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Honda October 21, 2016 posted by

Flyweight Racer: 2005 Honda RS125R for Sale


Racing machines are a bit like living living things and, by they time they reach old age, there might be very little left of the original creature except the bones: high performance parts are consumed and replaced regularly, worn out by at-the-limit use, and other parts are upgraded as time goes on to keep pace with the relentless march of competition. So if you're looking for an office decoration, look elsewhere, since this Honda RS125R was built to race, and comes with the spares package to back that up.


Powered by a slightly undersquare 54mm x 54.5mm two-stroke single backed by a six-speed gearbox, the mechanicals seem simple at first, but every single component is optimized for performance and light weight. Power can be north of 4ohp when tuned, which sounds pathetic until you consider the partially-dry weight of of under 160lbs. Still, the real shocker with a bike this small and light is in the stopping and the cornering: that single radial Brembo caliper looks absolutely massive and should provide more stopping power than you'll ever need.


The bike comes with bare, white bodywork, already for your choice of historic colors or sponsors' logos. At a glance, I assumed this had been fitted with some sort of Tyga bodywork, but it looks more like Tyga got its inspiration for their aftermarket bodywork from the later RS125s!


From the original eBay listing: 2005 Honda RS125R for Sale

The engine is freshly rebuilt. New crankcases, new cylinder, new crankshaft and a fresh piston in it.
Engine is setup with a VHM head with a 11.8cc insert for running unleaded fuel.

Current transmission gear setup: 1st: M1-P3 / C1-P3, 2nd: M2-P4 / C2-P4, 3rd: M3-P1 / C3-P1, 4th: M4-P1 / C4-P1, 5th: M5-P1 / C5-P1, 6th: M6-P1 / C6-P1

Equipped electronics consist of a HRC datalogger with HRC detonation counter, detonation and shift lights plus a front wheel speed sensor.

The chassis is equipped with a Honda NSF250R swingarm. Front brake system has been replaced with a new Brembo GP4-RR 32/36 monoblock caliper with titanium pistons and Brembo 16x16 billet radial brake master cylinder.

Typical basic spare parts included, such as jets, gaskets, clutch cable, reeds, engine shims, gaskets, seals, levers, variety of front and rear sprockets etc.

Other spares also included are a April System Powerjet controller, front and rear stands, front wheel with disc, front and rear Dunlop rain tires, spare used cylinder, new front fender, extra over the radiator airbox, HRC cylinder head (10.5cc for leaded fuel).

Extra transmission gears: C1/P2, M2, C1, C2, C3/P4, C4/P2 and main shaft.


Obviously, this isn't a fresh-from-the-crate collectible: it's a hard-core racing machine in miniature, and the included parts should help get the new owner ready for a season of racing. The Buy It Now price is set at $11,000 but I've no idea if that's a fair price or not: RS125s that have graced these pages are generally of much older bikes and those can be had for much less. List price was in the neighborhood of $13,000 new and, with the spares package, that seems to make this a pretty decent deal.



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Aprilia October 20, 2016 posted by

You Haul – 2006 Aprilia RS 125

Aprilia buried their competition with the 2006 update of the RS125.  With specifications and looking like a much larger supersport, it was the beginner's dream machine.


2006 Aprilia RS125 for sale on eBay


With the visual template of their 1000cc machine, the 125cc two-stroke single doesn't disappoint with 28 hp.  A factory power kit was available for the racetrack.  The powertrain is brought into the modern age with water cooling, oil metering, and a 28mm Dell'Orto carburettor.  The chassis has been Aprilia's perennial claim to fame, the 2006 alloy twin-spar weighs just 21.5 lbs., and has matching banana swingarm.  Though a single front brake is all that's required,  it's a 320mm disk with 4-piston radially-mounted caliper, along with a 220mm rear.  The full fairing carries dual halogen headlights and Aprilia's digital-plus-tach dash.



