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1972 Kawasaki H2 Hybrid Built By George Nash

1972 Kawasaki H2 750 For Sale

The H2, dubbed the Widowmaker in it's day, was literally a scary fast motorcycle. Notrious for big wheelies and dangerous handling, it's still a machine that needs to be treated with respect. This H2 however has been resto-modded you could say with modern wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension. Bidding is brisk with 11 bids reaching $10k in less than a day.

1972 Kawasaki H2 For Sale on eBay




Seller's description:

Up for auction is a from the ground up rebuilt and re-engineered 1972 Kawasaki H2 Hybrid in pearl white built by H2 Guru George Nash. Google "George Nash Kawasaki H2 Hybrid" to see some of the other H2's he has built. George's bikes have been bought by buyers in the USA and all over the world. The green Hybrid that is in the one picture is on a ship right now heading to Australia. I have never had an unhappy buyer of one of his H2 Hybrids or restored H2's. He is old school and meticulous about his work, so as usual this bike is flawless. George completely rebuilt the engine, rebuilt crankshaft, new seals, rebore, new Wiseco pistons and rings, ported cylinders, new paint, with custom decals made by RB's triples in England, new tires, new seat, new chain and sprockets are just a few of the things he has done. Every part on this bike has been replaced or restored. The expansion pipes are made by Higgspeed in England, they are lightweight stainless steel, so they will never rust. Engine# H2E 24325.

Here are a few of the things he has done that make a Hybrid different from an original H2.

Upside down front forks, mono swingarm, 3 sets of disc brakes, mag wheels, ported, 34mm flat slide carbs, electronic tachometer and odometer that works of of GPS.

I rode this bike, it is super fast and has unbelievable power, but unlike a normal H2 it handles and corners like a modern day bike and it stops on a dime! Those of you that have ridden H2's know about the horrible handling and non-existent brakes. This is the dream H2, it has it all, old school looks with modern day handling and brakes. Would I say that the widow maker has been tamed.....no, but it has been made a little more "civilized" but it will still scare the crap out of you, but at least you'll live to talk about it. Those flat slide 34mm carbs and expansion chambers give this bike unimaginable acceleration power, so it's nice to know that you have 3 disc brakes to stop quickly if needed. With all that extra power from those chambers and 34mm carbs with that big two stoke engine, those wide tires and the modern day suspension make all the difference in the handling and cornering. And the sound of that perfectly tuned engine coming out of those expansion pipes, it's music to the ears of any two stroke fanatic. This bike is the "perfect 10" and will turn heads wherever you go. It needs nothing but a brave rider. These bikes are a better investment than the stock market and much more fun! There are only seven H2's in the world like this. If you are looking for a H2 that really stands out from the rest of them, this is the one for you.

If the winner would prefer the bike in a different color, we can change the color to blue like the one in the last picture or to gold like the early 1972 H2 that came out in gold. Of course the wheels will match the which ever paint scheme is chosen by the winner.



  • Rolling art, that is. Epic WANT.

  • I love these bikes but the back looks odd without shocks. I think he needs to use a KZ1000 swing arm and shocks. I want to build one of these restomods some day soon, maybe an H1 or S3 to be different.

  • What makes this a “Hybrid”?

  • hybrid |ˈhīˌbrid|
    a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture

    In other words, melding forks, swingarm and other components from a different motorcycle onto the H2 frame and engine qualifies it as such.

  • Ringa ding ding,man they are nice! Love the SS pipes.

  • “unimaginable acceleration” ? give me a fuckin break! my 98 fireblade will eat this bag of bolts…

  • “unimaginable acceleration”
    I believe he’s referring to the instantaneous hit of the horsepower doubling, not beating your fireblade.

  • I think this is a beautiful example of a classic 2-stroke resto-mod superbike. Really well done.

    Still I question the pricing, as I have doubts about the effectiveness of bolting modern ultra-stiff suspension components and tires to the rubber-band 70’s chassis.

    Many builders of similar bikes have displayed a poignant lack of knowledge concerning modern geometry (wheelbase, rake). Further, modern sticky rubber will surely wind that thing up further than ever before possible. Should the ‘unbelievable power’ break the rear tire loose at some point (mid-corner), that thing might unwind like a mouse-trap!

    All that said, I guess you ride old two-strokes like this because they are scary. In that case, this should fit the bill.

  • I own a blue one built by George just like this one(its on YouTube , check it out) and I’m here to tell you it is a truly wonderful machine!!! George has mastered building these, it’s what he does and he does it well!!!. Mine runs and handles like a dream! 1st Rate build quality!!! George and Cary are true professionals to deal with too!!! From someone who knows 1st hand,if ya want a better then New H2 Widow maker that actually handles 🙂 !, this is it!!! 🙂 Its 67* and sunshine here today think I’ll take mine for a ride , come go with me!!! 🙂

  • 98 Fireblade! Most people have never even heard of that piece of junk. What’s it worth, maybe $3,000. Nobody will be collecting or talking about that junk in 35 years.
    Kawasaki H2’s where $1,200 brand new and still sell for upwards of $15,000 for a nice one. The last Kawasaki H2’s where made over 35 years ago, yet the legend lives on, everyone has heard of them and plenty of people still dream of owning one.

    • Well said!!

  • dont get me wrong guys- it’s a cool bike. but carl, since when did a bikes value equate to how well it performs? i know plenty of very expensive ducatis that aren’t really fast at all !! not to mention classics such as cb750’s…and i should know, i’ve owned 4 of them!

    as far as the fireblade being a piece of junk, i dare any h2 owner to race me around willow, laguna, well anywhere really. or just ask john mcguiness. or kawasaki man tommy sykes. isn’t internet conflict a hoot!

  • First off,a 2 stroke only requiers half the cc and weighs less than a 4 stroke,to equal the same horsepower.There is a reason the were banned,and it wasn’t the smoke,the average rider can’t handle the unpredictable power.
    And besides,what’s a fireblade?We come here for rare bikes don’t we?I have never seen a fireblade here lmao.Must be a reason.
    I would take an ol 2 stroke any day,you think that fireblade would take this on the dragstrip?U funny hunny.
    Propperly tuned this thing would eat your firechicken on the dragstrip.And at the other end,who gonna be lookin at yours?I like rare bikes,i come here for that,but ty for a belly laugh for the day haha

  • I own a 900RR, 93 purple and yellow, I’d trade it for an H2 anyday.

  • Apples and oranges, guys!

  • Fireblade? What the hell is that ?!!! Some kind of lawnmower !!!!!

  • could b,bring out ur boat anchor.n try some old school on for size n get your gr…ass cut


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