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BMW April 23, 2014 posted by

2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika with 4800 Miles

2005 BMW Boxer Cup for sale

One of 300 sold in the U.S., these were meant to replicate the one make Boxer Cup racing series. The enhancements are subtle and limited to a taller ride height for better clearance with the cylinder heads when leaned over, a throatier exhaust, a wider rear wheel, shorter windscreen, a steering damper, and of course the paint scheme. While likely too sedate for many visitors to this site, it would be a cool tourer to road trip to the races!


2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup for sale on eBay


from the seller:

I'm selling my BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika that is in fantastic condition. It only has 4832 miles on it. I bought it with 2100 miles in 2009. I rarely ride the bike and it's time to go. If you're looking at this bike, you know how rare they are. Only 300 were imported into the states. The bike is all original with no aftermarket parts on it at all. There are a couple imperfections on the bike, such as a scratch on the front wheel and the paint on the rear cowl corners are chipped. This was done by the previous owner and I never got around to fixing it. The rear cowl just needs to be repainted. If the hairline scratch on the front wheel is an issue, then a quick powder coat can take care of that. I never leave the cowl on, so it wasn't an issue to me.

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Ducati April 22, 2014 posted by

2002 Ducati Monster Fogarty Edition #240/300 with just 2 Miles!

2002 Ducati Monster Fogarty Edition For Sale

While many will view this bike as another manufactured "limited edition" bike by Ducati, for Foggy fans it probably doesn't matter. Naturally it wears custom decal work specific to this edition. It's also based on the S4 Monster that features the detuned 916 superbike motor, so it's not lacking in the performance department considering it weighs a mere 415 pounds. With only 300 produced for worldwide consumption, it is a bike you're not going to see very often either. Advertised with just 2 miles, it's likely destined for a collection somewhere. But sometimes I like to play devil's advocate and speculate that if you were in the market for a new Monster, would you pause to consider a new, vintage one instead? Opening bid is $10k reserve not met. Leave a comment with what you'd pay and if you'd keep it low miles or treat as new to ride.


2002 Ducati Monster Fogarty Edition for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Ducati Monster Fogarty edition #240/300. Only 2 miles on the odometer. Single owner, clear title. Never dropped or damaged. Original items not pictured but included: carbon Termignoni exhaust, front and rear wheel stands, bike cover, mirrors, manual and both keys.



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Ducati April 21, 2014 posted by

Take Your Pick: 1990 or 1991 Ducati 851

The 851 often gets the short end of the stick in terms of popularity in the market. The 888 that followed was generally considered the stronger evolution and better looking of the family. The 916 after that had a similar motor but of course was wrapped in super model good looks and even better components. But these two seller's present great looking Ducati superbikes for not a lot of scratch. And you won't be afraid to ride them because they both have some miles. While many consider them porky and slow steering, the 851/888 models have their own charm with their own brand of thumping and booming that make their sound distinct. Not to mention they're close to becoming legitimate classics at nearly 25 years of age!


1991 Ducati 851 for sale on eBay

This bike's subtle improvements make it a very attractive rider in my mind. At just $6300 buy-it-now and with recent documented service, it's hard to think you could do worse for the money.

1991 Ducati 851 for sale

1990 Ducati 851 for sale

This example is closer to stock but does have some light modifications. I especially like the videos included in the seller's description with the auction. It just adds another layer of perspective when considering a purchase online that I find very appealing.

1990 Ducati 851 for sale

Good luck to both sellers!


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Sport Bikes For Sale April 20, 2014 posted by

First the Race Bike, Now the Street Bike: Another 1994 Harley Davidson VR1000!

1994 Harley Davidson VR1000 for salw

If a pure racebike isn't your cup of team, perhaps this homologated street version suits you better! As noted in the seller's description, these would have never passed emissions here in the states so they sold 50 of them in Poland to meet the AMA regulations of the time. But you don't need to travel that far as this one is in North Carolina. With just 153 miles on the Stack digital readout and recently refreshed from storage, this would be a jewel in any serious collector's showroom. The buy-it-now is set at $75k and the current bid (reserve not met) is $41k as of Sunday afternoon. Less than 3 days remain on this one.


