all technical questions but I will try. As far as the condition it does have some cracking in the body work some mild oxidation in areas. About everything you could expect for an unrestored 31 year old bike. The one thing I did notice on my last ride is the directional will go on but not flash that is something I have not looked in too. Other than that everything functions as it should.If you need more photos of something specific I will be happy to provide them.

From the Q&A at the bottom of the listing:

Q: What's the difference between a RZ500 & a RZV 500 ? Thank you.

A: Hello, There are several differences some subtle and some not so subtle. here is a list of some differences. RZV500R (51X) Made exclusively in Japan Tachometer mounted red warning light that activates at the equivalent of 55mph. Hand-produced lightweight aluminium frame, fuel tank contents gauge activated by a rhs mounted function switch (uses water temp gauge to show fuel tank contents available), front suspension pre-load adjustable from dial on top of forks legs. Self cancelling indicators deleted. Production run limited to 1600 units only (all sold in the first week of release allegedly) The claimed dry weight of the RZ is 438 lbs. The claimed dry weight of the RZV is 418 lbs. I hope this answer's your question. Thanks for asking. Todd

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  • AHHHH, the holy grail of road going grey bikes… I think this was the best paint scheme to ever leave japan! I know, I know, the Gamma makes more suds, who frigging cares? Yep, the (enter make and model here) corners better, has better binders, etc. But the graphic layout and bodywork of an RZV makes me wet. All over. In a good way. Except for the JL chambers…

  • Just waiting for the hail of hate bullets to hit, but, alas, everyone has a soft spot for the RZV 500…Meh, everybody loves ’em, I guess…

  • Had a tuned rz500 it was sold and replaced by two two 250 smokers they are more fun to ride.

  • Looks like a clean bike. Nothing wrong with the Lomas pipes, I had them on my RZ500. It’s a scary endeavor to ride stock suspension, 1980 bias ply tires, and stock brakes on anything but a straight road.

  • It’s looks OK but the upper and lower fairing are broken =( The motor though low miles would for sure have to be rebuilt as those seals have had to turned rock hard after sitting for so many years.

    I had a 500 and it had about the same miles. Started right up but I never rode it. Had the engine gone through which was a good thing as the guy told me the crank bearings were shot from sitting for years and all the seals were rock hard.

    This is a OK bike but 3 to 5k to go through the motor. I wish it had been serviced and not a project bike…

  • Your right about the look. I have both RZV500 & RG500 and when I pull up to the local bike watering hole hangout with the RG500 I get a lot of looks and questions, but when I pull in with the RZV500 I get surrounded by a gang of guys looking it over and asking questions. Definitely the RZV gets a lot more attention.

  • This is not the only one for sale out there…http://www.superbikeplanet.com/2016/Aug/16081608rzv.htm

    I would love to ride one!

  • Those pipes are gorgeous!

  • eBay shows sold at $12,851.00



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