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Ducati November 20, 2014 posted by

Featured Listing: 2006 Ducati SportClassic Paul Smart for Sale

2006 Ducati SportClassic R Side

For all the grief he received for his redesign of Ducati’s superbike, it's still pretty clear that Pierre Terblanche had some great ideas for Ducati. Aside from the iconic but rare Supermono, he managed to evoke Ducati’s classic style in modern machinery with his line of SportClassics and, while the style of the original MH900e might have been a bit overwrought, there’s certainly no denying that it looks like nothing else on the road. Fortunately, the Sport1000, GT1000, and Paul Smart that followed were much more conservative, yet still striking and very elegant. After an initial rush of buyers, demand for the SportClassic line tapered off, and only the GT1000 is still in production today.

Today's Featured Listing is among the rarest of the breed: just 2000 of the 2006 Paul Smart Limited Edition bikes were built, and all featured silver half-faired bodywork and a green frame designed to evoke the bike ridden to victory by Paul Smart at the Imola 200 in 1972.

2006 Ducati SportClassic Dash

The SportClassic models were all powered by Ducati’s venerable air/oil-cooled, two-valve “L” twin 1000DS engine. The “DS” signified “DualSpark” twin-plug heads that allowed efficient combustion across the relatively large surface of the pistons and, in this configuration, the twin put out a claimed 92hp, although it’s not a motor known for top-end revs and generally runs out of breath well before redline. But with a fat midrange and charisma to spare, it’s a spectacular street motor and, obviously, valve-float is never a problem on a Desmo motor…

Original versions had a wild tubular swingarm with a shock/spring combo on the left side, like a twin-shock setup with one side missing. Shotgun pipes on the right balanced the look out. Unfortunately, this configuration precluded passenger accommodations and early Sport1000 and Paul Smart SportClassics are solo affairs.

Later versions changed to a dual-seat but lost the cool swingarm, going to a more conventional dual-shock set up at the rear. Wire wheels were a clear nod to style over performance, although they did feature tubeless Pirelli Phantom tires designed with vintage looks and modern performance in mind.

2006 Ducati SportClassic R Side Engine

From the original CraigsList posting:
2006 Ducati Paul Smart Limited Edition for Sale

Selling my 2006 Ducati Paul Smart Limited Edition - very, very, rare!

This bike is a two owner bike with only 1,000 miles. No stories, issues, accidents, etc. and has been stored in a heated garage. This bike is extremely rare and comes with the two best 'unobtanium' accessories:

- Factory lower side fairings (factory ~ not aftermarket knock off's)
- Termignoni 2x1 single exhaust with up map (black powder coated to match original look)

I've also installed the clear clutch and belt covers for an extra clean look. No other modifications of any kind and all factory parts (exhaust, chrome clutch cover and black belt covers).

If you are looking at this bike you know that they are extremely hard to find, especially given low miles and accessories. Please note that I'm not interesting in selling the lower side fairings or Termi separately

Perfect bike for the enthusiast / collector and in absolute pristine shape. Feel free to contact me at three one zero six nine nine seven three seven seven if you are interested. Please no low ball offers, scams, etc. or text messages.

Demand for the SportClassic line petered out after just a few years, but they have held their value extremely well and all versions command very good money on the used market. The seller is asking $22,500 for this Paul Smart, which is pretty big money for a SportClassic, but the bike does feature the factory side fairings that more closely resemble the ones on the original race bikes, along with a classic Termignoni exhaust. While I prefer the truly wild Zard two-into-two pipes for the early SportClassics, you can’t go wrong with Termi pipes on a Ducati.

In nearly-new condition with just 1,000 miles on the clock, this particular example is one of the best you’re ever likely to find, so if you are looking to add a SportClassic to your collection, you can’t go wrong with this one.


2006 Ducati SportClassic L Side

Bimota November 20, 2014 posted by

Featured Exotica: 1996 Bimota SB6


The fine folks from Rimini certainly have a different way of looking at the world. Ignoring all but performance and visual artistry, Bimota consistently delivers on both ends of the performance-art spectrum (DB3 Mantra notwithstanding). It takes a great deal of focus to beat the Japanese and Italian manufacturers at their own game while using their major engine & trans components, but that is exactly what Bimota has done, and continues to do. And this SB6 - S for Suzuki (GSX-R1100 engine in this case), B for Bimota, and 6 for the number of Suzuki iterations Bimota has created - is in great shape and looking for a new home. Of all of the classic (pre bankruptcy) Bimotas, the SB6 is probably the most well-rounded model - although that Gixxer powerplant still packs a major wallop!

