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Ducati October 24, 2014 posted by

Omologato: 1993 Ducati 888 SPO


The Ducati 888 SPO is a bit of a hidden jem, no doubt due to the bike that came right after it, the 916. Only produced for two years and specific to the USA, the 888 SPO was a limited edition of the 888 – only 390 were produced.

NOTE: 1993 was the first year the bike was introduced and saw a total a total of 290 built that year for the US market. A further 100 were made in '94 with some subtle changes. The 1993 model was known as the 888SPO, while the ’94 was technically known as the 888LTD.

Featuring the trademark desmo valve V-Twin, the 888 SPO/LTD series produced 94 horsepower and were very much suited to track time. Though road legal, the riding position is what one would call “committed”, and they weren’t friendly in traffic.


1993 Ducati 888 SPO on ebay

For a limited edition Ducati, the 888SPO seems to gets less mention as a desired collectible than the mass produced 916. Personally I think this is beautiful bike and given that it was used as the basis for bikes that won both the World Superbike and AMA Superbike championships in 1993, it should certainly be part of any Ducati fans collection.


Limited information from the seller is as follows:

For sale an amazing Ducati 888 SPO with 11000 original miles. the bike is mint and very well taking care of. Recently serviced for over $2000 by Pro Italia. NOS original Termignoni just installed as well.
for serious collector only.

So what's it worth? Well maintenance for this bike seems to have been done but I would still try to find out info about belts and any head and/or base gasket leaks. Back in July a SPO with 712 miles was listed on RSBFS and that went for 16k USD so the asking price of this one at 15.5k is pretty much spot on . While mileage is higher, its for sale in California which tends to bump up the price a bit. All in all, this seems to be a good option for a west coast collector to acquire a 888 SPO.


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MV Agusta October 23, 2014 posted by

Super Rare? 2004 MV Agusta F4 750 SR


The rebirth of MV Agusta started in 1997 under the Cagiva banner, and was seemingly created with the notion that all models would be limited editions. The concept is not surprising considering Cagiva was the parent company of Ducati, long famed for marketing unlimited numbered and special edition variants. The MV Agusta F4 was the smash hit everyone was hoping for; in addition to the original Oro, the F4 was offered as the mass produced model S, the Neiman Marcus Edition (an S with a special triple tree tag), the Senna (to benefit the children's charity he started), the SPR (the ultimate statement of the F4, with uprated engine, suspension and bodywork) and finally the SR model. The SR was a bit of a parts house special: the S chassis with the SPR engine. Sporting silver wheels, Arrow exhaust, a white tach (with Ago's signature across the face) and the requisite bronze plaque on top of the trees, the SR was limited to 300 units worldwide.


2004 MV Agusta F4 750 SR for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This is a Super Clean and Very Rare MV Agusta F4 SR. This is a real SR that is a 750 CC. I am told it is the only 750cc registered in the United States. Bike is Very Fast and Fun and runs and drives amazing!


With 300 units produced, it would seem unlikely that this is the only F4 SR model in the US at this time - but it is possible. With no way to verify that fact, RSBFS once again recommends prospective buyers do the research. Certainly the SR variant is a rarity in the F4 world, even if it is not the highest spec of the model lineup. With low miles and what looks to be a very clean presentation, this MV Agusta could make a nice addition to a collection.


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Ducati October 22, 2014 posted by

Angry Italian: 1982 Ducati TT2 race bike


The Ducati brand is steeped in competition; much of what we enjoy today on the street was forged in angry battle on the tracks across Europe. So to was it with this 600cc TT2 machine. Listed as a racebike with a penchant for itinerant touring of local European villages in its youth, this twin now lives a life of luxury as a piece of artwork in New York. The bike is a rare model and appears to have survived the heyday of competition. It needs a new home, and a buyer willing to take care of it in the manner it has become accustomed. Might that be you?