Boasting California title and just 520 miles, this RS125 looks showroom ( maybe a showroom in Europe or Asia ) in the just enough to make you want more pictures.  I'm not a tail-tidy fan, but this bike calls for it - nice to have the stock parts, though.  The owner has completed the best part of the power kit with an Arrow exhaust and has these comments in the eBay auction:

2006 aprilia rs 125 in excellent condition has upgraded arrow exhaust and bike has been properly jetted runs and brakes like a champ running on motul 710 injector oil Clear california title with current registration.



With rave reviews, the RS125 did well even priced 1/3 higher than the market at the time.  The buy-it-now is up there as well, though a great value for the rarity and condition.  The accommodations and performance will likely surprise all riders happily, S-M-L if not XL...



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Suzuki October 19, 2016 posted by

Good As New: 1986 Suzuki RG500Γ for Sale


"It's only new once" is pretty axiomatic in the collector car and bike worlds. Meaning that a slightly imperfect, but time-capsule machine with a bit of wear and tear is generally more desirable than a perfectly restored, better-than-new example to many collectors. Original machines have flaws: they're often mass-produced, or have little cosmetic flaws from the factory, but they accurately reflect the bike as it would have been at the time it was running around, terrorizing the backroads. This 1986 Suzuki RG500Γ "Gamma" is claimed to have been restored to "as-new" condition. Personally, I'd actually prefer a bike that improves a bit upon the original, adds in a few modern parts for the sake of reliability and performance at the cost of some period-correctness. But then I'm not a well-heeled motorcycle enthusiast.


If you're not familiar with Suzuki's Gamma, hello and welcome to RareSportBikesforSale! The bike was Suzuki's very trick race-replica, competing in a class of two against Yamaha's RZ500. Both used four-cylinder, two-stroke powerplants exclusive to their respective models and shared with no other bikes. In the Suzuki's case, it was a water-cooled 500cc square-four with a pair of cranks versus the Yamaha's V4, also with two crankshafts. The RG500 made in the neighborhood of 100hp and weighed in at around 400lbs dry.


Not very impressive today but it was considered pretty quick in 1986. But the numbers don't tell the whole story, and straight-line performance wasn't really the point of this race-replica: that highly-strung engine provided an addictive hit when it came "on the pipe," while cutting-edge handling rewarded skilled riders. Of the two, the Suzuki was considered far more "hard core" and is the more desirable choice today, although both are very collectible motorcycles that evoke a lost era of two-stroke performance.


From the original eBay listing: 1986 Suzuki RG500Γ for Sale

Totally restored to new machine it is a great bike
I have all the bills and documents for what was done for this rebuild
Bike comes with a service manual and a very rare microfiche of all parts for the Gamma
This bike has 2 seats a mono and double, original keys
New tires and bearings and many more original parts from Suzuki
Bike has been totally re-calibrated to factory Suzuki spec by Pulsion Suzuki call ask for Mike on this bike
Location is in Drummonville Quebec Canada
Will miss it reason for sale moving to Africa


The Starting Bid and the Buy It Now on this bike are both $12,500 with no takers yet. I'd prefer some higher-resolution photos that show the bike off in all its glory, but from what I can tell, it looks pretty clean, so I'm not sure what's causing bidders to be gun-shy. Maybe it's the lack of detail in the listing? The bike's inherent Canadian-ness? I'm sure our readers will have some ideas... "Restored" can have a few different meanings in eBay Land so it might be worth it to email the seller for a few more details before plunking down your cash, but for those of us just dreaming this should serve as inspiration.



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Ducati October 18, 2016 posted by

Paul Smart Stunt Double – 2006 Ducati Sport 1000

With Ducati Paul Smart commemoratives fetching $25K-ish, this owner has created a similarly configured bike with lot of nicer  components, distinguishable from the original only by the not-blue frame and the Mediterranean cruise you can take with the price difference.