Featured Listing: 1996 Bimota SB6


Among the trio of Bimota founders you will find none other than Massimo Tamburini; the "Ta" in the Bimota name comes from his last two initials. You may remember Tamburini from such other hits as the Ducati 916/996/998 as well as the MV Agusta F4 series. With a design portfolio like that, you would expect something special, and the SB6 delivers on all fronts: From the tasteful mix of aluminum chassis, carbon bodywork, CNC-milled trees and miles of paintwork, to the chassis detail including the "peek-a-boo" offset rear shock and the under tail exhaust. Interestingly Tamburini (who we sadly lost in April of this year) was no longer a partner in Bimota after the mid 1980s, yet he continued to return and do contract work for his former company. His legacy is obvious in the SB6.


From the seller:
1996 Bimota SB6. Original bike in excellent condition. Has 7,140 miles. It's been in a private collection of 7 other Bimotas and many other bikes for the last 8 years. This is the last of the Bimotas in the collection; wasn't planning on selling it, but maybe it's time for it to go as well. Currently being serviced and new battery being installed.

Asking $7700 or serious cash offer for this Bimota. Bike is located in Paradise Valley, AZ. Clean/clear Arizona title. Appointments can be made for serious buyers to view the motorcycle. Please contact me for further information.


This particular bike is a Featured Listing from RSBFS reader Tony. The asking price is *very* reasonable considering the condition of the bike and the mileage (yes, there are some folks that actually enjoy riding their Bimotas!). If you are looking for an exotic, you could do much, much worse than an SB6. And if you are looking for an SB6, this one should be worthy of consideration. Jump over here to take a look at all of the details on the bike, and then give the man a shout. While Bimota is still in the bike business, they don't quite make them like this anymore.


Kawasaki November 20, 2014 posted by

Nearly Ready Eddie: 1983 Kawasaki ELR


Yes, it came from the 1980s. But somehow these Eddie Lawson Replica KZ1000R (and KZ1100R) models continue to exude charm. Maybe it is the acreage of lime green paint. Perhaps it is the retro hot rod look of the big air-cooled motor, flimsy conventional forks, tiny brake disks and twin shocks. The Kerker pipe certainly lends some retro prestige. For whatever reason, these ELR models really seem to stir up some emotion - and continue to hold their own after 30 plus years (yes, it HAS been that long). Boomers in the collecting phase of their lives have taken notice, and older Gen-Xers might be counted as well. That which was cool in youth is cooler when you have the cash to spend, and that available cash continues to drive up the prices on all things Lawson. While these might have been $5k bikes years ago, the trend is moving much, much higher (with ambitious asks above the $20k mark). This example looks to be a very clean restoration, sports "Steady Eddie" Lawson's signature on the tail, and is not 100% sorted. The ask is a very cool $16k which begs the Jalopnik "nice price or crack pipe" vote. So which is it in your book?


1983 Kawasaki ELR 1000 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
I am selling for a friend a 1983 Super Bike Replica with low miles in which I have no reason to doubt. This is a new restoration due to the bike being outside for a few years. It has new tires and brake pads. The calipers and master cylinder have been rebuilt and bled with Dot 5 Synthetic brake fluid. Engine side covers have been re powder coated. Valve clearance has been checked and did not require shims. No engine oil leaks. New chain and sprockets. I ran this on a shop I.V. bottle. The original petcock does not work and may need rebuilding. This will be shipped without fuel and battery. It has NOS hand grips and bar sliders. Complete tool kit and owners manual. The paint is high quality two stage urethane, the decal kit was NOS. Tail piece signed by the man himself. This would be a nice addition to anyone's collection.


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Yamaha November 19, 2014 posted by

Smokes-Branded Smoker:1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale

1985 Yamaha Marlboro RZ500 L Side

A wild race-replica from the era of two-stroke Moto GP machines, Yamaha’s RZ500/RD500LC was a direct competitor to Suzuki’s RG500 Gamma. Never officially imported to the US because of emissions laws, many have found their way south across the Canadian border.