1982 Ducati TT2 Racer for sale on eBay


From the seller:
#31 of 42 TT2's built, was produced in late 1982 and is described as a 'last edition' with Campagnolo 16/18" wheels, Magnesium forks and 40mm Malossi carburetors. Proudly it was shown at many local Ducati events and at North America's Ducati TT Symposiums #1 in Brooklyn New York, #2 in Alpine New Jersey and #3 Barber Motorports in Alabama. Photo's from each Symposium are included and more are available. Owned since 2006 it has been the jewel of my collection. It is in excellent condition that looks incredibly original. The 600cc motor sounds like a Chevy V8 without mufflers.


More from the seller:
Imported from Belgium 5 years prior to my purchase the story that came with this TT2 is it originally sold from a Dealer in the Geneva area who was known to ride this bike in the street. It was during this time a small aluminum dash was created to include the Veglia tach and a small button pull on/off switch. Like most thin fiberglass bodied motorcycles of the era, I expect the paint was refinished long ago and the fairing paint is showing some age. There is a crack in the clutch lever, just so its been stated. During my ownership the motor has been run multiple times, but it has not been raced or driven at speed. Therefore prior to track time, expect a full going through as expected with any racing vehicle.


With a nagging suspicion that I've seen this bike before (an altogether frequent hallucination in the plush offices of RSBFS), I ran a search of the archives. I did find this suspiciously similar bike from last year, but it claims to be a totally different production number. The pictures sure look close to me, as do some of the descriptions. However given the rarity of these models perhaps that is inevitable. As always, we at RSBFS advocate that buyers should do their homework and ask lots of questions. This bike looks beautiful, and could make someone's garage (or den, man cave or bedroom) very happy. Bring some big bucks ($65k USD ought to do it) and make your fellow man jealous. Check it out here, and good luck!


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BMW October 22, 2014 posted by

Quirky, Low-Profile Fun: 2007 BMW R1200S for Sale

2007 BMW R1200S R Side

The term “sportbike” isn’t really one that has an absolute definition. It’s more of a loose set of parameters intended to capture an idea, and while most of us generally understand what we all mean when we use the word, there’s still plenty of room for interpretation. Ducati thinks a sportbike should be something ruthlessly dedicated to speed, a track and race machine with only the barest concessions to road use: if your Sunday morning canyon road is more than thirty miles from home, better invest in a gel seat and a good masseuse. Bikes like BMW’s R1200S take the idea of a sporting motorcycle in an entirely different direction.

2007 BMW R1200S R Side Rear

Until the S1000RR came along, BMW had a bit of a different philosophy for their sportbikes. Like Ducati, they wanted to keep their trademark powerplant, in this case a big, horizontally-opposed, air-cooled twin. Unlike Ducati, they felt that comfort should be a part of the equation. What they came up with was what seems at first like an oxymoron: a “practical sportbike”. While you can argue that a GSX-R750 is also extremely practical and reasonably comfortable, it wasn’t available with ABS, doesn’t quite have the character of a twin or the more mature, low-profile image. Let’s face it: “crotch-rockets” definitely attract more heat than less squidly rides. And when you’re out on the road, trying to avoid being hassled by The Man, keeping a bit of a low-profile can be a good thing.

And you really can’t get a whole lot more low-profile than a silver BMW.

2007 BMW R1200S L Side Head

I actually prefer the dash on the earlier model, but this restyle gives the bike a more butch, angular look. I remember when the first-generation R1200S was introduced, some artist or other whipped up a bunch of alternative paint schemes I saw posted in a bike magazine that incorporated some great WWII warplane motifs and iconography, which would have looked even more appropriate on this second-generation bodywork.