1994 Harley Davidson VR1000 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Stunning and RARE Harley Davidson VR-1000 with just 153 miles. The bike has just been through a comprehensive service and runs great. It comes with a full service tool kit and helmet. I bought this Harley as part of an impressive Harley collection which consisted primarily of older race bikes. There were also several street bikes and a drag bike. I must admit, this VR-1000 has left us scratching our heads and wondering what we have.

We know that a street-version was built as required by AMA rules to homologate the racing machine. The road-going VR was made in a run of 50 examples (all that was needed to homologate), but they were never sold in the USA. US emissions laws were prohibitively strict and would have required a lot of fiddling to make the VR road legal stateside, so it was homologated for road use in Poland (And only Poland). AMA rules don’t specify where the machine needs to be road legal. Reportedly, they sold for circa $50,000 when new.

Now, where this gets interesting; this bike sat in a static collection for several years, so when I got it, I took it to a local motorcycle guru to get it running. He was looking for parts and was in contact with a Harley Dealer who reportedly purchased the majority of the left-over spare parts from Harley Davidson. When my guru described the bike to him and told him the serial number, that dealer suggested that he'd known of, or heard of, two US bikes built for the street and that this could be one of them. I can tell you that when you switch the bike on, the display says “V3.01 HD_ROADUS 06/07/94” and there's a sticker below the instrument cluster written in English (not Polish). Also, I found a magazine article from 1996 about a California dealer who raced VR's and had a street bike in his own collection, which indicates that there were road bikes in the US. This Harley has a clean, clear and valid Maryland title, which we have in-hand.



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Sport Bikes For Sale April 18, 2014 posted by

Another Sweet 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in the House!

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale

Rather, it's really in the house as seen in the photographs. More importantly it's another very nice RZ500 for sale in California. This one has seen even fewer miles than the one we posted yesterday with just 2500 miles covered since new! Just two owners and a convincing seller description. The buy-it-now price on this stated museum worthy example is $18,500 and opening bid is $7000 reserve not met. A great month for California RZ500 buyers and collectors for sure!


1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This Yamaha RZ500 is the Australian model with only 4,000km on it. This is not the Canadian model.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a cleaner one that was not in the crate.

This is bike has had two owners. The second owner (a Yamaha master mechanic) bought this from the original owner 25 years ago with under 300km on it. The second ownder put 3700km on it in 25 years.

He noticed two years ago that the crank seal was leaking, as they all do. While him and his buddy (who was a former Honda race bike mechanic) the motor apart to fix it as well the crank shaft end bearing, they decided to put new Yamaha factory pistons in it. Please look at the pictures of the original pistons, as they will be included and didn't need to changed (but the owner was very particular about this bike).

This bike was run once or twice a year for the past 25 years he owned it. The bike runs great and the gas was drained after each ride. The second owner stored the bike in heating controlled room for the 25 years he owned it.

The second owner changed the original tires 15 years ago. The bike will include the original Yokohama tires as they have no dry rot and are not worn out. Pictures of original tires included.

This bike is California plated and has a custom RZ500 plate.

The bike also comes with perfect original owners manual as well as the original tool kit.

The bike has never fallen over, been dropped or washed with water it's entire life. The bike has no cracks in the stock body work.

All bolts and fasteners look like new.

The bike does have 2 extremely small scratches on the front fender. One is 1/2" long and the other is 1/4" long. There's one tiny nic in the blue stripe on the left mid fairing the size of a pencil lead. There's 2 small scratches on the right hand side of the gas tank about the size of 2 1/2 pencil leads. Take a look at the pictures.

This bike is NOT a restored bike, this is all ORIGINAL. There are no stories or issues with this bike.

I cannot stress enough that you will not find a better bike.

I do not have to sell this bike, so low ball offers are unwanted and unappreciated.

the only cleaner bike you could find would either be in a crate or in a museum, where this one should be.



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