1985 Yamaha Marlboro RZ500 Tank

The bike was powered by a liquid-cooled 50° two-stroke V4 with twin cranks. Midrange torque was boosted by a pair of Yamaha’s YPVS power valves and lubrication was handled by Yamaha’s suggestively-named Autolube oil-injection. Interestingly, the engine featured a balance shaft to smooth out vibrations. This not only improved comfort for street riders, it also allowed the frame and other parts to be built lighter, since they didn’t have to endure as much shaking. Engine cases were magnesium, as you can tell by the fact that “MAGNESIUM” is cast into them.

1985 Yamaha Marlboro RZ500 Dash

A six speed box with a conventional wet clutch put 88hp to the 18” rear wheel. In most markets, the frame was steel, although Japan’s home-market RZV500R featured an aluminum version, with lighter weight offset by a detuned engine that produced 64hp. The rear shock was mounted horizontally under engine, clearing space for upper cylinders’ expansion chambers and the battery. The front end featured anti-dive and a 16” wheel.

1985 Yamaha Marlboro RZ500 Front Brakes

From the original eBay listing: 1985 RZ500 for Sale

Clean WI Title – Original Owner

Engine is stock with less than 100 miles since it was freshened up with NOS parts July 2013 18,650kms on the odometer @11,500 miles

Besides the standard bore original parts engine rebuild the bike was gone through in late 2013 with new parts everywhere else they were needed, wheel bearings, cables, brake calipers rebuilt, new brake pads, forks rebuilt w/ stiffer springs, oil pump & hoses replaced, new battery, new tires, etc. Starts, runs and rides great.

Non-original items listed: 
Brembo full floating front rotors – very rare (originally for FZ750)
Stainless brake hoses
Fiberglass solo tail section & seat
Rearsets have no provisions for passenger footrests
Samco coolant hoses & clamps
Shorai sealed battery
New O-ring chain & sprockets
Platinum Pearl white & Marlboro Racing red custom paint with UV stable clear coating. Stickers are on top of the paint.

1985 Yamaha Marlboro RZ500 Front

So, not completely bone-stock, but the upgrades are appropriate and should improve the functionality. I can personally vouch for the Shorai battery: I stuck one in my Ducati and the light weight and difference on starting compared to stock are pretty amazing. Although the Marlboro paint scheme might not be to everyone’s taste, I like it better than the factory style…

(puts on flame-proof suit)

There are 4 days left on this auction, with bidding up to $8,100 at the time of writing, so we'll see just how that vivid paint affects the price for this one!


1985 Yamaha Marlboro RZ500 R Side

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Yamaha November 18, 2014 posted by

Fun with Fizz: 1988 Yamaha FZR400


The Yamaha FZR line up - referred to as "Fizzers" by many - includes US-imported 1000, 600 and 400 models. The 400 was not a big seller at the time and was quickly discontinued. That is a shame because for many riders the 400cc model is the very best of the bunch; great handling and decent power wrapped up in a lightweight, easily managed package. The FZR400 was trying to be what the ubiquitous Ninja 250R/300R (and the follow on Honda CBR250/300) are today: bikes that are approachable from an entry-level perspective yet can offer a lot more to the experienced rider. Yamaha was ahead of the curve on this one as the idea appears to have been ahead of its time. As a result, there are not nearly as many FZR400s available on the market - liter bikes and 600s are everywhere, but a good, clean 400 is a rare find.


1988 Yamaha FZR400 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Up for auction is a pristine 1988 Yamaha FZR400. I purchased this bike about two years ago and have ridden it three times. Otherwise it has been stored in my heated basement. As is clear from the photos this bike is in pristine condition and ready to either ride or show. The engine/transmission is clean with no leaks and runs perfectly. The bike is completely stock except for stainless brake lines front and rear. There are a few minor blemishes on the fairings but they are difficult to find. Since purchasing this bike I have not seen a nicer example. I purchased it as an investment recognizing it will continue to appreciate in value but we will be moving in the spring to smaller space so I must sell some of my bikes.


It will be much more expensive to find a basket 400 and restore it versus simply buying a good one. These bikes are not very expensive (yet), hold value well, and will likely appreciate in time. Meanwhile, ride the heck out of it and save some of your pennies to buy cosmetic surgery that will be needed to wipe that non-stop grin off of your face! Check out all of the details here. Good Luck!


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