2006 Ducati Sport 1000 for sale on eBay


20161017-2006-ducati-sport-1000-right-grip  20161017-2006-ducati-sport-1000-right-rear-wheel

Designed by Pierre Terblanche in the early 2000's, the SportClassic line-up used the 992cc air-cooled dual spark engine, and had 93 hp available.  The chro-moly trellis works around the vertical cylinder and back towards the integrated seat subframe.  All systems are available for view, and on this bike have been done up nicely.  Forks by Marzocchi and Sachs monoshock have given way to Öhlins both ends.  Brakes are still unbeatable 4-puck Brembo fronts with 320mm rotors, followed by 245mm rear.  A factory Sport 1000 fairing has been added to the monoposto seat and all the bodywork painted an understated dark silver.


20161017-2006-ducati-sport-1000-left-engine  20161017-2006-ducati-sport-1000-right-seat

Presented by a San Diego dealer, there are a lot of nice touches on this one.  Those peek-a-boo Rizoma cam belt covers lead the charge, but there is a matching clutch cover, Arrow exhaust system, Acculign adjustable rearsets, and some niceties in the intake stream but out of view.  Here's a short list from the eBay auction:

This is a 1 Owner bike.  Bike is very clean and has been built with the best parts possible.  Looks like a Paul Smart but is not a Paul Smart.  Just as good with the upgraded Ohlins and striking paint.

Ducati  S upper fairing

Custom silver paint

Ohlins Fork Internals

Ohlins Rear Shock

Full Arrow exhaust

Acculign Rearsets

Rizoma Clutch Cover

Rizoma Belt Covers

Rizoma Brake and Clutch billet reservoirs

STM Frame Plugs

STM Crank Case Breather

Sargent Seat

Ducati Performance Slave Cylinder

CNC Billet timing cover

Duc Shop velocity stacks and 

Termi ECU

K&N Airfilters


20161017-2006-ducati-sport-1000-left-shock  20161017-2006-ducati-sport-1000-right-front-wheel

SportClassics can be a bit of a labor of love, since everything is visible, it's nice if it looks good.  For its nearly 12,000 miles, this machine looks ready for a serious show.  Comfy-looking grips might push the odometer a little farther than the low bars and solo seat would indicate.  When you do arrive,  you'll have a singular ride, all of the best attributes of a Paul Smart, and improved in many ways...



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Bimota October 17, 2016 posted by

Honda-Powered Exotic: 1983 Bimota HB3 for Sale


Considering just how rare Bimotas actually are, they've had a pretty strong influence on modern sportbikes. Take this Bimota HB3 for example: just 100 were ever made. And yet you can see that fully-faired, race-inspired styling that led to more mass-produced bikes like the GSX-R. In fact, Yamaha was very directly "inspired" by the Bimota's frame design when they put their very successful and long-lived FJ1100 together...


Like all Bimotas that weren't powered by in-house designed two-strokes plagued by aluminum porosity problems that bankrupted the company, the HB3 was motivated by a proven, durable, reliable engine and drivetrain from a well-established manufacturer. In this case, a 1062cc dual overhead cam air-cooled inline four from the Honda CB1100F and a five-speed gearbox.

That combo was good for 115hp and could push the 457lb machine to nearly 150mph, but top speed was hardly the point. There were bikes with higher top speeds, but few could touch the HB3 in a corner and it was praised for its high-speed handling, no surprise given the light weight, stiff frame, and quality suspension.


This example is a bit dusty, but looks otherwise in good shape, although it's difficult to tell from the photographs... That stock Honda dash is a little disappointing, given the bike's otherwise exotic design, but at least you know it flat works, and parts should be no problem if anything ever fails or needs replacing...


From the original eBay listing: 1983 Bimota HB3 for Sale

1983 Bimota HB3, very rare early Bimota, number 25 of 100, mint condition, 31950 kilometers from new, runs perfect recent tune up and new battery, this bike was the bike used for the Bike Magazine test and feature back in 1983, it needs nothing. We at buyer's expense can ship worldwide. Bike sold on a bill of sale only, very rare opportunity to own a hand made jewel.


The details here are incredible, from the machined from aluminum frame side-plates to that one-piece tank and tail section: just a couple of bolts are needed to remove the bodywork and reveal that stunning trellis frame. Bidding is up north of $8,000 with the reserve not met. There's very little time left on the auction, so move quickly if you want to add this piece of sportbike history to your collection.



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