From the original eBay listing: 2007 BMW R1200S for Sale

For Sale is a rare, Fun BMW R1200S. Only brought into the US for one year! It's comfortable, Sporty and can keep up with most sportbikes. It has the Full Remus Exhaust, an MWR Racing High Efficiency Airfilter and a Bazzaz Z-fi Fueling controller (She dyno's at a nice 115 hp!!) Also installed a C2 Slipper clutch to keep the rearend under control along with R&G Racing Axle and Swingarm sliders along with Carbon/Kevlar Engine sliders and a nice tidy tail to slim up the rearend. Also has a Hyperpro RSC Steeering damper.  Has fresh brake pads and Dunlop Q2's on it with only about a sixth of thier life used. Odometer is sitting at about 17,000 miles. last service was at 12,000 miles (Due again at 18,000). Also included are all the Specific tools you need for general up keep and a GS-911 Diagnostic tool (Bluetooth!!! Works with your iPhone or Android phone!!). I also have a set of Drop in High Compression pistons I never installed that I will include for an additional Amount. This model has the Showa Suspension. It does not have ABS. (ALL THE BETTER TO DRIVE MY DEAR!!)  There are a couple small scratches in the Paint on the body work on the tail. The windscreen has spots on it from Brake fluid. The only other thing worth mentioning is the small chips in the finish of the rear wheel (pictured in the last photo).

This particular example does not have ABS which, to my mind is probably a mark against it: most riders can benefit from that additional safety margin everywhere except the track [where it can be switched off], an environment for which this bike isn’t particularly suited anyway. It’s a bit too heavy, and BMW’s Telelever front suspension has been lauded for its stability under braking but often criticized for a lack of front-end feel. I’ve only ever ridden one BMW with this suspension, a big K1300S, and the movement of the bars was weirdly light, like a sports car with overboosted power steering.

2007 BMW R1200S Exhaust

This R1200S does have a steering-damper, an aftermarket slipper-clutch, and a single-outlet Remus exhaust that looks very cool and should give the bike some much-needed aggression. BMW’s twins have more of a flat drone than other sporty twins, but it’s distinctive and should sound very authoritative as it goes past. 115hp is nothing to sneeze at, since it should be backed up by plenty of midrange as well.

$10,000 does sound pretty steep for one of these, but I haven’t been pricing them lately. There are still a few days left on this listing, so make an offer! All-in-all, a pretty cool, unusual sportbike with all-day comfort for people who plan to do most of their riding on the road.


2007 BMW R1200S L Side

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Aprilia October 21, 2014 posted by

Pavarotti on Speed: 2001 Aprilia Falco RS


Avis car rental used to have an advertising campaign that said "we try harder". Aprilia is kind of like the Avis of Italian motorcycle brands; they historically have had to try harder, to take the occasional chance on something different.  Just before being bought by Piaggio, Aprilia produced several bikes that were representative of this philosophy, that were a bit "different",  including a sport standard known as the Falco.

The Falco was intended to compete in a new "de-tuned sport roadster segment" that was launched when Honda introduced the VTR1000F Super Hawk.  The segment soon had bikes from other major manufacturers, including the the Ducati ST4 and Suzuki's TL1000S.  But buyers didn't really appreciate any of the new segment models, preferring the harder core full streetbike race replicas and the whole segment kind of died off after about 5 years which is kind of a shame as all the bikes in the segment were interesting bikes in their own way.


2001 Aprilia Falco for sale on ebay US

Angular styling and a half-fairing give the Falco a unique look while still providing decent weather protection but the Falco wasn't really intended to be a sports-tourer (this was offered as another model, the odd looking Aprilia Futura).  The Falco was not as radical as its sister race-replica Mille; where the RSV was tall and uncompromising, the Falco has a lower seat and less extreme footpeg positions so riders sat 'in' the Falco rather than 'on' it, which made for better cornering with confidence.  But the Falco had many of the same components as the Mille including the same brakes and the same basic engine  although it was tuned more for mid range grunt that top end performance.

A Motor Cycle News review of the Falco declared: "Less is sometimes more. By making its roadster less extreme than the RSV Mille sportster it's based on, Aprilia broadened its appeal and produced a motorcycle that's both easier and more fun to ride."

A YouTube review can be accessed here.


So whats it worth?  Well this particular Falco looks to be lightly modified with different turn signals and an aftermarket exhaust.  Also the standard mirrors have been removed which according to reviews is a good idea due to vibration causing blurriness.   Mileage is 20,000 miles and while price is above KBB retail values, there is only a $1000 USD difference between first bid and buy it now so this seems to be primed to move to a new owner.


NOTE:  As far as I can tell, this model has not been posted on RSBFS previously so I expect to see lots of comments!

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